On the Shooting Range

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Big Tits

Writer’s Note: All characters in this story, or mentioned in this story, were over eighteen years of age. Events were based on actual experienced even though they may have been compressed for times sake and names may have been changed. Events occurred prior to the need to practice safe sex there fore no safe sex techniques were used.


After ten years of teaching high school American history and completing my Master’s Degree I was able to quit several part time jobs I had had for years and focus on the two things I wanted to do most, teaching American history and firearms training. My home was located on the corner of a seventy acre citrus grove and in exchange for my looking out for trespassers steeling oranges the owner let me use the back corner of the grove for my shooting range.

One evening I received a call answering an ad I had placed in our local weekly newspaper for a basic handgun course. The woman on the other end of the phone identified herself as Leigh Ann a manager of a finance company on the out skirts of Tampa. She was interested in taking one of my firearms courses to protect herself and her employees from possible criminals who might try to rob them. We set up the training for the upcoming Saturday afternoon.

Leigh Ann arrived about ten minutes early and we began to discuss the training she needed. She was probably in her mid to late thirties and very tall, almost matching my 5′ 10″ frame. She was not a pretty woman judging by classic standards; her face was a bit long, her nose was a bit large, and her smile was slightly off set. She was, however, an attractive woman and what she lacked in facial beauty she more than made up for in her figure. Her dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes were warm and friendly. Wearing a denim mid-thigh skirt and a light knit, sleeveless top indicated her perfectly formed body of curves, a very ample chest, and long shapely legs. She was very bright woman with a sense of humor; she was a pleasure to work with.

Before moving onto the range to shoot her S she raised her arms parallel to the ground extending her arms straight from her shoulders.

When she fired the first shot she safely lowered the gun and said, “Wow! That was awesome!”

As she looked at the hole in the center of the target I noticed that her nipples had hardened and were pushing against the fabric of her light knit top. She continued to shoot a variety of single and multiple shots from various positions; she was a natural at it. Her “fighting stance” was not only perfect if was very artful and sensuous. It was difficult to keep my eyes off of her firm, perfectly formed ass and concentrate on her shooting form.

The one hour class quickly passed into three hours and the heat of the afternoon, Florida sun had us both drenched in perspiration from the bottles of Gatorade we had consumed. We became more comfortable with each other’s company and often teased and touched each other during different phases of the training.

Finally Leigh Ann wiped her brow then announced, “I have to go to the bath room.”

I chuckled then asked, “Which one of these hundreds of orange trees would you like to use?”

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to bear my butt in front of you just yet.” She responded also with a chuckle seeing my smile and eyes widen at the words, “just yet”.

I continued smiling at her saying, “Go ahead and drive back up to the house while I pack up. Just enter in the sliding glass door and go through the dining room and turn right; the bathroom is on the right. When you finish why don’t you pick one of the menus by the phone and order us dinner. That is if you would like to join me.”

I always kept several menus ready for those times when I just did not want to go out or cook-usually one from my favorite pizza, Chinese, and Italian restaurants who would also deliver.

“Sure! Thanks! I’m sorry but I’ve been holding it way too long.” Then she hopped in her car and left the range.

I packed everything in the back of the jeep and drove the three hundred yards back to the house. Once I got everything unloaded and stored in the utility room I went into the house. Leigh Ann had just finished ordering dinner and was patting herself dry with a towel; her nipples hardened from the cooler air against her wet top.

I asked, “So what did you order us for dinner?”

“Well I ordered lemon chicken, egg rolls, fried rice and low mien. I think the lady who took the order must know you.”

I laughed saying, “That would have been Lily, the owner; she has delivered here a number of times.”

Then she added, “I really should have run home to shower and change.”

I moved close to her and placed my hand on her hips to reassure her, “We are both in about the same condition so you don’t need to worry about it. Maybe we can take a shower together istanbul escort after dinner”

She looked at me for a moment then countered, “I don’t think you understand, my panties are soaking wet and not completely from perspiration either.”

