Paying for Pleasure Ch. 04

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This is a fantasy world of my creation, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers, etc., are not mentioned unless part of the sexual activities.

This is a fantasy, don’t try it at home.

All participants in the sex are over 18.

We were all sprawled out, resting our drained muscles. All except me. My grandmother was still stroking my cock causing me to spasm.

Kim was the first person to speak.

“Daddy, I need a loan.”

Bad me.

I should nail a sign to the front of my house. Rick’s First Family Bank or something like it. It was never my intention to go into the loan business, especially with my own family. They were as a group entirely too unstable financially to warrant anyone loaning them any amount of cash. Hell, I wouldn’t lend any of my relatives twenty bucks.

I had no problem with giving them money. Gifts need not be repaid and when asked for money, I preferred to make it a gift since I wouldn’t have any expectations that might derail a family relationship.

Tracey was my daughter’s best friend. Both had just turned eighteen in the past few months. Both teenagers were walking symbols of sexual invitation. Kim, my daughter, and Tracey, now my girlfriend she had informed me, shared body types and measurements. Both stood about five foot six, weighed maybe 125 pounds, and possessed an amazing pair of tits. They were a full size C cup. Both pairs of tits stood proud and firm, well rounded and inviting to my touch. I mean anyone’s touch.

Both their asses fell into the category of being sublime. Full, toned, well defined and just a tiny bit plump. Not that their plumpness detracted in any way from the attractiveness of their asses. It just made it easier to grab their bums.

Kim, my daughter is exceptionally attractive. I say this. not just as a father, but as a guy. In fact, I have overhead her guy friends as well as mine, saying so.

While Kim was getting double portions from the beauty box, I think it may have been to Tracey’s detriment. While kidding around, my daughter and I have often described my newly acquired teenaged girlfriend as homely. I think that may have been too strong a word.

It’s not that Tracey was ugly. She didn’t have a huge nose with hair growing out of it, for example. Nor was her face covered in ugly, hairy warts. She didn’t possess facial hair to rival my beard and moustache. A truer word might be plain. Tracey was just a plain jane with a fantastic body.

As I said, she and my daughter could be virtual twins from the neck down. Both were hot enough to make eggs sizzle. And, Tracey need not be concerned about her face as few guys would ever be able to lift their eyes above her tits. I might suggest a new hairstyle for her and different eyewear, her horn rimmed frames not doing the job. Maybe even lessons in the proper application of makeup. Yup, all that would work, I guessed. Unfortunately I wasn’t a wonderful judge since my eyes seldom roved above her breasts either.

Not that I needed to be selective in what parts of her I checked out anymore. Since she told me she was my girlfriend, I could look at her any fucking way I wanted.

But, I have always wondered if the crush I had on her flirting ass, was due to the similarities in bodies of Tracey and my daughter. I’ve always found it easier, better, to ogle my teenaged daughter’s best friend rather than my daughter. It would be far less embarrassing to be busted eyeing up Tracey’s tits rather than my daughter’s delicious looking boobs.

I had the opportunity recently to compare both sets of bodacious tatas. Especially when Granny added to an already sexy situation allowing me to get up close and personal with her great granddaughter’s tits and pussy. My grandmother even held up my cock so my daughter could get it into her mouth. Simply amazing shit.

My mother had three kids. I was the eldest. Her second son was a couple years younger than I. My sister was a mistake. Cassi, short for Cassandra popped her head into the world from between my mother’s thighs about fifteen years later, right about the same time my daughter was born.

Cassi was as attractive as any of the women in the family. I guess we had a good gene pool. Must have been derived from strippers and exotic dancers. I think my baby sister would fit into that group quite easily. Tracey and Kim attended the same school as my sister. They managed to keep me entertained by updating the saga of Cassie Thorpe on a regular basis.

Cassi fit into the same social group as my daughter and my teenaged girlfriend. Physically as well, the three girls were of similar heights and weights. They tended to dress alike in a style I like to think of as teenybopper chic. Three to four inch stilettoes, short skirts and short shorts, bared midriffs, and tit hugging tops.

All three could be deemed as being beautiful, my earlier comments kartal escort bayan about my teenaged girlfriend notwithstanding. When they were all together, I labeled them the Tantalizing Titty Trio. Three T’s. No doubt about it, all three sets were mouthwatering.

