Quiet Time Ch. 05

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This is a story about me, a technician’s technician, mechanically capable and an absolute perfect gentleman. Any resemblance to real live people, places or things is purely intentional and is completely ridiculous and absurd. My name is Tom. Oh yeah. Also in the story is my kid sister, Barb. Okay, she’s only ten minutes younger than me, but I am the older child in our family.

We’re almost 20; and yes, my sister and I are twins; but if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t even think we were related. I got the height, at 6’4″; she’s only 5’2″. She might be a hundred pounds wet and with rocks in her pockets; I weigh in at two hundred and fifteen pounds. She got the looks; I got the muscles. She has the easy tan skin of our Greek mom; I got the fair skin from our Irish dad. Even our hair is different, mine is the red that is almost orange and I keep it really short; hers is halfway down her back and the deep auburn that is almost brown, just red highlights in the bright sunlight.

This part of the story picks up on the sixth day of our vacation. That first day had been a real bummer, all about traveling to the cabin for our planned two week stay. The second day seemed to start out bad, but turned around pretty well shortly after lunch time. The third day, actually I learned a lot more about my relationship with my sister. The fourth day, I was in heaven all day; the day started well, pre-lunchtime was fantastic, afternoon was stupendous, and the day ended in the best way that a day could. The fifth day had turned out to be pretty good, in fact, it was wonderful. For today, I’d probably have a lot more activity but not with Barb, but I think I may get to enjoy some of my quiet time today, too, hopefully.


Good, I had remembered to reset my watch alarm to 7:00 a.m. I jumped up and hit the bathroom before Dad got up and was moving. I guess he had to give Mom a kiss or two before getting out of bed. I went ahead into the kitchen and started making enough scrambled eggs and sausages for all of us so we’d have time for breakfast before Dad wanted to hit the road into town. Dad always remembered to plan in everything, except time to eat, in the schedules he made for us.

This morning I’d get to bang on Barb’s door to wake her for breakfast and to hassle Mom and Dad to get up and get out here to eat. I warmed up the second half of Mom’s dinner roll instead of making toast; that would taste just fine, and besides, that would mean she’d make another either today or tomorrow. And of course milk and hot water for tea or coffee finished up the meal.

We ate and cleaned up and were out the door by 8:30, a half hour ahead of Dad’s schedule. Huh, maybe he did include time for breakfast today. Anyway, it only took us about five minutes to hook up the trailer and we were on our way. We were headed to Creekford, a thriving metropolis that consisted of the courthouse, a post office, two gas stations, a grocery store with a café attached, the Farmer’s Co-op, one office building and about eighteen houses for the various business owners and employees.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the museum. Creekford is located at the official headwaters of the mighty Creek River; don’t sweat it, I never heard of it before Dad started hunting here either. The museum was located on the point of land between Big Creek and Little Creek; it was originally the home of the toll ferry operator here before the bridge was built that runs the state road through the pass of the western mountain range; it exhibits ferry related information and natural history items, a very exciting half hour. The next pass through is about 75 miles away to the south; to the north it’s about 150 miles and that’s where the closest interstate highway goes through.

We arrived just after 9:30, still almost a half hour ahead of schedule. Since Dad was the unofficial go-between for the property group and the county, we all went over to the courthouse and met with our agent there. Dad had scheduled in almost two hours for that since there was a question about some road improvements on Big Creek Road, the one that ran by our property. Somebody had purchased a bunch of land further up the road and wanted the county to improve it and we didn’t want to be stuck with some kind of big bill for their convenience. It turned out to be a non-issue anyway since the improvements were only required on the section after the road had passed our property.

Our agent was going to be his agent also and he only wanted the road improved for about a mile and a quarter; he had bought all the property on both sides of the road above that. He was setting himself up a country/mountain retreat where he could live without any close neighbors. He was able to because he had won one of those big multi-state lotteries and could afford it. The county was still getting its sand and gravel from a quarry that covered the mile and a quarter or he’d have bought bursa escort everything down to our property line also. His land did share the property line for a distance of six miles with our valley; between our land and his below that; were two small valleys that were too rough to use for anything. The quarry itself was opposite those two valleys along the county road and that’s why he decided not to bother to get that land too. Since he was in town, Dad decided to meet him.

