Paula’s Discovery Pt. 06

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Paula gets to know the girls. Part 6 in the “Paula’s Discovery” series.

As Paula rode the elevator down to the lobby restaurant, she realized there was a text on her phone screen.

She touched the screen to accept the text from Tom.

“Hope U had a good trip and a fun evening.”

“Left early for the airport.”

“Talk later”

“Love You”

Paula smiled, slid the phone into the pocket of her warm-up suit jacket and waited for the door to open.

The lobby was alive with conference attendees as they pulled luggage to the day’s sessions in anticipation of the trip to the airport at mid-day for flights home. The girls assumed that by 9, the activity in the restaurant may have eased a bit and as she approached the hostess stand Paula saw the guess was correct. As the hostess turned and smiled, Paula saw Joni, Marge and Jane at a large table with room for the rest of the girls…at least those who were up.

Seeing the wave the hostess stepped aside and Paula took a place at the table.

The others were dressed similarly in anticipation of the trip to the spa and were enjoying light breakfast items from the buffet.

“Good morning,” Marge said.

“Did you sleep well?”

Paula smiled and said, “Yes, but I’m not used to two martinis before bedtime.”

The others laughed and Paula rose to walk to the buffet. She selected some yogurt, fruit and pastries and returned to the table. A cup of hot black coffee was waiting for her.

As she sat, Sheila and Anne were just joining them and the chatter increased. Paula was pleased to see Joni smiling readily but still not saying much. She appeared to be enjoying herself but was perhaps still a bit nervous.

With only 15 minutes remaining before the planned departure time, Penny made her entry. Her red hair a contrast to the black warm-up she wore and this time the jacket was sized to the task and zipped up the front.

Anne poured a cup of coffee and slid it in front of Penny. Penny reached for the cream and poured some into the cup and while she stirred and pondered the drink she said, “That Rob was such a dear last evening.”

The others paused a minute wondering what had prompted Penny’s comment but Paula dismissed it as just a fun part of her personality.

As Penny continued to look into the cup she said, “Maybe we should adopt him for the weekend.”

With that, she raised the cup to her lips and took a hesitant sip of the hot liquid and studied the others over the top of the cup.

“He seemed to have his eyes on you at least,” Jane mentioned.

Penny smiled.

Marge added, “He was cute, I enjoyed watching him walk back to the bar.” “Nice butt, I wonder if he’s a swimmer?”

Paula smiled and flashed back to her college days as her sorority sisters made subtle and not-so subtle comments of guy’s anatomies.

Penny finished her coffee and Jane stood to lead the group to the spa. It looked like the entire group would join.

As the two cabs pulled up in front of the low-rise building the girls followed Jane into the lobby and up the elevators to the 6th floor. The group filled the small reception lobby but the young lady in the spandex and hard body physique immediately recognized Jane and welcomed them warmly.

The girls were led toward the dressing room and the hostess made sure each of them had a locker, a thick soft robe with the logo of the spa embroidered on the left side, slippers and a large towel.

She motioned to a set of shelves with more towels and said, “Jane knows where everything is but if you need anything else, please ask.”

She turned to leave and the girls quickly removed their warm-ups and donned the thick warm robes.

“We’ll start in the sauna” Jane said.

Paula noticed that Jane had a forceful personality and tended to direct rather than ask but she was not overbearing. Perhaps that had developed from having clients who typically didn’t know what they wanted and were only too happy to have Jane handle everything for them.

As the girls followed Jane down the short hallway Paula could feel the warmth and humidity of the sauna. As Jane opened the door the girls filed in to an outer room with hooks for robes and a frosted glass door that led into the sauna.

There were two robes hanging but many open hooks and Jane quickly opened her robe, hung it up and wrapped the towel around her. Paula was impressed with Jane’s long smooth body; a runner’s physique. Jane looked back at the group with a “what are you waiting for” look, opened the door and stepped into the sauna. The wave of hot moist air flowed into the small room.

Paula, a little self-consciously removed her robe, and wrapped the towel around tightly under her arms. She turned as Sheila was lifting her robe to the hook and noticed that Sheila did indeed have a “voluptuous” figure. Not as “top-heavy” as Penny but pleasantly proportioned and perhaps “womanly.”

