Play Time

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Copyright by Madengineer3 2006 all rights reserved

All rights are reserved! This story is not to be copied or circulated except by madengineer3 or by means of the Literotica website, and under Literotica’s rules.


I find myself almost unable to move. I am laying face down on a sheet of what feels like plywood covered by a thin plastic sheet. It feels like there are restraints from the plywood around my waist, around my ass, around my neck, around each arm, and around each leg. I feel no pressure at all on my upper chest, my face or my cock and balls. The latter feel like they are hanging freely down through a hole in the plywood. My face is partially resting on a pillow, such as one of those used for a massage. I can see nothing through the blindfold, except that there seems to be no light in the room. From the discomfort in my mouth I realize that a gag has been placed in my mouth. From the pressure on my tongue and from what my tongue tells me this is a gag that has a sort of small penis shaped insert that goes inside the victim’s mouth. The room I am in must be about seventy five to eighty degrees Fahrenheit because I feel that I am nude but I feel neither cold nor hot. I am waiting for my tormentor to arrive. Anxiety has been building. What will she do to me? Is she in a good mood?

Suddenly, I can tell the lights have been turned on. I hear the sound of her bare feet on the floor. There is a rolling sound as if a cart were being rolled over to where I am held captive. Without warning I feel my balls grabbed. I grunt, but cannot say anything because of the gag.

What is she doing? I feel my scrotum being pulled down away from my body. It is being done gently (at the moment) but firmly. My balls are being pulled down to the extreme extent that the scrotum will allow. It isn’t too uncomfortable, but I have to wonder what will happen next. A strap, like a watch band has been secured around my scrotum above my balls. I hear water being poured into a stainless steel bowl. The sound is unmistakable. I feel my balls being dipped into hot water. It is really hot, but below the point where it causes extreme discomfort. While my balls are soaking I feel a wet cloth washing my pubic region. The water is removed and soap lather, or that is what it feels like, is being applied to my genitals and the area around them. Moments later the area is rinsed and I hear what I believe to be someone mixing up shaving cream powder in a cup with a shaving brush like they used to do fifty years ago. I can’t complain in the least as I feel the lather applied to my nut sack and surrounding area. Then a twinge of fear hits me, what if she is going to use a straight razor? I relax when I feel a normal razor shaving my scrotum, and then the area around the inside of my upper ataşehir escort thighs and finally my pubic area. She then rinsed me off and gently dried me. The band around my balls is now removed and a new band is put in place it feels like this band passes through a piece of wood at the edge of the hole through which my family jewels are hanging. There is something else there as well, something that feels smooth, but what is it? Whatever it is it is resting firmly against my balls.

She has shifted her attention now. She has grabbed my cock and slid something over it that feels a bit like a small sock. With her holding my glans and slowly pulling my cock to its full length I can feel the sock like thing getting tight. It feels like she is working on laces much like on a pair of good boots. My cock is being squeezed. So far it feels good. Now she has fastened the end of the sock to something that resists my moving. This may not be good.

She finally speaks: “How are we doing there, sport? Comfy are we? We can change that at any time. But, for now, enjoy the ride.”

What ride, and then I both hear and feel what is going on. The thing that is resting on my balls is a vibrator of some sort. The thing that is holding the end of my cock is also beginning to vibrate. It is gently puling on my cock and is distributing the vibration to the glans (which is exposed at the end of the sock like thing on my cock).

This feels wonderful. I hear more movement and something is rolled under the plywood. I hear adjustments being made and the sound of some sort of fluid. Before I can sort it out I hear a switch click and then feel the spray of relatively high pressure, warm, water against my nuts. I am being driven wild. At this rate I am going to loose it soon, and will pump my cum out all over what is down there. I can feel my muscles beginning to tighten in my legs and abdomen when all at once every thing stops!! I have been brought to the edge and then left hanging there. I try to move to get just enough friction to allow me to cum, but I can’t! The straps have been designed to well for that.

It seems like hours while I wait for comfort to return. In time the swelling in my cock subsides I am almost back to normal. I hear the woman working again. She has unlaced the sock like thing that encased my cock and has placed my cock in what feels like a well lubricated, smooth tube of some soft material. It takes almost no time at all for my cock to become rigid again. This time when I hear the switch, my nuts are again being vibrated but this time the tube around my cock is moving up and down on my cock’s shaft maybe an inch each way. It is if someone had placed their soaped up hand on my cock and had started to stroke it. I am getting hot again. I feel the kadıköy escort bayan pressure build up as I approach the point where I can get sexual release. I am almost over the brink when all motion stops again. Damn, I need to finish this. The frustration level is incredible. I need release.

