Out to Lunch

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Edited by MizTake: Thanks for all the help and guidance!


My wife sent me a text to pick up some milk on the way home. We live out in the boonies and my new job was located in the city. I didn’t really know the area so I brought up Google Maps and searched for groceries. There were a ton of hits. I saw one of them was a CVS that was near the office and was only 1 turn off my new route home.

I parked the car in the old stripmall parking lot and walked into the CVS. The old tile floors and ceiling were no longer white, which made the entire store feel kind of dirty. The cashier counters in the store were lined up parallel with the entrance. There was only 1 cashier. As walked in, I saw a young girl’s profile, loading a grocery bag and nodding to a customer. I briefly admired the girl’s short, slight frame as I walked by.

My wife isn’t a HUGE woman but she has had quite a few kids and hasn’t retained her girlish figure of yesteryear. I walked down the outside aisle until I found the milk, grabbed a gallon and proceeded up to the checkout counter.

The girl was probably half my age but that didn’t stop me from looking at her chest to see the outline of her, probably, A-cup bra. Her CVS uniform fit her tightly, which showed off her small build. I looked up to her face while she was tending to the customer in front of me.

She had her light-brown hair pushed back with a headband, exposing her face. Her hair wasn’t terribly greasy but it didn’t look freshly washed, conditioned and combed either. She has multiple red dots on her pale skinned forehead and pock marks on her shallow cheeks. It didn’t look like she had any makeup on. Her chin was square and supported a wide mouth.

She wasn’t a classic nor a modern-day beauty but when she looked up at me, I found myself smiling at her. She smiled back at me with bright, white teeth, though her eye teeth and canine’s stuck out some, they weren’t crooked. They weren’t as bad as Jewel’s but would take a close second place. Her smile seemingly brighted her face. I quickly looked down at my milk jug to placed it on the counter.

I handed her my credit card.

“Seems silly to use a credit card for a single purchase.” I said, looking up at her.

Her light-brown eyes looked up at me and quickly looked away. She ran the credit card through the machine and I realized my mistake. The credit card machine was customer facing, I should have run it through myself but she had taken the initiative.

“You’d be surprised at how few people carry cash anymore.” She said pressing the correct buttons on the machine and handing me the card.

She pushed some buttons on the register and handed me the receipt.

“Do you want a bag?” She asked but didn’t look up.

“No, thanks. Have a good day.” I said, grabbing my milk and heading out the door.

I didn’t think of her again until that night when my wife was sucking my dick. The ugly little duckling popped right into my head. I thought of her square narrow jaw and the pimples on her forehead. I thought of that young, hot little body and I came in my wife’s mouth.

It wasn’t until the following week that I went into the CVS again. I walked into the entrance calmly so I could gawk at her petite profile but she wasn’t there. I quickly got my milk, paid and left.

Over the next month I only saw her 2 more times and they were both when I was in a hurry and didn’t really talk to her at all. I didn’t think about her again while with my wife.

I got a text that we needed kids ibuprofen on Friday the next week. I had forgotten all about the cashier until I walked in and saw that little ass jutting out from her small 5 foot frame. I admired the view but quickly walked passed her before I was caught. I walked down the aisles looking for the medication, thinking to myself. I convinced myself that I wanted to compliment her today.

I didn’t want to go overboard but just say something nice. ‘I like your hair’ but her hair was usually not well kept, or ‘that’s a nice shirt’ but she always wore the uniform, or ‘you have pretty eyes’, there’s a winner, bingo!

I could call her ‘my brown eyed girl’ when I saw her next time. That would be perfect but I was nervous. This wasn’t really cheating on my wife, right? I was just talking to the girl. But I wouldn’t say that to her if my wife were standing next to me… Oh shut up!

I grabbed the medication and headed up to the counter with my plan in mind, convinced I was fine doing this. I watched for her as I approached. There weren’t any customers in line. It seemed like she was reading a book. She looked up as I approached and I smiled at her.

She looked down, putting her book under the counter. I put the medication in front of her and pulled out my wallet.

“Is this all for today?” She asked me as she scanned the bar-code.

“Yeah, that’s it.” I said.

I waited for her to look up at me so I could compliment her.

“Oh, there’s a special on these! Do you have a CVS card?” She asked me but didn’t look up.

“Uhhh, no, I guess not.” I responded.

“I seen you in here enough. You sarıyer escort should get one and save some money.” She said looking up at me.

