No Secrets Pt. 06

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Note from author: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 6

Sunday morning I woke later than usual. I am a light sleeper and am usually up and about early but I could tell that it was mid morning from the clock by the bed. Liz was lay beside me, still asleep. Not much had been said after last night’s role play, but she had seemed fine albeit a little withdrawn.

I spooned her, relishing the warmth of her body as it fit into mine. Inevitably, my cock started to harden as her bottom subtly moved against my groin.

My arm was under hers and I gently brushed her tit with the palm of my hand and Liz murmured approvingly as I kissed her back lovingly.

We stayed in that place for about 30 minutes or so and I could sense she was waking slowly so I began to massage her breast, gently pinching the nipple. My erection was placed between her buttocks, the upward pressure from my cock in the gap of her thighs, meeting the resistance of her bottom.

Suddenly, she opened her legs slightly and my cock moved to her pussy. I felt her reached down and place me at the opening to her hole. I didn’t need another invitation and slid easily into her.

“Ernghh . . . Oh-fuck ggrrr-fuck,” she wailed quietly, arching her back “Oh Trevor, fuck me Trevor…… fuck me… fuck me.”

I picked up the pace but didn’t really feel like I had the purchase that I desired so I rolled her forwards onto her belly and I mounted her from behind.

This had the effect of bringing her more to life, “Oh yeesssss . . . make Lizzy cum! Shove that lovely big cock into me!”

I lifted her so she was on all fours, her back arching upwards towards me. I reached underneath and groped her massive tits as I fucked her long and slow.

“Oh-yes . . . Yes Trevor baby…..yes-yes-yes-YES!” Liz screamed.

I pumped harder “here it comes Liz, going to come in you!” and emptied my balls in a few intense squirts.

“Good morning!” She said as we both fell back onto the bed.

“And what a good morning it is!” I said.

After a few minutes silence I rolled onto my side, facing her. Liz did the same so we were face to face, her hand caressing my body.

“Last day.” I said, downbeat in the reality that my sexual awakening with Liz was coming to a close.

“Last day.” she repeated and she too, seemed downcast about the reality of the situation “What would you like to do?”

“Is there anything we haven’t done?” I asked with mock incredulity in my voice.

She laughed, “No, not really,” she said “but as it’s the last day, I think we should just spend the day in bed.”

“That works for me.” I replied, happy that I would get the most out of our remaining canlı bahis time together.

Liz looked at me “I think after today I can still help you, you know”. I whipped my head up so our eyes met.

“No, not physically, but I can still help you, help you find someone to do this with.” as she gestured to the bed.

“Not really sure I want anyone else.” I said sullenly.

“Trevor, what did I tell you about falling for me? I cannot let that happen and if you are telling me that you have developed feelings for me now, you can go straight home.”

“No, its not that,” I lied, “I just don’t really fancy anyone else.”

“Well, that’s probably because we have been screwing like a couple of rabbits the last few days!”

“Yeah, probably.” I replied.

“Let’s say, that next week, you do something for me. Lets say, that the one thing I want more than anything is for you to feel a young girls tit. That should be doable for you shouldn’t it? What about that girl Annie? Try it on with her.”

I thought about it and imagined myself kissing Annie and massaging her tits, my cock gave me the answer I was looking for as it reacted to my imagination.

“I would say that this though,” said Liz, gripping my now erect cock and pumping it gently “is something that no woman can say no to.”

She smiled and then proceeded to take all of me into her mouth.

Her tongue was working wonders on my gland as she worked her way in and out, gagging slightly when her lips reached the base of it.

“I want to feel you cum in my mouth like the first time,” she gasped as she came up for air “I want to feel it in my throat, dribbling out onto my chin, swallowing it all.” and with that she went straight back onto worshipping my member.

After only a minute or two I could feel that urge to come building again “Oh Jesus fuck Liz, I am going to cum!” I whispered

Liz increased her speed and my hands shot to the back of her head and I was forcing her down to take the whole lot. Liz was mumbling something and the vibration set me off as I roared and poured all of my balls down her willing throat.

“Gah!” she choked as she came off my cock. She swallowed what she had in her mouth “Never get tired of that!”

“Me either.” I said, lying prostrate next to her.

A few minutes went by and we had gone back to lying face to face, gently running our hands over each other’s bodies.

“There is one thing that I do need to talk to you about Trev, if you do try it on with Annie.” she said, becoming very serious suddenly. I didn’t reply and let her go on.

“Although you have been enjoying yourself on me risk free this past week, you cant take that chance with anyone else, you do know that right?”

“What do you mean?” I said, I was puzzled.

“Let’s say you do go all of the way with Annie…..your going to have to wear a rubber.”

“Oh” I replied, “hadn’t really bahis siteleri thought of that.”

“Yes, well make sure you do think of it before you get to that point. Don’t be tempted not to use one, last thing you need is to get someone up the duff first time out.”

