New Family Dynamic

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Just a quick story to keep the interest going while I work out the continuation of my ongoing story lines. I have other chapters already written for both but need to find how to link them together in a natural progression.

All the participants in this story are over the age of 18



“Darling, can I ask you something?” My mother was standing in the doorway of my bedroom. I looked up from my computer screen and nodded. “What do you think of women who wear stockings?”

I gulped and my face flushed. “Hmm, pretty sexy I guess.” I stammered.

“Are you sure? You sound rather doubtful.” Mum walked into my bedroom and I realised she had changed since lunch. Her slacks and jumper had been replaced by a thin summer dress that buttoned up all down the front that was very low cut and showed a lot of her magnificent bosom and plenty of her firm thighs and legs. Then I noticed she had stockings on, at least I presumed that they were stockings and not tights, and was wearing high heeled sandals.

“Oh, yes I’m sure.” I was panicking now in case she caught sight of the hard erection that had materialised in my shorts in the quickest time ever recorded.

“What do you think makes them sexy, sweetie?” She purred.

“Well,” I tried desperately to think of something innocuous and not suggestive but my mind went blank and I found myself uttering the fateful words, “I like the way they look where they reach the top of your thighs and they make your legs look real sexy.”

“You naughty boy, you shouldn’t be thinking of sex when you look at my legs,” Mum’s eyes flashed with something other than her normal loving gaze, “have you been looking up my skirt?”

“Why, was it wrong of me?” I was getting turned on by the questioning.

“No of course not darling; a mother likes to feel appreciated by her son, especially if he’s a big boy like you.” She was looking hard at my groin.

“So are you wearing stockings now for Dad?” I ventured more courageously than I had intended.

“I did originally put them on for your father, but he got a phone call a few minutes ago and was called to an emergency job.” She sounded annoyed.

“Will he be gone long?”

“He reckoned it could take all night, and now I’m all dressed up and nothing to do.” She did a quick twirl and I got a full on view of her stocking clad legs and firm buttocks as the hem of her dress flared up.

“What would you like to do?” I was emboldened to ask. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Maybe we could find something that we could do together, a little family bonding perhaps” She said thoughtfully. “You’re growing up so quickly it seems like ages since we used to play together. Do you remember when I taught you to dance for that teenage dance you went to? That was fun. Do you remember the steps I showed you?”

“I think so. Care to show me how they went again; my memory could be faulty.” I stood up and held my arms out. My mother moved close and I enfolded her in an embrace. The fact that she was wearing high heels brought her 5′ 2″ closer to my 5′ 10″. Her large breasts were squashed against my “t” shirt.

I felt her shiver. “That feels nice darling.” She murmured. “My, you have grown.” She pressed her body against my throbbing erection as she spoke and playfully wriggled her hips. “Do you give all the girls a cuddle like this?”

“Only the extra special sexy ones.” I joked.

“So you think I’m extra special sexy? You should be ashamed to think of your mother like that.”

“I’d be mad not to.” I retorted. “You’re the sexiest woman I know; you put all the other guy’s mothers to shame.” I crossed my fingers behind my back, hoping my sister would not be hearing what I’d just said.

“Wow,” she purred as she nuzzled my neck. “You make me go all shivery when you say things like that. Your Dad never says anything complimentary; I put this dress on to see if he was still interested in me.”

“Well it makes me totally captivated by you.” I clasped her tighter.

“I know baby, I can feel your attraction.” Her hips pressed harder against me, pressing my cock to me stomach. “It seems to be an extremely big and very hard attraction.” She stepped back from me a little. “Do you mind if I take a look?”

“Not at all, but there has to be some reciprocity.”

“Well let’s see first. If it is of some consequence I might offer something in return.” Mum’s fingers were shaking as she reached for the zip on my shorts. It took a few seconds, but finally her trembling hands had my flies open and my aching cock and balls out in the open.

She looked down at what she had discovered and immediately grabbed hold of me with both hands. “I was wrong about you being a big boy now,” she whimpered, “you’re fucking enormous. Darling, I’ve never held anything so huge before.”

“I’m glad you şirinevler escort approve.” I moaned, “I like the way you hold me.” As I spoke my mother suddenly let go of my cock. “I was enjoying that.” I protested.