There is the wait again. As I again approach the point where I am almost comfortable she is making more changes. I feel the strap around my scrotum relaxed and hear something being moved. A new strap has replaced the old one, I can tell because the old one was wet from the water spray and this one is dry. My cock has been removed from the tube and has been placed between two pieces of wood that press on it like a weak vise. It isn’t uncomfortable, but I am curious what is about to happen. When the switch sound is heard again I understand what has been done. The two boards that clamp my cock are vibrating one versus the other. It is as if my cock had a vibrator under it and over it. It is driving me up the wall. At the same time I can feel the slow, rhythmic tugging on my nut sack as some device is pulling it about half an inch and then relaxing half an inch about every half second or so. The combined feelings are incredibly erotic. I am again building towards a climax. And again, just before I get over the edge everything is shut down. Damn, I need release. The discomfort around my prostate is now very noticeable.

Again, we wait. I am almost comfortable again when I feel my tormentor start in again. It sounds like she has put on rubber gloves. I can hear a jar being opened and a squishy sucking sound as if something viscous were being pulled out of a jar. I can feel her hand on my ass cheek. I tighten up since I have an idea of what is coming next. There it is, she has greased up my inner thighs up near my anus. Her hands are working some form of lubricant around my ass hole and Aggggggggg…..Now in my asshole. She has a finger in me as if she were playing proctologist. After the strangeness starts to go away I can tell she has moved two fingers into my ass. By the time she is done she has worked up to almost being able to put her hand inside my ass. I feel like I should split in two. It is then I feel the dildo being inserted. Because of how I am strapped down I can’t fight her off. The Dildo is in and I can feel something mechanical going on back there. I hear a “snap” “click” and I can tell the dildo is now firmly fastened to something.

She has moved back under the plywood again. I hear a click and hear the sound of a vacuum pump somewhere in another room. I know vacuum pumps, and this is one. I feel a sudden pull on my cock and feel it being pulled out as if it were trying to swell in all directions. As I am paying attention to that, I suddenly feel escort maltepe the effects of each of my balls being pulled into a vacuum. It isn’t truly painful, but is strange. When I think that I can live with this simple arrangement I hear two more clicks. The first one coincides with the vibration in the dildo in my ass, the second one coincides with it being rhythmically inserted and withdrawn from my ass. I can’t be sure, but it feels like it is moving in and out a good four inches about once per second. The dildo appears to be shaped so that it makes contact with my prostate gland just about every time it enters me. I can feel myself climbing the walls again. Then I hear another click.

Suddenly the level of the vacuum around my cock and each of my balls is being modulated. It becomes stronger and weaker many times a second. It is as if people were sucking my balls and my cock. I say people because the frequency of suction and release is different for each ball and in turn different for my cock. I am rapidly approaching orgasm. I’ve got to get release, and it stops. I could scream I need it so badly, but I can’t because of the gag.

As I almost regain composure again I can feel the dildo removed from my ass, and my ass being cleaned up. I can feel the vacuum apparatus being removed from my nuts and cock. and then I feel a catch being released and the boards that supported my head have been moved free. My head now is being pulled down by gravity. I hear another something being rolled over to near my head. I hear locks being set on wheels and then sense someone very close to my face. She is speaking to me.

“I expect that you will do a nice job of cleaning my pussy and clit with your tongue. If you prove to be talented in that area you may get free sooner than you otherwise would.”

I suddenly feel a pussy pushed up to my mouth. I set in to do the best job of licking that I can. I work over her labia very carefully, occasionally licking her clit. My neck muscles are killing me, but I need to end this frustration. It isn’t too long before I hear her making sounds of deep pleasure. She has informed me that I am not to stop what I am doing, regardless of what goes on. I can feel her abdominal muscles trying to tighten. I can feel the extra flow of juices coming from her pussy. And then I can tell that she is having a full blown orgasm. I keep working her slit with my tongue until she says “Stop!”

I hear her getting up and moving things around. She made a comment, “I hope this digital video I made of our session comes out as well as I hope it will. This was a fun one.”

With that my darling wife undoes the straps and carefully removes the blindfold and the gag. She is glowing from her orgasm and helps me get to my feet.

“Do you want to go and fuck now, or do you want to see the tape first?”

“Are you kidding, I need release, bed first then the tape. Don’t forget I get to play master next time.”

She has a grin on her face that is both very loving and very eager at the same time. I love play time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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