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You have been a little shit to me all day. You know that I am busy and can do nothing about it, but still you tease. This morning before work you grab my hand while I am getting ready to leave for work, pull me towards you, and then kisses me deeply while your hands rubbed me through my pants. As soon as I was hard you stopped, wished me a good day, and then ran off again. Oh the text messages you sent me today. Telling me how you are playing with yourself, how you want to fuck me on my desk, and even sent me a picture of you playing with yourself. Then you would not answer any of my texts. At lunch you call me and let me listen to you cum and then hang up. I try and call back and you don’t answer. You emailed me and asked for me to meet you after work at the restaurant down the road from our house. I show up and find you sitting at the bar in your sundress showing so much cleavage.

We take a table and sit down with and some of our friends come in to say hi and sit with us. You leave to the restroom and then come back and drop your panties on the table in front of me and then sit down. I grab them quickly before our friends could see and you just grin. Maybe it was just that I was so horny, but every move you made seemed sensual. Like you were still teasing me. Then you go back to your car and I watch you flash your bare pussy to me in the parking lot just before you get in the car and drive off towards home. I get in my car and try and race you home, but you beat me home and then knowing that istanbul escort you are in so much trouble you jump out of your car and giggling, run into the house just before me. The chase is on!

I chase you into the dinning room where you hide on the other side of the table from me and tease me further by pulling down the top of your dress showing me your tits. You then lift your breast up and lick the nipple. I begin to take off my tie and you see the danger in my eyes. I chase you around the table and then you are off again towards the bedroom. You try to shut the door, but my foot stops it. I push the door open and you tumble squealing away from me to the floor. You start to crawl away, but I grab your foot and pull you towards me. “No, no, no don’t!” I hear from you, but it is filled with so much amusement that I cannot help but ignore your pleas.

I sit on your butt and grab your hand to keep you from escaping. “I have you now,” I say in a deep threatening tone. I pull it behind your back and then reach for the other hand and pull it too behind your back and into my hand. With my necktie in hand I tie your hands tightly behind your back. I then pull you up to your knees and grip your hair in my hand. “You are such a tease and a slut. Oh how you have tortured me all day. So now you are going to pay me back.” With my other hand I unbutton and unzip my pants. I take my cock out and pull your head over to it. “Suck me now. Swallow my cum avcılar escort and then I am going to fuck you so hard you will have wished you were not such a tease.”

You open your mouth and suck me in. You start to slowly bob your head back while sucking me. You do feel so good, but I want to use you. You deserve to be used. With my hand still in your hair I start to direct your head. I see your arms pulling trying to get free but you are helpless here. I go deeper into your mouth hitting the back of your throat. My hips start to move back and forth as well gaining momentum. I can see your eyes start to water a little and I pull out giving you a chance to say something. You just gasp, open your mouth again and suck me back in. I grab your hair with both hands and start to fuck your face. I hear the sounds you make while I fuck your mouth around my cock. That mixture of a moan and of extra effort. I groan and then pull out just in time to splash your lips and cheeks with my cum. I then push back into your mouth and you suck the rest of me dry while your watery eyes looking up at me from your cum splattered face. I can see the black streaks of your mascara running down your cheeks and it just makes you look that much sexier.

I pull out reach down, and pick you up. I toss you face first on the bed still leaving your legs hanging over the edge. You start to squeal again and I grab your panties you left for me from the restaurant from my pocket and shove it into your mouth. şirinevler escort “Thank you for the panties. Now I am going to tease you like you did me all day. Then I am going to fuck you.” And with that I bend down, flip her dress up over her back get down behind her and start to lick your pussy. I start from the ass and then work my way down to your clit. I hear your moans and feel you wiggle. I give your ass a quick slap. “Hold still or I may have to completely tie you up.” My hand then rubs your ass and I again start to lick you. I stick three fingers in your wet cunt and slowly fuck you with them. So slow… never enough to make you cum. As soon as you start to get close I stop and then just rub your ass and then give it a good slap and tell you how you deserve this.

How long I do this you do not know, but it feels like forever. Then it happens. WHAM! You feel me penetrate you fully with one long hard stroke; you were not expecting it so it was almost painful to you and causes you to cry out. Then I start to fuck you hard and fast. I reach down pull out your gag so I can hear you start to cum on my cock. As soon as your orgasm slows I pull out, grab your hands, flip you over. I can see your labored breathing as I grab your legs, pulling them together I then put them both on one shoulder and penetrate you again. Pushing hard into your tight pussy. Your legs pressed together make things so tight it is almost painful. You are so sensitive from your recent orgasm that you cry out, but I continue to fuck you. Your head thrashes from side to side and I know that you must be getting close again. I suddenly pull out… shove three fingers in and start to finger fuck you while I stroke my dick. You close your eyes as you start to cum again and do not hear me groan or watch as I shoot all over your pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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