The other girls were already moving into the sauna and as their eyes adjusted to the steam they noticed Jane had moved to the far side and had spread her towel onto the tile seat and was seated comfortably, with her arms outstretched, completely naked. Paula noticed the other two women were naked as well so she thought, “When in Rome” as they say, moved to istanbul escort the vacant wall, dropped her towel and turned, bending forward to spread it on the seat.

“You really do have a stripper’s ass,” Sheila teased.

“You can’t believe everything Tom says,” Paula retorted.

Paula sat quickly and as the others laughed it helped to break the tension and they began to comfortably enjoy the steam against their naked flesh.

After a few minutes the two tall slender twenty-somethings stood to leave. They picked up their towels and walked to the door not bothering to cover themselves.

As if they all were thinking the same thing, Anne said, after the door closed, “If I still had a figure like that, I wouldn’t bother with the towel either.”

As the girls laughed Penny said positively, “Now girls, we all have our charms.”

And with the timing of a stand-up comic, she added, “Besides they probably don’t know how to give a decent blowjob.”

As the girls enjoyed the joke, Paula noticed that Joni was flushed and probably not because of the heat.

Marge recovered first and asked no one in particular, “That brings up the classic question of technique… swallow or not.”

Paula, although not used to this sort of talk, enjoyed the laughter and was pleased that the group was becoming comfortable with each other.

Anne weighed in and said, “I’ve never met a man who wasn’t pleased and impressed if you swallow.”

Penny remarked that there was a lot to be said for cum facials. “You don’t think my skin stays young-looking because of something off the pharmacy shelf do you?”

Paula enjoyed the banter and then Sheila said, “”Where do you stand on this important question, Paula.”

Paula accepted the challenge like the “new girl” she was and acted as if she was considering the question carefully.

“I have always considered the best technique is to look up, right into his eyes, just before he cums, that seems to get them every time. “

“In that moment they are vulnerable and they see you can take every drop” Paula said knowingly.

There was a mixture of soft laughs and nodded agreement from women who knew what she meant.

But then, Jane said to Joni, “What’s your opinion, Joni?”

The room was suddenly quiet and Paula instantly felt terrible as she saw Joni obviously embarrassed by the subject and being put on the spot now.

Before Paula or Marge could come to the rescue, Penny spoke up and said “Dear girl, don’t feel bad if you want to keep your opinion to yourself.” “We’re used to having fun debating topics like this but you don’t have to express an opinion.”

Joni began to speak haltingly. Now most of the others felt bad that the joke had gotten out of hand.

Joni said, “I don’t really have an opinion.”

Sheila said, “Like Penny said, we get a little out of hand once in a while.”

Joni replied, “No I mean I don’t know which is better, I’ve never given a blowjob.”

The room was silent now at the unexpected response.

“I’d like to try though but my husband always thought it was slutty to do something like that.”

Anne came to her rescue and said, “….and that’s exactly why most men like it.”

The laughter helped change the mood but Joni continued.

“I would like to try and find out” she said.

“I’ve watched videos online and it looks like if might be fun.”

No one knew quite what to say at first but finally Penny said, “Well, you’ve come to the right place because there is a lot of expertise right here” as she motioned to the group.

With that, Penny stood, her impressive chest standing higher than one would expect, and said, “That’s enough steam for me.”

“Anne and I will get our nails done and see you girls later this afternoon for dinner before the show.” “Jane will take good care of you.”

Anne and Penny stood, wrapped their towels around themselves and headed for the door.

Marge, still surprised, looked at Joni and said, “I can’t believe you’ve never given a blowjob.”

“What about college?” Marge asked.

“Well, there were a couple of times when I wanted to and got my lips around it but the guys always wanted to screw and I wasn’t confident enough to hold them back” Joni explained, sheepishly.

“Well we’ve got a lot of work to do” Marge said, smiling.

Jane declared that it was time for their spa treatments.

“I have everything arranged” she said. “The staff knows exactly what to do so just enjoy.”

Jane stood, the muscles of her lean body tightening as she wrapped the towel around and said, “I’ll show you to the showers.”

The girls stood and Paula noticed Joni beginning to be more comfortable. Her petite shape was trim and tight, like a college gymnast; her small breasts were well-shaped and had a slight upward turn.

The showers were warm and refreshing and the ladies dried themselves and wrapped in the fluffy thick robes and stepped into the soft slippers provided by the spa. As they assembled by their lockers, Jane, in control, said “Follow me.”

