Pent-up Frustration

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Please italicize this paragraph: This is an incest story between a son and his mother. All characters are over 18. If you don’t like incest, domination, or fucking, don’t read this story.


Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Beep-beep! I groaned as I awoke to my alarm telling me to get the hell up. I dressed, got ready, and staggered downstairs to the kitchen.

To my disappointment, my mother, Jane, was wearing a apron that covered her most attractive parts. I had become attracted to my mother as soon as I finished puberty. You’re probably disgusted with me, asking me ,”How could you?” The truth is, everybody who knows how to masturbate is attracted to her.

Even women probably had lewd, wet fantasies about her. She had a voluptuous, curvaceous body, nice big tits, a tasty-looking bubble butt and a sexy tone and attitude. She has been the subject of many, if not all of my masturbation sessions.

At first, I rejected the idea that I was attracted to her, but as time passed, I accepted it and moved on. I mean, how am I supposed to not be attracted to her when I am a hormonal teenager and she has such a gorgeous body that religious nuts would stop worshiping Jesus and start worshiping her?

While I sat there at the kitchen table, worshiping her like a good son should, I was thinking of just bending her over and sliding my 9 and 1/2-inch cock right in. My mom put my sandwich on the table saying, “Good morning Adam.” My mom sounded both frustrated and defeated as she sat down with her own sandwich.

I asked her, “What’s wrong Mom?” She answered, “I’m just tired.” I suspected there was something more to it, but I let it go. Just then, my father, Dave, came down. I asked him, “How did you sleep?” “Great,” he responded.

My mom turned away with an unreadable expression on her face. I decided not to pry, vowing to find out later why my mother was acting weirdly. I finished my sandwich and slung my bag over my shoulder. “Come on, Dad!” I shouted over my shoulder, heading towards the car.

My father groaned into his coffee and said, “Your mother can drive you to school today. If that’s all right with you, Jane?” My mom, ever the upbeat and energetic one, said, “Sure.” I dropped back as I fell into pace with mom as we walked to the car. When we were situated inside, she started driving.

“Mom?” I said. “Yeah,” she responded, throwing a glance my way. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. She quickly replied, “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just, I mean, your father hasn’t been meeting my sexual needs. He’s often too tired to do it. And, when he does have sex with me, he lasts 1 minute before cumming and passing out.”

I thought about it. It made sense, actually, when you took in the fact that he impregnated my mom when he was 19 and my mom was 16. Since I’m 18, that meant he was 37 and my mom was 34. He must have lost his sex drive since he was getting older.

However, I thought that there was more to it than my father’s sex drive. My mother must have lost her sex drive too, right? I mean, as much as “The Cock People” fantasized about her, she was old. How naive I was. Still, I decided to set up a camera in their room to find out what really was going on.

I decided to get one after school. “Come on, get out! You’re late!” My mother’s voice snapped me out of my reverie and I slung my bag over my shoulder, opened the car door, and ran. I got to the front door 2 minutes late. However, I opened my backpack and quickly wrote her a note.

The note said, “The faculty bathroom on the second floor at 4:15.” The secretary looked at it and smiled. She let me through, calling the principal upstairs that she had held me up and I was actually on time. I bolted up the stairs to my high school, the NJCA (New Jersey Cougars Academy).

I had escort kartal been at this high school for 4 years and this was my last year here. My ultimate goal had started at 17. I had decided to convert the females in this school into my personal 3-hole cum buckets. I had a growing team of high school sluts at my beck and call and some of the faculty: the secretary, the librarian, and my math teacher.

My team of high school sluts included some of the cheerleaders, some bookworms, and a lot of short skirt, push-up bra girls. I had to convert and convince a lot of girls to join my team, but some were natural sluts. For those, all I had to do was push my pants and boxers down and it was a done deal.

The faculty, however, were more stubborn and more challenging conversions. However, I wanted to go out with a bang. So, I had put my sights on the head cheerleader and the principal. My faculty team of sluts gave me good reports and good grades in exchange for a good, hard fucking.

How did I get all these cum buckets, you might ask. I would reply, “Word of mouth.” In high school, rumors, gossip, and information travels fast and far. Information such as oh, I don’t know, my cock size and stamina. Anyway, back to the story.


