Part of The Procedure? Ch. 06

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(What is a man supposed to do in a situation I found myself in?

My wife Debra had a fling when she was back East at college. I would have sworn that it could never happen. But from what I read here, things like this are far more common than I would have ever believed.

Thinking about it all, I really do wonder if it was inevitable, perhaps my wife and I were asking for it?

We have done a lot of things that a married couple are probably not supposed to do. July and Nikola for example, they came by and gave us massages. The kind with the happy ending? Then there is Charlene, the woman that does the waxing for us? She takes care of things also. There was that deal with Rachel, the young gal from next door that I performed oral sex on with my own wife’s blessing, in fact, it was her idea. The Mayor’s wife, that one was not Debra’s idea.

Down in Reno, five times now we have gotten those “tandem” massages, and those get very hands on?

Not exactly innocent here, am I? But Debs has always been involved, so I didn’t see that as cheating. I saw it as sexy fun, easy situations to fall into when married to a woman like Debra.

But, an affair? Actual full sex? While away, without my knowledge? Bad enough there, but then not telling me about it for months?

That is cheating, a violation of trust and somehow that is a different thing entirely.

There are no marks on her, no signs at all, not physically. Debra is exactly the same loving wife she was when she went off to finish that last year of schooling.

The emotional signs are there, though. Those signs are on me, also.}


The days are exactly the same now around our house, at least to anyone who might take the time to notice.

Debra leaves for her office, does her job. She is very good at it, also, the medical clinic seems to flow now where before it was loosely organized mayhem.

She makes a lot of money now that she is a full fledged Doctor. Way back, she had a nice income, I was getting less than a grand a month in Social Security. But I fiddled around on the internet, selling things I just happened to know and understand. For as brief period, I was making more than Debra was, and I stashed quite a bit away.

But that got to be a pure pain in the ass rather quickly, I found myself sitting in front of a PC printing money instead of enjoying my life, so I sold out and quit.

Now I wander down to the nearby café, chat with people. Some days I head out to the jetty to fish, I know my way around out there so normally I have a few in my sack. I also have a couple of those Crab rings that go on the fishing line, so I catch a fish, clean it, use the entrails for bait and flip that out there. I do manage to catch a few nice Crabs right along.

That is my life, boring as hell. Mixed in with some silly exciting moments. Those exciting moments all involve Debra. Her outlook on life, sex, living is completely different from mine, but over time, I guess I evolved into being more like her?

If this all sounds like I have done some serious soul searching, then you would be correct. I do have quite a bit of time alone to reflect on things.


My wife Debra had that brief affair, bad enough right there but then she went months before she told me what she had done.

Months without mentioning it? To me, that is a violation of trust. Sure, she was drunk, got a contact high from others smoking weed, I guess that was supposed to be the excuse?

But she wasn’t drunk of stoned after when she came home, that part still nags in the back of my mind. Months harboring that secret?

I damn near left her, I know that. It IS what a man is supposed to do when finding something like that out.

Punish them, leave them broke and barefoot out in the street, convert everything to cash and vanish to South America and shack up with some sweet young thing?

That is what happens in the stories I read here.

Revenge!! Sweet revenge, fix the bitch!

But? I love that bitch.

And, I am 72 years old, in the late stages of my life. Someone kindly explain to this old man just how in the fuck am I supposed to start over?


I am best described as an old man now. My Debra works and I do not. She brings home an excellent paycheck, since she is now the Doctor on staff at the medical clinic. I draw Social Security, along with doing some online selling stuff, so I am not broke, not by a long shot.

I could buy a place, live by myself and be just fine. That even crossed my mind, but I realized I did not want to. What I wanted was etiler escort everything the way it was before?

Debra is loving, and attentive, close to never does she raise her voice. I get to be me, there is no nagging or any attempts at all to try and make me fit some template that she expects me to fit into?

Well, except for the candy I eat rarely, those red Licorice whips? There is also my Cigar I sneak once in awhile, and the trips out onto the jetty that she nags me about.

Plus the silly sexual situations she somehow gets me into?

She is sure that I will fall in trying to catch a fish, but that only happened once and some kids dragged me back out.

She is also sexy, that by itself is rather rare for a woman her age. If anything, she is overly sexy, and seems to delight in making this old man perform in a way that some will claim is impossible.

All without the slightest hint of jealousy?

Hell, my life should be perfect. Not all that long ago, I would have said it was.


Now, when Debra walks in the door in the evening, the very first thing to pop into my head is, did something happen today?

That is wrong, silly and I know that, but it also is there.

Over dinner, she still tells me about her day.

Before, she told me about some of the things that happen around the clinic that are mildly sexy.

Like when one local merchant, an old guy best described as a short and homely little fellow, went to see her about a sexual problem.

It seems he felt that he was too quick, Debra told me that he had the gown on backwards with his dick sticking out the front, and popped one off at her the moment she touched it for an examination. He is a bald headed little guy, a ring of curly white hair around his dome, long thin nose. He sells shoes and boots, I know because I have a pair of his Chinese made boots.