The girls moved single-file through the door of the locker room into a small reception area and a middle-aged Asian woman in a cotton dress with the name of the spa embroidered avcılar escort above the breast-pocket greeted them politely.

“Welcome ladies.” “I hope you will enjoy your visit,” she said.

“Miss Jane has arranged some of our best services for you today,” she said excitedly.

A younger Asian girl in a matching dress appeared and their hostess said, referring to the paper in front of her at the reception desk, “Marge, Sheila and Miss Jane, Kimi will take you to your massage rooms.”

As the four women walked away, the hostess looked at Paula and Joni and said, “Miss Jane has arranged for waxes for each of you before your massage.”

Joni immediately looked at Paula in surprise and said quietly, “I’ve never had a wax treatment before.”

Paula shared her surprise but smiled and said, “Me neither.”

“We’re here to try new things this weekend so I guess this is the first of “the firsts,” she smiled.

Paula could feel her heart beat though. She kept herself lightly trimmed “down there” with her shaver but never had a wax treatment before.

Their hostess turned a laminated card toward Joni and Paula and said, “Please choose a style so I can advise your therapist.”

Paula and Joni both stared at the card and it took several seconds for Paula to understand the series of little diagrams of a stylized woman’s pubic area. Paula could tell Joni was completely lost.

The hostess, sensing their discomfort offered, “Of course the full Brazilian is still very popular but many ladies are choosing one of the other styles.”

Paula, in an effort to ease Join’s discomfort and to get past this awkward point as soon as possible, looked quickly at the card and chose a numbered style that would leave a small low triangle.

Joni was still processing what she was seeing and Paula, tried to help by saying, “I read that men like the small strip they call a “landing strip.””

With that, the hostess said “Oh yes, that style very, very popular.”

Joni could only nod and the hostess took that as a choice and she led them quickly away, down the hall and directed each of them into small rooms with massage tables and several small tables. There was the faint smell of warm wax, like a candle but a pleasant flowered aroma permeated the area.

As Paula entered the room she was greeted by another mature Asian lady who smiled warmly and bowed slightly and then handed Paula a light cotton robe.

“Please change to this and lie down on table” she said.

As Paula slowly began to untie the belt on the thick robe and change to the lighter garment, the therapist turned and with sure, quick motions began to arrange the items she would need for her work. The room was warm and as Paula climbed up onto the table, the therapist lowered the lights a little and Paula heard soft pleasant music begin to play.

Not knowing exactly what to expect, Paula was pleased that the therapist was obviously experienced and gently directed Paula to move as needed and Paula quickly began to relax.

As the first application of the wax touched her skin she twitched reflexively but soon she felt the pressure of the therapists hand gently against her inner thigh and then the quick motion as the strip was pulled away with the wax. Still very uncomfortable at the new experience Paula at least now knew what to expect as the treatment continued.

She smiled as she thought of what must be going on in the next room.

Although most of Joni’s inner reactions wanted her to flee the room, she reminded herself that she deserved to try new things and “discover herself” as Marge had said. Even being naked in front of strangers and now allowing someone to touch her most intimate parts was an intense experience, but Joni had promised herself to explore this weekend. She knew she would regret forever if she missed this opportunity.

Joni changed robes and hesitantly climbed onto the table. The young Asian girl seemed sure of her movements and that gave Joni some confidence. Still not completely sure of what was ahead, having only heard friends mention “waxing” before she could feel her muscles tense.

As the therapist gently moved her left knee outward she felt the pressure of the girl’s hands against her skin in the vinyl gloves. She tensed as the first stick of hot wax was smeared on her but the girl maintained pressure against her skin. She was surprised as the first strip of hair was removed but fought to steady her breathing, now knowing what was ahead.

As the process continued, Joni began to relax. She smiled as she realized that her first thought was to wonder how a man would respond when seeing her pubic area trimmed.

What she didn’t realize at the time was that she was not thinking of how her husband would react.

As the treatment continued Paula realized that she was beginning to feel as she did during their Caribbean trip. She was seeing herself as a sexual creature and was imagining herself as a source of excitement to the eyes of men. She felt warmth in her lower body and knew that it was not completely a result of the hot wax.

After changing positions many times, the therapist ran a warm washcloth over her pubic area, rubbed some refreshing lotion on her skin and pulled the hem of her şirinevler escort robe closed over her thighs.

“I hope you enjoyed your treatment” she said. She helped Paula rise to sit on the edge of the table and handed her the thick cotton robe.

