Reliving a Memory

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The windows were open, letting the fresh October breeze waft through the air. It wasn’t really warm outside, but it was crisp, as any autumn should be. The oranges and yellows and reds of the leaves hid quietly behind the sheer wisps of linen that hung between them and me. I watched quietly, pondering how time flew so quickly. Wasn’t yesterday just the beginning of summer? Just yesterday, wasn’t I…?

I let the question hang in the air with the passing breeze and float away as quietly and unassuming to pass through the air without another thought. I lay on my bed, bare to the cool, clean air that caressed my body. I could feel every hair rise and fall with the swollen wind. The back of my knees felt as if they were being kissed. My thighs, firm and taught over strong, trained muscles were nearly oblivious to the coolness of the air that passed over them, yet they created the turrets that protected my deflowered soul. The flesh of my uncovered buttocks felt as if they wanted to part for the wind, to languish over my dark star. My back was a delight of sensation as I felt the wind turn my skin to goose flesh under its gentle touch and my long, chestnut hair fluttered in its stroking along my shoulders and neck.

A strong breeze passed over me, parting my hair and making my hips rise to it. I felt the cleft of my hind lift and open to welcome its exploring touch. I remembered how he felt, with his warm mouth hovered above it, his hot tongue gliding slowly between my globes. When he reached my nether regions, I wanted to beg for more as I lifted my hips higher in remembrance. Yet, he was the patient man, and lightly traced over what I wanted to what I most needed. The tender skin between my dark and light seemed to expose itself to him as I parted my legs. Still in my solitude, I could feel his tongue reach my most moist of entries, and he delved into it hungrily.

I pushed back into the imaginary sense and I could feel his mouth feeding on my senses. I felt my hips beginning to move in synchronicity with his tongue. He lapped between casino oyna my folds, in my mind, and I fed every anxious part of his being.

I stopped to let my senses return to their natural state, which was always in arousals, but these thoughts had me stirred nonetheless. I raised myself on my elbows, my breast pendulant under me. I reached over and took the last sip of remaining wine from the crystal glass on the table beside me. My head was heady, but not as much from the wine as from the heat growing in my loins. I knew what was to come, my mind always in a state of eidetic recall when it comes to sensual matters and right now I craved to re-live that erotic memory of him.

Returning my now emptied glass to the table, I rolled over to my back, anxious to feel the cool air flow over my breasts, stomach, and mound. I recalled him stretched over my body, his hardness teasing me and my body aching for him to fill my depths. I heard him in my mind tell me, “Open your flower for me,” as my knees fell apart. Now the air cascaded over my heated vulva, growing wetter as I indulged in my fantasy. He ran the bulbous head of his manhood over me, drawing my nectar from my opened flower to my sensitive nub. With every planned move he sensed how I wanted to feel him inside. Never to give in so quickly, he toyed with me until my hips moved achingly towards him, trying to capture any part of him within me. Never to be outplayed, he withdrew his hips away from me, making me crave him all the more.

I ran my fingers over my swelled, feminine flesh, immediately noticing how full and wet I had become between my lips. As I replayed his teasing, I ran my fingers over and over myself, but never fulfilling what I wanted. It was so painstaking maddening. I saw him looking into my eyes, watching me as I struggled to lay still beneath his ministrations. Without warning he buried himself deep within me and held still. I gasped and clenched on the brink … and then he withdrew. My head flew from side to side and my hands reached for his hips in want slot oyna for another thrust. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them aside my head. I immediately threw my hands up in replication of the memory.

My legs were splayed well apart and my aching grew. I wanted more. I needed him more. I senses his manhood beginning to draw downward from my flower to my star, dragging my wetness to prepare me for what was to come. “I need your wetness, as will you.” He brought himself back between my folds and dove in once more. This time he began to thrust and his length filled me and built my yearnings even higher. He buried himself in me, “Cum!” And without so much as a touch from my own hand, I lay in my bed and my mind, seduced by the memory, brought my body to an orgasmic bliss. I could feel my sweetness erupt from me and fall to my taboo entrance, making it wet and ready.

He leaned back on his haunches and began to use his long, tapered fingers to continue to draw the results of my orgasm from my softness to my tightness. Preparing me for his taboo entrance, he began by dipping his fingers into my womanhood, coating them with my creaminess and then drawing them down to begin opening me where he would soon take me. He was not fully gentle as he wanted me to be stretched to take him fully, he took two fingers and placed them inside my star slowly just to his first knuckle. Twisting and pulling to relax those forbidden rings until my body yielded to him.

In truth, I lie on my bed and imagined that beautiful invasion, tempted as I was to recreate the feeling myself, I only allowed my mind to relive the cacophony of pleasures I had experienced. His slow entry into my dark passage, soon replaced by his fingers with his hardened staff was excruciating and yet filled me with more desire. I pulled my knees up to my chest to offer his member full access into my darkest depths. His fingers soon delved into my softness as he could feel himself between the thin membranes separating the two.

My head began to swim as I cried out alone, “Damn… canl─▒ casino siteleri fuck me!” and I felt my bottom push out as it had when he had begun to plow into me – relentlessly, his eyes watching me.

“Look at me!” and I could see his dark eyes peering into my soul as he grew larger and stroked fully in and out of me. So badly was my need to grab the long, black, tapered candle next me and to place it inside of that darker place. But my mind was beyond being able to stop now. Over and over I remembered his hard strokes. “Not yet, Princess. Stay on your horse,” as I continue to ride the swelling that grew deep in my belly. “Not yet…” Oh… how I wanted that release now. I could no longer feel the cool breeze, but my head felt hot under my hair and my skin began to glisten with sweat… so close… so close.

“Yes… soon…” he promised me. And I held on to that sweet closeness, wanting but not daring to conceded to my needs. His fingers had twisted and two became three and my cervix had dropped and he felt the small nub of its opening within his reach. “Yes… very soon now.”

“Plleeeeaaaseeeee!!” I screamed out… I was going to release and still without giving into my own wants to fill my orifices as he did.

“5…4…” the pressure was mounting. “3…” Oh, sweet heavens I was there… but I had to hold on… “2…” I felt myself quiver… “1…” Now? was it now??? “NOW!! CUM!!”

My body shuddered and I felt my juices explode from my body as I had never had before. Over and over they streamed from deep within me, my legs shaking in my arms as I still held myself in a pseudo spread for ‘him’. I remembered the feeling of his seed shooting deep inside me and how easily it made it glide in and out of me until his thrusts slowed to a deep hold. His pulsating member was being milked by my own orgasms still and gripped him tightly as he withdrew.

Gently I let my legs fall back down, my knees falling apart naturally as I wanted to still feel the afterglow of his seed spilling out of me, but it was only my own juices I felt now. I basked in this bliss for several minutes before rolling back over to my stomach, letting the autumn wind cool my heated skin, then I fell asleep, smiling, and imagining when he would return to make it all real again.

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