On the Loveseat Ch. 25

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On the Loveseat Chapter 25

Dear Readers,

This is the penultimate chapter in this tale gone epic. It took longer to write because I wrote right to the end and finding it long, decided to split it. After the next chapter there will be two more installments that are not part of the main story, being an appendix with some author’s notes, explanations to some comments, and some ‘deleted’ scenes. The final installment will be of alternate endings. All are already written and will be released with only a slight delay between each one. I hope you enjoy!

BTW, there was a slip in the last chapter that I overlooked while writing it. When the parents give Jojo a kitten for her birthday, I had forgotten that Jenny has allergies to animal dander such that she couldn’t even go to the zoo (in chapter 8). I will only say that there is probably some new allergy medicine that mom can take to allow her daughter to have a cat and leave it at that. I know it’s a small point, but it’s the kind of things that takes me out of a story! Sorry about that, and on with the story!


I was waiting anxiously to hear from Erin to find out that she had returned home. I thought it might seem too clingy to be sitting in their front yard when she and her parents arrived home, but I still had to fight my desire to do so. Instead, I let Erin call me to tell me she was home. She had texted me earlier to let me know of her imminent arrival, and thus my craving to be camped at her house. The wording of her text suggested that she was just as eager to see me. Maybe more so, as she didn’t have alternate companions for sexual release like I had had with mom and Grandma Sharon!

Would Erin scold Jenny for my escapade with Sharon if my girlfriend found out about it? Erin had teasingly told mom to not let me stray. Did my hot grandmother count as far as that?

Besides, I didn’t know how much conversation Erin and I would have upon reuniting.

There wouldn’t be much more than kissing at first, especially with her parents nearby. Then when we were able to get some privacy, we would rip our clothes off each other and have incredible ‘welcome home’ sex! Maybe we would go back to that secluded out of the way place where we first had sex, but I doubted that either of us would be able to contain ourselves to make the long drive! We did have to at least make it out of Erin’s driveway!

Mom saw my anxiousness and teased me about it. I had to wonder if she might have a desire to join us.

No, this time would be all about me and my beautiful and sexy girlfriend!

Any thoughts I might have had about our relationship cooling off during the past two weeks were easily dismissed. If anything, my love and desire for the fiery little frizzy-haired redhead had only increased with her absence. My sexual needs may have been satiated while she had been gone, but my heart and my brain ached for her as much as my dick ever had!

I was on edge the morning of Erin’s return and was barely able to eat any breakfast.

“I know you got it bad when you can’t eat!” Mom teased me as I fidgeted with my bowl of cereal.

“You know how much I love her. As much as I love you.” Then I lowered my voice with my siblings in the living room. “Jenny.”

Mom smiled at that.

“I love you too, honey, you know that. I am feeling a bit of that old jealousy.”

“About Erin?” I looked up at her quizzically.

“I love her, too. Not like I love you. Or your father. But she has become like a daughter to me. Or even more.”

Mom had a bit of a shy, but lustful look on her face.

“And she loves you too, mom.” I said casually. Then added more devilishly. “Or even more!”

“I suppose that when you come back home, whenever that should be, that you won’t need any of my … attentions?” She asked me demurely.

I found it very ironic that mom could be such a wanton sexy woman at times, but then at others she was almost a bashful young girl.

“Aren’t you still on your …” I trailed off. That was still something I had difficulty talking about with her, no matter how much we had done together.

“No, I’m done.” Mom had understood my question.

“Mom, Jenny, if you need attending, you know I will gladly do so, but yes, I will probably be quite … dry when Erin is done with me.” I told her with concern.

I would never be able to refuse my incredible Jenny, even if my body was incapable!

“No, no. I’m fine. You have fun with Erin. Tell her I said welcome home and that Jojo has been nagging to see her again.”

“Oh, I know. We still have her trip to the stables coming up.” I said. I knew that mom wasn’t being truthful and that she wasn’t actually ‘fine’, but I did need to be with Erin more. That truth was crushing to me!

I gave mom a soft kiss, first on the cheek, but then another on her warm lips. It was too quick for either of us, but represented our overwhelming love for each other.

My phone buzzed.

I quickly checked it. Erin!

She told me that she was home and that they had unloaded their SUV, ataşehir escort so that she declared that the respectable amount of time had passed and that it was now okay for me to come over. I gave mom a heartfelt smile and she waved me to go.

