Roadtrip with My Daughter

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Hi there guys, this is my first story so please forgive me if it isn’t that good. Also if you could leave some suggestions or ideas for future stories, just leave them in the comments that would be great.

This story is a fictional event with no actual real people and the names where made up for the story also.


chapter 1.

It all started pretty innocently enough, my wife and I wanted to surprise my daughter with a camping trip to the mountains for her 18th birthday. I had never looked at my little girl in any way other than how a father should. I never imagined otherwise. I am 42 years old my name is John, I’m 6’2” 205lb and I try to keep in shape. I’ve been married for 20 years to the most gorgeous woman in the world. She is 42 also, 5’4” and 105lbs with a perfect pair of 38c breasts, an ass that would make any man die for.

Her legs are long and slender and well tanned. Every guy I meet tells me how lucky I am to have such a hot wife. She may be 42 but she could easily pass for early 30’s if not late 20’s. My daughter looks like the splitting image of my wife, standing a little bit taller at 5’6” but nowhere near the bra size, somewhere around a 34b cup. Still, they are more than enough to turn most guys heads. Her name is Jessica and her assets are just like her mothers. Perfectly shaped butt with long slender tanned legs. She was a cheerleader in high school and knows how to keep her body in tiptop shape. I had to chase more than a few boys away. Both women have raven colored hair from natural, however Jessica has dyed hers. They have the most beautiful and intense blue eyes you’ll ever see and a smile that would just melt your soul.

Anyways as I was saying, my wife and I were planning a birthday camping trip for my little girls 18th birthday when Sara tells me she has to work that weekend and can’t make it for the trip. Of course I didn’t want to let my little girl down. We have always been close and the 3 of us always go on a summer vacation together, just us and wherever life takes us. So that’s when my wife purposed that just the 2 of us go. This way we could have a little father-daughter alone time before she heads off to college and starts a new life without us in it.

It sounded like a plan so I hollered up to Jessica “Jess can you come down here a moment please”, suddenly I hear in response “just a minute dad”. After about ten minutes she finally come trotting downstairs wearing her cheerleading outfit for her last competition. It had taken a while to get used to my little girl going out in such a skimpy little uniform, but my wife insisted that everything would be ok. As she came down the stairs her breasts where jumping all over and I could almost swear I even saw a little nipple. “Hey sweetheart, your mother has to work this weekend. How would you like a little alone time with your dear old dad this weekend?”

“That would be alright daddy.”

“Alight so it’s settled then, we ship out first thing Saturday morning. Make sure to pack some warm clothing, it can get pretty cold at night up in the mountains.”

“Alright, love you daddy.” As she gave me a peck on the cheek and strutted away, off to her show.


chapter 2.

Saturday morning rolled around and as I gave my wife a kiss goodbye and finished loading up the truck, my daughter was nowhere to be seen. where is that girl I asked. Sara just looked at me and shrugged.

I swear every time we go on a road trip, both my wife and daughter overpack and take for ever to get ready.

As I was just about to head in the house to see what was taking so long, Jess finally comes skipping out of the house wearing the smallest t shirt she could find. I swear it must have been because her breasts where pretty well spilling out and I could see her black lacey bra underneath. With her perfectly smooth stomach and belly button ring in full view. Her skirt wasn’t much better, I could actually see the bottoms of her panties. I couldn’t believe she would wear something like that, especially on a roadtrip with her own father. Who was she trying to impress, was it me? I really wasn’t sure but the one thing I knew was that there was no way a daughter of mine would be wearing something that skimpy and slutty outside, even if it was only me around.

Of course when I told her to go in and change, she reminded me that she was an adult now and could wear what ever she wanted. After 20 minutes of arguing I finally talked her into at least putting a sweater on which some what covered up her assets. Of course even though I wanted her to change I couldn’t deny the fact that my baby girl was now a sexy lady. The problem being that I know what guys want and I didn’t like the thought of my little girl being take advantage of. By anyone.

