Neighbors, Family and Friends

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The story is set during the time from high school and concludes, in subsequent chapters, in 1990. The entire story contains group sex, some light bondage, female-female sex and incest. All characters are at least 18 years of age and the sex is always consensual. I had posted this story many years ago on another site and thought it would be good to bring it back with a few changes.

“Right there, oh yeah, right there, Leslie. Your tongue is just perfect on my clit. I can’t believe we haven’t done this before,” exclaimed Michelle. That was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw two old female friends entering the room at the high school reunion. It had been years since I saw both of them, but the years have been good to them, as they both appeared to still be a striking pair from a distance. As soon as I saw Leslie and Michelle at the reception, the sexual escapades from some 20 years ago were as clear as the day it happened in 1970.

As Leslie and Michelle approached, my mind drifted back to the early part of 1970, a few months before I had fucked both of these girls and of how I got involved with them.

My family lived in a large house in Florida. We moved there from New York as my dad’s company promoted him to run their office in the Palm Beach area. My dad was a successful businessman and my mom was a schoolteacher in town. We had moved into the house in the end of my junior year of high school. In my senior year, around the holidays as a holiday present to my mom and me, my dad decided to take a “trophy” wife. We subsequently found out that my dad and this younger woman were having an affair that started in New York. The woman, another successful single businesswoman working with my dad in the New York office, had recently transferred to office in Palm Beach. I guess that was the reason my dad put in for the transfer that made us leave the friendly confines of New York City. Even more surprising, they both decided to leave the company to start their own business in California of all places.

My mom, Beth, as you can imagine was devastated. And while my dad did help us with the finances, the money he provided was nowhere near what we needed to maintain the lifestyle we had been accustomed to. To avoid a long, drawn out divorce, my dad gave the house to my mom but the financial settlement still put a strain on her ability to enjoy the life she was accustomed to. “I’m not going to move again as I cannot have you going to a third high school. When you graduate, I will look for something smaller as you will be off to college,” my mom remarked.

Having to help my mom with the finances, I took odd jobs within the town. I was very handy so I would paint, do carpentry work and any odd job to make ends meet. I did really small jobs during our first year in Palm Beach. It wasn’t until right after New Year’s, when I was in my senior year, did things change dramatically for my mom and me.

My mom told me that one of her best friends; Sally and Mike Post needed help in painting their house and left a message for me to call them to discuss the job. How my mom and the Post’s became best friends was a mystery to me. While my parents were not old by any standards, my mom turned 40 as I just turned 18 the Post’s were some four years younger. I guess they became friends when my dad joined the same country club years ago. When my dad left for California he canceled his membership at the club. However, we were often guests of the Post’s at the club.

I looked forward to the prospect of working for them, especially if Sally was going to be around. He was a very successful millionaire and did everything first class, including buying the home of all homes. 10,000 square feet, with cathedral ceilings, I knew by accepting this job that the next few months would be one where my sexual fantasies would run wild.

Sally was, to say the least a “looker.” Working in that house while she was sunbathing by her pool, was enough to create the ultimate fantasy and to cause a tent in the front of my pants. Sally was of medium height, with a thin waist and a great set of tits. Her reddish hair shone in the summer sun. They had a son and a daughter, a freshman and a senior attending the same high school as me. As we traveled in different social circles, I only knew her son, David from the debate team we were on together. As far as his sister, Leslie was concerned; she was a younger version of her mom. We had no classes together and, as I said, we traveled in different social circles. I called Mrs. Post to set up an appointment for the following day.

I arrived at her house around 10 in the morning. The front door was open as I walked in only to find Sally climbing up a short ladder to reach for something from her cabinet. “Come on in, Allan. Mike just left and I need to get a bowl from one of these cabinets.” She was wearing a very short mini-skirt, tank top with flat sandals. “Give me a hand, will you please.” As I moved sultangazi escort closer to the ladder, I looked up. With Sally almost to the top of the ladder, I had an unrestricted view on what can only be described as the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Without panties, Sally’s red bush was right in front of my face. Her thick rug must have started above her pubis and came around to her ass. It was all over the place. I stammered something as I move even closer.

