Sam I Am

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I kicked the door open to the vestibule, nearly knocking someone down on the other side, as I carried in my last load of “stuff”. “Oh sorry! I didn’t realize you were there.” She gave me a dirty look, then smiled and introduced herself as Lisa. We spoke for a few minutes until she could see that my load was getting heavy. I would like to have talked longer. She was really getting my attention: 5’10”, blonde, beautifully tanned; sporting a sky blue tank top and short, cut-off jeans. Underneath appeared to reside a set of large, firm breasts; nipples protruding. She opened my apartment door for me and I walked past. She smelled heavenly; delicate but vibrant. Lisa and I would get to know each other much better over the next several weeks. At the moment I needed to situate the last of my things and get ready for my first day of classes as a “grad ass”.

I reported for my assignment the next morning only to find my “mentor” out of the office for the week. No Surprise! I took the pile of course outlines and headed for the classroom. The class roster listed 42 people in my Intro to American History section. Only 8 people were present. I passed out the course outline, announced a reading quiz for Wednesday and dismissed the class.

My specialty was research. The assistantship was a way to open doors to research libraries and other resources of which I would otherwise lack access. So off to the library I went.

In the connecting corridor between the library and fine arts building was a sort of student lounge and study area. Students would sometimes hang-out there between classes, smoke or do homework. On this day there was only one person there. Her legs were visible a mile a way; one crossed over the other perfectly displaying their length and shape. I couldn’t see her face due to the Cosmo magazine she held but it was easy to observe her long red hair. It was all pulled over her left shoulder and draped across her chest, stopping just short of her waist. She had fair skin, light tan lines, freckles and perfectly painted finger and toe nails. “What would it hurt to stop for a better look?”

The sound of the books and outlines I was carrying drew her attention as they hit the table. I smiled politely and sat down across from her couch. She paused and our eyes locked for a few seconds. She seemed intriguing to me; devilish blue eyes, dainty pointed nose, beautiful full lips and a torso absolutely straight as a stick. She had to be near 6 feet tall but I couldn’t tell for sure until she stood and she didn’t appear in a hurry to go anywhere.

She put down her magazine and pulled a box of Marlboros from beneath her shorts. I hated smoking but I became aroused as she put the cigarette between her teeth and glanced over at me. I pretended to be reading but I looked back as she lit up. Her lips softly enveloped the filter tip and my arousal surged. My logic could not out-weigh my libido. Good thing I had a table to shield my response. Several minutes passed without any direct eye contact. I kept perusing my texts and she her magazine. Finally I collected my things and walked on to the library. I only looked back once and it was enough to learn she fully appreciated my tight fitting jeans.

As both of our schedules settled and our routines developed, I came to speak with her fairly frequently. Sam was the name she preferred but her real name was Charlotte. Go figure! She told me about her studies; a pianist who doubled on harp and supplemental percussion in the orchestra. The length of her fingers and smooth skin bore out her discipline. I did my best to pretend to be a passionate historian on a quest for some secret fact or set of events never before known. She bought it for sure, as her commentary began to point out how boring I must be.

After a couple of weeks of our brief, pleasant, conversations, Sam’s curiosity got the best of her. Something was nagging at her and she had to resolve it.

“Are you gay, she asked?”

“No, why would you ask?”

“You never go out, I never see you with women and you’re here all the time. I think you are gay.”

I gave a wry smile. “Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

“You mean have sex with you? That won’t really prove anything.”

“Trust me Sam! You’ll be able to tell. Try it and see? What’s your beverage of choice?”

“Budweiser long necks!”, came her reply.

“OK, I’ll get some Budweiser long necks. You come over to my apartment and we can explore how gay I am. How does that sound?”

I began to pulse in my pants as I spoke. I was looking at her luscious lips and her incredibly sexy neck. She had a devilish sparkle in her eyes. Her red hair and blue eyes made a deadly combination.

“OK! I’ll come over. What time?”

“I’ll be home around 6, so anytime after that is fine. There’s one catch though–no smoking. You’ve made a serious assumption about my orientation and if you want to find out the truth, it will cost you your nasty habit for awhile.” I could see her bursa escort reaction building inside.

“For how long?”

“For as long as it takes you to determine whether I’m gay or not.” We both laughed!

