Opposites Attract

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She was happily married. He was single. She was black. He was white. He was an artist, she was a financial planner. He lived in a Manhattan loft while she lived in a conservative Long Island community. Everything about them was opposite.

Most of all and best he was a man and she was a woman. Just thinking of his hard muscles and thick long cock had her drooling from her mouth and her pussy. Melinda was very happy she was on his door step waiting to be welcomed in.

Melinda smiled as her lover opened the door and immediately bent his head and claimed her mouth. His front door was open and anyone could see, but it didn’t matter. No one knew her here. And even if they did they did not care. They were artists, writers, poets and free thinkers. They celebrated sex and love and probably enjoyed watching to boot. Or at least listening.

There were going to be no drinks or small talk or preliminaries this time. Melinda was damned horny as was Daniel.

They barely made it into his front room, before Daniel started pulling her clothes off. She reciprocated in kind, pulling his loose fitting pants off. To her delight nothing was underneath.

Her out-layers off, Daniel pushed her panties aside and begin licking and slurping her pussy like an animal. He had done some construction on his loft and istanbul escort it always made him hot. And needy. And ready.

He sucked her clitoris in and out of his mouth and Melinda began to moan.

“Sweetie” he groaned, “we’re in the front room and I have next door neighbors that may hear. I don’t mind at all but I don’t want you to be embarrassed.”

Melinda thought through the waves of blinding pleasure. She should be worried that his neighbors would hear but she just didn’t care. Maybe it was the fact that he was proud for people to know she was there. Maybe it was the fact she got a tingle out of the thought that someone could hear. It just didn’t matter.

She grabbed his head closer to her spasming pussy. Melinda actually screamed as her body released sending a wave of wet moisture into his mouth.

Daniel licked her clean and than frantically positioned her on her knees on the sofa. Melinda’s hands rested against the wall the sofa sat against.

Panties now pulled off, legs spread wide, Daniel took his cock and thrust into her, feeling her wet soft walls envelope him.

Melinda shook with passion as his hard cock separated and filled her cunt. Thrusting and moving and squirming Daniel roughly fucked her.

Moans avcılar escort and cries came from both. Melinda wanted the neighbors to know she was getting fucked.

The fucking was good, hard and intense. Raw and primal. Daniel was thrilled with the knowledge that his neighbors could hear how he loved fucking and pleasing his woman.

“Damn” I’m cumming Melinda squealed. As he fucked into her creaming cunt Daniel felt his cock expand and than shoot all of his steamy cum deep into his lover’s pussy.

Exhausted Melinda and Daniel sank onto the couch together.

Licking her sweat from her skin with a twinkle in his eye Daniel teased Melinda that they had both been really loud. Maybe the neighbors did hear.

After a few moments Melinda decided that if you were going to do something you should do it right. She admitted to herself-she did want the neighbors to hear. Her pussy started tingling all over again at the thought of people listening to the hot fuck they had.

“Dan-I’m going to make you howl like a dog. Your neighbors will never look at you without thinking of sex,” Melinda teased.

“Go ahead, do your worst.”

Melinda bent her head and took Daniel’s hot wet cock in her mouth. He tasted like sperm. He tasted like cunt. And he tasted şirinevler escort like man. A combo she happened to love.

Flicking her tongue around the head, she felt his cock grow in her mouth. She sucked the head hard feeling it quiver and expand in her mouth.

Daniel was by now moaning.

But not enough-Melinda wanted him to howl with no thought or shame at who might be listening.

Taking a deep breath, she slowly moved down and engulfed his entire cock in her mouth. A complete deep-throat.

At the feel of his cock completely encased in her tight, hot mouth, Daniel lost it.

He didn’t give damn who was listening. In fact he wanted them to hear him. He wanted to show how his woman was pleasing him.

A long load howl erupted from Daniel’s throat. Hearing that Melinda swallowed and tightened the suction on her already bursting to the seams, stretched mouth.

The added pressure did it.

Daniel shouted out in load bold tones “I’m cumming, I’m cumminmg.”

Melinda eased her mouth up so that she could get a good taste and swallow of the hot sticky cum that flooded into her mouth.

She gloried in the fact that Daniel was still loudly moaning and grunting with no regard for possible listening ears.

Finally after swallowing the last drop, Melinda rested against a still panting Daniel.

“Told you I’d make you howl. And I’m pretty sure the neighbors did hear you cum.”

Daniel dropped a kiss on Melinda’s upturned face.

“To borrow a line from a well-known source,” he said, “Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn.”

Exploding with laughter, Daniel and Melinda rested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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