Ooh Doctor, That Is Cold!

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I was admitted to the orthopaedic ward of our hospital early one evening, prior to an operation on my back to relieve chronic sciatica. My operation was due two days later but I had to have a scan on my spine the following day.

It was my first prolonged stay in hospital so I was slightly surprised to be told by one of the nurses to undress and get into my nightclothes so early in the evening. I quickly undressed and got into an extra-long t shirt – as close as I get to night wear.

Because of family connections I was given a room to myself off the main ward so lay back on the bed and after looking round the confines of the room I read my novel for a while. I was brought a cup of tea by one of the nurses who asked if everything was OK and then left.

I resumed reading but a few minutes later was interrupted by another visitor to the room. She introduced herself as Dr Chapman, the senior orthopaedic Registrar, who needed to check me out. She asked me a few questions, some medical and some about my father who she knew.

She then ran through some checks on the extent of my condition, getting me to do leg lifts and examining my reflexes. Finally she told me that since one of the symptoms of a chronic back condition was the reduction in efficiency of the anal sphincter, she needed to test this out, apologising for having to do this.

I was acutely embarrassed, after all I’d only been in hospital about an hour, but everyone had told me that you have to leave your pride at the entrance when you enter a hospital as a patient.

I laughed it off nervously saying not to worry, I might even enjoy the experience.

She laughed sympathetically back and joked that some people pay good money to be on the receiving end of this kind of treatment. She put on a single latex glove, smeared her finger in some kind of lubricant she’d taken from a tube and asked me to lie on my side and assume the foetal position.

There was hardly any time to get embarrassed and after all I was facing away from her. She slowly slipped her finger into my tight ass, wiggling it slightly to move it further up and inside. The lubricant made the passage easy, in spite of the fact that my embarrassment was forcing me to screw my hole tight.

She asked me if I was uncomfortable and to cover my embarrassed state I replied ‘no, I can see why people would pay for this kind of service’. To be completely honest, as I lay there with the finger of someone I’d never met before shoved up my back passage wiggling urgently around, I was starting to relax pendik escort and savour the experience. After all, I’d done this to myself so many times, either with my finger or with a dildo that to have someone else oblige me was a bit of a treat.

I think she sensed a change in my behaviour because she chastised me, telling me this was a hospital and I wasn’t supposed to enjoy this type of procedure quite so much. I blushed furiously and apologised but saw a look in her eyes that I thought indicated she found the whole thing very funny.

She asked me to tighten my asshole round her finger as tight as possible to check for nerve damage. I duly obliged, pulling my sphincter up and tried to keep her finger up my ass. She indicated the nerve ability was fine and pulled her finger out with a slight slopping sound.

She told there was no cause for concern on the basis of any of the results she had found and after a bit more chatting about the operation I was to undergo later that week and how I was feeling she left.

I returned to my book and the evening passed with the odd visit from nurses with cups of tea, a not very pleasant evening meal, a shower for me and a phone call from my parents.

At ten o’clock, the lights went out in the main ward and after a few minutes the noise outside subsided, with only a few muffled snores from sleeping patients. I read on, gripped by my novel before calling it a day at gone midnight. Off went the light and I drifted off into a fretful sleep.

I was awoken by the sound of the door to my room shutting. I blearily looked up from my pillow and asked what was going on. A woman’s voice replied, ‘don’t worry, it’s Dr Bradshaw’. She explained that she needed to conduct a few additional tests. Even in my semi-conscious state, I thought it seemed a bit irregular to perform tests in the middle of the night.

I remembered the test she had carried out on me earlier that evening and started to wonder if there was some other motive to her visit that strict medical procedures. I weighed up the situation; she was about fifty years old, pretty good looking for a woman of that age, with a small slim body, light coloured short hair and a pleasant face. I also figured she had a lot more to lose than me if anything happened and we were caught in a compromising situation.

I suddenly became very awake, smiled in the darkness of the room and decided to see what developed.

‘What kind of test do you need to do?’ I naively asked her.

She sat on the edge of my bed and explained. ‘You remember tuzla escort the test I performed last evening?’ she asked. I nodded dumbly. ‘I may need to repeat that and do some others too’. ‘Does that bother you?’

