Physical Attraction Denied

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The reality is we are all attracted to someone that’s out of bounds morally and/or ethnically; this is one of those stories. I’m Mark and some of this story is fictional, some are my recollection of what happened the night I both got the girl I really wanted, but risked losing everything. Sarah is considered to be my sister in law because my sister and her brother aren’t married but have children together. Legally and technically she’s not my sister but life has this code that’s written where you can’t date or have special relations. I’ve spent countless hours wishing she wasn’t out of my reach, because I know deep down inside that I have what it takes to bring a smile back on Sarah’s face that will never disappear.

Sarah is Caucasian with brown below shoulder length hair, blue eyes, large breasts, and only stands at 170cm tall. She is considered to be mildly chubby with weight around her tummy and on her ass. Her infectious smiles melt’s your heart and dissolve all your worries with just one look into her beautiful eyes, but with living in another state I rarely get a chance to see her.

Walking around the shops, it’s amazing watching all the men’s heads turn for a second look, raising their eye brows as she walks past them. I tell her repeatedly about it but she just dismisses it, telling me “You are just saying that, why would they be looking at me, I’m fat and ugly!”

She’s a single mother of 4 children with her 3 girls living with her and a son who lives with her brother in another state.

Things between Sarah and I have been slowly progressing and then fading away for years with her moving from one failed relationship to another, she’s been beaten till she’s bruised like no one I’ve ever seen before. Turning up for a coffee on one occasion to find her barely able to walk but when I asked her what’s wrong she always makes up an excuse like she fell.

A few years ago she took me to the airport to fly to see my family on the other side of Australia. She was driving, me being the flirt I am I was giving her such a stirring that while driving on our way towards the airport I made the statement “I want to show you how a real lady needs to be treated” but she just did her usual smile and dismissed my statement.

At one stage of the drive we pulled over so I could have a cigarette, I took her hand and slid her fingers down the top of my trousers showing her I was clean shaven. She looked at me smiled and moaned.

She took my hand, putting it under her dress inside her panties, I wasn’t surprised to find she was also clean shaven, feeling the moisture of her pussy on my fingers I took my hand out of her panties and sucked on my fingers and moaning while looking at her, licking my fingers as she watched, I made the comment “Damn you taste so good, If only we could be together” turning my smile into a frown as we both got back in the car and continue to the airport.

For the next few weeks all I could remember was the nice soft feel of her moist lips, every time I thought about it the images in my head had me throbbing just on the mental images, but this was a reoccurring thing when I was around her always she really had no idea how much I wanted to take her to my bedroom and make love to her all night. For the next few weeks our moment on the drive to the airport played on my mind, waking up every morning with her being the first thing I seen as I opened my eyes. I got to my destination and over text messages she was flirting like crazy but that’s nothing unusual but then she’s started to push me away or she’d ignore my texts. This lead me to the thought ‘Maybe she’s just not interested’ so I pushed all my thoughts of being her man out of my mind, moved to the other side of Australia with my Uncle being so gravely ill it seemed the best option.

She might not have been a part of my life at some stages, but was never far from my thoughts; at times I wondered why I was never good enough for her and wishing she would send me a message. But we didn’t speak again for a few months, One day I get this message completely out of the blue, a random message saying “Hey stranger.”

I was in total shock, all those bottled up attraction and feeling of wanting to be her man came rushing back, with butterflies in my stomach I responded with ‘Hey cutie how’s life.’

The story she told me nearly broke my heart, she told me about meeting a guy, him using, abusing her and then leaving, causing her trust in men right now to be at an all time low, she was tired of being used and tossed aside like an old oily rag.

This is a familiar story I hear repeatedly, something I don’t understand about some women, why be attracted to men who use you and toss you aside like a piece of trash, leaving you feeling worthless. If only you would open your eyes and see there is the perfect man for you standing right beside you, helping you through the good times, the bad and yet you’re are too blind to see me.

We got talking and after a bit of banter and flirting, I told her ataşehir escort bayan I was going to fly home to the other side of the country soon, I had a few days to spare between connecting flights, asking if she had a bed I could stay in.

