Peter and His Neighbours

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It was now three months since Peter Blake had moved into his new flat. He had done a lot of work and had it the way he wanted. The views were superb overlooking the seafront. He was now twenty-eight and had been offered a partnership in a large local firm. He was enjoying his new life. He had so much time for himself. He lived in a block of flats with twelve apartments and one Penthouse. There lived an old Mayor of the town with his wife and daughter.

Mayor Patterson, had been a successful businessman whose now sole occupation was making sure that everything in the block of flats ran smoothly. Peter had spoken with Mayor Patterson on perhaps three occasions. The Mayor was a bit of a busybody. The reason why the apartments ran so well was that a firm of accountants managed all the maintenance work done on the apartments. Gardening, window cleaning and any building maintenance work. They provided an excellent service.

The apartments were now coming up for thirty years old and were in excellent condition. The Mayor had organised a meeting of all the residents to discuss whither an entry system should be installed at the main entrance. Every resident had a key but when their bell was rung, then they had to come down and open the door. They majority wanted a system that showed who was ringing the bell and a system that would open the main door from the apartment.

On the same floor as Peter lived Joan Wallace and Su Preston both widows in their late fifties. Peter got on well with both of them. Su had a car run into the back of her car. He had advised her on all her correspondence and she had won her claim with the other parties insurance paying for everything. He had helped both Joan and Su with their WiFi connection and problems with their printers. They were both good at taking parcels when he wasn’t home for delivery. He had flirted with both of them and both had flirted back.

Peter had the feeling that Su and Joan weren’t close friends. They were two different personalities. Joan was a carefree individual. At home with a pair of jeans and a top and also with a designer outfit. Su was immaculately dressed whatever the occasion. He had never seen her in casual clothing. On a Friday evening around six he always saw her pushing her trolley in a beautiful outfit. It always made him smile. She always acknowledged him when she saw him.

Peter liked both of them. Though he thought Joan would be better in bed though if Su put the same detail into her love making as she did on her appearance then she might be unbelievable. He had spoken individually to both and both were going to the meeting. All the other residents would be there so Peter had felt that he must go. It was on tomorrow evening at six-thirty in an hotel two hundred yards from the apartments. They were both tall and curvaceous women.

He then sent them both a WhatsApp message which read, “Dear Joan and Su, tomorrow evening is the crucial meeting with its possible life changing outcome. I owe both of you so much for all the help that you have shown me since I came to live her. I would like to invite you both for supper in the Italian restaurant as both of you have told me how much you enjoy eating there. Please advise if you are agreeable to this so that I can book the table. Kindest regards, Peter.”

Two minutes later he had a message from Joan which read, “Dear Peter, I accept your invitation and am looking forward to it. I am going to treat it like a date and I haven’t been on a date for years. Have you heard from Su? The Mayor told me this afternoon that Su’s mother is poorly. She is in her nineties now. She had Su in her forties. She has been visiting her mother every evening so she will probably go there. The Mayor knows it all. If you would like to come here for a drink then just let me know. You know now that you can book a table for two. Cheers, Joan. “

Five minutes later he had a message from Su, it read, “Dear Peter, thank you so much for your kind invitation. I would have loved to have been in a position to accept it but sadly my mother is not well and I must visit her tomorrow evening. I have instructed Mayor Harrison that I am in favour of this new system. I am disappointed that I can’t be there tomorrow evening. I would love to have supper with you some evening. I know that you come home late some evenings. If you see my lounge light on then feel free to message me and pop in for a glass of wine. I will keep you updated on Mum’s condition. Kindest regards, Su.”

He replied, “Dear anadolu yakası escort Su, so sorry to hear about your mum. You are doing the right thing. Do keep me updated. The same applies to you, if you see my light on the lounge then message me and you are more than welcome to come in for a glass of wine. If it’s my dining room light is on then I am working. I use the dining room as an office. Kind regards, Peter.”

He was now going to reply to Joan but something told him that he would hear from Su again and he was right, it read, “Dear P, thank you for your kind words. I will be honest with you, I would like to get to know you better. I am a little bit older than you. Is this a problem for you? Your S.”

“Dear Su, I have no problem with that at all. In fact, I love being with an open-minded older woman. May I ask how long that you are alone? P.”

She replied, “Dear P, I am pleased about that. I am very open-minded, especially in bed or wherever I may be having sex. I don’t like in and out lovers. I love oral, giving and receiving. I enjoy long foreplay. I love long stimulation followed by deep penetration. I am alone just over ten years. I hope that you enjoy this too. ‘S. “

He replied, “Dear Su, we think this same way. I am interested in having a relationship with you but there’s one condition. That is are you prepared to share me? I can assure you that I am clean and the other woman, who uses me for sex, is also clean. If you are comfortable with this? P.”