My mother didn’t answer immediately, instead she practically ripped open her dress, losing several buttons in the process, and exposed her sumptuous body. I gazed open mouthed as her ample bosom heaved passionately, her hard nipples standing out from her dark brown areolas and her cunt dribbled erotically from her total arousal. She was totally naked underneath her dress apart from the dark brown hold-up stockings that contrasted with the whiteness of her thighs. “Enjoy this instead!” She replied fiercely.

“What’s not to enjoy?” I mumbled, dazed by the vision in front of me. I let my disbelieving eyes wander over my mother’s ripe voluptuous body, dwelling on all those forbidden parts that had been kept from my view. “Beautiful.” I groaned. “Mum you are absolutely fantastic. Fucking incredible!”

“I hope that fucking will be a part of it, because fucking is what I need.” Mum smiled softly as she reached again for my cock. “I need this in me. I want to commit fucking incest with your massive dick. I want to be your slut and take all your cum in me.”

I didn’t wait any longer; I reached down and picked her up in my arms, turning and taking her across to my bed. I laid her on the duvet and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back with her mouth open, her tongue probing between my lips and exciting me even more. “Lie on me and put your prick into my cunt.” She mumbled into my mouth. “I want my son to make me his slut. I want you to cum in my pussy and provide me with gallons of your semen.”

I did as she asked and positioned myself on top between her parted firm thighs that had opened for me to gain easy access to fill her eager body with cock and then spunk. I felt her wet pussy lips enclose the large head of my ten inch cock as I pushed into her. She lifted her legs up and wrapped her stocking clad thighs round my waist, intent of getting all of me in her deprived cunt.

“Ooooh fuuuuck.” She screamed as I rammed my cock deeper with successive thrusts “Ooooh baby, fuck mummy’s cunt. Ooooh shhhiiiit, I’m your dirty mummy slut. Pleeease fuck my cunt as hard as you can. I love it hard.”

Each lunge produced more incoherent screams as I fucked her towards her first orgasm. It came quicker than I had expected as she abruptly went quite still before exploding in a paroxysm of wild abandon.

I kept still as she continued her orgasm for at least five minutes; then as she calmed a little I started to fuck her again. She screamed my name as I thrust deeper and deeper into her hot cunt, demanding that I cum in her; then she orgasmed for a second time. I was still rock hard as I launched yet another assault on her cunt,

She was bucking and cavorting as my cock reamed her pussy. “I love you Mum,” I whispered in her ear, “I love being in you.”

“I love you too baby,” my mother cried, “I love your big fucking cock; I love your big fucking cock inside me!”

“You’re my mummy-slut forever.” I gasped.

“Oh yes, mummy is your cum-slut! I want you to cum in me, in my cunt, in my mouth, in my ass-hole!” As she spoke the last of her demands I felt my balls harden and my spunk blasted out of the tip of my prick and flooded my mother’s unprotected body.

The hot semen provoked yet another orgasm in my mother’s already well fucked body, this time slightly less intense until we collapsed together, totally spent. I had never cum that hard or that often when I masturbated or had sex.

I recovered before Mum and as I rolled off her soft body I asked, “Does my father bugger your ass?”

“God no, he’s never tried anal sex.” My mother sounded regretful.

“So how do you know about being fucked in your ass then?” I was intrigued at how she had come by her knowledge.

“Your Uncle and Grandfather used to do my butt from the time I was sixteen until I married your father. I still miss the sensation of a cock in my anus. I used to love the feeling of cum filling my bowels.” God, I’d never known my mother could talk and act so dirty. She really was a slut, and I was going to love fucking her from now on; Dad would have to take his turn.

“Well we can soon put that right mummy-slut.” I kissed her on the neck and slid my lips down to her heavy breasts and hard nipples, which I sucked with renewed vigour. Mum moaned with lust as I suckled each breast in turn.

She made no protest as I let go of her nipple and rolled her onto her side facing away from me. I caressed her buttocks, firm and rounded, stroking her until she was again whimpering with the build-up of her desire; my hands and fingers slipping between her cheeks into the crevice that kept her puckered ass-hole hidden. My mother şişli escort jumped in surprise as I touched her anal entrance and she gasped, “Yessssss, Ooooh yessssss pleeeeease baby; play with mummy-slut’s ass-hole before you bugger me with your massive tool. You’ve filled my cunt with your seed, now I want you to do the same to my little pucker!”