She was giggling when she said the thing was nearly a foot long, and his concern was not in being too quick with his 300 pound wife, it was with his barely 25 year old redheaded sales clerk.

The way she told me that had me roaring with laughter, so much so that I had tears in my eyes.

Those were fine times, just the two of us sitting around and talking, being together.

Now, she talks about problems getting deliveries, troubles with the online system, the day two of the nurses were off sick at the same time.

She seldom mentions how many penises she has looked at and touched, her clinic is very liberal. They really do think nothing of taking a sperm sample to test for blood, bacteria. And also how well the patient performs?

That really is a much neglected part of human health if a person just thinks about it for a moment with an open mind.

Not talking about that is clearly different, and all that does is make me even more suspicious. It is almost like she is going out of her way to avoid any suggestion of anything untoward happening?

Before, I had nothing to feel suspicious about at all. The idea that anything could happen never crossed my mind, even when my Debs was 1800 miles away at school.

How does a person fix that? How does a relationship, once challenged, get back to where it was before?

I almost wish she had never told me, but the truth is that Debra was unable to hide her own guilt. I had noticed something was different, I just did not know what until that morning when she simply blurted out what she had done.


There comes a moment when a man can no longer stand the situation, and that moment came for me. I drove for a long time, just letting my thoughts run before I came back home. I lasted with the pretense of our lives being perfectly normal for less than two weeks.

“I need you to tell me.” I said to her one evening, only moments after she got home.

“Tell you what?.. Oh. Of course, honey.” She said, putting down her purse and joining me in the living room.

“You want to know about.. what happened with Scott, right?” She had a slightly pained expression on her face.

I nodded.

“OK. I was wondering when you would get around to asking.

I just went to that party, lots of the students were there. You know how kids are, they were pairing off in all directions and I guess all of that made me feel a little… old?”

She looked up at me, I could see that she was struggling for the words.

“Anyway, there was lots to drink, I was enjoying the big punch bowl they had set up which I am sure they had spiked. Some of the students were doing those drinking games, acting gebze escort silly and I was feeling a bit like I was on the outside of all of that, looking in?”

“I guess I can understand that.” I said.

“Scott came in, he was older than most of the students but not by all that much. I had met him a couple of times before, just in the halls and things like that. He came over and sat beside me and we were talking about school and all. That made me feel better, someone actually paying attention to me? By then I already had more to drink than I would usually even dream of having.”

I just nodded again, letting her talk.

“It was noisy in there, really getting rambunctious with the loud music and all, so we went outside onto the balcony. The air was cool and that made me feel better. I guess I did notice that Scott is a nice looking man, and every time I ever saw him, he was always polite?”

She hesitated for a moment.

“Danny, you know how I get, and it had been three weeks since I was home with you? I just began to feel.. things? So when he said he found me attractive, that felt.. good? I had my hands on the railing and he reached out and placed his hand on mine. I think I knew right then what would happen.

Then he.. kissed me.. and I let him.”

Again I just nodded.

“When he asked me if I would like to go somewhere? My mind was saying no but my body was saying yes, he took my hand and led me out to his car. We necked a little bit in his car, like kids. He reached up to feel my.. breasts.. and I let him do that, too.

Later we drove over to his apartment. I let him.. seduce me. By then I was wanting it, so a seduction is the wrong word.

He was very slow at first, gentle. I don’t even know how, but I realized we were both naked on his bed and he pushed me back. I was thinking he would go down on me but he didn’t. He hinted that he would have liked me to perform oral on him but I didn’t.

He wasn’t huge, if that is what you want to know, almost the size.. you are? Not quite.”

“I see.” I said.

“But he was way too fast, I barely got started and he was all done. Then, I felt ashamed of myself and wanted to leave. I knew very well I was too drunk to even try and drive, so I slept in his living room, in a chair with a blanket wrapped around me. He wanted me to join him in his bed, but I didn’t want to. I woke up, I guess it was maybe six in the morning and felt sticky so I went in to take a shower. When I came out with a towel wrapped around myself, he was sitting there, naked.”

“We.. we did it again. It was better that time and I did reach a.. climax. After, I got dressed and he took me back to my car and I went to my own apartment.”

“So that was all of it?” I asked her.

“Yes, honey. Scott did ask me out a couple of times later on, but I told him no. He asked me why not, I told him I was married and I was ashamed of myself, and just couldn’t.

Then, when I did get home, I wanted to tell you, I even tried a few times but I was terrified of what your reaction would be, honey. I love you, I will do anything for you.”

“It has been bothering me, quite a bit, you know.” I told her.

“Yes, Danny. I know it has, I can tell. I just don’t know what to do about it.” Debra had the glimmerings of tears in her eyes.

“It’s not so much your doing that, as it is the fact that it took you so long to tell me.” I said.