Her response was”Sure Mark you can sleep on a mattress on my lounge-room floor.”

A week or so later I caught my flight and called a taxi full of nerves on the half hour drive to her address, the whole 30 minute ride I was making small talk with the driver trying to make the drive quicker, Eventually getting to Sarah’s house.

As I got out of the taxi to knock on the door I was wondering what to expect with it being a few years since Sarah and I had seen each other, I tapped on the door and waited for someone to answer. Shocked by what I saw, their she was standing at the door in all her glory, wearing just a black pair of track pants, white singlet and a pair of brown sandal shoes. I walked over gave her a hug that seemed like the hug was longer than usual, as we just stood there and held each other eventually letting go I followed her inside, she sat on the floor opposite me and started to catch me up on all the gossip.

Getting up off the floor she asked “Hey Mark, I bet it’s been a crazy flight would you like a coffee?”

I nodded and said sure as Sarah started walking towards the kitchen. Following her as she walked my eyes were glued to her stunning ass as it swayed with every step she took, with my mind so distracted that I hadn’t seen Sarah had stopped and was looking at me. I snapped out of the trance and looked up to see her smirking as she started swaying her hips, causing her ass to shake she winked whispering “Are you right there Mark or do you see something you like huh?”

I broke eye contact blushed trying to think of the right words to respond with, “What! I can’t help it I’ve missed you and that damn fine ass of yours that always manages to catch my attention.”

She swung her head back around and continued walking, but this time put more sway in her step causing her ass to really sway as so took step after step, it felt like she was moving in slow motion.

She stopped at the kettle filling it up and switched it on before turning to face me.

“So what takes you across to other the side of the country I thought you had moved over there. There must be a reason for such a massive decision like that” she asked me.

A tear started to form in my eye as I responded, “You remember my ex Emma. We broke up and she is pregnant with my daughter but I doubt I’ll ever get to meet my little girl let alone see her grow up” Pulling a tissue from the box on the counter Sarah wipes a tear from my eye, “she tells me she hates me and that I’m not welcome at the birth. She’s going to refuse me the chance to help raise our child.”

She wiped the tears now streaming down my cheeks. Takes a step closer to me gives me kiss on the cheek and asks “I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. Is there anything I can do?”

“I doubt there’s anything anyone can do to change her mind, she is so set in her ways” I respond.

She turns back around towards the kettle to start making coffee’s, as she’s stirring the coffee cups with the spoon her ass to starts to shake and I took a mental note ‘Her ass would look even sexier without those pants preventing me from seeing that ass in all its glory.’

Suddenly I realised I had been staring causing my penis to swell. It was clearly on display should she turn towards me. Thankfully I was on the other side of the kitchen island bench so I tried hiding my now hard member under the counter to prevent her from seeing it. She finished making coffees, carrying them around the bench towards me sitting the cups down in front of me.

She motioned for me to stand up and wrapping her arms around me and cuddling and leaning her head into my chest while holding me tight. She must have felt my cock pressing into her as she leans back to look down between us and comment’s “Well this is surprising, someone else is glad to see me huh!”

Placing my hand onto the side of her face raising her eyes to meet mine I respond “He can’t help it just like me he’s attracted to you. You really have no idea how sexy you are Sarah!”

Placing my hand on my track pants I try push my hard throbbing member back down in my pants where it can’t be seen, but I couldn’t hide how turned on I was. Before I could sit back down, she slides her hand down the front of my trousers into my boxer shorts and grips my throbbing cock. Before pulling her hand partly out of my boxer shorts to the elastic band, she pulls my boxer shorts forward looking at my cock now fully erect smirks and remarks “Well it’s going to be hard to get anything done around here with that thing distracting me isn’t it!”

As she slid her other hand into my shorts wrapping her fingers around my cock with her other hand, winked, smiles before giving me a firm squeeze “Wow, I can feel him throbbing in my escort kadıköy fingers” with a mischievous grin on her face.

Both of us were so lost in the moment Sarah and I started to hear one of her daughters running out from her bedroom and up the hallway towards us, causing us to snap out of her moment. Pulling her hand out of my boxer shorts just as her daughter runs into the lounge room towards the kitchen.