“Here, let me help you Mrs. Post.”

“Please call me Sally.”

“Fine Sally, you climb down and I get what you need.”

“What I need is for you to fuck me! You will find me to be very direct when I want something”

For the next two hours Sally taught me about fucking, not making love, but fucking. After she climbed down off of the ladder, she immediately groped for my crotch. My erection was not hard to find. “Have you ever done this before?”

“Sex, yes. But with a woman a little younger than my mom, no!”

Sally lead me into her bedroom, and proceeded to remove the rest of her clothes, ordering me to do the same. Her tits were huge, with nipples so hard, that they could have been mistaken for diamonds. Her cunt hair was, as previously noted, red, like the air on her head. And there was a lot of it. She sat down on the bed and spread her legs for me. “Come here and fuck me.” It sounded like a command, not a request.

She reached for my cock and teased it with her tongue. I am a little larger than normal in terms of my cock being 7″ when fully erect and about 2 inches in diameter. “My, this cock is large. Let’s see how much I can take in my mouth.” She proceeded to clean my cock with strokes I had never had performed on me. She took great care to tease me until I became harder than I could have ever imagined.

With one last lick, she turn over and got into a “69” position. Her cunt hair and cunt aroma was intoxicating. Although not as experienced as my lover in the art of giving head, I guess I was doing things right. She had to remove my cock from her mouth as her cries of ecstasy permeated the room. “Right here, eat my cunt. Eat me, eat my hairy cunt. Oh………I am cumming.” She proceeded to hump my face with her hairy cunt moving up and down. I did all I could to keep my lips going up and down on her cunt, and finally I took hold of the source of her passion.

Her clit stood out and as she was humping my face, I took a stab with my lips, grabbed it and proceeded, to tease it while inserting a finer into her cunt and one into her asshole. Now she was really crying out. “Yes, yes. Oh don’t stop, please don’t stop. Make me cum. Make me cum. Oh yes.” She had a second final loud climax and with one final wail and collapsed next to me on her bed.

It took a few minutes for Sally to recover. “Come here and let’s see what you can do with this” grabbing my hard cock in the process. At the time I had fucked two girls, both lasting a mere few minutes before I came. My cock had no trouble finding her wet cunt. When I was finally there, I started slowly, not wanting to cum too soon.

Sally would have none of that. “I asked you about fucking, not love making. I love to be fucked hard and fast. I love a good fucking. My husband is the best, but I cannot get enough. Now fuck me hard.” Even though she was soaking wet, her cunt was so tight, that it literally gripped my cock. “Yes, pound me. Fuck me good. Faster, faster. Oh……Oh……” Her tits were shaking as I continued to fuck her. I stopped for a brief second to turn her over. I had heard that fucking from behind was even better.

She grabbed for a pillow, propped it under her stomach as I rammed into her from behind. The sight of her cunt hair, moving up towards her asshole, drove me crazy. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. I realized that I was going to cum very shortly, so I decided not to prolong this. I drove my thumb into her asshole and reached around to touch her clit. All the while she was pushing back into my cock and screaming. I was glad that her house was isolated from the rest of the ones in the neighborhood. I finally exploded into her cunt spilling what appeared to be a month’s worth of cum. Some landed, by design, on her bush. She was exhausted and collapsed on the bed.

“I have strong sexual needs. You will find that I enjoy a good fuck and you happen to be one lucky guy,” Sally boasted.

Needless to say, I did get the job for the summer, but just as important, Sally and her husband turned me on to a whole new world of sex. Not only did I paint, but also there were times when we did nothing but fuck. One day, while fucking her in the living room, her husband, Mike walked in. I scrambled for my clothes only to be greeted by laughter from both Sally and Mike. Sally had told Mike about our sexual escapades and he told me that he was waiting for the right opportunity to join in on the fun.