“I’ll need to lubricate the way first.” I lifted Mum’s stocking clad leg in the air and slipped my prick into her cunt still dripping with a mixture of my seed and her juices. Once I felt I was slippery enough I pulled back and let it lie at the entrance to her brown tunnel. Once she felt comfortable I pressed forward slowly and felt her sphincter close around the head of my cock.

“Let me get used to you baby.” My mother begged, “I’ve never had anything as big as you in my ass; my brother and father were a lot smaller.”

I paused for a short while, then very slowly started to penetrate deeper into her deliciously tight ass. “How many times did you take your brother and father in your puckered little hole?”

“Lots and lots,” she moaned, “whenever mummy went out one or other and sometimes both of them would strip me and take my ass.” Not so virginal after all I realised.

“And you loved it?”

“Oh yes, that’s what I’ve always wanted, and now you’re giving it to me.” My mother was whimpering with lewd mewling sounds in her throat. “I’ll be your mummy ass-slut, darling. You can have me in my bum all the time. Just fill me with your hot cum like a good son should do for his mummy.”

“God Mum, you are so hot and sexy. You’d better walk around without any panties or bra on from now on because I’m going to be fucking you all the time.” I was deep in her ass now, slowly moving back and forth, getting deeper with each stroke until I finally felt my balls pressing against her wet cunt lips. When she realised I was completely buried in her anal passage my mother started to grind her tight butt against me.

“Ohhhh God, what are you doing to me baby? Sodomise your mummy-slut. Cum in me darling; I want to have all your seed in me. I want you to coat all my holes with your spunk.”

“Who’s a dirty anal mummy-slut?” I grunted as I pounded her tight ass-hole. “Who’s going to open her ass for her big cocked son every day?”

“Mmmeee,” My mother screamed, “Ream my ass baby; make Mummy your anal whore.”

“So, what about your husband?” I started to pump in and out of her spasming puckered ass. “What about my father?”

“Your father’s not as big as you are, baby. Keeeep goooooooing; fuck meeee harder. Make mummy have her first anal orgasm.” She was begging me loudly, so loudly that neither of us heard my father returning. It was only when he walked into my bedroom that I realised he was there; my mother was too far gone in ecstasy that she was only conscious of my cock ramming her ass-hole…

“Wha…..” My father gasped, “What the fuck are you doing?” I looked over at the doorway without breaking my rhythm and saw my father standing in the hall with his cock in his hand.

“You’re home early.” I said. “I’m doing your job for you Dad,” I panted, “keeping Mum happy.”

And as if to prove I was right my mother gave a loud scream and her body convulsed in a massive anal orgasm. I felt her rectum squeezing my cock and I too had my climax, emptying load after load of my cum into my mother’s hot ass-hole. As she collapsed my cock slid out of her gaping hole and the last load of spunk shot over her body. I saw my father’s face flush and he moaned as he began to wank himself. I smiled and pointed to my mother’s still gaping ass, “Mum still needs more spunk.” I said. “Why don’t you stick it in her ass and make her cum again.”

Dad, to his credit, wasted no more time; he walked across to Mum’s recumbent body and pushed his cock fully into her open ass-hole. It was lucky that the inside of her anal tunnel was coated with most of my ejaculation and that his cock was smaller or it could have been painful with no foreplay. Mum cried out as her husband entered her, but they were both quickly lost in their own individual worlds of lust and they anally fucked themselves to exhaustion.

I watched my parents copulating and having already enjoyed buggering my beautiful mother’s I was pleased but a little jealous that my father was now taking pleasure in the same way. However, I was quite sure that my mother would be again taking my prick and semen in her body very shortly; she had taken so much pleasure from her massive orgasms that I was certain she be begging for more.

I suddenly heard the front door close and the click clack of high heels walking down the tiled floor of hallway. I stepped out of my bedroom and peered over the bannister to see who it was. I guessed that my sister had come home and as she walked into my view my presumption was proved correct. She looked taksim escort up and saw me on the landing and blew me a kiss. Then I saw her gasp and her cheeks went bright red; I realised that she could see my erection.

Melissa, my sister, ran upstairs and grabbed hold of me, hugging and kissing me as she pressed herself against my body. “God, I’ve had a very bad day and this is exactly what I need. You must be a mind reader darling.”