Sarah had moved in front of me hiding my clearly visible tent in my pants turning around to face her daughter just as she came bounding into the kitchen with Sarah trying to prevent her from seeing the tent mummy had caused in her Uncles pants.

As Sarah was talking away to her 3 year old daughter I noticed Sarah was wearing extremely tight track pants showing off her plump round ass, damn that thing was divine. Her pants were sitting just at the top of her ass cheeks giving me a clear view of her bright pink panties; I could see the top of her ass crack from my view down the top of her panties.

Stepping forward a little more, I was standing now directly behind Sarah with my hard member positioned between her ass cheeks; I was close enough for Sarah to feel me poking into her pants from behind.

I joined the conversation asking her daughter “Hey sweetheart how are you” Talking away to her daughter about what she was doing.

I got adventurous as I started to slide my fingers into the back of her Sarah’s panties and cupping her ass cheeks giving it a squeeze causing her to jump with feeling of my hands grabbing her ass. Leaning forward I whispered into her ear “Love the view from back here you have a perfect feeling ass, so soft to the touch.”

She flinch and stepped forward causing my hand to slide out of her panties, looks over her shoulder into my eyes whispering “Thanks I’ve been told that, but I think my ass is too fat”

Shaking my head in disagreement I motion to look behind her at the tent in my pants, Whispering back “Well he should tell you clearly your thoughts are wrong.”

She winks at me and smiles before following her daughter towards her room. My eyes are glued to her ass as I watch her follow her daughter out of the room.

I make a mental note ‘She hasn’t changed one bit, she is the most divine woman that I’ve ever laid eyes on yet she thinks she’s fat, man this man of hers has no idea how foolish he was to have left her but his loss is my gain.’

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful with Sarah making the kids tea, she showered them clothed them and put them to bed.

That night we sat around the table with two of her friend’s, playing games, drinking, laughing, and flirting. I was trying not to get caught staring at Sarah but one of her friends caught me a few times winking at me and motioning her head in a nod towards Sarah smiling, eventually the night came to a close as her friends decided to stay the night and went into the spare room made up for them.

My bed for the night was made so I settled into it alone, even though it wasn’t what I wanted sadly it was how things had ended that night.

The following day we got so busy running around doing various different things for Sarah and her kids, I barely remember anything we did except for how busy we had been.

But as the sun set that night she got a phone call from one of her friends crying “I’m at your train station but someone is following me!”

The cold scared look on Sarah’s face sent me into ‘Flight or Fight’ mode running towards the door and as I opened the front door and closed it behind me. My comment as I ran towards the train station was “Sarah tell her to stay there, I’m on my way!”

I raced to the train station only a short distance away to find her friend scared and shivering from the cold. I walked up gave her my jacket and gave her a hug as we started walking back to Sarah’s.

We talked as we was walking and Sarah’s friend was constantly looking over her shoulder every now and then, clearly feeling scared as she moved closer to me to feel safer she questioned me “I’m curious what are your intention’s with my friend? I have seen the way you and her look and flirt” looking over her shoulder before continuing to say “I won’t stand back and let her get hurt again Mark, her and those kids have been through enough!”

I spoke honestly as I told her “Yeah I know but please relax we are just friends and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her in fact all I want is for her and her kids to be happy and safe.”

As we rounded the corner to Sarah’s place, Sarah was standing at the front door; a relieved look came on her face seeing her friend and I and they hugged before going inside.

Later on that night while playing more games one of her friends looked out the window towards Sarah’s back yard stood up really fast and screamed “There’s a guy outside” and pointed towards the window.

Leaping out of my chair I raced outside but upon looking around the yard, I found no-one, took a look around maltepe escort the yard and over the fence walking back inside locking the door behind me.

Both Sarah and I thought it would be safer if we put her girls in Sarah’s bed, I was sleeping in the lounge room. Thinking anyone wanting to enter the house had to go through me first.