I smiled saying, “Living in an orange grove I have found that you get the sweetest juice from fruit straight off the tree.” I leaned close and gave her a quick kiss on the lips then another one which lasted a bit linger then another longer one.

I moved my hands lower to her firm round ass and began to lift her skirt up slowly as we continued a longer, deeper kiss. I moved my hands into the waist band of her full cut, cotton panties and began peeling the wet fabric over her hips and ass. “I really should get you out of these wet things so you don’t get a cold.”

She giggled then moaned lightly, “Mmmm.”

I bent lower to move them down her shapely legs to her feet. After she lifted each foot out of the legs I stood back up then lifted her damp panties to my nose to deeply inhale the scent of her cunt then dropped them on the dining room table saying, “Mmmm fresh from the tree.”

I pushed her against the dining room table as we continued kissing, our lips and tongues dueling with each other as my fingers unbuttoned the tiny buttons of her knit top. I bent my head slightly to kiss and suckle each rose pink nipple as she opened her legs and pulled me closer into her. While I savored each nipple with my lips and tongue I was drawn to the scent of her cunt.

I dropped to my knees and lifted her right leg to rest her foot on one of the chairs then began to kiss her thighs and pubic mound.

Leigh Ann pushed my head back asking, “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather we shower first?”

I pushed her hand away then began to explorer the thick pubic hair for the source of the sweet nectar that had earlier soaked her panties. I heard her moans and felt her fingers in my hair as I covered her under carriage with my tongue.

I heard a, “Oooh…aaaaah” as I slipped a finger into her tightly puckered rose bud and my tongue began to lap the sweet juices flowing from her well. The bridge of my nose pressed lightly against her clit as I moved my mouth to catch every drop of her creamy liquid. She began to move her hips to grind her cunt into my face as I worked my cream soaked finger in and out of her rear orifice. My lips moved up to her clit and captured it tightly so my tongue could dance over the little pearl.

“Oh god!” escaped her lips as she pulled my face tighter into her cunt. She continued to grind her cunt into my face until her muscles suddenly tensed. She cried out, “Aaaaah!” and shuddered before going limp and pushing my face away. For several minutes her chest heaved to catch her breath as I kissed her thighs then she pulled my face back into her soaked cunt saying, “Let’s try that one more time.”

Enjoying the juicy taste and heady aroma of her cunt on my face I was happy to oblige her request. Leigh Ann smiled down at me and tightened her anal muscles squeezing my finger still deep in her ass. As she pulled my face into her glistening slit I slipped my thumb into her juicy well and twirled my finger and thumb while my tongue began to dance through the juicy slit just below her clit. Her hips once again began to move against my face as her hands pulled me tighter into her saddle. Sounds of pleasure invoking higher powers escaped her mouth from deep in her throat, primal sounds of grunts, groan, and moans.

The spell was quickly broken with, “Oh god a car just pulled into the drive way.” Leigh Ann pushed my face from between her legs then started buttoning her top.

I stood and gave her a quick kiss and asked, “Will you mind slipping your hand down the front of my jeans and straighten out my painfully bent cock?”

She hurriedly did as requested and brought me quick relief then gave me a light squeeze before removing her hand saying, “I think that will fit nicely for what I have in mind.”

She gave a very naughty smile as I kissed her asking, “Do you enjoy tasting your creamy juices on my lips?” Before she could answer the door bell rang and I crossed the room to open it.

Lily stepped into the room as I exclaimed, “Ah Lily, the flower of my heart.”

She presented me her cheek to kiss while holding our bag of food, as I kissed her she sniffed briefly then said in her broken English, “You already have snack. You ruin dinner.” obviously referring to Leigh Ann’s aroma on my lips and face.

Leigh Ann had moved into the kitchen to avoid being seen in her rather disheveled state but Lily was already half way to the dining room and would see her. I immediately noticed Leigh Ann’s panties on the table where I had dropped them earlier. avcılar escort I quickly moved ahead of her and grabbed the panties but not in time to keep her from seeing.