Once we were on our way, we had a long 10 hour drive ahead of us to the campsite, after about two and a half hours in I noticed the air conditioning stopped working and it was getting hot in the car. I rolled down my window and it helped a little but the heat was still unbearable. I looked over to Jess and she had her bursa escort head against the window, eyes closed listening to her music. I couldn’t help but notice just how gorgeous her long tanned legs were, glistening with sweat. They looked so distracting yet inviting.

What the hell was I doing, I thought to myself. “she is your daughter you pervert.” But I couldn’t help myself, I swear if she wasn’t my daughter, I would have jumped her right there and then. I started imagining what it would be like to taste her juices and feel the inside of her mouth or other parts.

I then started to wonder if she was still a virgin or not. There was no way she was, she has had more than a few boyfriends. As I was pondering those questions I was suddenly interrupted.

“Can’t you turn on the a/c or something, it’s like a sauna in here.” Jess pipes up.

“Sorry sweetheart, it’s broken” I answer back.

“Well then if that is the case then I’m taking off this sweater whether you like it or not, so no complaining.” She retorted in a matter a fact voice.

All I could think is god no, that’s all I need, another distraction.

“Ok Jenn, you win” I say.

I should have insisted otherwise because as soon as she took of her sweater her

chest glistened just as much as her legs. Her shirt was drenched in sweat and I could see right through it and make out every inch of her ample chest, including her nipples. I just tried to keep myself distracted by the road and off her but it was getting hard because I was getting hard. As my groin began to grow I could sense I was getting hard for my own daughter. What kind of sicko has sexual feelings toward his own flesh and blood?

The next 20 minutes were grueling. I was almost at full hardness and I could have sworn my daughter caught me looking at her a few times, and the interesting thing was that I was sure I saw a smile every time.

I just shook it off as an over active imagination. After all just because I was perverted, didn’t mean my daughter was too. It was getting harder to concentrate on driving however so the first chance I would get to pull over, I would.

Just then I noticed a service station 10km ahead and figured I would pull in and see about getting the a/c fixed. I figured that would fix at least one of my problems. Also there I would be able to take care of my hard-on.

“Hey sweetie, I can’t take this heat any more. there is a service station up ahead, and I’m gonna see if they can fix this a/c.” I tell her

“Ok daddy, sounds good to me” she says with a sheepish grin.

“While they are fixing the car I figure we can grab a bite to eat.” I say.

“Perfect, I’m starving. I could really go for a hotdog or something.” The strange thing about what she said was how she said hot dog. I can’t explain it but all I could think about was her luscious lips wrapped around my long hard rod while looking down and seeing those pretty blues looking back at me. God I needed to cum and get these filthy thoughts out of my head.

As I pulled in to the service station, Jess was getting a little antsy and when I questioned her on it, she just said she really had to pee.

I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t say anything sooner, but once the car came to a stop, she jumped out and pretty well ran to the bathroom.

I headed in to talk to the mechanic about fixing the cars a/c and he told me that it wouldn’t be a problem but he couldn’t get to it till the morning.

There really wasn’t much I could do, it was either wait till morning or continue in the crazy discomfort the rest of the way. Since it was too hard to keep my eyes on the road otherwise, I decided to wait till morning.

Once Jess got back, we headed for lunch and the two of us just talked like old times, enjoying the nice cool restaurant. Thankfully in all this time my hard-on had disappeared and I was no longer looking at my daughter as a sex object, but rather my daughter. Guess all I needed was to cool down and have a hearty meal. Haha.

After we finished eating, we headed to the hotel across the way to check in. Unfortunately upon checking in, the only room available was a one bed room. So looks like we would be sharing a bed tonight. By the time I was finished paying for the room and everything, I just didn’t care.

We got to our room and it was nice and simple, not the four seasons but at least it was a place to rest and the a/c worked so that was a plus.

It was only mid afternoon so there really wasn’t a whole lot to do but watch tv. Jess on the other hand had other ideas, she figured she wanted to check out the swimming pool.

So while she got changed into her swimming suit in the bathroom, I started flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. Then just as I found some interesting documentary, Jess came out of the bathroom wearing one of the bath towels around her. She comes up to the edge of the bed and opens her towel and what I see brings back all those wrong feelings from earlier. She then asks me, “so what do you think daddy”?

