Our Secret Ch. 05

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What started as a pleasant family cruise to celebrate the 18th birthday of the twins turned into a terrifying abduction by south sea pirates. Craig heard the thrum of the powerboat’s motors over the roar of the ocean. At first, he thought the roar was the storm intensity increasing. He debated whether to wake up his other family members to handle the fury of this South Pacific storm. They had all went to get some rest when they felt the storm was lessening. Then Craig heard the bump as the other boat hit the side of the sloop. Before he could react, the three pirates quickly overwhelmed him. Then they wakened the rest of his family.

Tom, his father, jumped naked from his and Alison’s bed. He managed to throw a respectable haymaker that stunned one of the pirates. The brigand fell back against the bulkhead. However, before Tom could press his advantage, the other pirate struck him savagely over the eye with a wrench. Tom crumbled to the floor like a ragdoll.

Craig tried to help his father in the scuffle but the third pirate placed a knife to his neck and twisted his arms behind him. Their language was unintelligible but the order was unmistakable; death would be the punishment for further resistance.

The pirates quickly duct taped Craig’s hands, mouth and legs. Then they turned their attention to Alison and Carol. They duct taped the women’s hands behind them.

Craig’s sister, Carol, was clad only in panties and bra. One pirate grabbed the front of her bra, tugged brutishly and ripped it off her. Carol screamed as the material cut into the soft flesh under and around her breasts. He leered something to his companions, then turned, grabbed Carol’s nipple and twisted it hard. She screamed at the pain and the violation.

The other two bandits had forced a screaming Alison on the floor next to her unconscious husband. One held her legs trying to force them open while the other opened his pants. His massive, sweaty, smelly cock uncoiled from his pants like an elephant’s trunk. He grunted something to his buddy and lewdly laughed as he tried to force his cock into her mouth. Alison screamed as her head twisted from side to side, trying to avoid his cock.

The large smelly brigand pulled his knife and placed the tip of the blade against Carol’s throat. Alison’s eyes widened in terror. Carol whimpered as the tip of the knife caused blood to dribble from her neck. Alison nodded, accepting the outrage to save her daughter.

Craig at first watched in horror as the pirates began violating his mom. Then brutal eroticism overtook him.

Craig was appalled at his arousal as he watched the pirate force the head of his massive smelly tool into his mother’s mouth. At first, his mom’s eyes were wide in terror. Then he saw lust replace terror. His arousal grew as his mother’s head bobbed on the interloper’s massive dick. Lust replaced shame as he watched transfixed as the other pirate dropped his pants and began forcing his snake into his mother’s pussy.

Alison was incredibly aroused. Being taken by these filthy men was humiliating, but at the same time sickeningly erotic. She flashed back to her lover. He treated he like a tramp. She was not the untouchable trophy wife her husband thought she was, a decoration for his arm at the MVC board meetings. She was a pussy with legs. Her only function was to get herself in a position to receive cock.

She thrust her pelvis up, trying to force the huge meat into her needy pussy. These disgusting men instinctively knew what she was and what she needed.

Her jaws ached from trying to take all of the pirate’s cock in her mouth. His cock was slimy, filthy, smelling of stale urine and old sweat. She could not get enough of sucking it! Alison groaned loudly as the other pirate forced his massive tool into her eager hole.

She looked over at her children. She saw the terror in Carol’s eyes and felt pity and love for her. Then her eyes found her son. She was shocked at the bulge in her son’s shorts. She watched him lick his lips hungrily. He was caught up in the eroticism of her violation. Their eyes met and locked. Alison thrusted hard to force even more of the strange cock into her pussy. Her head bobbed feverishly on the interloper’s filthy tool. Mother and son shared the moment. The pirate thrust hard into Alison and she and her son groaned in unison. He was witness to her violation. They shared an unspoken perverse stimulation at her abuse.

She thrust up hard onto the pirate meat invading her nether regions. Her son’s eyes widened. His bulge grew. They were involved spiritually in this moment. Alison felt herself getter wetter. The knowledge that her son watched her ignominious violation only heighten her arousal. The pirate pointed at her gushing pussy and laughed something to his friend.