Mom and Barb went with me over to the Co-op to check for the windmill parts and we could take care of that while Dad was still at the courthouse. I also went ahead and filled the gas cans for the generator while we were taking care of things. Then we went to the café to wait for Dad to meet us for lunch. We’d eat then do some grocery shopping and be at least an hour or so ahead of schedule for getting back to the cabin. Mom asked if we would be able to have a satellite connection for TV and maybe the internet once we had the windmill installed and I told her we’d know in less than a week. I wanted to check how well the windmill worked, what wattage we could generate before we tried to put any more than basic household appliances onto the system. Dad and I had planned to have some extra capacity for things like that but there is always the possibility that it wouldn’t work as well as planned.

After Dad had returned and we had eaten lunch, I reminded Barb to pick out a couple magazines or books to bring back to the cabin since I’d be busy installing the windmill parts and the appliances for a couple days. So probably no trips to the waterfall during that time; she’d have to entertain herself at the cabin. She and Mom took the meats and fresh foods parts of the shopping list and Dad and I took the staples like canned goods and bulk items to obtain. That should save us another fifteen or twenty minutes, but shopping, at least with the ladies, is an art and they could easily spend the extra time.

We did start back almost an hour early and I was thinking that I might have enough time to hook up the windmill and the battery connections still tonight rather than having to wait until tomorrow to finish. With the system up and running tonight, we’d have electric lights any time night or day without running the generator. I’d also get a start at finding out how much juice we generated even at night when the wind usually slacked off some.

When we got back, after we hauled everything up to the cabin, Dad said that he was a little worn out and said that since there were a couple hours until supper time, maybe Barb and I would like to get in a little time relaxing up at the waterfall. We would just hook up the windmill tonight and do the battery connections tomorrow when we were fresh. He hadn’t thought we’d be this far along in the process, he had thought we’d start on the windmill in the morning, so we were still going to be ahead of schedule.

As we turned onto the trail to the waterfall, Barb said, “Mom thinks Dad has a little more planned than a nap for this afternoon. She told me that we shouldn’t come back until they signal with the air horn. I told her that we were both adults and knew that they were still having sex but she said we should still wait for the signal.”

“Well, maybe they want to do it someplace other than in their bedroom. You know, Barb, we’ve been together more out of bed than in one. I’m kind of surprised that Dad hasn’t wanted to bring Mom up to the waterfall, although, they did have time up at the spa site the other day; and the day, or was it two days before that, they had gone for the day to review the other cabin sites. Oh well, to each their own.”

“Well, at least we get some quiet time together now. I don’t know if I could stand not being together for two or three days while you and Dad are busy setting up all the windmill stuff and the battery stuff and the appliances. I plan on sneaking into your room each night even if all I can get is a cuddle.”

“Other than hauling the windmill stuff up to the top of the poles, and hauling the appliances up and down from the basement, it shouldn’t be too hard of work, just time consuming. So we should be able to have enough energy for a little something more than just a cuddle. The problem would be getting time away from the folks, or keeping quiet enough when we’re near them.”

Just then we spotted a skunk coming down the trail from the other direction so we stopped and quietly talked a while waiting for it to go elsewhere. We waited until it ambled off the path and waited a little longer until I saw it cross a clear spot about thirty feet up the hill off the path. Then we continued on our way, watching a little more carefully. One thing you definitely don’t want to do; is startle a skunk when you’re out walking in the woods.

When we were crossing the tree bridge at the waterfall, Barb made me check thoroughly before she’d hop down. I dropped the backpack and my bursa escort bayan walking stick at the rock chairs and laid out the tarp and some towels on the sandy spot where we had laid down on our last visit. I had thrown my clothes down on top of Barb’s on the rock chair and turned just in time to catch her as she launched herself at me and wrapped her arms and legs around me in a tight hug. She was giggling until she locked her lips to mine and then everything was just fine. We stood there for nearly five minutes before we broke the kiss.