“OK asshole, I’ll leave my smokes behind but it better be worth it!”

My hair was still wet from the shower when I heard the knock on the door. Before I could get there, it opened. “Hello! Any gay men here?” She stepped inside and closed the door. I was already starting to swell in anticipation. How would she look? What would she like? How would we get started? I went from swelling to swollen the instant I saw her.

No purse or bag of any kind, just her. Her long, amber hair was braided into a pony tail down past the middle of her back. She had on a thin framed pair of glasses with small rectangular lenses. I had never seen her with either arrangement before. Her tightly clad yellow shorts accentuated the length of her legs and separated her cheeks.There were no panty lines to see. She wore a collared, sleeveless, black top that buttoned up the front. Her lips were thinly covered with a peach colored lip stick. In my head, I started seeing split-second flashes of us fucking wildly in every room of my apartment. With my cock bulging at her sight, her feigned supposition of my orientation could be cast aside outright.

In the second it took me to process her image into a concrete erection, our eyes met. She walked toward me, both of us smiling as we knew what was to come. When we came face to face I put my hands on her hips and leaned in to give her a gentle “welcome” kiss. I felt anything but gentle. She slid slightly to the side and grabbed my throbbing erection. My gentle welcome kiss was met with a “jump my bones” oral display, with Sam’s luscious lips and tongue making love to mine. She squeezed my cock hard as I embraced her, doing my best to reciprocate her oral offering. Oh god, what pleasure it would be to fuck this wonderful mouth!

Nearly as quickly as it started, it stopped. She gently sucked off the end of my tongue, licked my lips from side to side and asked, “Where’s my beer?” Teasing….hmm…I can like teasing but we have to fuck and fuck hard; I thought as I walked toward the fridge.

“So is that it then? You’re convinced I’m not gay and we’re done?”

“Oh you are definitely not gay and we are definitely not done!” she replied. She glanced over her glasses and smiled. Her look was so hot!

I opened the drawer to get the bottle opener and she grabbed me from behind. Her hands slid up my shirt and she began pinching my nipples; kissing the back of my neck. She pressed me against the cabinet and began grinding, pinching my nipples harder. I had to grit my teeth as my nipples twitched. Then she started to pump me from behind. She pulled my shirt off quickly and stepped back, walking away to sit down at the table.

I opened the bottle. It’s my turn, I thought! I turned around and stepped to give her the beer. As she reached for it I put it back on the counter. “Just a sec.” I unbuttoned my jeans and took them off. My marble cock was hardly contained by the bikini briefs I had on. I knew she had to be as hot as I was. At that moment I decided that I had to taste her before going any further. I wanted to suck her so badly.

Sam was staring at the pleasure she was creating, glancing up at me to read my face. She started to speak but stopped as I slid my briefs to the floor. My cock was standing nearly perpendicular now, extending well into the length of my abs. Her facial expression changed, her breaths quickened. I picked up the bottle and took a drink. I licked the rim then lowered it beside my throbbing pleasure. Sam was mesmerized at this point. Again she started to speak but quickly stopped as I rubbed my head around the rim of the bottle, lacing it with my dripping clear cum.

“Here you go!” I handed her the bottle. She wrapped both hands around it and began licking the rim; looking straight into my eyes as she went. I looked right back at her and began stroking myself, spreading the pre-cum all around my head. Sam took the neck of the bottle into her mouth and moaned softly. I stroked the entire length of my 8 inch shaft in response. She pulled the bottle out of her mouth with a smack, then took a long drink.

As she was drinking I reached over to unsnap her shorts. She seemed surprised and put the bottle on the table. I moved her legs together, sliding her shorts down and off her legs. They were wet inside. Her V was glistening; dripping with sensuality. She was wonderfully trimmed, her hair a darker shade of amber and brown. She spread her folds apart revealing all of her sweet pink. I picked up the bottle and slid it onto her steaming pussy. She took it into her hands and squeezed her thighs together. I pressed forward and kissed her deeply, moving down her neck. Sam began rubbing the fat part of the bottle up and down her V as I kissed and sucked her mouth and neck.