Ding-ding! Ding-ding! Ding-ding! The bell signaled the end of the school day. I smiled. It was time to have some fun. I went to the second floor. During the day, I had passed out notes to my favorite sluts, telling them to meet me at the faculty bathroom on the second floor. Since my mother only picked me up at 5:30, I had lots of time.

The second floor was basically the study and equipment floor. It had the gym, study hall, and rooms that contained sports and academic equipment. Since I went to study hall everyday, I had a good excuse. What most people didn’t know (except me and all my sluts) was that there was a secret door connecting the boys bathroom, the girls bathroom, and the faculty females’s bathroom.

This door was made over 10 years ago by a janitor and his 4 construction friends looking for some fun. The school found out and sued the group. However, my school wasn’t very financially stable 10 years ago and couldn’t afford to wreck the passage. So, they put a big heavy lock on it and forgot all about it. Since the secret door was in a corner, away from view, no one went there.

No one except me. I had discovered the door when I was 17 and cut the 10-year old lock with a pair of bolt cutters. I had since cleaned out the passage with the help of the female janitor. I had put labels upon each of the doors so I would not be confused and replaced the previous lock with another lock. One I and the other sluts had the key to.

I now entered the same passage and came out onto the faculty bathroom at the other side. I was greeted by the secretary who was already wearing stockings and a garter belt. I snapped my fingers. “On your knees.” I ordered. The secretary purred sexily and dropped to her knees, unzipping my pants.

At last, my cock shot out, rock hard. I pulled my pants and my underwear down and stepped out of them. The secretary started sliding my cock in between her stocking-clad feet. I groaned and started fucking her feet. My secretary slut bought the best and most expensive stockings for me.

I stopped fucking her feet, and barked, “Blowjob. Now.” The school secretary slid her velvet mouth onto my cock and took me in all the way. Then, she started bobbing on my cock. Just then, another pair of stocking-clad feet started caressing my balls. I moaned in ecstasy.

I pulled out of the secretary’s mouth and ejaculated all over her firm, shiny boobs and face. Then, someone started kissing me. I aggressively kissed that someone back. A hand started pumping maltepe escort up and down my cock. Another hand caressed my balls. After I had had enough, I ordered all my sluts, “On your knees. Ass in the air. Now!”

Once my sluts were in my requested position, I spanked their ass and called out their names. Spank! “Secretary.” Spank! “Vanessa.” Spank! Spank! Spank! “Bitch.” Spank! “Ellie.” Spank! “Secret Slut.” I stopped spanking as moans reverberated through the room. I put my cock in the school secretary, fucking her pussy for 10 strokes. I then put my cock in Vanessa and then Bitch and then Ellie and then Secret Slut for 10 strokes each.

As I came close to cumming, I fucked Bitch (a girl who had been a bitch to me) in the ass as hard as I could, spanking her ass until it was red. I then pulled out and put my cock in Secret Slut (the Librarian)’s pussy and came. I checked my watch. It was 5:27.

“Shit!” I swore. I had 4 more rounds in me, but I didn’t have time. I put on my clothes and grabbed my bag and ran down to the parking lot. My mom was waiting. I ran to the car and jumped inside. It was then that I realized that my pants were tenting and I had dried cum on my shoes from my sluts’s cum. If she noticed, she didn’t say anything.

She just smiled and turned away. As we drove home, my mom learned about my day and I learned about hers. Finally, we turned into the driveway and my mom went to the kitchen to start making dinner. I went up to my room and did my homework: Science, History, and Literature. My math teacher gave me good grades on all my work because she was my slut.

Once that was finished, I took a small camera out from my desk. I ran to my mother room and quickly installed it on the top of the bedpost and hit record. My dad was a clean freak and had covers on the bedpost so I cut a hole in the cover for the camera to record.


3 days later:

It was 12 p.m when my parents were asleep and I retrieved the camera. I went up to my room, camera in hand, to review the footage from 3 days. My school days had been basically the same, except for a new addition: my history teacher. I had not had time to watch the 3-day footage because of my homework and studies.

However, today was a Friday and I finally had time. I had already had dinner and now it was time to get to the bottom of the problem with my parents’ marriage. A problem I was determined to fix. I put on my headphones.

I skipped through the footage until I arrived at the first night. Mom asked Dad, “Please, honey, please have sex with me.” He responded, “Not tonight.” Then, after Dad went to sleep, Mom pleasured herself under the covers with her fingers and a vibrator. The second night was the same.