As she set the bag of food on the table she grinned and asked, “You have new napkins?”

Leigh Ann turned three shades of red as I calmly wiped the corner of my mouth mockingly with the still damp soft cotton.

Once Lily removed all the containers from the bag and arranged them on the table she looked at me and announced, “That’s $12.45 plus big tip.”

I handed her a twenty and as she stuck it into her bra she told Leigh Ann, “Will my number one man; you give him good love.” Leigh Ann added one more shade of red to her embarrassment.

As we ate our lemon chicken and other dishes Leigh Ann commented, “Wow she was something else.” I chuckled and told her about Lily coming from China with her husband and building their business by working long hours; rarely getting to see each other.

At the end of the story she asked, “So have you bedded her too?”

I gave her a smile and wink saying, “I don’t kiss and tell.” Then added teasingly, “Unless you want me to spread the word about how wonderful you taste. Of course Lily already knows and I think she likes.”

She gave me a smack on the arm.

During our meal Leigh Ann told me, “I’m not completely a slut I just prefer to express my sexuality openly when I’m interested in a man and I became interested in you almost from the start. Did I shock you by being so easy?”

“Not at all, as soon as I saw you acquire your fighting stance with your long legs spread and your very sweet ass stuck back I have thought of little else but showering it with kisses.”

She patted my hand then added, “Well while you were admiring my “sweet ass” I was already thinking about you bending me over the shooting bench and filling my nookie with your hard cock.”

I chuckled, “Tell me again which one is your “nookie”? I’m not sure I know that one.”

She laughed, “That’s the one you were kissing and licking earlier. I have just never liked that word which begins with a “P”.”

I gave her a kiss then told her, “Then “nookie” will be my favorite word from now on.”

I wiggled in my seat in obvious discomfort saying, “I think I need another one of your readjustments to relieve my pain.”

She quickly moved her hand into the front of my jeans and gently made the needed adjustment then gave me another gentle squeeze and a kiss on the lips.

After we finished eating and reading the pronouncements from our fortune cookies I turned her chair to face me and unbuttoned her top again to enjoy her rose pink nipples. When she could no longer stand my lips and tongue kissing and suckling them she stood and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I stood and lowered my jeans and boxers. My again erect cock sprang upward into her hand as I took her into my arms and began to kiss her mouth. After several minutes I sat back down in the chair and pulled her on to my lap.

Leigh Ann gently took my erect cock in her hand and guided it into her wonderfully hot, wet cunt…aah, “nookie” then slid downward on my shaft. Our mouths devoured each other as her cunt… ah, nookie, squeezed my cock and my fingers pinched and pulled her hard nipples.

For almost a half hour we sat in the dining room chair and talked, played, and fucked. Leigh Ann enjoyed a number of mini orgasms during the playing and fucking as she worked her muscles to keep me hard when I began to wane.

Finally she asked, “Are you going to take me to bed and give me a proper fucking before you send me home?”

I assured her, “I am going to take you to bed and I am going to give you a proper fucking but I have no intention of sending you home until sometime late tomorrow. The question right now is do I need to take you back to the range to bend you over the shooting bench or can I just bend you over the dining room table for now?”

That started another round of trying to devour each other’s mouths until she finally stated, “I think the dining room table will work just fine for tonight but I do want you to bend me over the shooting bench sometime. I have never fucked outside before.”

Leigh Ann stood up so we could move to the table; my cock glistened with her creamy juices. When I stood up she immediately dropped to her knees and quickly took my cock into her mouth. “That’s a beautiful sight seeing my cock slip past your lips. Do you enjoy tasting your nookie on my cock?” We were interrupted earlier when I asked about tasting her juices on my lips.

“Mmmm” was the only answer she could offer with my cock in her mouth.

I then asked, “What if it was another woman’s juices on my cock, would you enjoy that too?”

She stood up and gave me a şirinevler escort kiss then asked, “I might or at least I have thought about it.” She captured my cock between her legs then continued, “One of the ladies in the office has flirted with me a number of times. I could probably let her go down on me but I’m not sure I could return the favor and I would not want to hurt her feelings. Why, do you have someone in mind?”