I pulled a chair bursa escort bayan up behind me and sat down in front of her. Our eyes locked. She knew what I wanted; she wanted the same. I could smell her passion as I began kissing the inside of her thighs. “Oh god Sam I want to suck you!” She gave me the bottle, lined with her secretions. I licked it all and sat it back on the table. She was moaning now and starting to move slightly back and forth as I licked my way up her legs. We were both aching for the moment when my tongue would pierce her fold.

I slid my tongue in the bottom of her slit and immediately tasted the building reservoir. God it was was so hot, slick and tasteful; complete female passion. I pushed my tongue inside as far as I could. Sam gasped and grabbed the back of my head. “Suck my clit!” She pushed my head forward and squeezed me between her legs. She began to ride my tongue. “Suck me! Suck my cunt!” I licked and sucked her clit furiously. Her cunt was on fire; expelling juice in a steady flow! I drove the point of my chin into her V producing a loud grunt and groan from Sam as her stroke lengthened. My face was soon full of her juice and I was sucking and licking everything I could. Her dogged panting and moaning was growing more and more and I was begging for her to cum. She obliged in short order. He spasms were short and repeated. She grabbed the outside of her thighs, pushing them back and forth as her gratification expressed itself. I kept licking after the spasm stopped, softly making my way up to her stomach. Sam pulled me to her, kissing and licking her expression from my mouth and face. Our tongues probed each others mouths, her sweetness acting as a catalyst; both of us relishing the experience.

Sam picked up the beer and finished it with one long gulp. She walked to the fridge, pulled another bottle and opened it. She picked her shorts up from the floor and pulled out a string of condoms. “It’s time to get serious!” she said. My pulse quickened. I knew I could fuck her all night with a condom and I knew that’s exactly what she was looking for.

She handed me the beer and tore open one of the packages. I took a nervous sip and pushed myself in her direction. I could still taste her as I licked the beer from my lips. She pulled the condom out as if it were candy; her eyes fixed on mine the whole time. I stood up to offer her my whole length. She kissed me deeply while rubbing my cock on her wetness. She whispered, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard!” She fell to her knees and took me into her mouth, wrapping my bone with her tongue as she slowly pulled off of it. I could hardly breathe when she rolled the condom down my shaft.

Sam quickly pulled herself up and straddled my position on the chair. My cock was throbbing and she knew it. She gave me the beer and began to unbutton her top. I finished my swig as her top hit the floor. I took her glasses off and placed them on the table. She leaned forward, grabbed my cock with one hand and lowered herself onto me. Even as hot and wet as her slit was, she slid slowly onto my shaft. It was a glorious fit. She began grinding on my dick and squeezing me with her wonderfully tight pussy. She took the beer back and rubbed the frosty bottle on her nipples. I took her cue and started nibbling and pinching. Her breasts were small but her nipples were hot spots. I was happy to please her as she rode my stone hard phallus. I sucked her tits hard, nibbling her nips between my teeth and squeezing as hard as she would allow. Sam moaned with pleasure. She responded by driving her thumbs into my nipples and biting by shoulder. It made me growl like an animal. I started pumping her.

“You like my tight cunt, do you?”

“As much as you like my long, fat dick!”

We were pumping and riding in perfect rhythm. The moans and gasps went on. I could hear the juicy sound of our action in between our verbalizations. Our intensity was building nicely when Sam stepped off me to turn around and ride me facing away. As she did I could see the juice on her thighs. Oh how I would like to suck her again! Then I saw her tight pucker; looking as if it wanted to kiss me all on its own. My cock surged, the head flaring; aching to fuck her sweet ass! She started rubbing her clit hard as she mounted me again. She was again grinding my dick from side to side; now rubbing her clit furiously. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her back as she ground away. I sucked the middle of her back and twisted both nipples. “Ugghhh!” She was grunting in an even pace in conjunction with her respirations. Her pussy seemed even tighter as her sweet flow ran down to my balls.

Our momentum was taking us off the edge of the chair. Sam stood half way up as I pushed the chair away, my cock still inside her. She grabbed the table and bent over. I began thrusting mercilessly into her tight cunt. She spread her legs further to increase her pleasure. “Oh god Sam, you’re so tight. Let me fuck you raw!” I wanted so badly to remove escort bursa the rubber and explode between her legs. She could hardly respond between breaths. She was grunting and moaning constantly, as was I. She turned her head sideways and I could see her red face; eyes closed tightly, mouth open, gasping in passion.

