Roses are Red

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Summary: Emily Rose is a young and upcoming star in one of the biggest financial firms in the country. All her life she has been the best at everything, because she has always been hungry. However, she also held a hunger that she herself was not aware of, until now.

Room 221 The Grand Hotel, Brazil:

“I hate this FUCKING heat!!” Emily exclaimed and began unpacking her clothes.

The trip to Brazil was a spur of the moment thing; decided while she was having lunch with her boss. She had literally nothing to wear that would suit the tropical climate and furthermore her smooth and silky complexion for which she had garnered much praise was now sticky and oily due to the humidity.

She took a break from unpacking and let out a long sigh. She had to admit to herself that the heat was a small price to pay in return for the experience she was currently gaining. A small town girl all her life and now she had been elevated to the position of a senior Accounts Executive she always fiddled when she was either excited or angry and tonight’s sudden change of events had certainly given her much cause for both. The party she was planning on meeting two days from now suddenly decided on meeting her tonight, and this threw her off her game somewhat because she wanted to take the two days to prep both Emily and herself to face the questions that would be asked by their prospective client and she really could not afford to screw this up. She kept the cutlery aside and opened the thin file kept beside her and studied the clients’ history once again.

Jerome Taylor was one of the youngest and wealthiest businessmen in these parts. An American by birth he soon took over his fathers business interests in Hotels and Casinos in Latin America and was single handedly responsible for expanding the family business into Clothing, Catering and Event management. He currently was worth an obscene amount of money and Joanne was planning on making him spend some of that money on her firm by hiring them to handle their offshore accounts. After reading a brief about Jerome’s company she went on to read about Jerome himself; apparently he was quite the athlete in high school and received a full sports scholarship to college. Even in academics he was always on top of his game however his extra curricular activities had earned him the reputation of being a bit of a wild card. Drugs, booze and sex were an apparent main stay in his life back then and this led to several disciplinary actions against him. Joanne could not help but smile at the similarities of Jerome and her own academic years. After graduating he immediately went to work for his father and soon took control of the whole operation by forcing his father out of the company and into a figurative exile.

“Ruthless bastard”, Joanne murmured in her breath.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the early arrival of two gentlemen. She closed her file and rose to greet them, (Where the fuck is Emily??), she thought to herself.

“Good evening Ms. Walters”, the elder of the two said and extended his hand

“Good evening gentlemen, good evening.” Joanne shook hands with both of them and she couldn’t help but sound a little disappointed and surprised since Jerome himself was nowhere to be seen.

(These guys look like lawyers) she mused glancing over their professional attire and stern gazes.

After being seated Joanne began by playing the proper host and stalls them till Emily arrived, “So gentleman, what shall be your poison for the evening? I am told the local wine here is quite popular…” her dialogue was cut short by one of the men as he raised a hand in dismissal

“Sorry Ms. Walters, we have actually come here for a quick chat. We shan’t be a moment.” He glanced at his partner who gave a nervous laugh.

Joanne however was not pleased, “Gentlemen I was led to believe that we would be discussing Mr. Taylor’s interest in our firm.”

“Yes, and we still are interested Ms. Walters however we regret to inform you that Mr. Taylor was not available this evening. We came to tell you that the meeting shall take place two days from now as previously planned.”

Joanne tried to muster as much calm as she was capable of, under normal circumstances Emily would take control of the discussion knowing full well Joanne’s short temper and sharp tongue.

“This is…well…”

“We realize that this is highly irregular and we apologize for the inconvenience on Mr. Taylor’s behalf” put in the second lawyer and continued “we shall proceed with bursa escort the meeting as planned and we look forward to doing business with you.” And with that, they both stood up shook Joanne’s hand and departed.

Joanne had finished her second glass of wine when Emily arrived. She was on time for the scheduled meeting, but was hopelessly late for the one that took place prematurely. Joanne glanced up at her with slightly drunk and irritated eyes.

“You’re late.”

“Ma’am I thought the meeting was…” began Emily

“Meeting is over, or more accurately the meeting never began.” Joanne ordered another wine for Emily and filled her in on all the details.

“So…what now?” Emily inquired.

“Now nothing, we enjoy the booze, the sand, the suntanned bootys of all these Latino men..” Joanne let out a wild laugh and continued, “When the bastards left I was furious but after some wine, I realized it’s for the best, better to face the client with all the cards in the deck.” She rose from her seat with a slight wobble and looked at Emily with a more softer gaze

“You look fuckin beautiful.” Joanne said with a genuine smile, “Do me a favor and get laid while you’re here, these men know how to fuck.”

Emily blushed a deep shade of red as she heard this and let out a nervous “Y…Yes”

“My god Emily have you never been laid?” Joanne asked exasperated.

Emily could only look at her with a gaze that said “none of your business”. Joanne simply shook her head and picked up her things.

“Well I am gonna get laid…so, call me in the morning…” She walked a couple of paces then turned around “…actually make that the afternoon” and gave a mischievous giggle and walked away.