“I love you, Jenny.” I declared at full volume. Then blew her a kiss as I opened the front door.

I did speed on my way to Erin’s house; I will not lie! But I did keep it below the sound barrier! I swear!

I didn’t even get to knock at her door, when it swung open and a mass of arms, legs, and auburn hair overtook me! We were barely able to get our lips lined up to kiss in our excitement at our reunion! I didn’t even care if her parents could see us or not; I definitely didn’t notice their presence.

Or anyone’s!

All my attention was on the love that now filled my arms and my eyes!

After a lengthy batch of hello kisses, we finally were able to pull apart enough to see each other.

“I’ve missed you so much, babe!” Erin exclaimed before giving me another deep passionate kiss.

“Not as much as I’ve missed you, love.” I declared.

I did hold off on another kiss. I did note then that Terrence and Charise were standing in the doorway.

I put a handspan between me and their daughter.

“Hello, Jeremy.” Erin’s mother smiled at me cordially.

“Jeremy. You look well.” Terrence said with a tone just milder than cold.

“Charise. Terrence.” I nodded to each of them in greeting.

“Come on, Terrence. Let’s give them their privacy.” Charise looked at her husband.

“Privacy? They’re standing in the front yard!” Terrence protested, but I saw him follow his wife and close the door.

“We have to go somewhere!” Erin commanded.

I knew exactly what she was suggesting!

“I haven’t had someone to take care of me like you have, lover!” She told me sexily.

“It wasn’t like that the whole time you’ve been gone. I have to work now. And mom has been on her period this past week! I even went and visited my grandma.” I said a bit defensively.

I didn’t want her to think that Jenny and I had been having sex non-stop the whole time Erin had been away. Even if the photos and video mom had me send to Erin the first night might have suggested otherwise!

“Your grandma, huh?”

It might just be my guilty conscious, but that sounded a little accusatory. I didn’t know if I was going to tell Erin about Sharon. Not yet anyway. I knew that I couldn’t keep anything from my loving girlfriend for very long. Even if I longed to tell her anyway! Only the concern for Jenny made me reluctant to immediately tell her.

“Where should we go?” Erin gave a guilty look at the closed front door of her house as if her parents were still standing there.

I wasn’t sure that they weren’t at some window secretly watching us to make sure we kept our respectability. Especially on their front lawn!

“Are you hungry?” I queried.

“Sure, I am! For a big slab of prime grade-A Jeremy!” Erin’s voice dripped lust.

I had to grin at that! Who wouldn’t love to hear a sexy young girl tell them that?

“It is the middle of the day, Erin.” I said cautiously. I felt her father’s eyes on me, even if they really weren’t.

“I need you, love. Now!” Erin said fiercely.

“Well, I did think about that spot that you first took me to. I don’t know if we could last long enough to get there!” I suggested weakly.

“You’re working now!” She stated the obvious.

“Yeah, so?”

“Let’s go get a motel room!” Erin tugged me towards my car.


“Erin. It’s the middle of the day. We’re only eighteen!”

I couldn’t believe her suggestion!

Not that it wasn’t very tempting!

We got in my car and with a few minutes of kissing before I started it, we were off.

Her suggestion was more than tempting! And not really a suggestion as she gave me no choice but to drive to a less-than-reputable section of town where there were a few seedy motels and long-term lodgings for the less-than-affluent citizens.

I still argued, but I knew there was no denying my horny girlfriend.

She even convinced me to check in with her.

The shifty looking older man at the counter didn’t even bat an eye when Erin said she wanted a room. Neither did he say anything about the length of time we’d be staying. It was only two o’clock in the afternoon, we were young, and had no baggage. The man didn’t have to be a genius, even if he hadn’t probably encountered this many times already. I still felt like he was sizing the two of us up as sex perverts!

Hey! I’d never checked into a motel for an afternoon romp with anyone before!

I wasn’t sure that this would be the last time either!

We kissed as soon as the door closed and we started to pull off our clothing.

Then Erin pulled away from me with a strange look on her face. She stood there in her bra, staring at the room’s dirty carpet.

“I have to tell you something first.”

I didn’t like the tone of her voice.


My kadıköy escort erection stood prominently in my plaid boxers.