I was lying on the couch, more like sprawled out, I guess when two of the three T’s found me there. My teenaged girlfriend lifted my head in order to slide under me, returning my head to her lap. Her best friend, my daughter actually, picked up my legs so she could sit down, placing them across her lap.

Tracey asked me if I had any plans for the afternoon. I really didn’t want to get roped into whatever they wanted to do. It mattered not to me what they had planned, I just didn’t want to participate. This was my busy season at work meaning long hours for me. I lived for the weekends and that particular day was Saturday.

“Honey, I’m beat, I don’t want to go out or do anything.”

“That’s wonderful, Rick, cause we don’t want to go out either.” There was a sparkle in her eye that seemed to change magically into an evil glint. Tracey smiled at Kim.

My daughter began to rub her hands along my legs. “No, Daddy, we don’t want to go out either.”

Kim’s hand was caressing my legs from my ankles to my knees and slightly past. She in turn nodded and smiled at her best friend, my girlfriend.

Uh-oh. No going out meant they didn’t want money from me either. But, they must want something. Kim’s travelling hands were workin their way further up my legs to my thighs. Tracey was leaning down in order to brush my lips with alternating nipples. Yup, they wanted something.

“Daddy, can you give us some money?”

Surprise! They did want cash!

In a flash, I decided giving the two teenagers money and letting them go out without me was a win-win situation. They had cash to spend, occupying their time that afternoon, while I enjoyed peace and quiet. Their presence wouldn’t be missed since a lack of sex wasn’t all bad either since I really didn’t feel as if I had any amount of energy stored up. Not enough, certainly, to handle two hot and horny teenagers.

“My wallet is in my room on the dresser. How…”

My young girlfriend interrupted me.

She said, “Our room, Rick, it’s our room.” Tracey smiled down at me bending sufficiently that she could give me a kiss on the lips.

“It’s not our room until you move in, honey,” I said. “In the meantime, it’s my room.”

Tracey held up her arm, palm out so Kim could give her a high five. They were both grinning at me when Tracey gave me another kiss. Kim was caressing my legs further up my thighs at this point, almost brushing against my dormant dick.

“When works for you, Daddy?”

“Yeah, Rick, when can I move in?”

Say what! These two girls certainly had an agenda of their own. Move in! We had never discussed this at all. Under regular circumstances, as a first step, I would want a frank discussion with my daughter concerning the subject. Such a conversation was obviously off the table since Kim had brought up the matter regarding her best friend.

Tracey! Teenaged Tracey! My daughter’s best friend, Tracey.

“Ladies,” I began.

“I hear a no coming,” said my daughter. Her best friend nodded in agreement.

Glaring at Kim, I said, “Tracey, we have only been in this relationship a short while…”

This time, it was Tracey that interrupted me. “We have known each other for years.”

“Yeah,” Kim jumped in. “You know each other inside and out by now.”

“Yeah,” said Tracey in a triumphant tone.

“Tracey, have you even told your parents about us yet?”

Both girls looked at each other wordlessly. Wonderful! A showstopper!

“Weren’t you two going shopping?” A mention of shopping always brought a change of conversational direction.

“No,” the two teenagers looked puzzled.

No? Uh oh, I sensed something coming.

“Then, why did you want the hundred bucks.”

Kim said, “The hundred bucks! I forgot.”

“I forgot too,” said Tracey as Kim raced away to my room and my wallet.

“You distracted me with your invitation to move in,” said Tracey, the teen runner up in my personal beauty contest. Before I could correct Stacey’s statement, Kim came back waving a fanned out group of twenty dollar bills. Again the girls high fived one another.

Stupid me, I opened my mouth to ask a question.

“If you don’t want to go shopping, what’s the money for?”

With a glint of merriment in both sets of eyes, Kim responded, “It’s a loan.”

“I thought we were past the loan thing,” I said, looking in Tracey’s direction. The gods give you many chances in life to not say anything. I wasn’t taking any of them.

“It isn’t for me,” replied my girlfriend.

“It isn’t for me,” repeated my daughter.

Still avoiding those not speaking opportunities, I decided to dig this hole even deeper.

“Who is it for?”

“Cassi,” escort maltepe the two teenagers said in unison while grinning triumphantly.