The wine arrived and Emily took a deep breath and sipped it slowly. It was bitter and yet Emily couldn’t help but take a sip, and she looked out over the beautiful beach illuminated by the lights of the restaurant. Just then a waiter arrived and placed on her table a small but stylish eye mask and an invitation card. Emily opened the invitation and read that there was a masquerade that evening in the Hacienda just up the beach, and all guests were welcome. She kept the invitation aside and decided that it would be better if she finished her wine and went back to her room to prepare for the meeting. There was much to do. Her eyes went to the black eye mask once again and she sipped the last of her wine.

The Hacienda:

Emily walked up the beach and entered the veranda with small nervous steps. Her eyes immediately took in the ambiance that could only be described as decadent. There were authentic fire torches on every wall, the slow rhythmic playing of drums, men and women dressed in masks and some in very imaginative and very revealing clothes. Emily stood at the entrance and didn’t know what to expect or what to do, something like this was totally out of character for her. Nevertheless her footsteps took her to the bar and she took her seat and ordered a Lime Soda in fluent but accented Portuguese.

A man had been watching her the entire time. From the moment she entered he could not help but let out a gasp from his mouth as if the wind had been knocked out of him. He saw her through his own mask stand at the entrance like a proud aristocrat surveying the surroundings as if she owned the place and then witnessed at how she took a few nervous steps into the veranda and headed towards the bar.

(She looks a little light for a Latina), the man thought. He got up and buttoned his khaki jacket and approached the bar. His eyes gazing over her bare shoulders and back, noticing a black mole on one of her shoulder blades, he imagined how it would taste in his mouth. Her skin was glazed with sweat as was his, the heat in the area was only enhanced with the presence of the torches. He sat next to her and looked at her angelic face

“Hi…” he began

She looked at him through her catlike mask and simply stared into his blue eyes.

“So uhhh…what’re you havin?” the man pressed on…

The barman came back with her drink and she thanked him “Gracias”.

“Oh you a native? Damn you don’t look like a native.” The man gazed over her body as if she were a food item and continued, “Uhhh…listen I don’t really speak much Portuguese but, when a girl looking like you comes to a place like this its usually a sign that you are looking for a good time…right?”

Emily could merely stare back at him. It was not as if she didn’t want to reply but she was petrified. Here she was in a new bursa escort bayan country, wearing a dress she would neither wear nor could she afford and was being chatted up by a lecherous albeit attractive man.

“You know, why don’t you hang around with me for the next few days?” The man said with confidence, his tone now softer and almost velvety. He took off his mask and showed his lean, strong and attractive face.

“We could sleep in the rooms with the best views…taste the best wine and food…you could sleep late…shop all day…” His eyes now took on a more feral nature, like a predator when he is about to lunge for a kill.

“But to do all that…you just have to take that hand off the counter and put it in my lap.” And he reached towards Emily’s hand but stopped as Emily slammed her glass on the counter and almost ran away from the bar. She walked fast and with urgency as if a lion were chasing her but then her feet stopped. She turned around to look at the man sitting calmly at the bar with a smirk on his face. He got up and paid her bill and strode confidently towards her with her unfinished drink. Emily wanted nothing more than to just run away from him but something cemented her feet to the floor, “Take your time and think it over.” He whispered as he drew close and handed her the glass.

“I am in Room 402” he continued “Right up there” he pointed to the window just above them overlooking the veranda. The bars made it look like a prison cage.

“I’ll be waiting” he whispered in her ear and left her standing in the veranda with her drink in her hand. She looked at the contents of the glass and steadied her breathing and took another sip. Just then her mind and body were jolted by the sudden sound of a woman screaming in a rather shrill voice a native language. Apparently a show was about to begin.

A few torchlight’s were extinguished to give the atmosphere a more dark and mysterious mood, the woman in some sort of ritualistic garb was speaking a dialect Emily could not understand. Something about “The night of the Rose”. She motioned for the patrons to gather on the dance floor as the drummers began playing a faster beat, every note of the drums making Emily’s heart rate accelerate another notch, she began sipping her drink in copious amounts since she was thirsty, her brow was covered in sweat as her breathing became more heavy and labored.

The crowd began dancing to the tune…men and women wearing masks slowly grinding up against one another with a practiced grace and elegance and yet there was something more raw and animalistic about their movements. She saw the women loop their hands around the necks of the men as the men raised their dresses and ran their hands over their thighs and butt cheeks in a brazen manner. They enjoyed it, laughed at the gesture and encouraged them to do more, much more. As she watched, men lost their blazers, women their panties and some their entire ensemble; the night slowly degenerated into an orgy of sweaty bodies and loud music.