She replied, “I have no problem with it. My husband, for the last ten years of his life, couldn’t get it on. I have a substantial sexual drive. I had a young lover. He ticked the box for having a big cock but not on any other boxes, especially intellect. When things settle for me then we should go out for supper. I believe that there is a chemistry, but let’s check it out first. My condition, would be that we meet at least three times a week and we have at least one weeks holiday together in the year. I would also like to go out for dinner. I love to dress up and love to wear nice clothes. The plus for you is the lingerie that I wear underneath. S.”

He replied, “No problem, let me know when you have time. I need to go now as I am working on a project that I would like to have completed by tomorrow. P.”

He telephoned the Italian restaurant and booked a table for seven-thirty but advised that they may be a little later. He then messaged Joan, it read, “Table for two booked for seven-thirty but I said that we may be a little later. Su is visiting her mother as you so rightly forecasted. How’s your day going?”

She replied, “I’m a member of the hotel across the road Leisure Centre, I swim everyday. There was a fat woman, who is a guest of the hotel swimming and she disgusted me. I have had a craving all day for a Curry and I am just about to order one. Do you know who does the best Indian takeaway? I have never eaten a curry around here.”

He replied, “How did she disgust you? You’ve given me a craving for one too. The best, without a doubt, is Mother India. I love their Thalis, it’s delicious, so creamy and smooth. What would you like? I will order as they call me when they arrive outside. That will change when the door entry system is installed.”

She replied, “Order me the same as you. I love Naan bread, order one and we can share it. I have Chablis or Champagne, what do you prefer? You can order now as it will take time to prepare and deliver. I will need thirty minutes to make myself bright and shiny. Is that OK with you?”

He replied, “I have just opened a bottle of Champagne, I will bring a glass to your door so that you sip while you are getting ready. It usually takes thirty minutes from order to delivery.”

He phoned the order in then took a glass of Champagne to Joan’s door. He rang the bell and she opened it. She was standing naked wearing a black silk dressing gown, which was unbelted. She was smiling her endearing smile. Her massive breasts were partially covered. Her flat stomach and her smooth swollen vulva. She said, “That’s so kind of you. The fat woman disgusted me as she had hairy armpits and masses of pubic hair visible around her crotch. That turns me off. The only hair on my body is on my head.”

He replied, “I’m so happy to see this. If you need a top up then message me. Looking forward to seeing you in thirty minutes.”

She smiled as she closed the door. He went back to his lounge. He thought tonight would be ataköy escort interesting. His phone rang twice and stopped. The signal that the food had arrived. He went downstairs, opened the door and paid the driver. He saw Mrs Cohen, who lived with her disabled husband in the flat about him, coming so he held the door open for her. She said, “Thank you Peter, when the new system is installed it will be so much better. I don’t mind opening my front door in my dressing gown but I wouldn’t be coming down here in my tempting dressing gown. Will you be there tomorrow evening?”

He replied, “Yes, it needs to be done, they should have done it years ago. Will you be there?”

She replied, “Of course, I will be there. I bought a new outfit last week for this event. I believe that eleven of the apartments will be represented tomorrow. One apartment is for sale. Mr Hay, is in hospital and not expected to get out of there. You will be the youngest person there. All five widows will be there. Of the four married residents, the Mayor, will be the only husband present. The two sisters will be there. The other four husbands are either bedridden or in the latter stages of dementia. Tomorrow is a great event for me.”

“Just to get out of the apartment is a treat for me. Michael is now has communication problems. I have to change his nappies three times a day. He doesn’t remember anything. I am sure that he has had a couple of strokes. I feed him then put him to bed at seven in the evening. Though he will be there at six tomorrow evening. He can sleep until nine the next morning which is a great relief. I have a baby alarm with cam so I can easily check what he’s doing. I am taking a chance tomorrow evening but usually he is asleep in minutes. I will give him a sleeping pill at five-thirty.”

“I have never been out late alone for ages. He is sixteen years older than me. He was like a stallion when he was younger. I miss that a lot. But for the last twelve years nothing. Su told me that you are an expert with computers. Can you have a look at my printer as it has an intermittent fault. This is my card. Message or email me with a time that suits you.”

She handed him her business card. He thanked her and gave her his. They took the lift up. He alighted at his floor and she went to the floor above. He went into his flat for a fresh bottle of Champagne then rang Joan’s doorbell. She was wearing a tight fitting top and very tight fitting leggings. She took the food into the kitchen and served it onto the plates she had left out. The meal was delicious. Joan said, “That’s the best Indian food that I have ever eaten. We must do that again. It’s the first time I’ve eaten Thali, I have enjoyed. I think that you could teach me a lot. I can also teach you a few things.”

As she said this, she put her hand on his chest, and squeezed his left nipple with her thumb and forefinger. He put his hand on her massive left breast, it was more than a handful, he felt her hard nipple. She pulled him close. They kissed, their tongues exploring deep in each others mouths. She said, “Let’s go into the lounge and get comfortable.”

They went into the lounge. She took off her top and leggings. She had a terrific body. When she saw his hard cock she said, “My God, I have never seen one as big as that. I love it deep, it excites me to imagine how deep that beauty will go inside me.”