“Umm uhh, no, uhh thanks.” I stammered out.

She had seen me in here enough? That means she has noticed me! I thought as I put my wallet back in my pocket and headed to the door, stunned.

“Sir! Your bag!” She said.

I turned back and looked up at her. She was smiling at my apparent stupid expression and lack of common sense. How had this homely girl, half my age, just thrown me off my game so much that I forgot my groceries?

“Ahh, thanks.” I stammered out. “Jeez, I guess I’m losing it.”

I picked up the bag and hurriedly left.

I sat in the car, facing the store thinking about what she had said. I had only been in the store a couple times in a month and a half. I made that much of an impression? Most people consider me attractive but I’m no model or anything. I’m not gray yet but I’m probably old enough to be her father.

I sat there thinking about it, absently watching the door to the CVS. I watched the people coming and going and realized that I was probably the only person going in there wearing a button up shirt, dress pants and shoes. Everyone else was dressed casually in jeans, sweatpants or PJs and most were dirty.

“Duh!” I said out loud, started the car and went home.

She had noticed me because I was dressed up. I hadn’t even considered that since everyone I work with is dressed up and most are wearing suits and ties.

That night I thought of her again as I fucked my wife. Why was this girl sticking in my head? I grabbed my wife’s fat hips and plowed into her multi-baby stretched pussy thinking of that young, tight, small body.

“Oh god!” I grunted as I came into her sloppy box.

That had been Friday night. I ‘needed’ cough drops on Wednesday, well, I needed them since nothing else had come up.

I was resolved to compliment her eyes when I saw her today.

I walked in and saw her. She was looking down at her book with her chin in her hands and her feet on the lower shelf of the counter.

As I walked by her, I was prompted to say “Hi there, brown eyes.” So I did and kept right on walking.

I don’t know if she looked up at me or not but I had said it loud enough. As I walked away from her I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. Complimenting young girls, or anyone really, was far out of my character, so this was exciting.

I walked until I found the cough drops and looked down at them. I took a deep breath and thoughtfully exhaled. It would be ok. I had broken the ice with her, the rest would be easier.

Turning and walking towards the counter, I noticed she was looking at me and then back down at her book. As I approached the counter she put her book underneath it and looked up at me again, smiling.

“Is that what you’re going to call me?” She asked in a soft voice.

I looked down at her chest, looking for a name tag. I immediately realized that there was no outline of a bra as I had seen before. I looked down a little farther to see her nipple poking out. I looked over and saw the other one as well.

She wasn’t wearing a bra!

There was nothing separating me from her fresh little handful of joy except a thin CVS uniform. I felt my dick twitch in my pants.

I looked up at her face when I finally found her name tag. She had a blush to her cheeks like she was wearing makeup though I knew she wasn’t.

“Would you rather I called you Tammy, brown eyes?” I said smiling at her.

It had felt like I was staring at those beautiful tits for hours but I guess it hadn’t been too long.

She giggled, shaking her head. She took the cough drops from my hand scanning the barcode and ringing them up. I used my card, properly this time, while she pressed buttons on the register. A receipt spit out of the machine, which she put in a bag with the drops. I was prompted in my mind with the need to touch her.

“Will that be all today, sir?” She smiled and looked up at my eyes.

We made and held eye contact for longer than normal. I smiled at her but didn’t speak. I thought in my head ‘ya, that’s it, unless you want to go in the back and fuck’ while looking her right in the eyes. I intentionally over-reached for the bag, touching her hand.

“You have very pretty eyes.” I said instead and caressed her hand, taking the bag from her.

She looked away, giggling again.

“You’re not serious.” She whispered.

“I am!” I said, perhaps a bit too loudly. “Very pretty.”

“Have a good day and enjoy that book.” I continued, turned and left.

“Ahh, umm ya, thanks! Ahh, you too!” I heard as I stepped out the door.

Yes! I had dazed her this time! There, damn it! I guess we were even now.

I went home and fucked my wife that night, thinking of the warm, soft, young skin I had touched. I closed my eyes, picturing her light-brown eyes in my mind. I recalled looking down, seeing those little tips of her breasts sticking out of her shirt and the blush of her cheeks esenyurt escort when she realized what I was looking at.

“Ohhhh yea!” I cried as I emptied my seed into my wife’s sloppy pussy.

I found a reason to stop at the CVS every day for the next two weeks. Each time I would find a reason to look down to see if she was wearing a bra, which, unfortunately for me, she did every day now. I also tried to touch her hand, shoulder or arm ‘by mistake’, which I was able to do each day.