I said simply that the sensation was far more pleasant that I had expected it to be and that if the other tests were in any way similar I’d be happy to do whatever was required.

She smiled and said that depended on what the other test revealed. She explained that with lumbar disc problems, the other problem, apart from incontinence, was impotence and she needed to test my ability to get an erection. I have since discovered that it is entirely true that one of the symptoms is erectile dysfunction, but at that moment, in the middle of the night, this was all the proof I needed that I was in for a bit of fun.

I told her to do her worst and lay back. Sadly I let myself down a bit because when she pulled back the sheet and lifted my t shirt she was faced by a growing penis. With every heart beat I could see it lift slightly further clear of my leg and into the air. She picked it up delicately in her left hand and started to pump it very slowly, applying pressure just under the glans. By this stage, my penis had swollen to an unprecedented size and I was lying back feeling like I had been taken to heaven.

She murmured what I thought was her appreciation and then very briefly ducked her head down and took me in her mouth. It lasted only for a couple of seconds and then she rose from the bed and asked me how I liked that. I was speechless and simply smiled at her. She glanced round to check the door then took from her pocket five or six of the disposable latex gloves. She rolled then into a ball , told me to trust her then stuffed then crudely into my mouth.

I have always found rubber a sexual turn on, but had never been gagged before. With the rubber filling my mouth, I couldn’t smell too well but the thought of it, both then and subsequently, was a huge turn on. With me unable to speak, she descended once more on my swollen cock and for three or four minutes she sucked, tugged and bit it with her mouth. I was told to keep my arms down by my sides and not to move at all. I complied, simply lying there trying to thrust up my hips to meet her urgent mouth.

She rose from my cock again and smiled at me. She then removed the soggy gloves from my mouth and I gasped at her asking what the next test was. She looked at me and said simply, ‘bugger the tests, this is for me’. She climbed onto the bed, facing the foot kartal escort end pulled up her skirt over her bottom and said ‘lick me’.

With her legs on either side of my chest she reversed up to my shoulders and I was faced in the half light by a pale milky white arse with a dark cleft bisecting it. I lifted my head from the pillows, lifted my arms from my sides and used my hands to pull the cheeks slightly apart.

Her head was buried near my groin but she showed no further interest in my bursting cock. She simply lay still inviting my attention. I obliged, first with my fingers stroking along the dark cleft and then with my mouth. I licked and kissed her slightly hairy pussy for a few minutes hearing only the sound of my tongue and a tiny whimpering noise from my doctor.

Throwing caution to the wind, I moved my mouth up and placed my tongue directly upon her anus. I had never done this to a woman before but here was something about the encounter that spurred me on. I licked round and round it before rolling my tongue and trying to force it inside. I had only limited success at this endeavour but seemed to hit the spot for the doctor, who at this point was more like my patient.

She moaned and, after a couple more seconds of attention by my rolled tongue, came in a sweaty silent way. She lay still for a minute then slipped round on the bed and faced me.

She looked at me in the darkness and, ever the doctor, asked me if I any diseases. I replied in the negative and she squatted down on my still engorged cock, putting a hand behind her to guide it deep inside her. She rocked very slowly and within 30 seconds she came again, steadying herself with her hands on my chest.

By now I was bursting and assuming that after her two orgasms I was safe to come, I prepared for what I knew would be a crashing finale.

She had other thoughts however and pulled herself free of my cock. Squatting above it she proceeded to piss all over my groin. With the warmth of her urine I was unsure what was going on to start with but finding myself in a rapidly cooling pool left me in no doubt!

She got down from the bed pulled her skirt straight, rearranged her white coat and whispered to me. ‘If you tell the nurses that you’ve wet yourself they’ll think your back condition is worse that it is, so if I was you I’d lie here quietly til they change your sheets in the morning’ she murmured. ‘If you are a good boy, I’ll be back tomorrow night for more tests’. And with that she left.

I lay there shivering in a very wet, cold bed, smelling strongly of her piss, hardly able to sleep until the light of morning arrived along with the nurses. By the time they changed the bed the sheet was dry and there was no evidence of my peculiar night visitor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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