Rose’s Lesson Ch. 01

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I woke up late that morning. I’d been up late last night and hadn’t slept well. I’d been chatting with my friend Haley who’d told me she and her boyfriend Dylan had finally done it. The bitch. She knew how much I was gagging for a real cock, but Matt and I had just broken up so the likelihood of me having my virginity taken before starting college was next to nil. Haley had given me a detailed account of what had happened with the result that I’d spent the rest of the night wet and horny. My own fingers didn’t do much more than taking the edge off.

I went downstairs and found Mom and my brother Josh in the kitchen. Josh was almost finished university and had come home for the summer “one last time.” I liked having Josh around, although he could be a real dick sometimes. At least he was a handsome dick. Haha, see what I did there? I had never seen his dick, so don’t be a pervert.

I mumbled a greeting and reached for a bowl in the cupboard. I bent down to get the milk from the fridge and splashed some in my bowl. Then I added cereal and sat down at the table.

“Geez, Rose, next time wear some clothes,” Josh grumbled.

“What? I’m wearing a T-shirt and panties, those count as clothes to me. Or do you think I’m hot?”

He looked away and the tops of his ears turned pink. “You’re not a child anymore. You’re eighteen, so stop playing games.”

I nudged his leg with my foot. “Gosh, don’t be so grumpy. What’s wrong with you?”

He shifted away from me, but not before I had seen his straining erection. “Ugh, gross. Mom, Josh has a hard-on for me.”

Josh’s face turned beet red and he got up, hunching awkwardly. Probably because he was trying to hide the evidence of his arousal. “Stop walking around the house like a slut!” he yelled before storming off upstairs.

Mom stirred her coffee complacently. “Stop teasing your brother, Rose.”

“Whatever.” I couldn’t believe she was taking his side. I’d always worn oversized T-shirts and panties in the house and it had never been a problem. Suddenly Josh came home for half a minute and he thought he had the right to order me around. If he didn’t want to see my panties all he had to do was look away. It’s not like I was seducing him.

I got up and clanked my bowl into the sink. Not bothering to rinse it, I turned around and stomped up the stairs.

Mom came up a few minutes later and sat down on the edge of my bed.

“What’s wrong, honey?”


She lay her hand on my thigh. “Come on, you can tell me. You and Josh never fall out but this morning it seemed like you were provoking him. That’s not like you.”

She started rubbing my thigh. “Tell Mommy what’s wrong.”

Her caress made me feel all hot and bothered, kind of like how I’d felt when Haley had told me about sex with Dylan. Mom’s fingers came very close to touching my pussy, so I shifted away. I didn’t like how my pussy was throbbing and how wet my panties were getting.

I knew from experience that Mom wouldn’t let this go, so the sooner I’d tell her what was wrong, the sooner she’d leave me alone.

“Haley and Dylan have had sex.” There. I’d said it.

Mom frowned. “So? Aren’t you and Matt going to do it this summer?”

I shook my head. “Matt and I broke up.”

Mom’s face fell. “Oh honey, I’m so sorry. What happened?”

“Matt decided he liked Melissa better. He told me she’s been giving him blowjobs. I was going to save doing that for this summer!”

“That’s awful, baby. But you’re better off. Matt doesn’t sound loyal.”

She had a point. That didn’t make me feel much better though.

“You were looking forward to sex, weren’t you?” Mom asked quietly.

“I was. And then Haley told me all about it on the phone. So unfair!”

Mom resumed caressing my thigh. “Does your cunny hurt? That happens sometimes when you can’t bursa escort get relief.”

I nodded. “Stupid Haley. I wish she hadn’t told me.”

“It’s not Haley’s fault,” Mom said in her reasonable voice. “Do you want me to rub your cunny a little? It’ll make you feel better?”

I wanted to say no. Surely it was wrong for my mother to play with my pussy. But the throb between my legs was too great. I opened my legs for her.

“Good girl,” she whispered. She pulled my panties aside and slid her fingers through my wet folds. “Such a smooth little cunny.”

I whimpered with need. Mom’s fingers felt so good on my pussy lips. She flicked my little clit and smiled as I gasped with pleasure.

“You should really be nicer to your brother.” She inserted the tip of her finger inside my hot hole, drawing tiny circles which drove me crazy. “He’s going through a hard time.”

I could barely think from all the pleasure she was giving me. “Why is he having a hard time?”

“He’s going through the same difficulties as you, honey.” Mom inserted more of her slender finger inside me. It felt so good to be filled like this. I’d never dared to put a finger inside me for fear of deflowering myself.

“What difficulties?” I panted. I didn’t want to talk about Josh, I wanted Mom to keep making me feel incredible with her fingers.