“Why does Cassi need to borrow a hundred bucks?” I asked. Damn, those opportunities to keep my mouth shut just kept slipping on by. Bad me.

“She doesn’t need to borrow a hundred bucks,” replied Tracey somewhat perplexedly, as if I should already know the answer.

“I’m missing something here. You two are confusing the hell out of me.”

Exasperation evident in her tone of voice, my teenaged daughter said, “She just wants to make interest payments on the loan.”

Fuck! The two teenagers were laughing so hard, tears streaming down their faces, they almost rocked themselves off the couch. Without saying another word- yeah, me taking advantage of that opportunity to shut up thing came far too late- I just headed upstairs to my room, shaking my head slowly.

The two teenagers left me alone for a couple hours. Celebrating their victory, I imagined. Once again, however, I was way off the mark. Lying on my bed, with my hands behind my head, listening to jazz playing quietly, I knew I had definitely missed the mark when I opened my eyes.

My daughter and her best friend, my teenaged girlfriend, were standing at the foot of my bed in the same outfits they had been wearing during Granny’s loan payment session. Their “fuck me” outfits.

I couldn’t help it. I really couldn’t. Not that I even tried, not really. I popped a boner. Simultaneously, and obviously practiced, the two girls parted, catwalking up the sides of my bed allowing their boobs to jiggle slightly.

They both stopped on either side of me, another obviously practiced move, and lifted a single knee to the bed. Turning my head one way or the other, I could only see panty covered pussies. I was so pleased that my boner wasn’t going to be wasted. My dick certainly felt the same as it hardened even more. I know, I changed my mind from earlier. A guy can change his mind, can’t he. Especially when it comes to sex. Or the lack thereof.

My two teenagers wriggled their single knees as close as they could to my face. This time, I was definitely taking the opportunity to keep my trap closed. Instead of saying anything, I leaned forward enough to lay a passionate kiss on their panty covered bits.

My young daughter put her hands behind my head in order to turn it towards one pussy and then the other in rotation. My teenaged girlfriend put one hand between her thighs, pulling her panties aside so I could kiss her pussy without hindrance. Man, oh man, did I ever love the smell and taste of teenaged pussy. Turning my head towards my daughter, I saw that she had similarly tugged her panties aside baring her pussy as well. The two girls tasted similarly but differently. They both tasted, ummm…I don’t know, fresh, maybe? I didn’t know that being taboo, as these two were, also had a taste.

Fresh and taboo, both were good words. The differences were probably due to their using different soaps to clean themselves.

No matter, I enjoyed delving my tongue between the toned thighs of these two teenagers. I don’t think I could ever stop loving the taste of young pussy like this. My world was complete.

My duo of devilment tugged and pulled my boxers off my body. When the two teenagers removed their legs, I had to gleefully wonder what devilment was next in their sexual ballet. It only took me a moment to find out as, like curtains opening on a stage to reveal what was behind, the duo revealed my baby sister standing there. Cassi was waving an extremely familiar looking bunch of twenties.

The girl, yet another teenager wanting to make loan payments to yours truly, was exceptionally hot. I won’t try to convince anyone that I had never checked out my baby sister in a sexual manner. Obviously, old horndog that I am, I have looked at her that way a time or three.

This view was completely new though, under circumstances that left me unfettered to leer, gawk, and ogle to my heart’s content. Baby sister or not, the girl was hot. Hot and awesome. In the true sense of the word. Inspiring awe. I wouldn’t want my other two teenagers to think my little sis overshadowed them in any way.

Maybe it was the newness of the situation I found myself in. I can honestly say, and that is a word I avoid using as much as possible since most liars use and abuse it, that I have never been in bed with two nearly naked teenaged girls and another promising to fuck my dumb ass. Add to that the familial connection between us as well.

Tracey wasn’t my biological anything, yet I had watched her grow up for the past few years as my daughter’s best friend. I had often thought of her as my other daughter over the years.

Back to gawking at my sister. The two teenagers already in my bed were cuddled right up to me ready for playtime to start. My young daughter already had me fully in hand while her best friend was using her lips and tongue on my neck and pendik escort chest. One teenaged girl was stroking her daddy’s cock gently. The other was toying with the same daddy’s nipples and wetting down any part of me she could reach with her tongue.