She went down on him. Her tongue and fingers were all over his cock and balls. He was playing with her massive tits and fingering her wet pussy. She was pushing her cunt against his fingers. She was a strong woman, with powerful hips. After ten minutes of intrusive foreplay, she said, “Fuck me darling, I am yours. Go hard and deep. I need you.”

She lay on the carpet and spread her legs wide open. He went inside her in the missionary position. He soon was deep inside. He loved how she was gripping him. He soon had a powerful rhythm going. For the next twenty-five minutes he pounded into her relentlessly. Then they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Joan let out a loud ‘Yeeesss’ as she orgasmed. Peter was impressed with how she had performed. She said, “I really needed that. It’s years since I last had a cock. You know how to treat a woman in bed.”

She then kissed him. She then went to the bathroom and came back with two face cloths, which were moist with hot water. She then washed his cock and balls with them. She left the lounge again and came back with a fresh bottle ataşehir escort of Champagne. She topped up their glasses and sat down beside him on the sofa. She said, “That was good. It has made me remember how good a cock can be. I know that I am older than you. If you have enjoyed this evening then I would love to have little rendezvous with you in the future. How do you feel about that?”

He replied, “I enjoyed every minute of it. You are not a selfish lover. You have strong cunt muscles, I loved how you gripped me. I have no problem with that but you will have to share me as I have sex with several older women. I am clean and so are they. We only have sex with those within our little group. That way, everyone stays clean and healthy. If you are comfortable with that then there’s no problem.”

She answered, “I have no problem with that. I want to be honest with you. I am bisexual, though it is years since I last had a cock. I am a member of a ladies Bridge Club. We meet regularly for Bridge and sex. We have different partners at every meeting. Sometimes we do threesomes and even foursomes. All the girls are bisexual, though none of us have had cock for ages. I am the lucky one now. One of the group is a doctor, she makes sure that we are all clean. There’s so many STDs around, you must be so careful. I am so happy that you invited me for dinner after the meeting tomorrow.”

He replied, “Nowadays, you can’t be too careful. It’s a good feeling knowing that you can have sex with several different people and be safe. Having a doctor checking things must give you a wonderful sense of security. I am happy that we can set up meetings.”

Her smartphone rang, She had a call. It was from Dr Jill, who lived two floors above. She was married but her husband had severe dementia. He was also sixteen years older than her. She had her own Clinic where six doctors practiced. She was in her late fifties but still a gorgeous looking woman. She was phoning to tell her that the Mayor wouldn’t be chairing the meeting tomorrow night as he wasn’t well. May, his wife, would chair it with Sandy, his daughter, acting as Secretary and minuting the proceedings. Jill was concerned for the Mayor. In the last month he had lost a lot of weight and had a jaundiced look about him.

They continued their conversation. Peter then took a mouthful of cold Champagne. He knelt in front of her, he opened her legs then spread open her cunt lips. Her hard hooded clit popped out. He used the serviette from the wine cooler. She raised her hips and he positioned it below her cunt. He went down on her clit. He squirted some of the cold Champagne onto her clit. She loved it. He squirted another two times on her clit. He then opened her cunt lips wide and squirted what was left in his mouth inside her cunt.

She was still on the phone to Jill but she wasn’t doing much of the talking. He was now sucking her hard clit as he finger fucked her with four fingers. She was pushing her cunt hard against his mouth as she gripped his fingers. She was also moving her hips in a circular motion against his mouth. Occasionally she said something to Jill, but her total concentration was on the excellent oral that he was giving her. She then said, “Jill darling, Peter next door has invited me to the Italian restaurant after the meeting tomorrow night. I was wondering if you would like to join us? The more I get to know him, the more that I like him.”

Jill replied, “No problem, I will check on hubby after the meeting. If he is OK then I will come to the Italian restaurant. There is a ninety-nine percent chance of me being there. I would love to be with you. Everytime that I see him, my pussy gets wet. I will let you go. Don’t forget that we are playing Bridge tomorrow at ten with Ada and Viv.”

Peter had heard this but wasn’t sure who Ada and Viv were. He would have to find out their surnames. Joan came off the phone and said, “I came as you sucked my clit. I loved it when you squirted the Champagne on my clit and cunt. I hope that you didn’t mind me inviting Jill for dinner tomorrow evening. Jill is the doctor I told you about. She and I are tremendous in bed together. I am seeing her tomorrow morning with Ada from two floors above and Viv from the floor below.”

He replied, “I know them. Viv’s married and Ada’s a widow. There both in their sixties but still look stunning.”

She said, “Age is just a number with these two. They are both fantastic in bed. Darling, you really turned me on with the oral. I will bend over the sofa, please do me doggy style.”

He did exactly that. It took him thirty-five minutes of hard fucking then almost simultaneously they both came. Peter left her apartment thinking that he could have a lot of fun here giving relief to his over sexed neighbours. He was asleep ten minutes later.

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