Rainy Day Ch. 02

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*** NOTE: This is the second part of a continuing series. For character development to make sense you may need to read Chapter 1. Also, everyone in this story is over the age of 18***

Mrs. Duffy meandered down the stairs still drying her hair after the shower she just took. Despite the day’s previous tryst, Mrs. Duffy still felt like a bitch in heat. Now however, she was going to try to make sure her daughters did not graduate High School as inexperienced as she had.

“Where did you sister go?” Mrs. Duffy asked in a puzzled tone of voice. It was still pouring outside and Anna did not have access to a vehicle at the moment.

“She went for a run.” Erin responded. Erin was still lounging in her green and yellow cheerleader outfit, apparently too lazy to change. Erin had a slightly chubby body that was summed up in her thick, tan thighs. Luckily for her, most people’s eyes gravitated towards her heaving chest that was measuring a 36-D by the time she had entered the 9th grade. They had not grown much since then but that had shaped out nicely, sitting high on her chest. Her plump butt was another favorite fantasy for the boys at her high school as she often sported tight pants that did little to hide the jiggling.

“Why would she go for a run in the rain?” Erin’s mom asked.

“You know how she gets when she’s angry.”

“Well, why is she angry?”

“I was making fun of her diary. I found it the other day in her bedroom and I could not believe some of the stuff that was in there…some of it was disgusting.” Erin mocked while sticking her tongue out, “Anyway, she was super-embarrassed and got all pissy. Then she went out running.”

“Well, shoot. Come upstairs with me then. Show me this diary. “

Meanwhile, I was sitting in the upstairs living room trying to read a Stephen King novel. I was having trouble concentrating as all I could think about was Mrs. Duffy’s reference to her daughters at the end of our sex-capade earlier in the day. I was getting a little nervous that it might not have meant what I had hoped, though I knew myself to be pessimistic.

Erin walked into Anna’s room as her mom told her to get the diary out and to wait for her to come back. Erin was digging around in Anna’s closet when her mom walked in with a bag in her left arm and a book under her right arm.

“Is that MY diary?” questioned a shocked Erin.

“Yes it is my dear. I’m not sure how you got a hold of Anna’s journal but I don’t believe it is right for sisters to be invading each other’s privacy. You are not in charge of your sister. You have no right to read what she is writing privately. Now I am going to have to punish you but I want you to know I am doing it because I love you. If you take your punishment without too much complaining I believe you will come to enjoy it even. Now follow me.”

“James, can you come into Erin’s room with us?” Mrs. Duffy asked in a loud but controlled voice.

I heard Erin question her mom before being shushed as I was now sure that Mrs. Duffy’s reference to her daughters was indeed sexual. I walked into the bedroom and saw Erin sitting cross-legged in manner that displayed her panty-only covered crotch. She was whimpering lightly as Mrs. Duffy stood above her and leafed through a book.

“Have a seat on the bed James. Erin, I want you to read this page aloud so we can all hear it. James, I caught Erin betraying her sister’s trust so this is how I am punishing her. I hope bursa escort you don’t mind.”

“THIS PAGE!” Erin protested before I could reassure her mom, “but this is so embarrassing!”

“NOW!” shouted Mrs. Duffy.

Erin read,

I had the dirtiest fantasy in English class today and I could not wait to cum (hehe) home and masturbate. Mr. Timmons was so hot today all I could think about is bribing him with my body for a better grade. But he would demand so much of me. I would say I would let him fuck me if he gave me an ‘A’. Then he told me that if all I was offering was my pussy he could only give me a ‘C’. He told me for a ‘B’ he was going to fuck my ass, and for an ‘A’ I had to let him do whatever he wants.

Erin shut the book after reading the last sentence in a childish tone. “Finish the story, Erin, all of it.” her mother said in a stern voice. Erin sighed and continued to read aloud,

I told him I needed an ‘A’ at which point he stood up and shoved my pants to the ground. He bent me over his desk, slid his cock in my pussy fucked me hard and fast of several minutes. Finally, he took it out and slid into my ass. It hurt but I loved it. He fucked my ass until he was ready to cum. He then, pulled it out, pushed me onto my knees and moved his cock towards my mouth. I hesitated until he asked me how bad did I want an ‘A’. I swallowed his dick as he exploded into my mouth. I loved every second of it…

Erin slammed the book shut as she started to tear up. “I know that was hard honey, but you know this will stay a secret between the three of us.” Mrs. Duffy proclaimed.

