Return to Paradise Ch. 13

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Chapter 13: A Christmas Gift(s)

Written from Sam Jr’s point of view.

It’s been Three weeks since We got our house to ourselves, Carol and Marsha moved in and We finally have it looking like Christmas. We had some decorations and we found a tree and more decorations over on the main islands, which is as far as we know free of people, leaving and dead. There are a few bodies if you go looking, but mostly people fled, or scavengers took them. Don’t worry We don’t dwell on the dead, this is a story of the Living.

My leg is to the point where I just have a little scar on it, Sara says it looks sexy. It really was just a flesh wound, the bullet just grazed my skin, but it was very painful at the time. Marsha says the little scar looks like a sperm, which I guess it does.

Anyway, the house is looking like Christmas, as are the other 2 guest houses, and the real impressive part is the houses we’ve actually got built. We’ve got every couple into their own rooms at lease, no one is having to live in tents. The housing has really gotten an uplift with a couple of the people we have being very crafty, and couple of the boys are really good with their hands.

I thought it was going to be a little weird with Carol and Marsha living with us but I was totally wrong. We have a bed room and they have their own room, and some nights we are all together an other nights we are left to our own device. Rarely we swap out and I get Marsha and Carol gets Sara, Carol and I mainly share Sara.

Tonight is starting out to be a group night. We are camped in front of the TV of all things. Very thankful we have generators and a very large supply of propane on here and on the main island. Okay there is no TV programs anymore and no Netflix, Hulu, HBO or anything like that but we have a couple Walmarts on the island and there was a few video stores on the island so we have a GREAT collection of DVD’s and Blurays now. The movie of the night was a Christmas classic, “Die Hard” Just kidding.. It really was as stupid as it sounds a movie called “Night of the comet” Which was a stupid movie just like what has happened to our world except the survivors were locked in metal boxes for the night verses having parents closely related. We went through 2 rounds of popcorn, I offered up a bottle of good bourbon, and some adult beverages we rescued from a liquor store but I was turned down.

Marsha and Sara saying, “We got you, we don’t need to drink!”

Carol said, “I’ll have a beer if there is any?”

I said, “Sorry, the beer has gone past its fresh date.” So we settled tuzla escort on some sweet tea.

Carol and I each had an end on the L shaped couch, Sara had her head in Carol’s naked thigh. Marsha was against me my hand resting on her bare hip. I can see why Carol likes Sara, the light of the TV made her skin glow, from her red painted toenails, up her creamy white legs to that wonderfully tasting pussy covered in such a lovely red hair, her hips were curvy. Sara’s waist was curved up to her rather full breasts that her lovery red hair was partially covering.

Marsha felt wonderful against me, She felt so small and tiny and just lovely to look at. She had shaved off her pubic hair and her mound was perfectly bare and it made her look so young. I haven’t had a chance to experience it bald. Her pussy lips looked so puffy and inviting like her breasts. If I didn’t know better I would not think she was over 18. Her puffy little nipples topping off her small breasts were just mouthwatering. We would never have made it through the movie except for the fact that we had been looking forward to some just down time and to relax. Being the day before Christmas Eve, we just wanted to kick back. We have lots of presents for the younger one on the island, We don’t have a lot of kids on the island but we do have some they mostly hang in and around the housing we built.

When the movie was over the biggest comment was, “Why does all the stuff work, everything on the main island is not working.” If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out. Sara had her hand under Carol’s leg, my guess is she may have been playing with carol’s pussy or maybe just sharing a touch. Marsha on the other hand, had dropped her head down to my lap and was now giving me one of her famous blowjobs. Swirling her tongue around the head of my cock followed by burring my cock up to my pubic hair and repeating this time after time until I laid my head back giving in to the rush of feelings. With my left hand I found her pussy and started fingering her wet slit. I wasn’t going to last and when I came I tensed, feeling my middle finger slipping into her. My slippery finger penetrated her anus, she squirmed back against it and a few strokes in and she was cumming, making a little wetspot on the couch beneath her.

We had never done anything anal before, and I would never fit into her so I never even touched her asshole before. Marsha said, “Oh..that was different… that felt good and different.. Maybe warn me if you do that again.”

I softly replied, “I’m sorry I just tensed up and you seemed to like it.” tuzla escort bayan

“Don’t be sorry, I just want to know its going to happen.” Marsha said.