“Yes, I know that, too. I really am sorry, honey. It sure was not worth the upset.”

“That bit about allowing me to be with Rwanda? Was that an attempt to make things better?” I asked.

“Yes, and I’m sorry about that, too. Like I said, you could if you want to, it would be all right.” She looked at me.

“You really think you wouldn’t get upset?” I asked.

“No, Danny. She is nice, pretty, and she really does like you. It would just be.. sex? I mean, you and I have already done a lot of things.”

“Every time, that has always been both of us. I don’t think that would be a good idea. She works for you on a daily basis, plus she lives here. That Scott guy is so far away that he isn’t in the picture, so at least my face isn’t being rubbed in that.”

Debra simply nodded.

“Are we going to be all right, Danny?” She asked me.

“Yes, of course.” I told her.


We went in and sat down to enjoy the meal I had in the oven. I will claim to be one hell of a good cook, and since Debra now works some rather weird hours, I usually cook something that doesn’t have to be served the moment it is ready.

Things did göztepe escort seem to be settled, we went back to a normal life. Rwanda popped by from time to time, nothing happened out of the ordinary, it was simply.. visits.

Then one Sunday afternoon, the women were out sunning themselves in our back yard and I came out to find them both with their tops off.

Now that I have seen before and while I concede I do like that, this time it became clear very quickly that the two of them were up to something.

“Hey, Danny? Are you up for perhaps giving me a rubdown?” Rwanda asked me, right out of the clear blue sky.

“Sure, I suppose. The table is set up, Debra and I could…?”

“I’m not really in the mood, honey. But go ahead if you want to.” Debra stuck that in there.

“Great!” Rwanda hopped up before I could say anything, headed for the house.

I looked at Debra, she was looking back at me.

“Go ahead, honey. Please?” She asked quietly.

I guess I understood that?

So, with a shrug, I followed Rwanda into the house.

She was in our spare bedroom already, sitting on the edge of the table. I had her lie face down, and began working on her back. Her chocolate colored skin was delightful, looking at her I could not find any flaws at all.

By the time I got to her fanny, the bikini bottoms she had on were going to be in the way. I was going to ask if she wanted to remove those but she beat me to that and worried them down her legs. I reached over and pulled them off the rest of the way.

The rest of the session went fairly quickly, as I reached high up her thighs she opened her legs to allow me access.

Nothing bashful about this lady at all, but then I already knew that. She left out a soft moan and lifted her hips when my fingers slid across her sex.

“Why don’t you undress while you work, Danny? I would like that.” She turned her head and asked with a grin.

So, I did. Thinking about it, I have never been nude while working on someone like this, except for Debra. But then, I also don’t remember ever working on anyone unless Debra was there in the room with me.

But at that point, things got sexual and very quickly. Rwanda reached out and wrapped one hand around me, I was already erecting. Then without me asking she turned over. I moved to the foot of the bed, began to stroke her legs. She opened them wide, and while I had seen her like this before that was crazily erotic.

What came next was normal and obvious, I slid upwards, she reached down and guided me and we were joined. The first female other than my wife I had sex with since we married.

Rwanda thrust at me rather wildly, and it went on for a surprisingly long time. I felt her body spasm, and that took me along right with her, there was no holding back.

Then we lay there joined, basking.

I heard something, glanced over my shoulder. Debra stood there in the doorway, watching.

She had a smile on her face. Then she turned and went back out into the living room.


It was perhaps 15 minutes later before I joined Debra in the living room. She was sitting there in her chair, a cup of tea in her hand, still topless.

“So? How was she, honey?” She asked me.

“Fine. In fact, better than fine.” I sat down, noticed the cup of tea sitting beside my chair.

I was still naked, just then Rwanda came out, She had put her bikini bottoms back on. She sat down on the couch, Debs hopped up and got her a cup of tea also.

We all sat there, quietly sipping our tea, saying nothing at all. There is an old saying about the Elephant in the room?

Well, that saying was meant for that period of time where the three of us sitting there, calmly sipping our tea and saying nothing.

Two women, sitting there bare breasted, one naked old man? I could not help myself, the situation was beginning to give me another erection.

“Oh, look!” Rwanda said.

“Now you see why I love this man.” Debra began to laugh.

“Can I?” Rwanda asked.

“Sure, go ahead.” Debra told her.

Next thing I knew, Rwanda was curled up by my feet, one hand reached out and stroked me a few times.

“I have been wanting to do this!” She said, as she lifted up high enough to slide her mouth over me.

So, I sat there and received what can only be described as a glorious blow job while my topless wife sat across from us in her chair, watching.

While sipping tea?

{So, there you have it, that is the story. Believe it if you will, or don’t, that does not matter.

One thing though. Everything is just fine on the old home front. Our lives have changed, no doubts about that at all.

I am now every bit as guilty as anyone who ever comes in here to read these tales.

And there are no marks, no signs.

On any of the three of us.

At all.}

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