Office Teen Ch. 03

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I thought after Mr. Peters savaged me on the floor of my apartment that I might not be able to walk for a few days let alone be taken again. He seemed to know that but his desire for a second round was just beneath the surface after fucking me.

We fell asleep on the couch after a few minutes. He was still in his suit, I was naked except for my white heels and some of his cum on my inner thighs. I don’t know when I woke up but it was dark by the time I did. He was still asleep so I curled up between him, with my legs tucked under my butt and unzipped his pants with both of us still on the couch.

I pulled my boss’s thick older cock out and began gently blowing cold air on it while my hand massaged his shaft. When he started to wake up I pulled his hardening member up and took it in my soft nineteen year-old mouth. With that he woke up instantly and let out a very satisfied moan… I knew I was doing a good job.

It didn’t take long for both of his hands to descend to my head and grab hold, he started demanding my throat by pressing me down on his now full, hard length. I let out soft moans, I knew the vibration felt good around a man’s dick and I wanted him to know I liked being dominated and used by him. I was also hoping that if I performed well orally he might give my halkalı escort loins a rest.

After a few minutes he stopped and scooped me off the couch to throw me over his shoulder. He walked me in to my bedroom and threw me down over the bed on my back with my head hanging off the side. I thought for a moment he had simply missed in his toss but he stood over me and lowered his raging hard-on to my lips upside down.

I was taken very off guard, I had never done this before, and within a few seconds Mr. Peters was ferociously fucking my face. He showed little regard for my safety, but I knew he was the boss of me now both at work and after hours. Still – I pressed my hands up against his thighs instinctively to try and slow down his rhythm; he pulled my hands away with just one of his and pinned my wrists down to my chest. He pulled back a moment and with his other hand grabbed my cheeks with one hand and shook my head.

“Don’t ever push me away,” he said. He then gave me a firm, dumbfounding, and loud slap that knocked my head the other direction. He pulled my face back, squeezed my jaw to open my mouth, and sank his cock back in lower, deeper, and harder than before. I could swear his dick grew taksim escort another inch with excitement after teaching me that lesson.

A few minutes passed and he let my wrists go to utilize both his hands and rub my breasts, stomach, thighs and ultimately my ravaged teen pussy. He played with my shaved little box for a minute while using his hands to undress himself too. He then abruptly pulled out of my mouth and rolled me on to my right side on the bed.

I tried to roll over in missionary position but he stopped me, pulled my left leg up to make a “4” shape and entered my sore cunt with stunning force. After a few thrusts he took my heels off which at least gave my feet a break from their fixed position.

Mr. Peters, more than twice my age, started fucking me hard in to my own bed while laying on my side. I’m a petite girl and he was a big dicked older man, at that angle my already tender folds went numb probably just as a biological reaction to not register the pain. Still he worked my G-spot over with his motions and within a few minutes had me twisting at the waist to bury my face in a pillow while he forced me to climax around his shaft.

After my first orgasm he flipped me on to my back and pulled my legs over his shoulders. He lifted şişli escort me at least seven inches off the bed to accommodate the differences in our size. He then started using my body again but it wasn’t until 10 minutes later, when he pressed my taught little thighs back and forced my ankles to my ears that I finally became terrified.

Pinned against myself, Mr. Peters held me down and entered me from the most brutal angle imaginable. I had heard the position called the “womb rocker” before among my girlfriends. I wouldn’t say it rocked me so much as annihilated me. I knew at least a little blood would be found on my sheets afterward.

Tears started streaming down my face but I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Are you going to take it like a good girl?” he asked. I kept my eyes closed and nodded quickly.

“Please, fuck me.” I cooed between a muffled sob, “I just want to please you, sir.”

With that he found a renewed vigor and plowed my tiny twat so hard he curled my butt up off the bed too. I thought I might tear at the seams right before I heard a deep, guttural moan and his whole body shook to cum deep inside me. I squeezed my arms around his neck tighter and I tried to flex the muscles of my inner walls for him but I was so spent I’m not sure they contracted.

He started softening in me and eventually rolled over to collapse on my bed.

“How about a massage for you next, Claire?” he asked, “I’m not sure you’ll survive a third run.”

I leaned over and smiled at him, “I’ll just have to get used to that huge dick of yours soon – sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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