“Let’s rinse off quick and then I want you to fill me up, and then fill me up!”

I walked us over into the creek where I let her legs drop down but kept my hands behind her back holding her tightly against me. Her tits were being mashed against my chest as she moved them side to side, and around in circles. I kissed her on the top of her head and on her forehead.

“I can’t get my feet down to the ground. Something is still holding me up; will you scoot me over and let me stand on the ledge under the waterfall, please?”

I took a couple more steps until she could put her feet down on the ledge. She moved back and dropping her hands to grab my prick she said, “Aha, now I see what was holding me off the ground. This branch was sticking straight out and my pussy got caught on it and I was wedged against the trunk of this tree. You know, that felt kind of good. Maybe I should do that some more.”

“Any tree would be happy for you to hug it some more, especially in the suit you’re wearing right now. But you did say you wanted to rinse off first. So you want a little help with that? I wouldn’t mind at all.”

I stepped up onto the ledge and followed her under the falling water. I placed one hand behind her back to hold her steady and used my other hand to help her rinse off, her neck, her shoulders, her back and her tits; then on down across her belly to her Mons and her pussy slit, and around to the back and over her cute little ass cheeks. I knelt down so I could rinse her legs and feet. While I was down there, she got busy on me, doing my face and neck and onto my shoulders and upper back and down my arms to my hands. When I finished with her and stood back up, she proceeded to help rinse off the rest of me. She spent a lot of time on my ass cheeks and especially on my prick. Needless to say, it was standing tall for her by the time she was done.

The ledge we were standing on was a little narrow for us to be fooling around, at least for my comfort it was, and I started to turn to walk off the lower end. She caught me turning with one foot up and shoved on my chest causing me to fall backwards into the water of the pool. But she grabbed one hand onto my prick as I went back and she jumped off into the pool with me. She put her other hand onto my chest keeping me from standing up while she slid me through the water and beached me like a canoe. I had my head up trying to see what she was doing and so my shoulders slid onto the rock slab bottom first. I pushed back and down with my hands sliding a little further up out of the water and she ended up straddling my thighs. She still had one hand pushing down on my sternum and the other pulling up on my prick when she got her mouth down and captured the head between her lips and started sucking.

I was working hard to try to keep from coming too fast; I hadn’t had the chance to do much for her yet. I managed to work her hand down off my chest and get her to use both hands stroking the part of my prick that she didn’t have in her mouth. I got my hands on both sides of her face and angled it so I could lock her eyes to mine. I was able to keep that lock while I pulled gently to bring her up, off my prick and into a kiss, making her sit upright on my thighs as I curled up sitting up also. When she slid one hand up behind my neck I knew that I could now slide my hands down caressing her tits as I slid them further down and then under her thighs. Next I lifted her up a few inches and with her other hand doing the aligning; I lowered her until the tip of my prick was just touching the lips of her pussy before sliding in the head and the first inch. Once she felt it was properly seated, she slid her hand up and grasped her own tit and began squeezing it while I raised and lowered her slowly to ease her down further onto my prick, gradually filling her with more and more. With her moving up and down we couldn’t maintain the kiss and I was now kissing on the top of her head. Her sighs and moans were changing pitch and becoming more like grunts and squeals and when she was about half way down she started shaking and I could feel her go into an orgasm, but it wasn’t a big enough orgasm, she would need at least another. So I held back still, she deserved a better orgasm, she’d get a better orgasm.

After a few minutes of just leaning on my chest, Barb whispered, “Thank you, I think I needed that.”

“Well, now we’re going to get escort bursa you what you don’t need then. I still have half a prick that just might fit in your pussy if you’ll let me try. Do you have anywhere you need to go that will keep us from a little more time for playing? I have, oh, another hour or so before I’ll have to go anywhere else. And right here is the best place I know of to spend it.”

