No Strings Ch. 03: The Dinner Date

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Continuing the story of my five day visit with an amazing girl I met on line. It’s the evening of Day2.


It’s The second day of my five-day stay. This evening I have promised to come over and take you out for dinner, somewhere really smart. Having called from the hotel to make a reservation, I call you to tell you what I want you to wear and to wait for me on the street outside your apartment at eight thirty.

As you come out of your building at eight twenty five, I am already parked along the street, watching you on the sidewalk. You are in red high heels, a very short, tight black skirt and a flimsy pink silk shirt. Your long legs are bare and they look fantastic. I can see the precise outline of your shapely ass in the skirt.

As I requested, you are bra-less and in the cool evening air your nipples are pushing proudly against the thin shirt material for all to see. I wait there for several more minutes, staying out of sight. Numerous cars slow down as they go by, the drivers’ attention on your body rather than on the road. Passers-by turn to stare, open-mouthed. You can see the men’s desire in their eyes. You feel a mixture of embarrassment and real excitement, as their eyes devour you.

After another few minutes of watching, I pull out and drive up to you. You open the door and get into the car, staring ahead with no word of greeting. I can see you’re angry that I left you standing there, but also more than a little turned on by the attention you received.

As we pull away, I take your hand and squeeze it gently, saying “Hi! You look amazing.” You turn your head a little and smile and I know I am forgiven.

“Why do I get the feeling that’s not the last time tonight that I’ll feel exposed?” you ask. “Did it turn you on seeing all those men staring at me?”

I don’t reply, but I take your hand and place it on my trousers as I pull out from the kerb. You can feel that I am already standing really hard. You start to massage my stiff dick through the material feeling now it’s your turn to be in control. Staring into my eyes, you work my zip down and slide your hand into my trousers and work it inside my boxers. Wrapping your fingers around and rhythmically squeezing my hot, hard dick, you start to give me a hand-job, as I drive us to the restaurant.

Your eyes are fixed on me and I am finding it hard to concentrate on driving. After a while, you pull my dick out, so it is completely free of my clothes and carry on with the hand-job, unrestricted. I simply can’t drive safely any more, so I pull over to the side of the road, slide my seat back and look straight into your face. My dick is standing perpendicular and twitching from excitement.

You lean down and take my prick fully into your mouth, licking around the head with your soft tongue. Your warm, wet mouth surrounds it. Your lips move up and down the shaft, taking the full length into your throat. Every time you reach the top, your run your tongue all around the head, before plunging back down.

With one hand, I start to massage your breasts through the sheer silk of your shirt. I’m squeezing your nipples between my thumb and forefinger. ataşehir escort You grasp the shaft of my dick in your hand. As I squeeze harder, so you tighten your grip on my rock-hard dick. Your nails are digging into the shaft as your mouth sucks hungrily on the head.

Outside a horn blares. We glance up and realize that anyone in a vehicle higher than a saloon can see right into our car. Vehicles are going by slowly, each van, lorry or bus driver staring in, getting a really good show. You move to sit up, but I put my hand on your head and gently push you back down. “Let them watch!” I whisper.

You resist for a moment, but soon return to the job at hand, just as enthusiastically as before. Your hand begins to move rhythmically, slipping up and down easily, going faster and faster. Your mouth is moving in time with your hand. Your tongue winding round my most sensitive area until I have to come, still with my cock clamped firmly in your mouth. I jerk four or five times and with each jerk a spurt of come bursts out of my cock and flows into your throat.

You wait until my spasms of excitement subside, then slowly pull your mouth up my cock. Keeping your lips tightly around the shaft, you suck it clean of any remaining come. You look me in the eye and smile a sexy smile, as you swallow, like the cat that got the cream. You sit back in your seat and straighten your shirt. I tuck my still semi- hard dick back in my boxers and zip up my trousers. Putting the car back in drive, I pull away and drive us to the restaurant.

I park the car on the street close to the restaurant. We enter and are shown to our table. Before we sit down, I give you a small package and send you off to the restroom with clear instructions. The package contains two small, smooth and shiny, plastic balls linked together by a cord. In the bathroom you do as I have said, removing your panties and inserting the balls, one at a time, into your pussy. They fill you, but are not uncomfortable. Replacing your panties, you return to the table. You can feel the two small spheres moving around inside you a little as you walk.

I have ordered a bottle of well chilled, dry white wine from New Zealand. We drink, as we select our meals from the menu. As the waiter returns to take our order, I push the switch on a small box that I have in my pocket. It’s a radio control and immediately the two small balls inside you begin to vibrate intensely and rotate deep in your pussy.

You jump a little, in surprise and clench your legs tightly together thinking this will control the vibration. You stare at the waiter, certain that he must be able to hear the soft buzzing sound of the small motors, or the plastic balls scraping together as they move around against each other and the walls of your pussy. Perhaps he can, but he takes the order and leaves.

Throughout the meal, I turn the vibration on and off at random. The meal is wonderful but you find it hard to concentrate on the food. You are either enjoying the feeling of the deep vibrations throughout the lower half of your body or sitting on the edge of your seat waiting and wondering when the next burst will ümraniye escort come. Your face is flushed and your breathing is heavier than it should be from enjoying a meal. Your nipples are standing proud and are clear for all to see through the material of your shirt. I vacancy not only switch the vibration off and on, I can also vary the intensity. On the occasions that I turn it on at full power you cannot stifle a small gasp.