“No! Just fuck me! Fuck it! Fuck my tight cunt!” I pressed harder and faster as her pussy gripped my cock.

Even with a sturdy rubber membrane between us, I knew I was going to erupt soon. My thoughts turned to enjoying her hot emissions after I pulled out. She was steaming and she loved my tongue inside her. But I kept pounding and she pushed back as hard as she could. I couldn’t last any longer. My cum exploded as I screamed in ecstasy. Even with the condom firmly in place, she knew what was happening. I groaned and kept pumping. My knees buckled as the second and third spasms hit. It was almost like torture. The head of my cock was surrounded in hot cum; her pussy milking it intensely.

I slowed the stroke but was still enjoying the moment when Sam disengaged. She spun around and pushed me back in the chair. She pulled our mouths together and our tongues intertwined. My cock spasmed briefly again. Smiling devilishly she lowered herself to the floor without taking her eyes from mine. She circled the base of my cock with her fingers and began sliding the rubber off, taking care as she went to keep all of the crème inside. Once it was off, she circled the band in her left hand and pushed the overflowing reservoir at the bottom upward with her right index finger. As the rubber was about to invert and spill the still hot cum, she placed her lips together and tilted her head back as if she was looking at the ceiling. Then starting at the left corner of her mouth, she slowly emptied the condom across her lips. She made sure her lips were coated completely before opening her mouth but still keeping a seal; while at the same time massaging my cum into her lips and tongue. Her tongue went back and forth as she slowly enjoyed every drop. Her low moans and this incredible sight drove me berserk.

Almost violently I picked up her thin frame and placed her on the table, pushing her back and thrusting her legs in the air. I buried my tongue in her dripping pussy and began sucking. She threw her legs over my shoulders and squeezed me between her thighs, bouncing up and down on the table. Although eating her wildly, my mind was racing to fuck her beautiful pucker. I could feel more cum dripping down my cock. I dripped saliva into her depression and Sam jerked the moment it hit. She let out a high pitched squeal. “Oh yeah baby!”, she exclaimed. I rubbed the wetness into her rim with my tongue.

As if she were reading my mind, she again positioned herself to receive me. My cock, lathered in cum, would easily slide into her ring but I entered slowly; allowing her to push back at her pace. “Oh god Sam!” I was completely inside her, my cock as long and fat as it had been yet. She pulled away the entire length before pushing back slowly. We exhaled in unison.

“Oh yeah, that’s where a hot, big cock belongs! How’s that for tight ass?.” I was dizzied by her words.

I responded by again pulling her back by the hair and slamming myself into her as deeply as possible. She pushed back and we held the penetration, then gasped together. The ass banging began in earnest. In no time Sam was finger fucking herself, while awkwardly balancing on one hand. I could tell she was trying desperately to stroke her G. I urged her on. “Oh yeah, Sam! Go! Fuck it hard baby!” The pounding in both holes created a frenzy inside her. She was like a volcano. She grabbed one of the long necks and smoothly inserted it into her V. She replaced the violent finger fucking with an even back and forth motion with the bottle. It was working. I kept pounding her ass and she began screaming. I grabbed and raised her ass to try to get more leverage. I knew I was going to blow cum any moment.

Sam suddenly put her feet together, squeezing both the bottle and my fat cock at the same time. She hollered, “STOP!” The frenzy had reached its peak. Her legs began twitching and I could see the orgasmic waves ride through her body. The bottle dropped to the floor and she began writhing up and down, moaning as she went–my cock still buried deep in her ass. The fluid gyrations evolved into backward thrusts and her moans turned into growls.

Without permission I returned to fucking her lovely pucker. Again and again until I convulsed and screamed. “SAM! Oh god Sam!” The load couldn’t match the one before but we both enjoyed the feeling as my lotion treated the inside of her ring. What a moment! My cock was still hard when I slid it gently from her most delicate treasure. Sam sat back against the edge of the table and I fell onto the chair. I looked down to see the drying condom and long-neck. My eyes traced Sam’s body from her toes to her lips. We met each other, our tongues dancing yet again. Her mouth was soft and sensual. She gently rubbed my ass, a hand on each cheek. She looked into my eyes and I could tell the moment had passed. Her thoughts were elsewhere. My shaft was still pulsing.

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