The verbal interactions became much more flirty. I was lucky, well not really since I would wait around, that customers weren’t there in line with me each day. There was a couple days when she wasn’t working so I soon learned what days to stop and which ones not to.

Friday afternoon of the second week I walked up to the counter with a gallon of milk. She smiled at me.

“Hi Brody.” She said, putting her book under the counter.

“Hey there brown eyes. You finished ‘Outlander’ already?” I asked pointing to her new book.

“Yea, it was pretty good.” She said grabbing my milk to scan it.

She punched in her number for a discount for me while I scanned my card.

“You know this is the 3rd gallon you’ve bought this week?” She asked, looking up at me smiling.

“Is it?” I asked earnestly, I had no idea.

“Yea!” She laughed.

“What are doing for lunch Monday?” I asked, knowing she hadn’t worked the last two Mondays.

I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. This was the next step, to meet outside her work.

“I’m uhh, umm. Just ahh, having lunch… I guess.. Why?” She asked looking up at me.

“I’d like to have lunch with you.” I said pointedly, putting my elbows on the counter to move closer to her.

I tried to control my breathing in order to live in the moment. I wanted this to be about her, not my nervousness. I needed to touch her or… ohhh… if I could smell her.

She laughed gently.

I inhaled softly so she wouldn’t notice, getting my nose closer to her. I could smell her. She smelled like flowers and sweetness. I leaned in more, inhaling again, savoring her scent. My heartbeat returned to normal as I immersed myself in her.

“Where do you want to meet?” I asked innocently.

“Be serious!” She giggled.

“You think I need 3 gallons of milk at the terrible price this place sells them for?” I retorted.

My heartbeat quickened.

She gaffed.

“No.” She said under her breath.

“Where do you want to meet?” I asked again, reaching in to touch her elbow.

I left it there, leisurely stroking down the fine hairs on her arm to her fingers, as if she were already mine. A customer came up behind me, making her take her hand away. She reached under the counter for a piece of paper, wrote something down on it and placed it in my bag.

“Have a nice day.” She intoned as if I were any other customer.

“Thank you!” I said out loud but whispered ‘brown eyes’ under my breath.

She smiled, looking at the next customer in line.

“Will this be all?” She asked the next customer.

I walked out of the store, wanting to run. What had she put in the bag?!? What was on that paper?!

I casually walked to my car, opened the door and sat down, keeping my cool. I put the milk on the seat next to me, closed my eyes and inhaled calmly.

I reached in the bag, eagerly groping around for the paper. When I found it, I sighed.

12:00, Monday, 179 Likem drive

“Yes!” I said out loud.

I smiled, looking at it again.

“Yes!” I said again, louder.

She had put a heart above the i! How sweet. Shit! How old was this girl? That would be my luck, watch she’s underage.

What was this address? A mall? A restaurant? Her…no way.. her house?

It was probably the place she worked when she wasn’t here, I thought as I plugged the address into my phone.

It was a house! Holy shit!

All weekend, all I could think about was that house and what would happen on Monday when I got there. I played out scenario after scenario. I looked at the house many, many times on Google Maps, Bing and others. I could see there were two front doors. Maybe it was a two family or more home? She had an apartment? That would make her old enough… right?

I hammered into my wife like I was a teenager Friday, Saturday and Sunday night thinking about my brown eyed girl and the things I would do to her on Monday. I didn’t really want to cheat on my wife but this was sooo exciting! My heart hadn’t gone pitter-patter in years but now it was going crazy every time I entered that store!

I dressed Monday morning with my favorite work shirt, pants, socks and shoes. Lunch couldn’t get here fast enough. I was distracted all morning, finding it hard to concentrate on anything, well, except the clock.

I left at 11:40, just to make sure I wasn’t late. I got there at 11:45! Ha! Opps. Oh well.

My hands were cold and I was shaking as I pulled up to the house. There was parking on both sides. Was I really going to do this? I shut my eyes, taking a deep breath. I felt avrupa yakası escort my hands relax on the steering wheel. I hadn’t even known I was gripping it that tight.

I released my breath slowly, opening my eyes. I was just going to have lunch with her, there was nothing wrong with having lunch with a girl. I have lunch with people all the time, this wasn’t cheating. Just having lunch, lunch with a girl with a hot body. Just having lunch with a hot bodied girl. Having lunch with a sweet little piece of ass that I wanted strap onto my face like a gas mask and eat until she screamed and screamed and screamed… Oh shit! I was starting to get a hardon.