I swear, the bikini must have bursa escort bayan been 2 sizes too small. Her chest was spilling out of her top, and her bottoms barely covered her privates, in fact once she spun around and I saw the back of it I found out it was a g-sting bikini. I just couldn’t believe my eyes, my jaw was down to the floor and I was instantly hard again. I couldn’t say anything because here in front of me was the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen in my life.

I just stammered, “I don’t know what to say sweetie.”

She answered back with, “don’t worry daddy, I already know exactly what you think.”

As she winked with a seductive smirk that I thought I saw earlier while driving. Then she walked over, gave me a peck on the cheek before heading out the door yelling “love you daddy” and giving a little chuckle on her way out.

I think to myself, “did that just happen? Did my little girl just flash me in the sexiest little yellow bikini I’ve ever seen”?

I didn’t know what to think, all I knew was that I was hard as a rock and needed a release. So I unzipped my pants pulled out my now hard 8” cock and started stroking away.

I started thinking about my wife and how beautiful she is. We have a very active sex life and have had our fair share of threesomes together. Normally my imagination has me, my wife and some famous celebrity, but as I’m getting into it, my daughter is the only one on my mind.

I am laying in bed making love to my wife when Jess walks into the bedroom wearing that same bikini she had on earlier, she then asks my wife what SHE thinks of it.

That is when my wife climbs out of the bed, struts over to our daughter and suddenly wraps her arms around her and starts making out with her. This whole time I’m wide eyed watching the whole thing unfold, as Jess lowers her arms and starts cupping her mothers ass and massaging it.

My wife moans into her daughters mouth with one hand behind jess’s head, she puts the other on her left breast and starts massaging it. This whole time I’m getting closer and closer until finally I explode all over my shorts and the bed. I swear I had never cum that hard or that much before. It was so great that I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

As sleep took over, I just let my imagination take over.


chapter 3.

Jess had been looking forward to this trip for a long time now. She had had the hots for her father for 3years now and finally she had the chance to seduce him and have him be her first. You see she had seen her parents doing it one night when she was 15 and ever since then, all she could think about was have that big dick of daddy’s entering her and taking her virginity. It was hard to save herself, she h always know how good looking she is and how every guy in school wanted her, but there was only one guy she was interested in. Her own father.

Once she found out that her mother couldn’t make it this trip, excitement nearly overtook her. She made sure to put on the sexiest thing in her closet, trying her best to get him to notice her. Luckily it worked. Phase one of seduction done. She could see her father catching glances at her legs while driving and once she removed her sweater and he could get a perfect look at her whole body, she could see the bulge in his pants and it was exciting her. Her own father getting hard for HER!! God it was everything she was hoping for, every glance he stole made the hotter and hornier. Every second that went by, she was getting wetter. Her nipples harder. She closed her eyes and imagined his touch, his kiss, his everything. She was getting so close to climax when suddenly her father had enough with the heat and wanted to get it fixed. After they pulled over, all Jessica could think of was cumming. so that is when she ran into the bathroom to take care of business. It did not take long before she had reached her max and came hard. You see Jessica seems to have an active sex drive and gushes out like a fountain during climax. That is why it was so hard to stay pure.

Once she finished, she realized her panties where soaked so she decided to go commando under the short skirt.

She felt so dirty and bad, yet she also felt sexy and mature, after all she was an adult now and felt it was time she was treated like one. So when they arrived at the hotel, Jessicas father made a call to her mother and Jessica went up to the front counter and saw a teenage boy who was clearly a virgin and asked him what kind of rooms where available. That was when he said any you want, and Jess then told the boy that if he would tell the older man there was only single bed rooms available that she would make it worth his while.

There was no way he was going to turn that down so he did as he was asked and told her father there was only one room available. A single bed room.


chapter 4.

When Jessica showed her father her bikini, she knew it was going to drive him crazy and she was right. Unfortunately she made a previous engagement otherwise she would have teased her daddy a little more.

Jess escort bursa went to the pool and decided to work on her tan while waiting on that young boy. And after about an hour or so, he showed up looking excited and full of wonder and lust. When he made his way over to her Jess asked what his name was and he answered with Stuart.

