Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 03

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At the end of the day, I was intending to close the blinds in my bedroom and so I moved towards the window. I live in a third floor apartment and noticed that the old four-floor house across the road was all in darkness apart from an upper window facing towards me. It was a full-length window, down to the carpet level. I had the blind-closing cord in my hand but then noticed movement in the room opposite. Without moving myself, I watched as a woman came into view and took off her dress. She unbuttoned it down the front and let it drop, so that she could step out of it. Underneath, she was dressed in a long white bra, into her waist; and a sort of white full brief that also came up to her waist. But I could tell they were two parts; not a single piece of underwear. She had no tights or leggings or other cover on her legs. I judged her to be in her 30s, going from her hairstyle and the way she moved.

At that moment, a truck came down our little road with its headlights full on. They didn’t point up to our level but the whole road width was suffused with light and the woman quickly looked up and then withdrew from the window. After the truck passed, she came back into view and stared across at my window before grabbing a curtain and flicking it across half of her own window. I stayed at my window, hoping to see more of her but she didn’t reappear, so I pulled on the cord and closed the blinds.

Those few seconds of an undressed female had a big effect on me. I’d been living in that apartment about 3 months, having moved to that town for a new job and to recover from a failed relationship. Actually, my ex had been calling me from time to time; I supposed she was trying to re-awaken our friendship but I was done with it. Even so, I was beginning to feel lonely and short of feminine company, so this glimpse started my juices stirring.

Two days later, as I parked my car after work, the same woman came up to me; I didn’t know where from, and spoke to me, “Where you watching me that other night?” She had a slightly foreign accent.

I thought to myself, “Oh god; she’s going to make a complaint” and so I lied a little.

“No. I just happened to be at my window. Closing the blind. Did I startle you? I’m sorry.”

She took a step towards me and smiled broadly, “That’s OK. I’ve been watching you for weeks, anyway,” and she giggled.

I was taken aback and couldn’t reply except to ask, “Why? Have I done something wrong?”

“Not at all. I was seeing you moving in and wondered if you had company; but now I see you have not. Would you like a coffee or something, when you dropped off your bag?”

No one would say, “No thanks” in that situation, so I replied, “Yes, thank you. I’ll come across in half an hour. Will that be OK?”

“Is great, see you then,” she smiled again went into her gateway; and waved at me as she got to the door.

Thirty minutes later, I’d got changed into comfortable casual clothes although I made sure that I was wearing my firm speedo-type underwear. They make me feel strong to be well-held in place and smooth over my bottom. I rang her bell and she came all the way down from her third-floor apartment in the converted old house.

She opened the door and stood back to let me in, but then put a hand on my arm and pulled me to give me a quick kiss on my cheek. I noticed that her other hand was cupping under her breast and she noticed that I had seen the gesture. She left the hand there under her breast for a second or two and smiled at me, looking into my eyes.

“Come up,” she said and nodded her head towards the stairs. I followed and watched her as she ascended. I noticed the smooth globes of her bottom and perhaps just a hint of the edges of her tight briefs underneath. And the shapely thighs in leggings; and her waist; and her athletic movements. My interest was growing, shall we say? I mean my erection was developing inside my Lycra underwear. She looked good from this angle climbing the steps within my hand’s reach of her figure.

Her apartment door was ajar and she pushed it to let me through first. I turned round once inside and saw that one hand was on the door lock, but the other was pressed on her groin, with fingers curling underneath towards her labia; through the tight leggings. Then she locked the door behind us. She pointed towards a sofa and it was then I realised that this was the room opposite my apartment, and I could just see my own window. I sat down and so did she, right up against me, with her thigh rubbing against mine.

She put her hand on my thigh and asked, “Coffee?”

“Yes please,” I replied, using all my learnt and traditional illegal bahis English politeness.

She giggled, “You English. You have such manners. I shall get it.” She went to her kitchen, leaving me to look around for a minute or so.

On her return, she placed the tray of cups and sugar on a little table near us; before resuming her position next to my left thigh.

“You live here alone, yes?” she asked and, before I could reply, “So do I also. Since ever I am coming here.” She looked straight into my eyes with a little smile.

“Yes,” I replied and then it occurred to me that we hadn’t exchanged names, “What is your name. Please.”

“Ah yes,” as if she’d forgotten something, “I am Anya. I come from here from Hungary. My name is meaning Mother.” And she giggled again.

“I am James. And do you have children?” it seemed a good question since she had brought up the meaning of her name.

“No children. I am not being married. Only it is my name, yes?” she joked with me and then continued, “I am alone in this country but I have seen you, James. I am glad that we are speaking.”

She put her hand on my thigh and looked into my eyes. All was silent for a few seconds and, before I could say anything, she continued, “Do you like to be with me also?”

“You are a very attractive women, Anya. I’m happy to be with you,” I replied

“And did you like to see me through the window, James? Did I look good for you?” she was probing my desires, I could tell that.

I put my hand on top of hers, on my thigh. “Anya, I thought you looked wonderful and very exciting.”