I hit the steering wheel and opened the door. There was nothing wrong with having lunch with someone of the opposite sex. Mmmm sex. Damn it!

I turned, walking around my car, toward the front doors, trying to clear my mind. I walked towards the closest door.

My heart was pounding louder in my chest than the knock that came from my knuckles hitting the door. How the hell was I going to get through this? I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and opened them when I heard the door open.

There stood an attractive, older woman with a nice form. Wrong door! I would guess she was only a few years older than me. Her face brightened when she smiled at me.

“Well, hello there.” She said in a suggestive voice.

“Uh, hi. Is, um, brown, er, Tammy here?” I stumbled, completely caught off guard.

Why hadn’t I thought through this?

“Brown-eyes?” She laughed. “Yea, she’s here. Come on in Brody.”

She turned and waved her hand, beckoning me in.

She knew my name and that I had called Tammy brown-eyes. Oh boy, this girl was talking about us. I followed the woman into entryway.

The house was well established with family photos and art on the walls, a large vase at the base of the steps, and nick-nacks placed here and there. This was not a teenager’s apartment with empty beer cans and dents in the walls.

“Tam!” She yelled up the stairs. “He’s here!”

She turned and walked into, what appeared to be, their kitchen.

I looked up the stairs and watched Tammy running down with pigtails in her hair. Come on! Fuck! How old is this girl?!

I could see the tips of her breasts sticking out of the plain black tee shirt as she bounced down the stairs. My mouth watered as took in the rest of her form, dropping my jaw open. Her smooth chalky white, thin legs where shown from the knees down. She wore bright pink, oversized shorts and had her black shirt tucked into them.

She was barefooted and smiled at me as she got to the bottom of the steps.

“Hi Brody!” She said through her bright, cock-eyed teeth.

I smiled at her, shutting my mouth and swallowing. I felt my dick twitch in my pants.

“Hi brown-eyes.” I meekly whispered, not knowing what was to happen now.

Of all the multitude of scenarios I had foreseen and thought about, this was not one of them.

“Come on, let’s go have some lunch.” She said, hooking her arm in mine at the elbow and walking towards the kitchen.

I was dumbfounded and in a daze, I hadn’t even considered actually eating anything. I followed her into the kitchen and sat at the chair she indicated.

“Aren’t you going to take off your coat?” The older woman asked me.

I shook my head, clearing it, stood up, nodded and smiled. I removed my coat, hung it up on the back of the chair and sat back down.

“We haven’t been introduced.” I said to the woman extending my hand and standing slightly. “I’m Brody.”

“Oh! Ha! I’m Tammy’s mom, Fae.” Fae said laughing and shaking my hand.

I had known that but hadn’t wanted to admit it to myself. I smiled at her and sat back down.

“Tammy said you were coming over but she didn’t tell me how attractive you were.” Fae said fixing her dark brown hair and smiling at me.

Tammy had her mother’s light brown eyes.

“Mom!” Tammy said.

“What?” Fae asked.

“You’ve never brought a guy home before. I didn’t think the first one would look like him.” She explained pointing a thumb in my direction.

“Whatever, let’s eat.” Tammy said defeatedly.

Fae sat across from me at the little round table and Tammy sat to my left. Fae kicked my foot as she settled in.

“Oh! Sorry.” Fae said looking up at me, smiling.

We each had a plate of chicken fingers, french fries and green salad. There wasn’t anything more on the table but some salad dressing. Fae and Tammy started eating. I cut up my chicken and tried it. It was crispy with a nice spice to it.

“Oh, that chicken is good.” I said.

“Thanks.” Fae said, looking up to me, chewing.

I felt her foot touch mine, more gently this time. She kept eye contact with me as her foot went up my leg and a twinkle gleamed in her eye.

Shit! What had I stepped into?

I smiled at her moving my leg away from her as if she were looking for more room. I bumped into Tammy’s leg causing her to look up at me.

“Sorry.” I said smiling down at her.

I could see down her loose fitting, over-sized tee-shirt. I gawked at the beautiful, young, alabaster skin I could see. I could see the formation of her mounds, the beginnings of her breasts but that was it. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. The shirt wasn’t loose enough to show me everything, it was just enough to tease me. I felt my dick twitch in my pants as I admired her bare skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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