“Oh you wonderful man… I can feel your arms shaking with the strain of holding me up like this. How about I climb off of you and move over to the tarp and towels and you bring that gorgeous prick over there and plant it in me. I know that I’d enjoy that and it would make it easier on you and we can keep going until our time is up.”

I knew she didn’t want a verbal answer when she moved her hands to my shoulders and started pulling up and she started pushing down with her feet. I relaxed my arms a little, but suddenly she dropped taking in about two or three more inches and gave a small grunt.

“Ahhh… that should hold me until you get that prick over there and replant it where it belongs. I just hate the empty feeling after it’s been in there for a while. Now hurry up!”

With that she nearly ran over to the towels and flung herself down on her back, waving her arms at me to climb on as quickly as possible. She always gets her way from me no matter how much I used to like to think that she didn’t. And this would be just another time that she got exactly what she wanted.

I hurried over and with my toes on the edge of the tarp; I dropped to my knees between her legs. My prick was merely inches from her pussy and when I dropped to my hands above her shoulders, I felt the tip of my prick kiss the lips of her pussy. She felt it too and she jerked her hips up getting the head and an inch or two of my prick in before I moved my knees out and down letting several more inches slide right in. She started making little lunges with her hips taking about an inch in and then letting some back out. I slid in slowly allowing about a quarter inch extra to stay in each time she lunged. When we reached as far as she had gone over by the water, I slowed down even more to allow her time for her pussy to relax and stretch to be able to accept it all. I definitely did not want to hurt her; this is meant to give us pleasure, not to cause her pain. As we proceeded, her sighs turned into moans and then into grunts and squeaks and then into a keening wail as she sailed into another shaking, quaking orgasm. It was a good one, but I thought it still wasn’t as good as it could be for her; so I still held back, but it was so hard to do. My prick was throbbing in her trying to get me to let go, but I held it off.

“Oh, you’re still hard. I thought sure you’d have come in me already. Oh, I can feel you throbbing. I need it, Tom. I have to have you all the way in and I need you to let me have your sperm. Please, please, push the last little bit in and give it to me. Please fill my cunt with your cock and give me all your cream. I need it, please, Tom, PLEASE!”

That did it. I pushed the last half inch or so in and I hit her cervix, and I started short fast strokes, battering against her cervix each time until I just held it in as tight as I could and exploded into her. She was shaking like a leaf in a windstorm and wailing her release into my chest. I had my lips mashed against the top of her head.

I don’t know how long we stayed in that position but it had to be a few minutes because my prick was starting to shrink out. I was still up on my elbows and knees so I had managed to keep most of my weight off of her. I pushed up onto my hands and looked at her beautiful face. She was smiling even though I was sure that she was totally out of it because she was breathing so shallow and even.

“Son, move your knee out to the side and roll off of her. You don’t want to hurt her now.”

“Dad? Wha…?”

“Shhhhh. We’ll talk in a minute or two once she wakes back up. For now just roll off and rest.”

I rolled to the side but I was too weak to even sit up. But I was looking right at my dad. This couldn’t be real. I had to be dreaming, no, not dreaming, well, yes dreaming, but this isn’t a good dream, this is a nightmare. Dad couldn’t be here seeing this. If he was, surely he’d be killing me now.

“Relax, relax, don’t panic. Like I said, we’ll talk more when Barb wakes back up. For now, I’ll explain that I didn’t come up here to catch you doing anything wrong. You had told me that you and the other guys had built the table and chairs here and I decided that since your mom fell asleep, and I couldn’t fall asleep, I’d come take a look at that and call you two back to start dinner so mom could sleep until it was ready.

“Now, I’m going to look around a little bit and when Barb wakes, tell her I’m here, but keep her calm if you can. Nothing bad is going to happen. We’ll talk about it then.”

After a few minutes, I was feeling a little stronger and I moved up onto a hip and an elbow as I watched Barb sleep. Finally her eyelids fluttered and she took a deep breath as she looked into my eyes. She reached out her hand and rubbed it on my chest.

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