Nicki , Todd

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He was so good looking. All the girls had crushes on him and vied for his attention, smiling at him, and flirting whenever they got the chance. I’m sure half the girls made themselves cum, just thinking about fucking him. I know I sure did!

I’m talking about Todd, the trainer for the sports program here at Springdale High School. He was in his mid 20’s, was about 6′ tall, with the sexiest blue eyes, sandy hair, and a want-to-fuck-you build.

I’m Nicki and a cheerleader, a senior, 18 years old. I have medium length blond hair, full lips, a cute nose, and green eyes. Oh, I’m 5’8″ tall, too. I guess I’m good looking, judging from the reaction of the high school boys. To be honest, though, they just don’t interest me that much. I had the fling last summer with Steve, the quarterback of the football team, and while that had been so hot and exciting, I wasn’t that interested this year. But he had initiated me into the fantastic world of sex, first with his gentle teasing, making me cum so good with his fingers, then his mouth . . . and then slowly teaching me about fucking. And man did we fuck! Every chance we got, he’d have his hand in my shorts, making me so horny, making me desperate for his hard cock! We’d fuck in his car, up against my house when he’d bring me home, even in the pool one night with a few people around.

But now my thoughts were just on Todd . . . and how I’d fantasize about fucking him. He looked so good in the shorts he always wore . . . and I could imagine how his cock would look, jutting out, wanting to thrust in my cunt. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck!!

“Nicki,” Todd said with a smile, “what’s up?” We were in the trainer’s room after school.

“Todd,” I replied (he insisted we call him Todd), “I don’t know what it is, but my thigh muscle is really hurting.” I was wearing my cheerleader’s outfit . . . such a short sexy thing, where my panties would flash into view as I did my flips and kicks.

“Why don’t you get up esenyurt escort on the table and we’ll take a look,” Todd said, gesturing to the table where he gave massages and checked out athletes.

I hopped up on the table and leaned back, my legs stretched out and my skirt riding high on my smooth thighs.

Todd put his hands on my thighs just above my knees and gently massaged. Mmmmmmmm, god, it felt good. I knew I was going to have the best cum when I got home . . . using the detachable shower head.

“Here?” Todd asked.

“There, but higher too. I think I did it at the game last night when I kicked too high,” I replied, trying not to let the nervousness into my voice, the passion I was feeling.

Todd slowly caressed higher on my thighs . . . easing up and up . . . his fingertips sending chills up and down me . . . and making me ooze cunt juice . . . I knew my panties were getting soaked!! God, did this feel good. I just hoped no one would come in so he’d continue this delicious caressing!!

When he got to the hem of my skirt, he focused his attention. Slowly he moved his hands around my thighs . . . his thumbs on the soft sensitive inner thigh . . . and his fingers massaging gently on the outer part of my thighs. I wanted so badly to thrust my hips a little, to get that fuck feeling . . . god, was I ever getting hot!!

Then I felt Todd’s fingers move higher, under my skirt. I held my breath, trying to mentally tell him to go on, not to stop, fuck, please don’t stop, Todd. Go on . . . go as high as you want!!

His fingers felt so good. My clit was throbbing . . . and I could feel those slippery juices coating my full open pussy lips. Over and over, his fingers teased on my soft senstive skin. I had my eyes closed and savored every touch, every caress.

I couldn’t help it!! I just eased my hips up a little as his fingers came ultra close to my panties . . . I had to tell him I wanted avrupa yakası escort him to continue. Just a little, my 18-year-old hips moved up . . . and my legs spread apart ever so little.

His fingers were now right at the leg of my panties . . . circling, circling, tracing heavenly little paths on my skin. Moving, moving, caressing . . . teasing me . . . making my clit throb and throb and throb!! My hips were moving more noticeably now . . . definitely fucking . . . not full blown . . . but moving in that fuck way, that WANT way!

“Nicki,” Todd whispered, “tell me if you want me to stop”

I looked at Todd through lidded eyes, through a haze of sexual want. “It’s okay. Go on, k? I want you to,” I managed to say in a voice thick with sex.

Todd’s fingers moved over my silky panties . . . his fingertips tracing right over my full, pouting pussy lips through my panties. Oh my fucking God, did that feel good!! My hips shot up, grinding so hard on his fingers . . . SO HARD!! I mashed my cunt against his fingers and GROUND GROUND GROUND GROUND!! “Ungh ungh ungh ungh,” I mewed as sex surges jolted through my body.

Over and over, his fingertips teased on my panties . . . slipping along my cunt lips . . . the pads of his fingers sending shivers through me! Then I felt his fingers moving over the slippery silky fabric, going right over my clit!!


I totally JAMMED my cunt so hard on his fingers!! I couldn’t get enough contact!!

I was gasping now . . . totally lost in the sexual excitement . . . knowing it was Todd doing this to me.

“Nicki, baby, you can cum if you want. Go on,” I heard Todd whisper in my ear.

Then I felt his fingers easing under the leg of my panties. Oh, god, please go on, yessssssssssss, finger me, please!!

His fingers felt the folds of my cunt and he teased me so good . . . slipping over and over anadolu yakası escort my aching cunt . . . dipping between . . . then over . . . then going up up up up and finding my clit, so erect, so sensitive!! He circled the base of my clit and then swiped over it . . . and then gently tapped on it. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

I was grunting now . . . so lost in the sensations he was giving me. My hips were totally fucking . . . and I knew in the back of my mind how exciting this must have been for him, to see me, a beautiful 18-year-old cheerleader buck fucking her hips as he fingered and teased her gushing cunt!

OMG!! His fingertip just eased inside me a little . . . god, how can anything feel so good????? Easing, easing, easing, easing, he slipped his finger inside me . . . all the way . . . deep . . . to the core of me! He slipped it almost out and then THRUST it back in . . . causing me to grunt so loud! He continued to fingerfuck me and I met every thrust with my hips, fucking hard on his finger!

Then he added his thumb, sliding on my clit . . . and kept up his deep fingering of my cunt . . . both together . . . finger and thumb . . . finger thrusting and thumb caressing right over my clit!!

Oh fuck, was I ever going to cum!! I could feel that gathering of sensation deep in my cunt, in my tummy . . . that tensing before the gushing release!

And then . . . OMG!! STRAINING, STRAINING, STRAINING!! Every muscle in my body tensed! My hips shot up, taking his finger as deep as I could . . . deep in my cunt as humanly possible! Grinding my clit on his thumb!!

And then . . . fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!! That cum feeling!! omg omg omg omg omg!! I moaned so loud . . . so fucking loud!! Cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming cumming cumming cumming!!

Todd kept his finger deep inside me as my cunt spasmed, clenched, tightened on his finger. So good, so heavenly cumming and having something to clench on. And Todd, to know it was Todd’s finger!

He barely moved his finger as I floated in fuck heaven . . . floated . . . floated. I couldn’t have been more relaxed . . .

After minutes of just resting, savoring the aftershocks . . . Todd whispered, “Feel better, Nicki”

“Oh Todd, you have no idea . . . mmmmmmm, no idea,” was all I could reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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