“What, James will probably tell everyone at school!”

“No he won’t, because if he was to do that, I wouldn’t let him fuck you right now.”

“What?” Erin asked unable to hide the excitement in her face.

“Stand up James. I am going to teach the two of you how to fuck.” Mrs. Duffy said as she smiled at me.

Mrs. Duffy took her robe off to show us her all black lingerie. She was wearing a corset that barely covered her mountainous chest, a thong in which her ass sagged out of a little bit, and crotch-high black stockings. She stormed in my direction and undressed me in a manner that made me feel a little uncomfortable. My cock was rock hard as I stood there butt-ass naked in a room with an eighteen year-old girl in a cheerleader outfit and her mom who was now dressed like a dominatrix.

Mrs. Duffy grabbed my cock forcefully and began barking orders at her daughter. “Get over here and suck on this dick! You have to swallow it before I let him fuck you!” Erin scooted over to me on her knees as quickly as she could. Her mouth was just an inch from my throbbing cock when her mom pushed the back of her head onto my dick. Erin gagged almost immediately but I could see the delight in her eyes.

“Come on Erin, you didn’t even get it halfway down! Again.” Erin kept trying to swallow my dick but never got it far enough down to appease her domineering mother. “We are going to need to give you some incentive then” Mrs. Duffy chimed as she walked across the room to pull a chair over to wear her daughter was trying her damndest to bury my cock in her throat.

“Ok, lay down on my lap you little slut. You are going to learn how to swallow a dick if I have to turn your fat ass red to get you to do it.” Erin obediently bent herself over her mother’s lap but kept her mouth near my dick. “Ok, take one.” Erin opened her mouth bursa escort bayan as wide as she could go and started taking my cock. She got it about three quarters of the down before it hit a sensitive part of her throat and she gagged. Her mother did not hesitate as she spanked her daughter’s generous behind furiously with my dick still halfway down. She winced in pain as she bit down on my cock.

This went on for a few more tries before her mom pulled her panties down exposing her fabulously chunky ass. Now whenever, she failed to swallow my cock there would be nothing between her juicy ass and her mother’s unforgiving palm. Erin failed again to swallow my and her mother rained a blow down upon her daughter’s butt. Erin bit down on my cock when her mom spanked her, causing her to choke on my length and me to wince in pain.

“No more biting Erin.” I declared hoping to get in on the domination.

“Excuse me?” Mrs. Duffy asked me, “Are you complaining about my daughter sucking your cock right now mister? Erin stand up, you have had enough punishment, James needs to get his now.” Mrs. Duffy pushed me down to the ground so I was lying on my back. She pulled her thong off to the side to expose dripping pussy. Mrs. Duffy then climbed onto of my face so her pussy was on my mouth and my nose shoved in her ass crack.

“Eat it until I tell you to stop.” she ordered, “Bring that bag over here darling.” she said to her daughter. Mrs. Duffy took out a 5-inch vibrator and told her daughter to have fun. While my face sat under her mother’s crotch, Erin undressed and laid down between my legs. I heard the vibrator do its thing as she slid it into her pussy. I continued to get her mom off when Erin put my cock in her mouth. She was too distracted by the vibrator in her pussy to give much of a blow job but she seemed to be getting off just by having my cock in her mouth.

Soon, Mrs. Duffy began fingering her clit when she ordered me to toss her salad. I quickly gratified her request as I began licking her asshole. A few seconds later, Mrs. Duffy began grinding her ass on my face as she experienced an orgasm just as her daughter moaning in ecstasy, lost in her own orgasm, with the vibrator tearing her pussy apart and my cock pulsating in her now clenched mouth.