Tonight, however, my father caved in, responding “Fine.” My mother beamed and my father undressed, revealing his thin 4 and 1/2-inch cock. After that, my mother practically threw off her clothes in excitement. I sucked in a breath, floored.

My mother was fucking gorgeous. She had a voluptuous figure, big, delicious looking tits, a creamy, firm ass, and a triangle of hair pointing down to her pussy. I unconsciously slipped my hand into my pants and started rubbing my growing cock.

My mother knelt on the floor, purring sexily, and put my father’s cock in her mouth. After 30 seconds, my father pulled out and ejaculated a couple drops of cum from his cock. My mother then asked, “Can you please go down on me?” My father replied, “No, that is disgusting,” and promptly went to sleep.

After that, my mother moved out of the camera’s view and pleasured herself. I couldn’t see her, but my imagination and memory filled in the gaps. I took out my cock and pumped the length of it in my hand. I was about to cum when I heard pendik escort bayan my mother’s voice: “Adam! What are you doing!”

I turned around with my hand still on my cock and the feed from the camera still playing. My mother had always been smart, and she put together the story from the feed from her bedroom and my pumping cock to conclude that I fantasized about her.

My mother opened her mouth, shocked, and said, “We are having a long talk about this, young man.” It was then that I decided that I was already wading in deep shit. So, I took a chance and treated her like a slut. I barked, “Oh, shut the fuck up and suck my cock, slut.”

My mother gaped, unable to say anything. I said, “Did you not hear me? I said, come here and suck my dick!” My mother knelt on her knees and crawled towards me. I smiled. was right. My mother did have a submissive side. My mother opened her mouth and said, “No. I have a good husband and you are my son.”

I grinned. This was my favorite type of slut conversion: a power struggle. The best sluts always did this. They struggled the most, but they always gave in eventually and they turned out to be the best fucks and the most submissive.

I told her, “Your husband has the smallest cock I’ve ever seen, the least stamina I’ve ever seen, and is the least manly. I have a 9 and a 1/2-inch cock that is more than twice the size of his thin 4 and a 1/2-inch cock in thickness and length. I can last for hours. He lasts 30 seconds! I dominate. He sleeps. So! Shut the fuck up and suck your son’s fucking dick, slut!”

My mother opened her mouth and said, “You’re right, master.” She crawled over to my dick and took it in all the way. I shuddered and groaned. She was experienced and definitely knew what to do. She licked all over the head and created a vortex of spit in her mouth. I grabbed her hair roughly and face fucked her.

She was the only slut I’d had that could take me in all the way. She used her hand and caressed my balls. I groaned and ejaculated. I pulled out, still hard. “Doggy style. Now!” I demanded. She dropped to her knees and I started licking her pussy, licking all around. I thrust 2 fingers inside her pussy and stuck my tongue inside her ass.

She moved, surprised, but started coming in waves. I was not her husband, and I loved going down on my sluts. I had a lot of expertise in that area, by the time I stopped, she was gasping. I tasted her. She was delicious. I lapped up all of her juices.

I stood up and then put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I thrust inside, gasping at how tight it was. Her pussy squeezed my cock and I groaned. I started banging her. Hard. I thrust in and out, in and out, in and out. My mother and I finally got a rhythm. Push, pull. Push, pull. Push, pull. Finally, slick with her juices, I ejaculated.

Her pussy walls squeezed my cock, greedily milking every drop of my cum.

I pulled out, absolutely floored. That was the best sex I had ever had!


3 years later:

Ugnh! Ugnh! Ugnh! My mother moaned as I fucked her tight, tight ass. Even after she had our daughter, she still was as tight as ever. I ejaculated and took a sip of a cocktail. Life couldn’t get any better than this.

After that fateful night 3 years ago, me and my mother fucked everywhere: in the parking lot, in her car, in my parents’ bed, at school, too. Once my father found out, he filed a divorce. Now, my father is pretty rich, and he had just hit a big break in his company that gave him millions of dollars.

However, money can’t compete with sex. I fucked the judge, his attorney, our lawyer, and the set of witnesses. Therefore, me and mom got all the money. Now, I’m living my dream life with a new house in a new state, my team of sluts, and my mother and our daughter.

And, we don’t have to go to work! I mean, I have to fuck a celebrity or rich widow every now and then, but I have my dream house, dream wife, dream bank, etc.

If that’s not a happily fucking after, I don’t know what is!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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