Diners at nearby tables glance over at us, knowing something is going on but they have no idea what. By the time we are eating dessert your face is getting quite red and I’m sure your panties are getting wet. I have been gradually increasing the periods of using the balls and I am leaving the motors running on a low setting by now, as I settle the bill with our waiter.

As you stand to leave, the balls find more freedom to move around inside you and the stimulation intensifies. I put my arm around you and almost have to support you on the short walk to the car to prevent your legs from giving way. We get the car and I open the door. You collapse onto the seat and immediately slip your hand inside your panties to start rubbing your clit. I turn the controller up to full power and within a couple of minutes you throw your head back and an intense orgasm rocks your body.

I love to watch the pleasure on your face as you come. As the orgasm subsides I lean over and, holding your wet panties to one side, I slowly pull the balls out of your soaking pussy, one by one. I watch closely as each stretches your pussy opening and then pops out, glistening from your pussy juice.

As the second ball comes out you utter a sigh and say “Fuck, that was intense. I nearly came three times at the table. People must have noticed.”

I tell you that I’m sure they did and that I found it a huge turn on. I need you badly now, so I start the car and drive fast to the hotel. We abandon the car at the entrance, throw the keys to a valet and run to the elevator. There are three other people standing with us as we ride up to my floor, but I cannot resist running my hand up your leg and caressing your ass under your skirt. The other passengers are aware of what I am doing. They keep their heads still, but are clearly stealing glances.

We reach my floor, running out of the elevator, down the corridor and into my room. We are hardly through the door before we grab each other tightly and start kissing hard. I am pulling your face towards me, as our lips are crushed together. Our tongues are hungrily pushing deep into each other’s mouth. Hands are running hard up and down our backs, clawing at each other’s body, pulling at each other’s clothes.

Almost immediately, your breasts are bare. I grip one tightly in my hand and squeeze hard. We are struggling, almost wrestling with each other. Alternating between removing clothes and kissing with a violent passion we are both soon naked. My cock is standing like a flagpole, I have never known it to be so hard. It is so solid it aches.

There is no time or need for words. We are still grappling together, as we move into the room, hands grasping at flesh, kadıköy escort pushing and pulling each other. As we get to the sofa, I turn you around and push you down, so you are bending over the back of it. Pressing down on your back with one hand, I hook my other arm under one of your knees and pull your leg upwards. Your pussy opens wide and I drive my rampant dick straight in, up to the hilt. You gasp with the impact.

Your ass and hips are crushed between the sofa and my body. I slam into you again and again, so hard that the heavy sofa moves a little across the carpet with each thrust. You let out a little cry each time my dick drive into your young pussy. The angle of attack means that the head is rubbing hard up against the front wall of your pussy while the base of the shaft is squashing and rubbing against the small area between your pussy and your ass. You feel yourself being stretched further than ever before. I am still fucking you almost violently, animal-like and you love it.

You’re finding it hard to breathe properly, pressed down on the sofa back and this heightens the sexual sensation. You feel almost ready to pass out, when I pull you up, turn you around and sit you on the back of the sofa. Pushing your knees wide apart, I pull your hips forward and slide my long cock back into your pussy from the front.

You lock your hands behind my neck and lean back as far as you can go. Your buttocks writhe on the sofa back as you grind your hips in to mine. My dick is pumping short strokes in and out but is also being pulled from side to side by the action of your ass and thighs.

The feeling it creates on the shaft and head of my penis is intense and I realise that I will soon be brought to my climax. I slide one hand across your belly and down to the top of your hairless slit. With the palm still pressing on your belly, my thumb is positioned directly over your clit. I start to massage it hard and fast.

Now we are both approaching the point of no return. Before we get tipped over the edge, you use your hands to pull closer to me. You wrap your legs around my back and squeeze them tight. I can feel the muscles in your pussy squeezing hard on my shaft but now with restricted movement the on-rush of our orgasm recedes.

Putting my arms around your back I pick you up, still buried deep inside you. I carry you across the room and we fall onto the bed. Your ass is over the edge of the mattress and with my feet planted firmly on the floor, I start to pound away again. Soon you are bucking on the bed, pushing against me, trying to get me even deeper within you. Every time I drive down, you push up with your ass and our hips collide so hard that we can hear the impact.

You pull my head down towards yours. Both our faces are beaded with sweat. You bite down hard on my neck just above the shoulder and hold on tight. Your hands dig into my back so hard your nails begin to break the skin. I am still fucking you hard. You’re screaming, as I crush you down into the bed. I feel the sharp pain as you bite into my neck and shoulder and scratch your nails up and down my back. It prompts me to slam down ever harder and faster, until we both reach an amazing climax. I pour my seed into your pussy, while you squeeze me like a vice with your arms and legs.

After a while we both relax, panting and dripping with sweat. We share a long kiss before heading to the shower together to refresh. Washed and dried, we climb into bed to recover and gather our strength, ready for the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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