She saw me thinking about what she had said and my confusion.

“You know that I can’t have kids. I came to terms with that a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean that your not capable, in fact, from the amount of cum you dispense, I would say you would be extremely fertile.”

“I would have loved nothing more than to get you pregnant.” I blurted out.

Liz looked at me tenderly for a moment and then kissed me “I know love, and I would have too.” and our kiss intensified.

I rolled Liz onto her back and started kissing her neck. She shut her eyes as I made my way down her body, spending time lightly kissing and massaging her tits and nipples, which were on stalks.

“HHHhhhhmmmmmm.” she exhaled approvingly as I continued on my journey further south, to the promised land.

She giggled as I lightly kissed her hip, I knew she was a bit ticklish there and spent time lightly touching those spots with my fingertips.

She parted her legs and I was given free access to what was by now my most favourite place on earth. I kissed up and down her thighs and I could see that there was a combination of my cum and hers leaking from her pussy from our earlier session.

I was curious to know what my own cum tasted like so I lapped up what was there with my tongue. Salty, not unlikable I thought as I continued my oral exploration of Liz’s sex to her contented sighs and gasps.

I was already raging hard but the sight of my cum, leaking out of her, turned me on even more. Instinct kicked in, my primal predisposition to reproduce was coursing through me and I knew what I wanted, I wanted Liz pregnant with my baby, my seed growing inside of her.

“I want to fill you up Liz,” I said, raising my head from her pussy “I want to fill you up with my seed, I want to make you pregnant.” and I went back to sucking her clit.

“Oh God, I am going to cum Trev, I am right on the edge!” she moaned as I continued orally attacking her pussy.

“CCCCCUUUUUMMMMMIIIIIINNNNGGGG!” she screamed as she started bucking to the force of her climax. I used my arms, wrapped around her thighs and secured across her hips to restrain her and kept on licking.

“God, Oh God, Oh Jesus, Oh my LLLLOOOORRRRDDDD!” as I felt another intense orgasm hit her.

“Please! Please stop!” she cried, and I slowly came to a halt and started to slowly move up her body. My mouth and chin covered in her juices. As I approached her, she took my head into her hands and pulled me into an incredibly forceful kiss.

She then looked me in the eyes and said, “I want your cum inside me. Make me pregnant Trevor.”

With that, I impaled bahis şirketleri her with my cock to the hilt, her pussy offering no resistance.

“Oh God!” Liz whined as I started thrusting in and out, my desire to father a child in her overwhelming.

“Uugghh….Uugghhh…Uggghhh.” I grunted, increasing the speed and power of my strokes. I felt manly, testosterone in full flow, a fucking animal.

“That’s it, fuck me Trevor, fuck me….fill me up with your seed, give me all you’ve got honey….Oh god, I can feel I am gonna cum again, make me pregnant Trev! Make me pregnant! Give me a BABBYYYYYYYYYYYY!” she shrieked as she came, her pussy gripping my cock it felt like never before.

What she was saying probably turned me on more than anything and even though she had only blown me 20 minutes before and this would be the third time I was to orgasm that morning, I unleashed a torrent of cum, the force of which left me breathless.

I collapsed on top of her, a sweaty mess, both of us too weak to move. I finally rolled off her to the side and stared up at the ceiling “Well, that was intense.” I said and we both began to laugh.

It had just turned mid day and we had spent the whole morning making the most of our time left, which seemed to by flying by. We spent the early afternoon just talking and discussing what we should do that evening.

Liz suggested that she cook us a meal and we just spend the night in bed, which seemed like a good plan to me but I thought I should drop into the hospital to see mother before that.

I got to the hospital and skipped into the ward, full of the joys of imagining what my evening would entail. I looked to where my mother’s bed was and stopped dead in my tracks. It was empty.

Panic ripped through me and I desperately sought out the ward sister to find out what had happened.

“Sister! Sister!” I called and she popped her head out from the behind the nurse’s station located at the end of the ward.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“My mother, where is she?” I asked frantically.

“Name?” she asked coolly to my lack of manners.

“Margaret Appleby” I replied.

“Margaret Appleby, Margaret Appleby,” she repeated as she checked her patient chart “Oh yes, here it is, she was discharged first thing this morning.”

The words landed on me like hammer blows. Oh my god, I thought. She’s been at home all day. And I wasn’t there. Oh my God.

I didn’t wait to ask anything further and dashed out of the ward and made my way home as quickly as I could.

I was dreading what I would say and didn’t know how I would explain my absence. Do I lie? Do I tell her the truth? Should I let Liz know first that she was home?

All of these questions were unanswered as I entered my front door. I made my way through to the kitchen, flushed and my heart almost hammering out of my chest.

I pushed open the kitchen door to see my mother sitting at the table, directly facing me, Liz sitting there too, not looking in my direction. She looked frozen in fear.

“Trevor, how good of you to finally join us.” mother said angrily.

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