One Man’s Cherry

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He was sitting at the bar drinking a beer when she sat next to him. She was drinking something fizzy with cherries and a pineapple perched on the rim of the glass. He glanced over at her, nodded and continued sipping at his beer. He did not frequent the bar much, as he was married and expected to be home at a certain time in the evening, but there were those days when his wife was gone later into the night, or gone overnight, so he took advantage of these moments and stopped in for a beer. This was usually a few times a month.

He had started going in a few times a week, to satisfy his need for change and some freedom from is overbearing wife. Therefore, this evening, he sat on a barstool, not particularly watching anything that was on the television above the bar, when she slid up next to him with her drink.

He glanced at her once again, looked away, and drank in her beauty via the mirror that spanned the backside of the bar. She was tanned nicely from the sun, her face and skin a natural golden brown, long dark locks of hair framed her face and fell about her shoulders, her eyes were that of dark chestnut. Her lips luscious and wet from her drink, her large breast stood up from her plump frame, enhanced by a lavender bustier that revealed them perfectly. Her legs were long and tanned, and the platform heels she wore only enhanced their length. He looked away long enough to pick up his beer and sip again. She saw him looking and adjusted herself at an angle so that he could notice her breast more, crossed her legs and ran her finger over the lip of her glass, removing a cherry buy the stem as she did. He still watched her through the mirror, aware that she was watching him watch her.

She took the dampened cherry and ran it about her lips, slowly caressing it with the tip of her tongue, opened her lips and let her tongue sensuously draw the cherry into her mouth, rolling it around seductively between her lips and tongue before softly chewing it and swallowing. He cleared his throat and squirmed pendik escort a bit on his barstool. This made her smile.

She leaned over towards him, her breath brushing against his cheek and ear and whispered, ‘That’s what I want to do to your cock and balls’, and eased back away from him, and smiled. He was taken aback from her words, and straightened himself up, adjusting his pants just slightly to compensate for his growing member.
He turned to her and quietly said, “You don’t even know me.”

He looked her over again, there was not sign of any wedding band, and he wasn’t sure if he knew her or not.

“Oh, I know you,” She stated in a soft sultry voice, as smoky as the room. “I see you every time you come in here, and it’s been increasingly more for the last few weeks. Your wife must be letting you off your leash more.” She smiled a wicked smile at him, and he liked it, even though her words upset him.

“She has nothing to say about what I do.” and he took a quick chug of his beer.

‘Ummm Humm, that’s why you don’t get to come as often as you would like.” She said in a pouty tone. ‘Come,’ he thought, ‘you don’t know the half of it.’

She plucked another cherry from the rim of her glass and placed it to her lips once again, rolling and sucking and tonguing it with her mouth. He felt himself grow stiff and had to stand up to adjust himself this time. She smiled, sucked on the cherry and then it was gone. He sat back down, with one leg straightened out.

“So, can I?” she whispered again, only this time they were facing each other, her breast heaving with her words, his member stiff and throbbing, thinking how much he would love to feel her mouth do that to his cock. She caressed his knee with her hand and continued to run it up his thigh, just barely grazing his stiff member through his jeans.

He wanted more then just her mouth on his cock; he wanted to feel the beauty of the woman that sat there seducing him.

He breathed heavy, knowing kartal escort he was going to do something that he shouldn’t, but something that he wanted, something that he had to prove to himself that he could do with out consequences’, or his wife’s permission.

“Where should we go then?” He asked her, longing to caress her wet lips with his tongue.

“I have a place upstairs above the bar, it’s quiet, cool, and no one will ever know.”

Her tone was more then he could bare, her breast heaving as she breathed, enticing him to touch those lovely mounds of exposed flesh, he took the final swig of his beer, tossed a 20 up on the bar to pay for their drinks and stood up.

“Lead the way,” He said, clearing his throat.

She tapped on the bar, picked up the 20 and handed it back to him, “this won’t be necessary, the drinks are on me.” She waved at the bartender and turned, reaching her hand out to him.

She guided him to a darkened corner of the bar that contained a locked door. She opened the door to a set of stairs and pulled him in behind her, shutting the door again. There was no other conversation between them until they got to the landing and she opened the next door to her apartment.

“Wow, I didn’t even know this was here.” He said. She smiled, and pulled him towards the part of the loft that was her bedroom. The bed was huge, decorated with soft and bright colored fabric draped from the canopy, satin and velvet softly flowed against the breeze of the ceiling fan.

“So how did you get this place?” He asked her as she pushed him back towards the bed and knelt down in front of him.

“I own the bar.” She smiled as she unzipped his jeans, easing her fingers inside, curiously hunting for his hardness.

He wore nothing under his jeans and it was easy for her to access his swollen manhood. She looked up at him and smiled again as she undid the button holding his jeans tight. He let himself relax against her bed and then found himself maltepe escort laying back on the softness of the covers. ‘Was it the beer, the softness of the atmosphere, or was it meant to be?’ His thoughts wandered about as he felt her fondling him. She stopped brief enough to slip off her shoes and her clothes, revealing a beautiful tanned body. He immediately disrobed the rest of the way, allowing his swollen stiffness freedom. She pushed him back onto the bed and he adjusted himself against the pillows so he could watch her as she slipped down between his legs.

“Do what you did to the cherry,” He whispered and moaned as she took his pulsing cock head in her cool lips, fondling it with her tongue, caressing it with her lips like she had the cherry. “More,” He gasped, and she replied by running her mouth smoothly up and down his shaft, tracing her tongue up and down the ridges and head as she went. She would leave his cock long enough to fondle his balls with her tongue and fingers, caressing them fully with both. He moaned, gasped and grew harder with her touch and warmth of her mouth. Experience had taught her well, and he had never had this type of experience. His head spun and she continued to make him tense and relax with her mouth as she did different things to tease and excite him.

She took her time, as she wanted this experience with him to be one of pleasure and not easily forgotten. She had had her eye on him for along time, and wanted to pleasure him as much as she thought he would want to pleasure her. She knew this would not be the last time they met like this.

He moaned loudly, body tensing, quivering and pulsing. His cum filled her mouth, and she lapped it greedily; taking in every last drop, licking every spot to make sure she had not missed any, her hand slowly caressing his balls to ease the last bit of tension that was there. His body finally collapsed as she lapped the last of his cream.

She let him lay quietly for a bit, then slid off the edge of the bed and walked to the side, slipping quietly into his arms. He wrapped them around her, touching her face and bringing it up to his, wanting to kiss her deeply and taste her.

They lay there silently, kissing and caressing, working towards another round of sexual bliss that would continue for years to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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