Then the ship, struck broadside by a massive wave, rolled on its side. Carol, Tom and Craig were thrown across the cabin. They rolled up against the legs of the pirates and Alison. They ended up in a human pile against the bulkhead. Alison bostancı escort bayan groaned in disappointment as the pirates’ cocks fell from her mouth and red hot pussy.

Bound hand and foot, Craig was helpless. Craig saw fear appear on the faces of these interlopers. The one getting a blowjob stepped back and yelled something. The other stepped back, pulling his cock out of Alison. The third one released Carol and bolted for the ladder, quickly followed by the other two. The storm’s intensity was increasing again. Preoccupied with their violation of Alison, the pirates let the boat turn sideways to the storm. Each new wave battered the sloop. They were in danger of sinking.

The pirates bolted up the stairs to the deck. The sloop rolled to the other side and water poured into the cabin. Craig was face down, his head under water. He coughed violently as seawater entered his mouth. His father, unconscious, floated on his back.

“Mom, Carol screamed, wrap your legs about Craig’s waist to keep his head above water. I’ll do the same for Dad!”

Carol scooted forward in the rising water, wrapped her legs around her father’s waist, supporting his head on her abdomen. Alison did the same for her son.

Craig coughed violently getting the water out of his lungs. He realized that his face was pressed firmly between his mother’s thighs. The action of the waves caused his head to slide up and down against his mother’s smooth shaven pussy.

He could hear the pirates yelling at each other on deck. The boat righted itself and rolled again. He heard the pirates scream, then nothing but the howl of the wind.

The gyrating boat tossed the family violently about the cabin. Craig’s head slammed hard into a bulkhead. As he passed out, he thought they were going to die


Salt water washing into his mouth caused Craig to wake up gagging. He struggles vainly to sit up. He managed to scoot around and get his back against a bulkhead. Slowly he regained his faculties. As his vision cleared, he took in the mess that was the cabin.

There were several inches of water in the cabin. Around him bedding floated. The cabin itself tilted at 45-degree angle. Instead of sitting on opposite walls, the four of were jumbled together in a pile at the low side of the cabin.

The sloop was awash and seemed to be sinking. A quick assessment showed him that ship was listing heavily. On the upside, the salt water loosened the tape. He managed to free his hands. He ripped the tape from his mouth.

“Mom, dad, Carol, are you ok?”

Craig freed his legs and crawled to his mom. She lay with her head against the bulkhead. Her lower body draped over his unconscious father. Her legs floated open. Craig stared at his mother’s shaved sex. Her labia formed a thin line through her vulva. Allison’s voice snapped him out of his reverie

“Thank God you are free. Undo my hands and I’ll get Tom loose while you untie Carol.”

Carol was semi-conscious; her eyes were heavy but partially opened. Her head lolled to one side. There was a purple bruise where her nipple had been twisted.

The seawater had wet her panties and made them transparent. A part of his mind noted this as he undid the tape on his sister. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her to her feet. Even bedraggled from being soaked by seawater his sister’s breast stood proudly at their full 34C.

He half carried, half walked her to the deck.

The ship was laying on its side, hung up on a coral reef. The sloop rose and fell with the waves. In the distance at some 300 yards was a verdant atoll. It was like a thousand others that dotted the South Pacific.

He hurried below and helped his mom get his dad above decks. The exertions and the intense heat had sweat pouring off his body. Sweat also covered Alison’s nude body. The sweat ran in rivulets through the twin peaks of her breasts.

Visions of Swiss Family Robinson popped in to his head.

For a few brief moments, the family lay full length on the canted deck. While time was of the essence, they needed to rest before next big push, moving from the sinking boat to the atoll.

Tom Hanlon lay face down on the deck, a big angry purple colored lump just above his left eye. Periodically he would groan and move.

Carol was flat of her back, her young firm breasts heaving in exhaustion. She had one arm over her eyes to shield them from the brutal Pacific sun. The other curled across her abdomen.

Alison lay on her side facing her son. She watched his chest heave as he gasped for air. She let her eyes trail down to his man meat. The outline of it against shorts captured her attention. She felt a tingle between her thighs as she observed his flaccid member curl across his upper thigh, the head disappearing between his thighs. She was not a woman given to deep emotions. However, the ordeal had changed her and she was not sure what that change was.