With no warning or build-up, she said, “Will you hold me please, James?” and she leaned across to me so that I could put my arm round her.

But the sofa was not a good place to hold her and she slid off the seat and knelt between my knees; looking up into my face. She leaned forward and put her hands round my body, and I moved forward so that we could hold properly; and wrapped my hands round her shoulders. I could feel her breasts pressing into my belly. She was quiet but there was a shaking in her body, which I knew was sobbing.

“Anya, don’t cry, you lovely woman,” I whispered, “What can I do to help you?”

“I would like you to be staying with me for this night. So lonely I am,” she was also whispering.

“Yes, Anya, of course I will stay with you,” I replied with my erection painful inside the compression briefs. Already I was planning what I would like to do with this beautiful woman and her sexy body.

And so, having forgotten the coffee, we moved to her bedroom; still holding each other. I undressed her and discovered the truth of her underwear. The little briefs were certainly very tight and held her tummy flat. The bra fastened at the back with no fewer than 12 hooks, but she asked me, “Please leave this on me for now, James.” And so it was.

She undressed me and was surprised at my Lycra compression briefs She held my growing package through the Lycra and her eyebrows raised. I couldn’t tell if that indicated a pleasant surprise or a disappointment. As she eased the pants off me, she seemed pleased to see and touch my erection as it emerged; and she smiled at me

With no delay, she lay on the edge of the bed, raised her legs back over her chest, pressing on the bra; and opened her thighs almost flat either side, on the bed-edge. Almost a Viennese oyster.

I reached down and cupped her labia in my hand. She was dry and needed some attention before I could enter her. As soon as I raised my hand, I could tell that she was freshly washed and perfumed so I knelt down with my knees touching the bed and put my mouth on her labia, and played on her clitoris with my tongue. She made gentle purring noises, like a kitten, and her juices started to flow.

I stayed there, making sure she was aroused, and she began to drip with her own juice. She didn’t stop me and placed a hand on my head, pressing me down onto herself until I could tell that an orgasm was building. And so it came and she shuddered under my mouth, with a softly audible, “Mmmm, yahh.”

I waited until she subsided and then stood up in front of her, against the bed and leaned forward into her, with my hands either side of her waist, through the angle of her legs. She was so wet and slippery, still holding her legs back against her own chest, with two hands again. She was so smooth and yet tight, I was surprised that a woman of her apparent age should be so firm.

I thrust back and forth slowly into her, deeper with every movement; until I was filling her as far as I could. My excitement was mounting and I was worried that I would illegal bahis siteleri come too soon. This was the first few minutes of the night and I wanted this lovely woman for many more hours. Not just sleeping next to her whilst she was yearning for more.

And so, I slowly pulled out of her and helped her to lie down comfortably with her head on a pillow; and I lay down beside her with one hand across her body, holding her waist. And the other hand holding the nearest breast in the long bra. Raised as I was on one elbow, I leaned across and intending give her a little kiss; but she grabbed my head and brought me down to her open mouth. There then followed some minutes of deep kissing, tongues, teeth, sucking and moaning.

She took control again and rolled over, “Take it off now, James,” she instructed me; so the bra came off. When she lay back again, she pushed my head down.. I thought she wanted me to lick and suck her breasts and got my lips around her nearest nipple. I began sucking and mouthing her but she pressed my head further down. Clearly, she wanted more clit-treatment; so I did the gentlemanly thing, working my mouth down her belly and over her mound. I couldn’t reach properly so I let go of her breast and waist and shifted myself down the bed until I could get my mouth covering her labia and clit and opening once more.

This woman was insatiable, it seemed. Within a few minutes, she came to another shuddering orgasm and gripped my head between her thighs. I stayed there for a few minutes as she recovered her composure, with my erection still straining and me looking forward to more penetration.

With my head still between her thighs, she spoke, “James, will you do something for me – something special for me?”

What was I to say? What could it be? Unusual sex position perhaps; or a toy, or change the room. You know; bonking in the kitchen or the bathroom?

So I said, “Of course, Anya. Tell me what it is.”

“I will show you. Please don’t being too surprised.” She got off the bed and sent to a drawer, and brought out what appeared to be a strip of leather. But no: it was a broad belt and she wrapped it around her waist before presenting herself to me.

“I shall be lying down, so please make it tight on me behind my back. Please,” her eyes glowing with excitement.

She lay down on her front and pressed the ends of the belt round to her back. After a few adjustments to position it on her waist, she said, “Now very tight please.”

I took the ends, and placed the loose end through a complex buckle. This belt was at least 4 inches wide and had rows of 5 holes every short distance; it seemed every finger-width. And the buckle had five prongs in a line.

I lined up the buckle as I thought would take some tightening and pulled on the loose end of the belt,. But her waist was very flexible and compressed more easily than I expected.. I undid the belt and shifted the buckle further over by a hand’s width; and then started to tighten the belt again. I needed to do that three times until the buckle and the belt seemed capable of tightening a lot.

I leaned back to tighten the bet, and Anya murmured her satisfaction. For the next 15 minutes, I tightened the belt again and again, until it seemed rigid on her waist and I could span her figure with my two hands; fingers touching at the front, touching the mattress, and thumbs at the back.