“Yes.” Erin said simply.

She then sat on the bed and seemed to be keeping her eyes from looking at me. I felt the world lurch.

I sat beside her, keeping my eyes on her suntanned face, the few freckles there now more prominent.

Then her eyes looked into mine and I saw some fear there. My love for her swelled and I was now ready to fight anything that could cause that look in her eyes.

“When I was at my aunt’s.” Erin turned away quickly, but then visibly forced her gaze back to me. “Something happened. Something I’m not proud of.”

“Yes?” I asked sympathetically.

“There was a guy there.” Her eyes were unwavering then. As if having made herself look at me, she didn’t dare look away. “Someone that I knew. From before.”

“Okay.” I tried to sound comforting, but I felt I knew what was coming.

“We were having a party on the beach. I did some drinking. Probably too much.” A slight pause as she collected her strength to continue. “Gary and I had met a few years ago. We were a summer thing, but that’s it. I’ve seen him since, but …”

I just looked at her with a sinking feeling.

“I was drunk. And horny. He was there. And you weren’t. It was just the one time.” Erin had wetness in her blue orbs.

“I’m so, so sorry. It shouldn’t have happened. I knew it even as it was occurring.”

“It’s okay Erin.” I said with no emotion.

“No, it’s not. I … I just was worried about how much I love you and if I spent my whole life with you that I would never … you know, be with anyone else again. That scared me. And it also thrilled me. I know it makes no sense.”

“Yes, it does. Perfect sense.” I told her lovingly. “It just means that no matter how much you believe in your destiny thing, that a small part of you still wonders what else might be.”

I put a soothing palm on her cheek.

“I am a little afraid of what the future holds for us. You and me. This thing with Jenny has made me all too aware of what feeling too strongly for someone could lead to.” I said softly. “I love you more than any other girl I’ve ever known. I don’t think I could live without you. I know exactly what you felt. I’ve felt it too.”

I tried to sound supportive. I was truly the last person to complain about infidelity. I had my mom cheating on dad with me. I myself had ‘cheated’ on Erin with Grandma Sharon while she was gone. Erin only enforced this with her next words.

“I had thought that Gary was good when I was with him that one summer. Now, I know that most of that feeling had to be nostalgia. He doesn’t even come close to comparing to you, Jeremy.”

Her love for me burned so brightly upon her face and in those incredible eyes that had captured me right off the bat.

“It’s okay, Erin. I forgive you. No … actually, I don’t forgive you.”

Her face dropped at that of which was a knife to my gut. But I hadn’t finished.

“There is nothing to forgive.” I continued. “You are your own person. If you choose to sleep with someone else, that has nothing to do with me. I don’t condone it … I can’t. I love you too much. All I can do is try to do anything, everything that I can to make you choose not to be with anyone else. I can only love you and hope you love me.”

I wasn’t trying to sound romantic; I was just speaking from my heart.

Her lips turned up at the ends and a tear did run from one eye.

“I love you, honey!” Her conscious now vaguely eased.

I gave her my most loving look in reply, then added. “Show me lover!”

I leaned close to kiss her, but kept up my lean to push the two of onto the faded white bedcover. Erin just returned my kiss with a little squeak of glee as I laid on top of her.

I won’t describe what Erin and I did behind the thin motel door other than that when we left later that evening as it grew dark outside, we were both very well reacquainted with each other, our lusts were satiated, and our legs wobbly!

We did go out for food after that as we were then ravenously hungry.

I dropped Erin back at her house, with the porch light on like a beacon that signaled her parents knew everything we had done that day!

We did still prolong our parting in my front seats!

“I need to come over to your house and properly thank your mom for all the inspiration she gave me while I was gone!” Erin told me easily as if she really hadn’t been talking about how she had taken care of herself while we were parted.

“After this afternoon? You still need more?” I asked slightly hurt.

“No, no! Not like that!” Erin laughed easily. “Is that all you ever think about? Sex, sex, sex?”

She gave me a quick kiss.

“No, of course not.” I answered defensively.

Really, I didn’t! Not all the time!

I walked her to her door, hand in hand. We climbed the steps and as we stood there, I felt exposed in the porch light. We kept that kissing to only a few minutes.

Then bostancı escort she went inside, leaving me the image of her smiling lips and exquisite blue eyes as parting gifts.