Craig set up. Though every muscle in his body ached, he knew they ümraniye escort had to begin salvaging what they could. For a brief moment, his eyes locked with his mother’s. Then, he scrambled back into the cabin. The two waterproof lockers were intact. One contained assorted tools. The other contained their supply of foodstuffs.

They needed to leave the boat. In the last few moments, it had settled deeper in the water. In addition, the action of the waves was banging it against the coral reef. In short order, it would be ripped apart

“Mom, Carol, I’m going to need one of you down here to help me!”

Allison’s lithe body splashed into the rapidly rising water. Sweat and seawater streamed over her large breast and rivulets ran through her cleavage. Her mane of ebony hair hung limply on her shoulders. Her full mature hips cut a wake through the brackish water.

“What do we need to do, Craig?”

Craig explained his plan. They needed to salvage everything they could and move it to the canted deck of the sloop. Then they would construct a makeshift raft to float them to the atoll.

Allison and Craig struggled to get the large lockers on deck. The watertight compartments helped their struggle, causing the lockers to float. Still it took both of them working shoulder to shoulder to manhandle the lockers to the foot of the canted ladder.

Inevitably, due to the tight confines and the weight of the lockers, their bodies were in close contact. Allison’s breasts rubbed across Craig’s arms and back as they jockeyed the lockers through the hatch and onto the ladder. To get the lockers through the hatch and on deck, Carol had to pull from on top while Alison and Craig stood on the narrow stairway, belly-to-belly, and breast to chest, pushing. The unintentional eroticism was not lost on either of them despite their dire straits.

Craig shook his head to clear it of the images of his mom getting fucked and sucking dick. He felt his cock thicken. Alison felt his cock harden against her thigh as their bodies were plastered together on the ladder. Images of the lust on his face when the pirates raped her caused a tingle between her thighs.

Once Allison lost her balance and fell back into the rapidly filling cabin. Craig extended a hand to help her. He slipped and fell on top of her. They both had the wind knocked out of them.

For a few moments, they lay in a missionary position, wheezing for air, their eyes closed. The rocking motion of the sinking sloop caused Craig’s cock to saw up and down on his mom’s labia. Allison took a sharp breath. Despite their dire situation, or maybe because of it, she was aroused.

Craig lay full length on his mom. Their eyes opened and locked. He felt the scratch of the stubble of his mom’s pubic hair against his cock. For a brief moment, they held each other’s eyes as their crotches rubbed. For a fleeting moment, Craig felt his mom push up against his manhood… or maybe it was the water.

Embarrassed by their accidental intimacy, Craig rose to his knees, his cock hung semi hard just above his mom’s spread legs. The water was now knee high. He lifted Alison to a kneeling position. What, he thought, had almost happened?

Allison laid her head on her son’s shoulder. She was exhausted. The adrenalin that had carried her this far was wearing off. She wrapped her arms around her son and began to cry. She gripped him tightly her ample breast pressed against her son’s well-muscled chest. She was conscious of her sex pressed against Craig’s cock.

“Baby, I am so scared! What’s going to become of us?”

Craig was aware of it also. In spite of their circumstances, he felt his cock harden. It rose between his mother’s thighs and settled against her pussy. Allison’s gaze was downward. She saw her son’s massive erection rising through the waters. Her heart skipped a beat as animal instinct kicked in. The breeding instinct of a fertile female for an aroused male caused her heart to quicken. She let her knees flex downward to increase the pressure against her sex. Ever so slightly, she rocked back and forth, feeling his meat slide across her super heated sex.

“We’ll make it, Mom! We must work together but we will make it!”

Craig felt the pressure of his mom’s pussy sliding along his dick. It sent a shock through his body causing him to thrust forward reflexively. For a moment, mother and son dry humped each other.

Sweet Jesus, she thought, sweet jesus I need it! I need this cock!

Then the mother instinct caused her to be disgusted with herself. She moved away. I am overwrought she thought. The conditions of the shipwreck are causing me to let my guard down. My god I was getting off with my son!

They scramble to the deck of the rapidly sinking boat, Allison leading the way. Craig’s face was inches from his mom’s butt as they crawl onto the deck. The pungent aroma of her arousal invaded his nostrils.

Once on deck, he retrieved an axe from the waterproof locker, Craig chopped down the remnants of the kartal escort mast. Using parts of the sail and rope, he lashed the parts of the mast together.