“Well Stuart, today is your lucky day because you are gonna get your first blowjob and if you are a good boy, I will give you my soiled panties from earlier. Well that was all Stuart had to hear, you would have sworn the pimple faced teen had soiled his own shorts just then. So the two young teens headed somewhere private and Jess got onto her knees and took down Stuarts pants and finally shorts. However just as Jess had only touched the rock hard dick in front of her, he shot her with cum. Some of it landed on her cheek, a little got in her hair, but most of it landed on her right arm and all over her breasts.

She just chuckled and said “somebody is a bit anxious.” The poor young boy, was definitely the first girl to touch his privates since a baby. Stuart was flush with embarrassment and was about to grab his pants up and run away when jess just took a firm hold of the young mans cock and without saying a word , took it into her mouth. you see even though she is still a virgin, she has had boyfriends and have given blowjobs. In fact she loves sucking cock, every time she dreams it’s her fathers and she looks up and sees his face smiling looking back at her.

Stuart didn’t know what to do so he just stood there feeling the greatest feeling he had ever experienced, he thought that if a blowjob feels this good, how would full out sex feel like. Unfortunately for him, he was sure he would have to wait, since Jessica hadn’t mentioned anything that far. No matter the case, she was clearly experienced at this.

Jessica could feel how tense the young man was but the more she sucked and worked on that cock, the more he would relax. Stuart wasn’t huge by any means but of the few dicks she had sucked, he was the biggest. Around 6 inches or so, all the boys that went to her school where not packing too much down there.

It took a while t second time around but after a bit more work, Jessica could feel Stuarts balls tensing up and bang, spurt after spurt right into her mouth and down her throat. Jessica just kept working every drop she could, swallowing every drop.

Once finished, Jessica stood up while Stuart did up his pants. Then Jessica handed Stuart his prize and thing to remember this day. Her panties from the drive up. Just as they where about to go their separate ways, Jessica gave Stuart a kiss on the mouth and let him fondle her a bit. Man she was hot and horny again. She hoped that when she got back to the room she could release some tension.


chapter 5.

As Jessica got back to the room, she was still worked up from her time with Stuart that she needed a release so bad, as bad as the trip up here. When she walked into the room though she nearly fainted. Not only was she successfully seducing her father, but her dream of sucking his cock had just presented itself. As she look up n her father, he was sprayed out over the bed with his cock half sticking out and half stuffed inside his shorts. Jessica slowly creeps over to the bed, closing the door super quietly behind her, she ever so sweetly call out, “daddy, daddy are you awake?” But nothing, not a stir. So she says it again, a little louder and nothing but a steady snore. She knows how he could sleep through a tornado so this is her chance.

As she kneels down on the floor next to him, she begins to fondle her breasts. Her nipples are rock hard, her sex is burning with desire. She wants so bad to straddle him here and now, but she doesn’t want it like this, she wants him to know and know he is her first. So as one hand goes into her bikini bottoms, she can’t help but let out a little moan. But still no change so while taking care of her business, she slowly pulls daddys cock out of his shorts and begins to slowly run her fingers around it and work it till it gets hard.

She can’t believe how much she is getting away with so far so she decides to press her luck and starts to kiss the head of his rod while giving the best handjob she can while pleasuring herself. She can feel him getting harder and harder, bigger and bigger. She can’t believe how big he is. He must be at least 8 inches, definitely much bigger then Stuart or any boy before. Jessica doesn’t even know if it would fit in her, all she does know is she will find out one way or another.

Just as Jessica gets her father’s rod at its full strength, precum oozing out she wants to taste him fully and decides to take as much as she can. She can only get about half of it in before choking so she works daddys cock as much and as quick as she can. It seems like an eternity, a blissful eternity before she feels his loins getting ready. Jessica knows that his cum will be too much to deepthroat so she leaves only the head in her mouth and uses both hands to stroke her daddy till he erupts inside his baby girls mouth. It takes everything Jessica has to not let any cum go to waste. Even still a little ends up on his shorts. Oh well she figures, I got most of it and wow it tastes better than any time before.

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