Quick and Dirty

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“I got you a little something,” he said, reaching across the table, handing her a small gold bag. “I thought it would be perfect for tonight!”

“You didn’t have to do that,” she said, blushing as she peeked inside, pulling open a bundle of sparkling tissue paper. Gasping in a breath, a smile began to appear as she lifted out the white silk baby doll nestled in the bottom of the bag. “Be right back…” she said, jumping up from the couch and rushing out of the room. Once on the stairs, she started stripping down, first her shirt, followed by her jeans, panties and finally her bra. By the time she was walking into their room she was completely naked, slipping into the white silk.

It didn’t take long for the synapses to fire as he jumped off the couch to follow her up. He found her lace blouse at the bottom of the stairs, snatching it up as he rushed past. Half way up the stairs he found her jeans, with her panties lying on the top landing. Finally, he collected her bra from the middle of the hallway before approaching their bedroom door.

There she stood, staring at herself in the mirror. The little white baby doll really was perfect for her ankara escort figure. It accentuated all the right curves, showing off her luscious breasts before flowing down to give a teasing glance at her thigh. She was so mesmerized by her figure that she didn’t notice him watching her from the door way.

“Beautiful!” he said in deep lustful tones, pushing himself off the door frame upon entering the room. Startled, she spun around gasping for air as he rushed towards her with immense speed. Within seconds he was upon her, embracing her warm flesh with his hands, descending his mouth to hers. His kiss was forceful, demanding erotic pleasure as his hands ran up and down her back, urging her towards their large bed. Carefully, he pressed her up against the edge of the bed plastering his body against hers. He was one hell of a kisser, first nipping on her lower lip before thrusting his tongue into her mouth tempting her, urging her to give into the pleasure welling up between them. His rock hard erection was pressing through his jeans as he began to grind against the silky fabric she was wearing. Moaning with enjoyment, she began to relax, giving into elvankent escort his desires, spreading her legs apart to allow him closer to her center. Dropping a hand down her side and across her stomach he groaned, taking in the feel of her muscles tighten at his touch. Moving the silk fabric aside, he slid his hand down her stomach to her center, rubbing and massaging at her core. Waves of passion flooded from him to her and back again as their minds connected in pure pleasure.

Moments later, he was pulling the silk baby doll above her head, allowing her breasts to spill out as the fabric fell to the floor in a puddle at their feet. Immediately he covered her breasts with his hands, alternately kneading the round globes and squeezing her erect nipples. Gasping in another breath, she broke the kiss, grinning as she reached for the zipper on his jeans. She wanted him and she wanted him now.

“I need…” she gasped, breathing hard as his head dipped down, taking in her nipple, toying with in between his tongue and teeth.

“I know!” he said, changing from one breast to another, teasing and toying with her nipples, otele gelen escort causing a dampness to grow at her core. Slipping one hand from her side down to her center one more time, he thrust a finger into her core, urging her to grind into him one more time. Then, lifting her up he moved her away from the bed post and allowed her to collapse onto the bed.

Panting for air, she looked deep into his eyes, watching them sparkle and swirl with excitement as he bore down on top of her, his finger still doing its magic between her legs. “I can’t…I need…” she could barely speak as his mouth descended on her one more time, as her hands pushed his jeans away from his erection just enough to free him and allow him entry into her center.

“Christ!” he said through his teeth as he broke their kiss again and peered down at her, “I can’t wait any longer…”. That was all he needed to say. She understood completely giving herself over to the passion burning inside them both. Scraping her nails across his back she let out a moan of pleasure as he thrust deeper and harder, urging her to cry out as they both reached the end. She could feel all the muscles in his body tighten as he thrust into her one final time before giving way the pleasure he built up inside. As the waves began to subside and her mind became her own, she gave him one last smile before scrumming to the darkness underneath his warm inviting body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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