The third teenager was swaying very sensuously in time with a tune playing softly in the background. Cassi was clothed entirely in white. White satin bra and panties, skimpy and quite revealing to my eye, white stockings and, I discovered later 4 inch red stilettoes. Since the three were slightly different in sizes and her lingerie fitting her so well, I knew this was no spur of the moment thing. The three vixens had planned this. Hips swaying, hands caressing her body my little sister knew how to use what the gods gave her.

My eyes were riveted to her as she did the panther crawl up my bed. Inevitably, my eyes were drawn to what I could see of her white, panty covered ass. Her movements were so smooth, so sensuous that even without my daughter’s helping hand, my cock would have been rock hard.

She kept crawling up my body until she collapsed on top of me and put her arms on my shoulders as a prelude to beginning a makeout session with her big brother. I had sometimes gone as far as fucking my baby sister in my fantasies but I had never dwelled on images of her kissing me. Kissing seemed to be so far out, it couldn’t even be worked into my fantasy encounters with my baby sister. But, fucking her definitely did make my top 10 fantasy playlist.

The reality of kissing my sister would have had to surpass any fantasies of her and I. Never could I have imagined the weight of her body plastering my sister’s tits to my chest with her nipples poking through my matted chest hair. And her lips! Soft, plump lips in a cupid’s bow shape. Our first kisses were deep and passionate.

There was no rushing us. The other two teenagers in my bed, daughter and girlfriend, had backed off leaving Cassi and I to focus only on each other. Cassi’s grip on my shoulders tightened. My hands found their way to her upper back and shoulders. We continued to kiss, the passion in each of our souls rising.

I should have been ready for it but I was taken somewhat by surprise when the tip of my sister’s tongue tentatively slipped only slightly into my mouth. Just the tip poking through was so sexy it caused my hardon to twitch. Always the gentleman, I opened my mouth, parting my lips enough to allow her tongue entrance.

Tentativeness gone, her tongue rushed further into my mouth seeking my tongue. There was so much energy, and excitement, I couldn’t help but have my tongue rush to meet hers. No dancing, our tongues were dueling.

The passion and sexual energy poured into me from our clashing tongues down to my cock. Cassi spread her legs, then closed them trapping my prick between them. As a result, it was spasming against her pussy, energizing both of us even more. My hands drifted down her back to that beautiful bum of hers.

I rubbed her ass, caressed her cheeks, squeezed them together and pulled them apart. My little sister, in turn, squeezed her well defined thigh muscles, pinching my dick. These things only raised the level of sexual excitement between baby sister and big brother.

I grabbed my sister’s tongue between my teeth in order to give it a little bite. My sister gave a small yelp into my mouth demanding she be let free. I loosened my oral grip on her tongue only slightly, allowing it to scrape its way to freedom.

With this little bit of leeway, my little sister broke our oral embrace in order to use her tongue to lick and kiss my neck. One of my hands had found its way beneath her panties. Panties that were too small and tight to let both of my big hands in them.

Our spectators must have decided we needed some help. I felt one pair of hands pulling my sisters hips upwards dragging my cock free of the warmth from her still covered pussy. A covered up pussy no longer since the other pair of hands were pulling my baby sister’s panties down and off her ass. Once that little item was taken care of, the spectators ensured that her hips returned to their previous position with my dick pressed up against her pussy lips.

With no material between us, my sister and I started humping. She was wet enough that my prick had no difficulty sliding up and down against her labia.

I had the vague impression that there had been talking going on in the bed. I know I was moaning and groaning and saying things like, “Baby, baby”, and “My little sister’s ass”. I doubt there were coherent sentences coming from my mouth or my sister’s for that matter. Mostly, the sounds she made were yips and yikes of pleasure.

My daughter and my teenaged girlfriend may have been speaking but if it was to Cassi or I, it was a waste of words. My baby sister and I were locked in isolation in this dungeon of sexual pleasures by ourselves. It wasn’t that we ignoring my other two women, it was just they didn’t even exist in that moment.

Unless their “helping” us intruded as it had with the removal of my little sister’s panties. And now, Cassi’s bra. Obviously one of them had released the catches of her bra and both were trying to get her to lift up enough for them to remove it completely.

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