We settled the girls down for the night; Sarah’s two friends had decided to stay the night, they both said “Night Sarah, night Mark and thanks again for coming to my rescue” and walked to the room where they’re sleeping.

Sarah felt unsafe sleeping on her own and asked “Can I spend the night sleeping beside you; I would feel safer in your arms.”

Smiling I respond “Sure sounds like a plan.”

We made up the bed on her lounge room floor, I watched in envy as she laid the blankets out on the mattress. Then she proceeded to get undressed with her back turned towards me, sliding her tights over her ass revealing a pair of lace panties, sliding her tights down her legs and over her feet, she lifted her shirt over her head a matching bra, this time her matching underwear was a lacy sky blue.

I can see the outline of her ass through her panties getting so distracted by the view I didn’t see Sarah’s head tilt to the side until she whispered “It’s rude to stare Mark but it’s flattering that you find me so sexy and every time I look at you you’re staring at me with lust in your eyes and once again your showing signs of a being turned on” looking down at my crutch of my pants.

This startled me as I was left standing there with a silly look on my face.

She questioned “Do you need me to clean that saliva dripping off your chin?” and laughed.

This woke me out of my daydream, blushing I looked away feeling so ashamed I’d been caught day dreaming again, I felt it really wasn’t my fault when your attracted to someone as much as I was all you see when you think about your perfect woman was an image of her, is that a crime? a crime of lust maybe!

She propped her hand under her chin looking up at me and whispered “You’re turn to undress Mark, hint you can’t sleep in your jeans and a T-shirt” Giggling.

Smiling thinking to myself ‘Dude you can stare but stop being so obnoxiously creepy.’

Turning my attention back to her I’m feeling shy and nervous about her seeing me in my underwear I start to slide my jeans to just below my knees.

Sarah leans forward slapping my ass and retorts “Wow, could’ve told me you were hiding this sexy ass” Causing me to fall backwards onto the couch.

Sliding back to the edge of the couch I Slide my jeans down and over my feet and throw them on a pile at the end of the bed.

Standing back up and poking my tongue out cheekily I point to my briefs smiling and teasing her saying “You’re not the only one who’s been hiding some mystery to themselves huh” Sporting a semi-hard bulging in my briefs.

Lifting my shirt over my head I climb down under the blankets beside Sarah with a bright red flushed face. I’m just nicely starting to get warmed and comfortable when all of a sudden I feel her ice cold feet on my legs, I try to move her leg from off mine but she moves her leg causing my hand to grab her firmly on the ass and this causes her to jolt forward and moan.

Moaning she slides herself closer to me wrapping her hands around behind the back of my neck pulling me in and gives me a kiss gently on the lips, moans telling me “You have nice soft lips Mark, I know that was a little forward of me but I’ve wanted to do that for so long now” Kissing me again with more passion.

There’s a want, a need with this kiss opening her lips allowing me to slide my tongue inside her lips, as our tongues start a dance of passion as I start to rub up and down her hip gently with my hand.

All of a sudden the kissing stops as she raises her leg up my hip slowly, sliding it up to my tummy as our kissing continues. She grabs my shoulders pushing forward causing me back onto my back. Climbing on-top of me she starts grinding her pelvis firmly into mine as I feel her panties rub gently along the length of my hardening member inside my briefs.

Kissing me again I open my eyes to and look into hers asking “Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Isn’t it what you have wanted for a long time?” giving me a questioned look.

I close my eyes and moan before admitting “You have no idea how bad I’ve wanted this moment for so long Sarah, but are you doing this because you think it’s what I want or do you want it as well!”

She grinds herself into me before sitting upright on-top of me “How about I don’t tell you better I show you” lifting her singlet top over her head exposing her breasts and hard point out nipples throws her singled towards end of the bed.

As I lay there and stare at her breasts under the light coming from the kitchen they look so perfect, begging to be touched so bad, she leans into me kissing me with so much desire in her lips.

Kissing her way along the side of my face, stopping at my ear to whisper “Mark I’ve wanted you for the longest time too I just knew our love was forbidden, we could never be happy if anyone found out, but let’s live in the moment” Grinding herself into me while kissing me tenderly.

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