His father was the first ferried across on the make shift raft. They settled him under the shade of a large palm tree. He did not look good. The swollen left side of his face was an angry purplish red color. He mumbled and thrashed about.

Alison frantically looked around for something to mop her husband’s fevered brow. Carol saw her mom’s distress. She stepped out of her panties and handed them to her mom. Alison used her daughter’s panties to mop her husband’s brow.

For rest of the day, Craig and Carol ferried what they could salvage to the island. Most of the clothes were lost. Craig did find several packages of tee shirts he and his dad had bought for the trip. The watertight bags had kept them from getting soaked in seawater.

He offered these to his mom and sister to cover their nakedness and protect them from the brutal sun. They accepted the shirts gratefully. Mom and daughter removed the shirts from the packages and donned them.

Despite their circumstances, they tittered when they observed each other. Both Craig and his dad were big guys at better than 6′ 4″ and roughly 230 lbs.

Alison had the bigger tits so her tee shirt completely covered her ass in back but left her pussy partially on display. On the other hand, Carol had a smaller chest but dad’s stocky body. Her tee shirt barely covered her ass and pussy.

Allison sat in the sand next to her husband. She gently stroked his brow.

Craig noticed that when his mom sat like that, one leg curled under her, the other extended, her labia pulled apart in a most disturbing way exposing her inner pinkness. What in the fuck is wrong with me, he thought, my daddy is in a semi coma and I’m ogling my mother’s pussy.

“There seems to be higher ground toward the center of this atoll. I’ll explore there. We need to find water.”

“Wait, baby, I don’t want us to get too separated. Let’s agree right now that we travel in pairs. That way one can help the other.”

That made perfect sense to the three of them. The twins picked up two pails salvaged from the sloop and began their trek into the interior. Carol insisted on leading the way. For her it confirmed her dominance as the older, by 3 minutes, of the two.

Craig was disturbingly aware of the sway of his sister’s ass. Her ass cheeks rolled seductively from side to side as they made their way through the jungle undergrowth. He chuckled as he thought of the old saw: Like two little boys wrestling under a blanket.

The jungle suddenly opened on a lagoon.

They were elated at finding fresh water. They charged into the tepid water, whooping and hollering. For a few minutes, they engaged in horseplay. Carol managed to get on Craig’s back, her legs wrapped around his neck. Craig reached behind his head and got his hands on her ass. Using his athlete’s strength, he lifted her up and over his head. He threw her head first into the water.

Later they rested sitting cross-legged on the grass covered bank of the lagoon. Carol noticed that Craig was stealing peeks at her bare pussy. She smiled inwardly at this throwback to their childhood. They used to sit cross-legged on their bed and compare the differences in their bodies. It was the normal “show me yours and I’ll show you mine”. A few times they had touched each other to see how it felt. However, they were not kids anymore.

“Eyes up!” she said playfully.

Craig grinned ruefully.

“Sorry, Carol, but the tension of this ordeal has left me incredibly horny. Call me strange, but there it is!”

“Same here, little brother. If you are right about us being way off course, we may be here for a while.”

They looked at each other speculatively. Like most twins, they had an ability to communicate silently. They had never done more than the occasional grab ass. But here, anything could happen! Craig stood abruptly.

“Let’s fill the pails and get back to mom, he said brusquely, she’ll be worried!”

After filling their water pails, the twins decided to enjoy the coolness of the water once more before they began their walk back to camp.

They were splashing the water on each when Carol’s shoulders began to shake. Craig realized she was crying.

“What’s the matter Carol?”

“I am so scared! We’re shipwrecked. Dad is very severely injured. We have no way to call for help. What are we going to do?”

Craig was scared also. He shared all of his sister’s fears. He also knew that he must be strong. By default, he was the leader of this group, this family. He must give them the best chance for survival.

He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her lips to his.

“We are going to survive, Big Sister, we are going to do all we can to pull through this!”

Carol waded closer to her brother. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Instinctively she knew he had the strength that they would need to survive. She aggressively forced her tongue in his mouth. She wrapped her legs around her brother’s waist. Her hunger and fear were expressed by her need for him. His cock slid naturally into his sister’s sex. Their need for each other was visceral.

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