He explained, as Sally told taksim escort me on the first day, that Sally loves sex and that they were very open minded when it came to sex. He proceeded to take his clothes off and without any preliminaries, turned Sally over on her sofa and entered her from behind. Between gasps, Sally told me to sit on the sofa. As she was being fucked, she also began sucking my cock. As she was being pounded senseless from behind she had her lips glued to my cock. She came almost immediately, as Mike’s hands worked to twist her nipples while he relentlessly fucked his wife. She refused to take her mouth off of my cock. I could not hold out and exploded into her mouth.

She tried to swallow as much of my cum as possible. Some eventually escaped dribbling down the sides of her mouth. I sat back and watched Mike turn Sally over and for the first time I found out why Sally loved to fuck. Her husband had the largest cock I had ever seen. Thick and

standing proud, he proceeded to continue to fuck his wife. He pushed her legs over her head in order to have better access to her dripping cunt.

In and out of her cunt he was like a piston on a machine. Sally was crying and screaming in passion. She was in another world, a world of sexual excitement. “Oh, Mike, I love your big cock. More, I need more of it. Please, faster, faster, harder…..Oh, I’m there, Oh, I’m cumming…….cummmmminnnng. Sally came, Mike did not. He never stopped. “Oh, no more, please no more…..I can’t.” He didn’t stop, until she finally came one last time as Mike came on her tits. Coming down from her climax, Sally became very quiet. It took her about 30 minutes to recover. I was only two weeks into an entire summer’s job. I could not imagine what the next 8 weeks would provide.

I would not have to wait to long. About four weeks from the first time I was at the Post’s house, and after many more individual sessions with Sally or the threesomes with her husband, I was told that after I completed the days work that I should plan to stay the night as they had something special planned. They told me to tell my mom that I would be home tomorrow as I was going to do some work for their friends’ in another town early the next day.

We went for any early dinner and returned to the house around 7 that evening. I was shown my bedroom. The room was right next to their master bedroom. In the guest room there was a large walk-in closet facing their bedroom. I was told to go into the walk-in closet, be quiet and wait. And, under no circumstances were I to come out of the closet until one of us came to get me.

There was a one-way mirror that focused in on their bedroom. A few minutes after we came home, the bell rang and it sounded as though someone came in and proceeded to come into the master bedroom. While the lights were off, I could see the outline of three people, two distinct figures being female and one, of whom I presumed to be Mike’s.

“I can’t believe my luck. My son, Allan called and told me that you got him some work at a friend’s house and that he was spending the night at your friend’s place. I don’t have to worry about getting home tonight.”

The third person was my mom.

“Come here Beth,” Mike said. Those were the only words exchanged as the figures moved closer to the bed. In total darkness, I could not make out what exactly was going on, except to see some bodies moving around on the bed.

Finally, when some candles were lit, I received the shock of my life. No wonder my mom became such good friends with Sally. My mother was naked, spread-eagled on the bed, with her wrists tied to the headboard. Her legs were spread apart and tied in such a way that her entire cunt was exposed. While I knew it was wrong to look, I could not take my eyes off of what was taking place in the next room. My mom, for 40 years of age, was still very good looking. She had a good figure, with average tits. However, it was her nipples that were the center of attention. They were so long, that when Sally began to pinch them, they stood out.

Sally attached nipple clamps to them and then tied the other ends of the clamp chains to what appeared to be a small electrical device. I looked at my mom’s exposed cunt. She too had a full bush of auburn hair. Small wisps extended to her belly button. This did not surprise me, as I had once walked into her bedroom as she was stepping out of the shower. She never saw me then, but I did remember the hairy bush.

The nipple clamps probably had the desired effects, causing my mom to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. However, I am sure it was more than the clamps that gave my mom such pleasure. Mike stuck his large cock into my mom’s cunt. While being fucked by Mike, Sally took what appeared to be a small plastic item, which turned out to be an anal vibrator, and slowly pushed it into my mother’s anus. She rotated the small plastic device in time to her husband’s fucking. topkapı escort Then she turned on the small electrical device and that too had its desired effects. My mom’s nipples received a very small shock. That, in combination with the cock in her cunt and the vibrator in her anus caused my mom to meet Mike’s thrusts.