“I’d love to claim credit Mel, but….” I inclined my head towards my open bedroom door. She looked over my shoulder and gasped as she saw our father furiously sodomizing our naked mother on my bed.

“My god, that’s fucking awesome.” She grabbed hold of my throbbing prick, “Would you like to be doing Mum instead of Dad?”

“Actually Dad’s just taken over from me. He found me buggering Mum and when I finished he just stepped up and carried on where I left off.”

“Oh you dirty little sod,” she moaned, “not satisfied with fucking me all the time now you’ve got Mum involved in our little incestuous affair.”

“I didn’t get her involved,” I protested, “she took her clothes off in my bedroom and practically raped me on my bed. She was desperate for sex and frustrated that Dad had gone to work and left her unsatisfied.” I started to unbutton Mel’s grey jacket and the white blouse underneath as I spoke, quickly exposing her braless heavy breasts and hard nipples. “Do I need to satisfy you as well?”

“I can never be totally satisfied,” Mel was busy stroking my cock, “I need your prick all the time; I love to have all the orgasms you give me, but I quickly need more after. You know I love being your cum-slut; I love going to work with my pussy fully packed with your hot spunk. I get a thrill from sitting in meetings with your semen dribbling out of my cunt and making my panties soaking wet.”

“So, you’re ready to take another load then?” I pushed her jacket and blouse off her shoulders and she let go of my cock for a brief moment to let then drop to the floor. She was now standing naked to the waist and I revelled in the feel of her heavy tits pressing against my chest. I bent my head and licked each breast slowly, ending up by sucking her hard nipples and biting them gently.

Mel released my cock and put her hands on the back of my head, pressing my face into the soft flesh of her magnificent bosom. I in turn reached for the hem of her short tight skirt and lifted it up to her waist. My prick slipped between my sister’s stocking clad thighs and it rubbed against her covering on her pussy. I couldn’t see what she was wearing under her skirt but I knew it would soon be off.

“Shall we continue this in my room?” She whispered throatily. “We might put Dad off his stroke with all the screaming I intend to do.”

“Everyone in the house will hear your screams with what I’m going to do to you.” I growled. “I’m still hard after reaming Mum’s ass-hole.”

“Poor Mummy, I bet she didn’t know what she was in for.” Mel grinned as I picked her up and carried her along the landing to her pink bedroom.

“Oh but she did.” I slammed the door shut behind us with the heel of my foot. “Apparently our grandfather and her brother used to fuck her anally all the time; whenever Gran was out of the house they’d strip her and give her a taste of double penetration sex.”

“Oh the lucky bitch.” Mel moaned. “I should be so lucky.”

“Do you want me to go and fetch Dad?” I grinned. “He’d love to give you a good shag in recompense to my fucking his wife.”

“Maybe later baby.” Mel was nibbling my ear as I still held her in my arms. “Right now I’m gagging for this big dick to plunder both my holes before I pass out from frustration.”

“I love you Sis,” I panted with passion as I dropped Mel onto her bed and climbed on beside her. “How do you want me?”

“In my pussy, them cum in my ass. I want you to bugger me like you did to mummy-slut.”

“How did you know she was my mummy-slut?”

“You’ve made me your dirty little sister-slut; I guessed you’d do the same to our mother.”

“You know me so well.”

“I want to get to know you more intimately again, baby; will you for fuck’s sake slam that massive cock into my empty cunt.” Mel opened her legs still wearing her skirt round her waist and exposed her shaven mound with her wet pink slit begging me to fill it. I moved between her silk clad legs and pressed the thick bulbous head of my prick against her welcoming thick cunt lips.

“You are, without a doubt, the most beautiful sister-slut I know.” I grinned as I slid into her wet tunnel. “Shall we miss dinner tonight and just fuck?”

“I want you in my ass-hole after you cum in my cunt.” Mel mewled against my shoulder, thrusting her hips up off the bed to meet my downward thrusts and give herself greater satisfaction. I always got the greatest satisfaction from sex with my desirable sexy sister — every day.

The thought then flashed through my mind that I would also have to include my ass loving mummy-slut in my plans now that we had revealed our sexual craving for each other.

Life in my family was going to be fucking interesting from now on — with a huge emphasis on “fucking.”

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