“He was also looking forward to being deflowered this summer, but Dara broke up with him.”

“What? Why?” I momentarily forgot the aching pleasure in my pussy. “Poor Josh.”

“Turns out Dara wasn’t waiting till this summer. She had sex with the football squad.”

I giggled despite myself. “All of them?”

Mom nodded and put more pressure on my clit. I moaned as my body started to feel really hot and heavy.

“Is this making you feel better, baby?” she asked.

“Yes, Mommy,” I panted. I was feeling very hot now and my pussy ached, but not in a bad way. “I feel a bit faint though.”

Mom smiled. “That’s good. That’s a good feeling. Embrace it.”

She twisted her finger inside me. I felt like my body was trying to crawl out of my skin but in a good way. My pussy felt tight as if straining towards something. And then, suddenly, I felt like something inside me gave way and my pussy started pulsing against Mom’s finger. I cried out and arched my back from the intense delight that filled my body.

“Good girl, come for Mommy,” Mom whispered, lifting my shirt and kissing my breast. She sucked on my nipple which brought on another wave of pleasure.

I tried not to cry out, so I pressed my hand against my mouth. I didn’t want Josh to hear me.

Mom pulled her hand away and I whimpered. Whatever she had done to me had felt so good, I didn’t want it to end. I had never been able to make myself feel that way.

“Go take a nap now,” Mom said, tucking the sheet in around me. “Have some rest.”

Rest sounded good. I could barely lift my limbs, they were so heavy.

Mom kissed my forehead and left the room.

I wasn’t sure how long I’d slept, but I woke from Mom coming into my room. She sat down on the side of the bed again.

“How are you feeling, baby?” She pulled back the sheet and nudged my leg. “Let me see your cunny.”

Heat flooded me as the memory of what she’d done to me came back. It had felt so amazing at the time, but now I felt ashamed. It wasn’t right for a mother and daughter to have sex.

“Come on,” she said impatiently as I just lay there. “You weren’t so shy earlier. Take off your panties and let me see.”

I reluctantly pulled my panties over my hips and spread my legs. Mom pushed my pussy lips apart with her thumbs and peered down. “So wet still.” She sounded in awe. “Do you still have an ache in your cunny?”

I wanted to lie, but Mom could always see right through me. “Yes, Mom.”

“We need bursa escort bayan to do something about that.” She tapped her lips with her finger. “I think I know just what to do. Stay here.”

I hadn’t been planning on going anywhere. I was feeling too weird. Part of me felt scared about what Mom had in mind, the other part of me began to make me wet at the thought of more pleasure. I carefully reached between my legs and felt my wet pussy. It was slick with my juices and the merest brush with my fingertips made me shiver with lust.

The door opened and Mom came in, followed by Josh. He uttered a muffled curse when he saw me and I didn’t blame him. I’d been on full display, my legs wide and my fingers touching my own folds.

I shrieked and pulled the cover over me. “Mom! Why did you bring Josh in here?!”

Mom smiled and pulled the sheet off me. “Don’t be a prude, baby. You and Josh are in the same situation. You both want to have sex and neither of you really know how to do it. I’m going to teach you.”

I pulled my shirt over my pussy. “I don’t want to have sex with Josh.”

My head told me it was wrong to have sex with my brother, but my body had different ideas. My nipples puckered at the thought of his hard cock inside me. Josh was good-looking. He was tall with blond hair and blue eyes. Kind of like me, although my hair is long.

“Take your shirt off, Rose,” Mom said in her stern voice.

Josh backed away. “I’m not fucking Rose. You’re out of your mind, Mom.”

Mom laid a hand on his arm. “What’s so bad? You can learn how to have sex in a safe environment so that when you get another girlfriend you know what to do. And you’re attracted to Rose. You get a boner every morning when you see her at breakfast.”

“She’s my sister!” Josh shouted. “It’s wrong.”

“If it’s that wrong, then how come you’re aroused?” Mom asked. She cupped Josh’s groin. “You’re very hard, baby. You’ll feel so much better after. You both will.”

She led Josh to the bed and sat down. He remained standing.

“You’re at each other all the time and it’s only been a week. I can’t deal with this all summer. At least if you guys have sex you’ll be less frustrated.” She pulled Josh closer. “Be honest, Josh, tell me you don’t think your sister is beautiful?”

She pulled my T-shirt up and hefted one of my large tits in her hand. “Aren’t her tits the best?”

Josh’s eyes fixed on my breasts and he licked his lips. I felt myself grow hot under his stare, but I didn’t make an attempt to cover myself up. I knew this was going to happen either way. Mom always won.

Mom pushed my thighs apart. “Come see her cunny. It’s by far the prettiest I’ve ever seen.”