The drive home did leave me thinking.

Erin’s confession did affect me more than I wanted to admit. My upper brain was truly fine with it. But there was something inside that did hurt. I fought it off. I had no control over what Erin did, I was only her boyfriend and I didn’t own her. Even if we did get to the point one day of getting married, she would always be her own woman. I could only do as I had said and try to keep her happy enough to choose to stay with me.

Her admission did hit me hard in other ways too.

This was brought to my attention a few days later.

I wasn’t working that day, dad was at work, and my siblings were at respective friends for a few hours.

You might think that I would be interested in using the time for another romp with Jenny, but since Erin’s return, the two of us had made every effort to slake our lusts. I was actually more interested in just talking with Jenny. I already knew every bit of her body intimately, but even though I had lived with her for eighteen years, I realized that I barely knew her. Outside of being my mother, that is.

“Mom, can we talk?” I came into the living room while she was doing something she rarely did in the daytime, sitting on the couch.

“Is something wrong?” She looked at me with concern. I couldn’t tell if it was motherly, or as my lover.

“No, not really.” I told her and sat beside her, close but not overly so.

“What’s up?” The worry faded from her face.

“I just never really just talk with you. I love you, but I don’t really know you. Not like I know Erin.”

“Sure, you know me, I’m your mother. You’ve seen me almost every day for your whole life!” Her tone was light, carefree.

“But I don’t. Jenny.” I stated, implying more than familial knowledge.

“Jeremy.” She looked at me lovingly, but curiously.

“I don’t know your favorite color. Your favorite animal. Where you’ve always wanted to go. What you wanted to be when you grew up. Besides a great mom, that is! Any of that kind of stuff.”

Jenny studied me closely as if questioning the intent of my queries.

A moment later she responded, easily but as if some of her answers were state secrets.

“Okay. Well, first, blue. But not the usual blue, but that color of the sky just as the sun first rises.” Jenny started. “I love pandas. I would love to see Italy, particularly Venice. And besides being a dancer, I kind of wanted to be a sculptor. To feel the wet clay as I created something from nothing.”

“See. I didn’t know that. Well, except that dancer part.” I stared at my beautiful mom. “Venice would be amazing to see! And, in a way, you have been a sculptor Jenny.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Raising me. And Johnny and Jojo. You’ve ‘sculpted’ us as people.” I explained.

“Oh, I’ve raised you three; so far that is with the other two, but I only guided you. You’ve always been your own persons.”

“But see, there is so much about you that I don’t know.”

“Jeremy … honey, I’ve told you so much more than most sons should know about their mothers. I’ve revealed some of my most private thoughts and desires. Things I’ve told no one else.” Mom whispered even though it was only the two of us in the room.

“But you’re not just my mother, Jenny.” My voice was plaintive.

This seemed to remind her of that. She looked more uncomfortable then than she had that fateful day in the kitchen.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather go up to your room with your old mom?” She put a hand on my bare thigh, just below the pant leg of my shorts.

“You know I would, but I’m serious, Jenny. I love you and I want this to be more than just sex with you.”

“It’s already more than that and you know it dear.” Her eyes were smoldering and if she pressed, I would not be able to resist her.

To sidetrack that, I then revealed Erin’s fling.

“Oh, honey! How do you feel about that?” The motherly concern returned.

“I’m fine with it. Mostly. It was just the one time.” I then related how the two of us had talked about our fears about our futures together.

“Yes, it is daunting to contemplate being with one person for the rest of your life when you are young. As much as I loved your father …” Mom trailed off at the mention of her other lover. Her voice was firmer when she continued. “I was afraid that I was losing part of myself. But I also knew that if I lost him, I would lose a greater part of myself. Like how I feel with you now.”

Jenny took my hands between hers tenderly.

“And I really can’t say anything about it, as I’ve been with others also. You, Aunt Jess …” I said guiltily.

“But Jess was before you met Erin.” Jenny corrected me.

Only, I wasn’t talking about her sister. I just couldn’t tell mom about her mom. Not right then.

“Still.” I deflected.

“Have you told Erin about everything. Everything?” Her eyes bore deep into me.

She was right.

Erin had confessed, my father had confessed. I needed to tell my younger lover all about how mom and I had gotten involved. And not the abbreviated form I had already given her.

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