Sara and Carol were in their own world on their end of the couch, so we quietly let them have it. I had my time with Carol years ago, I guess this is Sara’s turn. Marsha and I went to Sara’s and mine bedroom, Climbed under the bed sheet, made love slowly until she came. My cock going in and out of her wonderfully bare pussy. Looking down between us at the our union I thought how naughty it looked, My big cock going between those puffy red pussy lips. Seeing this and not meaning too I picked up the pace. Watching my cock rub againt her clit over and over until she couldn’t take it anymore. She let out a moan of pleasure bucking against my cock and against the fiery red patch of hair covering my pubic bone. I would like to say I held off but no I was right there with her, filling her up again with my cum.

We Lay together, me spooning against her. Marsha’s little ass was against me, My spend cock splitting her ass cheeks. We lay there with me just holding her tight until we both fell asleep. Sometime in the night, Sara and Marsha traded places. I was thrilled to have my sister back in bed with me. Sara and I kissed for a while, I started down her body to her pussy where I was going to eat her out.

She said to me “Enough of that, Carol took care of that need, What I need is that big cock of yours in me.”

Being hard already I was there in a heartbeat. I moved and was inside her in no time. She was beautiful beneath me, in the pale light of the early morning hour her eyes twinkled, and she seemed to radiate a glow. We made love, I would like to say Marsha and I made love earlier but compared to this what my sister and I have is so far above it. I love them both but Sara and I just connect so well.

We woke in the morning to the hustle of the island around us. People were getting things ready for Santa, and our Christmas Eve meal. Our thanksgiving meal went over well to spite the problems the day before, this one can only do better. We actually have a Pig roasting. We found a farm on the island and some of the wildlife got out of their pens and well did good for themselves.

Sara surprised me where I was working getting presents wrapped for the kids. She showed up wearing a very sexy elf costume. Jackson a younger boy that was helping me saw her and his eyes about popped out of his head. I don’t know where to start to describe the red headed wonder in front of me. She was dressed in the escort tuzla tightest green leggings which believe it or not showed more detail of her body than when she was totally naked. Her top half was a red and gold and helped to show off her wonderful breasts, again I thought how much she glowed. Her lovely red hair flowed as she walked and Jackson drooled.

Sara and I made our rounds to the families. We settled down for the evening and Under our tree we made love, and were joined by Carol and Marsha a little while later. We exchanged gifts between us, I had went shopping on the Island and acquired a wedding ring set for Sara. Carol and Marsha exchanged gifts of comfort items. From Sara I got a small box, inside the box was a familiar little wand that we used to joke could make a sports car disappear. It had a red + on it.

I said, “Sara my dear, I felt something was different. This is the greatest Christmas present .”

MArsha handed me her gift saying, “I hope you like mind just as much.”

Opening it I found another test, “I’m beside myself, I really didn’t even think about this, I’m thrilled and I hugged both naked girls to my chest, Kissing each in turn I said, “I love you guys.”

Carol not to be out done, handed me a small box, In it was of all things, A Leatherman multitool. Carol said, “I know we haven’t made love, and I’ve devoted myself more to Marsha and Cindy. I’ll make a good naughty nanny for the kids though!”

We all laughed and Pulled Carol into our group hug. Sara spoke up, “Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve talked to 6 other couples that are going to be expecting in about 8 months. So August next year is going to be a busy time for Kayla our midwife.”

On Christmas day we found out there are 8 couple expecting. That cute red hair boy and girl, Ron and Ginny, Liz and his mom, Bobby and Cindy. James and Sylvia’s girlfriend, The young couple from the electronics store, and a couple others that we didn’t even know a couples. seems our little group is starting to grow on its own. Oh, and 3 of the girls we rescued from the main island are pregnant too.

Seems life has found a way to continue.


Arthur’s note: This will probably be it until after the Holidays are over. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Yes, This ending was a little rushed, I won’t have time over Christmas but I wanted to put this to bed, Sorta. I might branch out and do another story like with new characters. Let me know what you all think about letting this one go on a positive note of new life. I liked doing the back stories on how the pairing began with the story line, so who knows maybe I can incorporate those story lines together as prequels to the Island series. I really want to know more of Ron and Ginny. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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