He moved around to get a better look. I was really wet, my juices dripping out of me.

“She’s so wet,” he whispered.

His cock was straining against the fabric of his pants.

“Why don’t you take your pants off, baby?” Mom asked. “And you: take your shirt off,” she added to me.

I did as she asked and lay back down on the bed. Josh stripped his clothes off and approached me hesitantly. He had changed since the last time I saw him. He’d been a bit flabby then, but now his abs were well-defined. It was his cock, though, that made me gasp. It was huge. It was hard and massive and stood at an angle from his body. There was absolutely no way that was going inside me!

I clamped my legs shut and sat up. “I’m not doing this.”

Mom brushed my hair away from my face. “Of course you are doing this, honey. You want it as much as he does.”

I shook my head. “No, he’s too big.”

Josh grinned. “Afraid, are you? I’m going to stretch that tight little pussy of yours like…”

“Not now, Josh,” Mom said. “She’s really frightened.”

I whimpered. My pussy was throbbing with need, but I was worried. Worried escort bursa about how much it would hurt. Haley had said it had stung at first, but she’d also said Dylan wasn’t very big. Something that couldn’t be said about Josh.

Mom gently pulled my thighs apart. “Come, honey, I’ll get you nice and hot. That way, it’ll be really easy for Josh to slip inside.”

I was still scared, but Mom crawled onto the bed and settled between my legs. She first slid her fingers through my wet folds and then her tongue. That felt incredibly amazing. She licked my whole pussy from my asshole to my clit, pausing to play with my clit before diving into my hole with the tip of her tongue. I moaned and relaxed, letting my legs fall to either side.

My body was getting hot again and I could feel a deep tug inside my pussy. My cunt started to pulse and I cried out, “Mom, I think I’m going to come.”

Mom didn’t respond, but kept licking me until my body started shaking from getting so much pleasure.

Then she sat up and looked over at Josh. “She’s ready for you now, baby.”

Josh looked eager. I was still worried about his cock, but not as much anymore. He knelt between my legs and grabbed his cock. Mom helped him position it at my entrance.

“Now, relax, honey,” she told me.

“She’s so wet,” Josh said, his voice filled with awe.

“Push against her hole now, Josh,” Mom said, guiding his cock into my entrance.

I felt something hot and hard against my pussy. Josh pushed his cock against my hole, straining to get it in. I panted; the pressure was intense. Slowly, I could feel him enter me. It felt like my cunt was being stretched to breaking.

“Mom, it’s too big,” I panted. “It’s not going to fit.”

“Yes, it is.” Mom rubbed my little clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure through me. “Just relax and let him in.”

Josh grunted and pushed harder. I felt like I was going to be split in half. Finally, I could feel his balls against my ass.

“I’m in!” he grunted. “Oh fuck, that feels so good!”

“Isn’t she nice and tight?” Mom asked.

“And hot and wet,” Josh added.

“Now pull out,” Mom ordered.

I wanted to protest. I had finally got used to being filled. I didn’t want Josh to leave. But he did as Mom asked. A moment later he pushed himself back in, dragging his cock along my pussy walls. The feeling was incredible and I cried out again.

“Fuck,” Josh breathed. He closed his eyes, an expression of pure lust on his face. “Fuck, she’s so hot.”

It was weird to hear Josh say that about me. Weird, but also hot.

My pussy clenched around his cock. He started fucking me faster. I was lost in a haze of pleasure and pain. My cunt stung, but my body buzzed with an incredible feeling.

“Look at how good you two are,” Mom whispered. “I’m so proud of you.”

She rubbed my clit while Josh ground into me. He seemed lost in a world of his own. He was panting and groaning as he thrust that humongous cock of his inside my tight twat. I felt dirty and wanton, but deliciously alive at the same time.

I started to come. I clung to Josh’s broad forearms while my body went rigid. My pussy convulsed around his cock. I could feel it swell inside me and then I felt something hot fill me up.

“Oh fuck,” Josh said. “Ofuckofuckofuck.”

“Well done, both of you,” Mom purred. “You’ve done so well. You made your sister come, Josh. And with this being her first cock you should be proud of yourself.”

Josh rolled off me and grinned. “That was incredible. Any time you want a pounding, sis, just let me know. I’d do you again in a heartbeat.”

I grinned back. “I will. That was incredible.”

Mom cupped my mound and gently caressed my pussy. “Your cunny is a bit swollen right now, so you should give it a rest for a day. After that, you’re welcome to do whatever you want.”

“But what about you, Mom?” I asked. “Don’t you want sex too?”

Mom smiled. “Sure, honey, but I can wait. Maybe next time.”

I caught Josh’s eye and winked. The summer was starting to look a lot more interesting.

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