Orgasm 6 Years in the Making Ch. 01

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We were sophomores in college, but were both dating other people at the time. Katie and I had gone to a fraternity party but left around 1:00 AM because she had to work in the morning at the school cafeteria starting at six a.m. As we were leaving the party, she asked me if I could drive her to work in the morning. Although we had never explored it, there was definitely a sexual tension between the two of us and I lusted after Katie day and night. So needless to say, her wish was my command; driving her would be no problem at all.

She was your average looking white girl from New Jersey; 5’3″ in height, a slim build with small breasts (probably an A cup) and a cute little ass. Long brown hair and a cute nose turned heads, but it was her personality that really got to me. She was outgoing, fun and supremely confident in herself as a woman. Basically, she was the most sensual person I knew.

We walked back from the party with a nice buzz, oblivious to the freezing Pennsylvania temperatures. Katie had managed to snag a large 3-person dorm room but only shared it with one other girl who spent most of her time at her boyfriend’s off-campus apartment. Katie’s palatial digs were the envy of all of her friends.

As we walked into the all-girl dorm, she double checked the bathroom was clear so that I could use the bathroom and get rid of some of that watered down frat beer. I came back to her room and fell into the bottom bed of one of the bunks. I had a nice buzz going, but had not passed out yet. When Katie got back from the bathroom, she must have thought I passed out and took her shirt off just a few feet from me. Being modest, she turned away when doing this but my heart still quickened its pace as I saw her sexy form through mostly closed eyes. Next, she bent over to take off her pants and the cutest little butterfly tattoo was revealed low on her hip. My God, I thought, she is the epitome of sexy.

Flash forward six years

Katie and I were the only two from our group of college friends that work in New York City. Now in our mid-20s, we regularly meet up for after-work cocktails. But just as that cold night several years ago, we always were seeing other people.

Knowing that we were both going to get engaged in the near future, istanbul escort and with a desire for Katie that burned with intense heat, I finally built up the courage (with the help of several scotches) to tell Katie of my intense crush on her.

At a local bar right near our places of employment, the crowd buzzed with the normal Thursday night excitement. After a few drinks, I leaned over to Katie and told her there was something I needed to get off of my chest.

“Sure, you know you can tell me anything.” she said. I took a sip of my Johnnie Walker Black and a deep breath.

“Since the day I met you, I’ve been madly in love with you. I was the one that sent you the anonymous love letter during our junior year.”

There, I blurted it out, off my chest. She sat there stunned, obviously piecing what I had just said with my actions and the anonymous letter, now five years old.

“I don’t know what to say,” I told her about my massive crush on her and how I think about that cold night all the time.

Still stunned, she said that she had similar feelings but was frustrated that we had always been seeing other people.

With that, I leaned in and said “Before either of us gets married, I want you. I booked us a room at the W hotel in Times Square tonight.”

Now even more stunned, Katie didn’t know what to do. I leaned in and our lips connected for a sensual, electric kiss that had been years in the making.

“Let’s go,” she said as my heart nearly leapt out of my chest.

It was a quick, two block walk to the hotel. I had definitely gambled on this one, but had booked the room and already checked in before meeting Katie for drinks. The champagne was already on ice, and room service had turned down the bed. You could tell we were both nervous in the elevator, with a bit of an awkward silence. But as we entered the low light of the hotel room overlooking Times Square, the awkwardness was gone. Katie turned to me and our bodies and lips met; six years of urges became quite apparent as our tongues danced together and our hands explored each other.

As I finally laid my hands on that cute little ass, and my tongue continued to furiously mingle with hers, I felt avcılar escort the familiar stirrings as my cock sprang to attention. We momentarily parted as I fumbled with the buttons on her shirt and she worked to undo my belt. Just like unwrapping a Christmas present, the clothes were off within a few seconds. I took a second to eye her gorgeous body up and down; my heart fluttered a bit when I saw the cute butterfly tattoo and had a flashback to her dorm room.

The urgency between the two of us only increased. As my hands caressed her soft skin, it became quite apparent that this was going to be a special night. I pushed her back on the bed and shifted my kisses to her neck. And then a little bit lower down to her shoulder. She shuddered as I took her left nipple into my mouth, and then the right. She squirmed a little bit as I sucked and massaged her beautiful A-cups. She was frustrated that I was still working my way down, wanting to put out the fire between her legs.

Kisses were planted on her stomach as she continued to squirm, driving her hips up and almost presenting herself to me. Teasingly, I skipped over her now dripping pussy, and began kissing her calves, and working my way up. Katie had her had digging into the pillow with anticipation as I slowly worked my way up her smooth, slender legs. This also gave me the opportunity to eyeball her beautiful pussy. Completely shaved, her outer lips were obviously in a high state of arousal, being very puffy and almost purple. Even her clit was beginning to peek out. I licked up her thighs, and then all around her pussy without touching it. I breathed in her sensual aroma as her anticipation peaked and my tongue began to dance around her folds. Her soft, sexy moans filled the room and her hands found the top of my head at once. First tasting her lips and the juices inside her, I moved up to give her clit some attention.

“Oh my God, that feels so amazing,” she uttered as I slipped a finger inside her while my tongue continued its slow circles around her now engorged clit. She began to moan some more and rock her hips as my index finger found her g-spot and massaged her pleasurably. Her legs tightened around my head as I could feel her approach an orgasm.

“Don’t şirinevler escort stop. Don’t stop,” she kept saying. It had turned into a repeated whisper as her hips quickened their pace and her thighs tightened their grip.

“Ooooh,” she let out as her body suddenly became frigid. I continued to lightly tongue her clit and slowed my finger-fucking of her. I could almost imagine the pleasure shooting through her body.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” she blurted out and pushed her hips as high as the could go and her head pushed back deep into the pillow. After a couple of post-orgasmic trembles, she lay still, sated by my tongue and still in shock at the entire situation. With the taste of her sweet nectar still fresh in my mouth, I moved up to hold her. After a few seconds, she jumped as a drop of my pre-cum embarrassingly landed on her leg. After being wrapped up in pleasing her for the past fifteen minutes, we both forgot about the throbbing seven inches of flesh that now ached to be addressed.

After several rounds of drinks, and the stress of disclosing my crush to Katie, I didn’t know if I’d be able to go two rounds. Just as fast as the night had been to this point, her lips suddenly found themselves wrapped around my cock. A couple of moans escaped from me and my hips began their natural rhythm. She moaned, sending vibrations straight to my spine as one hand rubbed my chest and the other lovingly caressed my balls.

Wanting her right then and there, I told her to stop and flipped her over. As I got on top of her, there was a shared feeling of anticipation again. As she grabbed my cock and lined it up to her soaked pussy, I looked into her eyes like I had conquered Everest.

One thrust and I was in. Looking at Katie I knew this was something special, and I also knew it wasn’t going to last long. Her warm, wet folds felt fabulous around my cock. I continued my slow, deliberate pace. We both savored the sensations as my pelvis ground up against her clit and her now-familiar squirming started up in earnest.

“Ooohh,” she moaned again, as a smaller orgasm worked its way from her clit to the rest of her body. This was all I needed as I thrust one final time and exploded inside of her. With each spurt of hot cum that hit her, her eyes widened a little bit in surprise.

She rolled over and fit perfectly in my arms as we spooned, hearts still racing. The Times Square lights cast a comforting, hazy glow on the room, and a comforting silence filled the room as two friends realized they were now something more.

To be continued…

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