“I will go tell Michiko that you are ready for your massage now” and disappeared out the door.

Paula stood and as she began to unbutton the thin cotton robe she saw a low mirror against the wall. She turned to stand so that she could see how she looked. Without thinking she slid the robe off her shoulders first and teasingly let it fall to the floor all at once to imagine how “he” would see her for the first time. She gasped as her white skin contrasted to the small triangle of hair remaining and she felt a rush of erotic energy. In a moment she gathered her thoughts, and hurriedly wrapped the robe around her.

As Paula retrieved the thin gown and placed it on the table, there was a soft knock at the door and Michiko the hostess entered smiling saying, “I hope you are satisfied with your treatment.”

Paula smiled and said, “Yes, very satisfied.”

Paula followed Michiko down the hall past the reception stand and toward the massage rooms. Michiko stopped mid-way and turned into an unoccupied room.

“Please remove your robe and lie face down on the table.” “There is a towel to cover yourself if you wish” she added.

Michiko bowed slightly and turned to leave.

Paula removed her robe and turned toward the table. The table was covered with a thick towel and another towel was neatly folded on top. Paula adjusted herself face down on the table and pulled the second towel over her. She thought for a few moments and then folded the towel in half and covered only her butt, leaving the rest of her skin exposed.

Paula welcomed the quiet minutes to relax and steady her breathing. As she began to drift off she heard a knock at the door and a tall, athletic woman entered the room. She had light skin and her long blonde hair was pulled into a pony-tail. She wore black stretch pants and Paula could see a matching sports bra under her short unbuttoned, cotton medical-style coat with the name of the spa embroidered over the pocket with “Inga” embroidered on the opposite pocket.

“Hello, my name is Inga” she said with a hint of a northern European accent.

“I will be giving you your massage today.”

“I understand you are a friend of Jane’s, she is one of my regular clients” Inga added.

Paula smiled and although it was awkward to rise and turn from her position on the table she could see Inga as she adjusted the lighting lower and began to arrange the things she would need for the massage.

Although not a regular thing for Paula, she at least had the experience of several previous massages so unlike the wax treatment she had no anxiety to overcome.

Inga turned toward the table and removed her “lab coat” and hung it on a hook behind the door. Paula noticed that Inga had a very athletic build and apparently had a regular workout regimen. Paula admired her figure and was inspired to make her gym membership at home a higher priority.

Paula focused to slow her breathing and allow her body to relax against the table.

She felt Inga’s warm hands placed against the small of her back and heard her say, “Jane said you would like the same style she usually has.”

With that she began her work.

Paula relished in the long warm strokes followed by more direct action against specific muscles by Inga’s strong hands. Beginning on her shoulders Paula began to drift away as Inga moved methodically around her shoulders and down both arms, lifting and moving her body as needed. After finishing with Paula’s arms, Inga placed her arms to hang loosely over the sides of the table and began to work on her back and sides. Paula was a little surprised as Inga moved her hands down the sides of her rib-cage and then almost under her chest and back to her hips. Paula enjoyed the touch and found herself rising her hips slightly to allow Inga’s fingers to complete the strokes.

Inga’s touch alternated between firm action of her hands and fingers and then longer softer strokes. Paula found the sensations delightful.

Inga moved to the foot of the table and began to work Paula’s feet with her strong fingers and thus eased the tension in her feet.

Inga raised Paula’s legs at the knees, one at a time and traced downward from her feet to her knees. As she lowered each leg to the table she spread Paula’s legs open so that her feet were now close to the sides of the table. Inga moved upwards and began a soft kneading motion of Paula’s thighs under the towel. Each stroke seemed to end increasingly closer to her inner thigh and Paula was surprised to feel her body respond erotically to the touch. She felt her nipples harden against the towel under her chest. Inga folded the towel again so that only the upper part of her butt was covered and standing at Paula’s side, Inga’s hands now worked the backs of her thighs. As the alternating strokes continued, Paula could feel the sides of Inga’s hand touch ever so slightly against the soft, now bare skin between her legs. Paula tensed initially and then relaxed to the sensations and again found herself raising her hips in rhythm with Inga’s motions. Inga gently raised Paula’s hips so that her fingers could now wrap under her thigh and trace upward under and around her hipbone and then back to her thigh. After several strokes, Inga’s hand lingered under Paula’s left hip and then her fingers traced sensuously back down the curve of Paula’s hip.

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