“Onto my back , please James,” she said softly, and so I rolled her over.. The belt dug into her figure and she looked like a true wasp. Above her tiny waist, her ribcage stood out and her breasts also seemed to be expanded by the pressure lower down. Below the belt, her belly was formed onto a little globe, all the way down to her pubic bone. I could not imagine why she was doing this to herself. Without speaking, she reached down to my flagging erection and pulled it towards her. She wanted more shagging while strapped into this shape. I hoped that I could perform for her and put my head down to her labia again.

“No. Fill me, James,” she spoke clearly. Her eyes were closed.

I knelt up and began to position myself, and got a full view of her spread out in front of me. He legs were wide apart and her hands over her breasts. Her waist looked even smaller and the sphere of her abdomen stood up towards me. It was the most erotic thing I’d seen for years; maybe in my life. I ran my hand over her figure from breasts to waist and to the bulging belly. I’ve seen and experienced many fetishes in various women, but this was new. For a moment, I thought it would be like fucking a big insect with that tiny waist shape and those bulges. canlı bahis siteleri By now, my erection had returned full strength, just from the looking and the feeling and the thoughts.

I could see her pubic hairs and her dripping labia; but how to lie on that belly? Surely she would burst or be injured. I need not have worried. She raised a hand and took mine, and pulled me over her. She wanted me to lie on her, whatever happened. Here eyes were still closed.

I knelt between her thighs and positioned my erection, just in the opening of her labia; and then leaned forward with my hands either side of the minute waist. I slid into her, with so much wetness, and then felt her belly against mine. I hesitated to lie on her but she opened her eyes and motioned me with one hand, as if to say, “Come here, lie down on me, just do it!” Then her eyes closed again.

So I did. I lay forward as my erection slid further into her, and her bulging abdomen pressed into mine. I was still holding most of my weight on my arms, either side of her waist, but she raised both of hers and clutched me down on top of her, with my full weight. As soon as I was lying on her, she spoke, “Hold my waist in your hands, James.”

I had never felt such a set of sensations before. My hands circled her rigid waist and I was intrigued, and excited, by the touch of my fingers and thumbs; behind and in front of the tight rigid leather belt. And her swollen belly, not quite so rigid and firm as I thought; it squidged a little under me whilst still pressing into my own intestines and lower ribs. I thought I could feel her internal organs moving around under me. My erection was raging.

Anya raised her arms and held me down onto herself, as I shagged back and forth; and squeezed her waist. Her uterus and vagina must have been pressed down in her body because I could feel the harder surface of her cervix. As I bumped into it the first time, she shuddered and I thought she must be hurt. But she held me even stronger and pulled me into herself again and again. Each time I hit that harder muscle, she shuddered but did not let me go from her tight grip.

After some minutes, my own climax was approaching, and she seemed to sense it. She took one arm from around my shoulders and pressed it down between us, so that she could please herself. I made a way through for her, between us. She massaged her own clitoris and as I began to ejaculate into her, she also shuddered and mewed, “Mmmm, yaah,” as before. I knew that she was happy and satisfied.

I emptied myself into her and we both collapsed. I rolled off her and she put her hands down to her labia, rubbing and penetrating herself amidst all my juices and her own. She rubbed those fluids over her vulva and up over her swollen belly, right up to her waist. The sphere of her belly was glistening with our wetness.

“Kiss me,” she spoke suddenly in our trance, and I leaned over to kiss her properly; keeping a hand into her tiny waist at the same time.

That kissing was amazing. Deep and mobile and with her mouth full open, inviting me to put my tongue far into her throat; which I did. For a moment, I feared she might gag but she didn’t and let me push right down into her throat, touching and playing with her uvula and the sides of her tonsils. She was insatiable in her kissing also, and pressed my head down to hers.

Then she let go of my head and took my waist-level hand down to her round abdomen and further. She wanted me to play with her and I did so. Round her inner thighs, over her labia and her mound, into her vagina with my middle finger. Circling and pulsing. She murmured again, “Ooooh, yaaah.” She seemed to be on the verge of another orgasm, so I began to move more rhythmically over her clitoris and labia; and sure enough she came to another shuddering climax. What a woman.

Sometime later she asked me to loosen and remove the belt. Her skin around her waist was deeply marked and she massaged herself; and I joined in, of course. And for the rest of the night we made love many times. She deep-throated me in a way I had never experienced. Deep and slow, while she held her breath for longer than I ever could. And she let me shoot my load right down into her oesophagus, gulping and swallowing to press and pulsate on my erection as I did so.

In the morning, she did something else new for me. We knelt doggy-style in the half-filled bath and she invited me into her juice-smeared and open rectum, whilst she peed a complete bladder full into the water around us. There followed a big mutual clean-up. You can imagine.

That was the start of a nice neighbourly friendship. No talk of commitment or even love; just pleasure and excitement; and you can tell that Anya was in control. I would do anything she asked and remember those months with a special nostalgia. She’s back in Hungary now and we’ve lost touch.

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