After both women caught their breath Erin unhinged her lips from my cock and asked, “Can we make him fuck my ass now?” Mrs. Duffy affirmed her request as she pulled her generous ass from my lips. She motioned for her daughter to climb on top of me in the cowgirl position and to let me to suck on her tits. Erin did as she was instructed shoving her massive tits in my face while she balanced my cock between her ass cheeks. Her mother climbed between my legs so she could guide my cock into her daughter’s luscious ass.

Mrs. Duffy stroked my cock hard while she ate her daughter’s ass out prepping it for an intense butt fucking. Erin was in heaven as I lapped at her cantaloupe shaped tits. Her nipples became pert as I molested her girth while plunging my mouth on her everywhere I could reach. Erin kept pushing my face into her cleavage while instructing me to suck harder on her nipples. Fulfill

Mrs. Duffy started slobbering and spitting on my cock for lube. After she was finished she pushed my dick between her daughter’s butt cheeks to let her daughter feel whatit was like to have a hard cock slide around in her crack. Mrs. Duffy held the underside of my dick as she escort bursa guided it into her daughter’s sphincter. Erin opened her mouth, looked towards the ceiling, and restricted her breathing as she was silent with desire. It was a very tight fit as her asshole contracted around my cock once I had broken the seal. Erin moaned like she was in labor as she slowly took all of my length down her chute. Erin’s ass muscles groaned loudly as she eventually sat on my dick in a manner that allowed me to feel her butt cheeks resting on my testicles.

“THIS IS AMAZING!” Erin cried, “but I need more lube.” Without hesitation her mother slid my cock out of her ass and buried my cock down her throat with no wipe whatsoever. “Oh mom! That is the hottest thing I have ever seen!” Erin said as her mom shoved my dick back into her.

We continued with this process for several minutes as Erin would bounce up and down on my dick letting it slide in and out of her ass with her mom providing lube by gagging on my cock after removing it from Erin’s ass. Eventually, Mrs. Duffy had Erin stand up so she could insert the vibrator back into her daughter’s sweating pussy. They put it in all the way so it would massage Erin’s g-spot as I plowed her ass.

Erin was overcome with bliss when she sat back down on my cock. The combination of the vibrator shaking away in her pussy, me sucking on her nipples, my dick being buried in her ass, and her mother now spanking her jiggling butt cheeks sent her over the edge. Erin yelled like a porn star as she had the most powerful orgasm I had ever witnessed to that point. She lost all control as my dick could now feel the vibrator in her pussy as well as the recurring clenching of her sphincter. At the peak of her orgasm she screamed out, “I LOVE BEING A SLUT!”

As she calmed back down, she picked up her rhythm again and began to fuck my dick with her ass in a way I had only dreamed about prior to that. She was grunting like an animal as my cock slid in and out of her ass with her tits bouncing in every direction.

“I’m gonna cum!” I yelped. Erin slid my dick out of her ass and laid down on her side. With one hand on my stomach and the other stabilizing my cock, she again tried to swallow my cock. For the first time she succeeded, as I felt her throat muscles tightening around the upper third of my length. She was squealing with pleasure as the vibrator was still violating her pussy. Right when she was about to come up for air I knew I was ready to cum so I held her head down so I could cum down her throat. My cock pulsated in her mouth and throat while she gagged with tears in her eyes. I held her head tightly so her upper lip was kissing the topside of my shaft while her tongue fell out her mouth and was now lapping at my balls. Her teary eyes looked at me in thanks as I came ferociously down her throat while her intense gagging only intensified my orgasm as her throat’s reflexive muscles continuously closed around my dick.

Over her choking I could hear her sexual moans as I realized this girl was cumming again because I was blowing my load down her throat after I had just fucked her ass. After I was done spewing my semen down her throat I let go of the back of her head and she shot up coughing and trying to catch her breath. In between her coughing, Erin asked me, “Promise me you will do that to me in the school bathroom on Monday?”

Her mother chuckled remarked, “Erin you might be an bigger slut than I am!”

Erin laughed a little bit and looked at me, winked and said, “Yeah well, after reading Anna’s diary, I can tell you that Anna is most definitely the sluttiest girl in this family. And guess who she has a major crush on?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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