After some more kissing I answered with, “Oh I’m sure I could come up with a few choices if you are interested in exploring your bi side.” There was more kissing.

Leigh Ann then added, “I saw several very pretty women in the pictures on the wall in the hall but right now I have something else on my mind.”

She moved a few steps to the dining room table, opened her legs, and bent over the table resting her elbows on the table and her head in her hands.

She reached back with one hand and gently wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled me closer, “My nookie wants to feel you inside.”

I took my shaft and rubbed its head up and down the beautiful, slippery, pink slit several times before plunging in ball deep. I held her hips tightly and felt her tighten her muscles around me. As she began to move her hips up and down I started moving in and out of the pink membranes glistening with her juices. It was a beautiful sight seeing my turgid shaft disappear and then reappear glistening with her juices.

Each time I sank up to the hilt the cheeks of her sweet ass jiggled and she moaned quietly. I was over come at the sight and gave her sweet ass a couple firm smacks on each cheek.

Leigh Ann looked back over her shoulder and demanded, “Make it sting daddy.” I immediately increased my strokes and the firmness of my smacks on her ass. “Oh yes Daddy. Oh yes!”

Again I picked up the pace and began leaving a pink print of my hand on her lovely ass. I felt her fingers close to my balls each time I slammed against her flanks; they seemed to be working in a feverish pitch creating a squishy sound. Her moans became groans, then grunts. I matched her movements so we could both reach our objective at the same time.

I was early by a few seconds and my cock pumping more liquid into her already gushing hole creating even louder squishing sounds. The squishing sounds were quickly muffled by Leigh Ann’s grunts and screams then she quickly collapsed on the table trying to catch her breath. I leaned forward against her back and supported my weight on my hands. My perspiration dripped from my face and chest then pooled in the shallow valley of her spine.

Once I was able to regain my strength I stepped back to let my shrunken cock slide out of the warmth and wetness of Leigh Ann’s cunt…ah nookie. As I pulled out a long white cream droplet slid out with me and made its way to the floor. The still open crevasse between the cheeks of her ass and legs provided a much too beautiful sight to pass up so I quickly dropped to my knees and began to clean up the mess I had created. My tongue danced around her tightly puckered pink rose bud and even tried to probe deeper. Then I began to lap up the salty mess oozing from the pink slit mostly hidden in a thick patch of matted pubic hair; I had to stop several times to remove a pubic hair or two-a small price to pay for such a delicious treat.

When I stood up Leigh Ann also stood up and turned around to resume our kissing saying, “I like kissing almost as much as I like fucking.”

Then she proceeded to remove her panties from the breakfast counter and wipe off my slimy, cum covered cock and her dripping cunt. “How about if we take that shower now?” she asked.

In the shower we took turns soaping a wash cloth and washing each other’s bodies. We paid close attention to the crevasses between each other’s cheeks even probing with fingers or at least until my swelling cock was standing tall. Leigh Ann extended her arms from the wall, arched her back, and then pushed her beautiful ass backward. With my soap covered cock I slipped in her back door with little resistance and began to thrust in and out.

Our shower was just more sexual play which continued as we dried each other with thick, soft towels. We were both looking forward to going to bed for some “proper fucking”.

Once clean and dry we filled our wine glasses and stood in the hall looking over the montage of black and white nude photos of my ex wife alone, with me, or with other friends and lovers. They were all very tastefully done with lights and shadows; none were explicit but all highly erotic and sensual.

Leigh Ann asked about the people portrayed, “Were they all her lovers?”

“Yes.” I replied

“Did you know about them?”

“Yes, we had an agreement that if we were not together we would tell the other one as soon as possible. Most of these were taken when we were together.”

The questions continued until her curiosity was satisfied which also corresponded with my new erection and her hardened nipples and increased breathing. We moved into the bedroom and onto the bed where we quickly rolled into each other’s arms and began devouring each other’s mouths.

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