Emily kept looking at the scene before her and clasped her mouth with her hand as she let out an involuntary yelp. Her body was shivering, although the air was hot and heavy, a sensation swept within her like a forest fire which seemed to tighten her stomach into a knot. She had known arousal before, she had even experienced sex -though it was merely fumbling around without any clue- but this sense of arousal was new, more primal, something totally strange to Emily, in the same way as the reflection in the mirror this evening. She kept her glass on a nearby table and left the veranda. Her head bowed she stepped towards the exit, determined to leave this place of decadence and perversion.

(How could I have been so stupid), she chastised herself; she thought of all the sacrifices she had made to get to where she was in life. All those years denying herself the simplest pleasures of life just so that she could one day know how the other half of the world lives. She could not afford to lose focus, she cannot lose focus and then her train of thought was interrupted by the sudden realization that she was not outside the hacienda but in a corridor at the end of which stood room 402.

Room 863 The Grand Hotel:

“Argghhh argghhhh naggggghhhh nggggghhhh aaaunnnnnhhh” Joanne screamed as her body shivered and entered into a spasm for the 4th time during the night and she crashed against the hairy chest of a very young and very gifted Brazilian bar manager

“Oh meu Deus” the man exclaimed and escort bursa held onto Joanne with sweat dripping off his brow and breathing heavily as she rolled off him.

“Foi realmente incrível”, he muttered as he saw Joanne’s slick ass cheeks shine in the dim light of the room as she leaned over the side of the bed and opened the bedside drawer.

“Yes, it sure was.” Joanne replied with a heavy breath as she pulled out a cigarette and lit it leaning back against the soft bed cushions. She let out a stream of smoke and handed the stick over to her lover and decided to make a call to Emily’s room. She dialed the number and waited but no one picked up. Intrigued she then called up the restaurant and found out that Emily was seen walking out onto the beach an hour ago; she hung up and lay in bed thinking and gave a smile, “Well well Emily, out on an adventure are we?.”

Her lover handed her the stick back and sliding down the bed he spread her thighs and lowered his tongue with a chuckle, inciting a sharp intake of breath from Joanne which enabled her to finish the remainder of the stick in a single drag.

Room 402 The Hacienda

The door was left open and it creaked loudly as Emily entered the room. Her steps were measured and fluid and yet her breathing and heart rate were like that of a rabbi being pursued by a snake. She saw that the room was spartan with several candles having been lit around the space, giving it a much more rustic feel, there was an metal frame bed in the center and a fan that seemed to have stopped working at the end of the century and was left there only to enhance the old world look of the room, there was the steady sound of a shower being run inside the bathroom where more candles adorned the space by the sink. The candles only served to increase Emily’s perspiration as she was practically drenched in sweat by the time she reached the window with the vertical bars that overlooked the veranda; the same window that she saw only a few moments ago from down there. The sight in the veranda was something out a decadent Roman mosaic, men and women engrossed in a frantic orgy and yet there seemed order in all this chaos as a lot of the participants were timing their strokes to the rhythm of the drums. Emily held onto the bars, her mask now soaked in sweat as she gazed out into the proceedings and suddenly felt the touch of a fingertip on her back and twitched.

“I knew you’d come.” The man whispered in her ear and began by opening the small knot at the back of the dress that held it together in place. Gently he slid the straps off her shoulders as they rose and fell along with her heavy breaths. The dress slid down to the floor to reveal only a black lace pantie and nothing more.

His hands gently caressed her hips as he drew her close to him, at which Emily lunged forward and gripped the bars with a whimper. He slid his arms across hers and held her hands on the bars, “Come now my dear” he whispered again and kissed her cheek from the side and pulled her arms away from the bars and led her into his lair. He nudged her onto the bed and she fell back with her arms cocked at the elbows and her fingers nervously twirling locks of her hair. Her toned belly fluttered and her chest heaved offering up her plump pink nipples that began to harden gradually.

Emily noticed that the man himself was naked covered in a layer of humidity and bath water. His hair still dripping as he came over her. She tried to push him aside and flee yet he held her down and resting his palm between her breasts he silenced her with a hush.

“I am not going to hurt you.” He said in a soothing voice and gently lifted her mask over her head and caressed her cheek. “You are so beautiful.” He bent down and gently kissed her upper lip. Emily’s body began reacting out of instinct more than anything and she kissed him back slowly, then the lower lip was also met with a kiss and the kiss was reciprocated. His fingers slithered down her side and gently tugged the panties off. His lips began caressing her soft belly and licked the beads of sweat that lay there gently kissing his way to her silk smooth thighs and then kissing back up.

Her leg curled up and the other lay straight because it was the one that he was kissing, his eyes met hers and in that moment he saw both her fear and excitement at being here. He crawled up slowly, his tongue tip leaving a wet trail that ran from her belly to her breasts. He took in one of her areolas and applied suction on it, making her arch and moan slowly. Her eyes rolling back and half closing and then opening again. Her tongue gently gliding over her dry lips a fraction before her teeth bit down on it and she let out a groan of pleasure feeling the tug of the mans lips on her nipples.

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