My mom was so turned on, that her passion was so loud. “I needed to be fucked! Mike, fuck me, please fuck me.” After a while, Mike asked my mom whether he should stop. “No please, don’t stop. Your cock feels so good. So good. Sooooooo Good.”

I took out my own cock and stroked it to the hardest erection I can remember.

“What should I do, Beth? What do you want me to do?” Mike yelled.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder. I need a good fucking. Please fuck me more. Oh…..I’m cumming.” Sally ripped the chains off of my mom’s nipples and began to violently twisting them. My mom

climaxed like a woman who enjoyed sex but was deprived of such pleasure; at least I thought so, since my dad left. I came with globs of my spunk landing on the mirror.

After my mom came down from her climax her hands and legs were untied. Sally immediately began to eat her cunt. My mom reciprocated and before too long, the room was filled with the cries of passion and the smell of two hairy cunts being ravished by two sexy women. After my mom’s tongue worked its magic causing Sally to cry out with her orgasm, she turned her attention to Mike.

“Come here Mike” my mother cried. Mike’s cock was still hard and my mom took him in her mouth. She managed to get most of it in as she teased his sensitive tip and deep throated him the best he could.

“Beth, Beth suck me good”

My mom took his cock and worked her hands up and down jerking him off while, at the same time, continued her oral assault. Sally moved back to my mother’s cunt with her tongue, finding her extended clitoris. The three of them worked in concert as Mike finally gasped.

“Beth, I’m cumming,” Mike cried out.

My mom aimed his cock toward her tits and allowed him to explode his hot cum on both her tits and with his final spurts she opened her mouth to capture some of his love juice.

All the while my mom started to climax as well as Sally inserted two fingers into her cunt, found her “G” spot and rotated her fingers. My mom’s climax was a series of smaller climaxes culminating in one large one, cumming just after Mike unloaded his seed.

When the sex finally ended, it was Sally who said, “Beth, I am glad we became such good friends. I love the taste of a woman on my lips. I’m glad that we have been able to do this with you.”

The three of them moved to the bed as Mike opened a bottle of chilled wine. They needed some time to calm down and relax. All the while I was sitting and staring at the bed, another erection in hand. Absentmindedly, my mom began to rub her cunt through her mass of wet, tangled thick pubic hair.

“I never thought I would enjoy this type of sex, with your husband and with you. After the divorce, I had been so starved for sex and my only release was masturbating. I am glad your husband seduced me,” my mom remarked.

“I’m glad that you enjoy sex as much as we do. You talk about how you have masturbated because of the lack of sex. Show us how you do it. It is a real turn on for us to see a sexy woman play with herself,” Sally remarked

“I don’t know if I can in front of both of you.”

“Please try” and with those words Sally proceeded to spread her own cunt lips, and buried two fingers into the cunt outlined by her flaming red bush as she moved to the chair opposite the bed.

Mike began to pump his cock. I began to pump my cock. The benefit of being 18 years old is that the recovery time is less than it is for someone Mike’s age. Mike was struggling, but in time, his cock started growing.

My mom couldn’t hold back. She spread her legs, and in this position, faced directly into my direction. She proceeded to spread her cunt lips, and with a finger from each hand, began touching her labia in such a way that her pink interior became exposed. Avoiding the area of her clit, she proceeded to rub her hairy cunt while, at the same time, tweaked her nipples, one at a time.

Her clit appeared from the nest of hair. She took her index finger, took some wetness from her cunt, and began to play with the center of her passion. My mom was moving her hand with lightning speed over her clit. Her eyes closed as she was oblivious to the other sex that was going on in the room. She leaned backward and spread her legs even further. This became too much for Sally and Mike. Mike turned his wife over and shoved his cock into her pussy. Both kept their eyes on my mom as they fucked. My mom finally shoved two fingers into her cunt as she continued her assault on her clit. Finally, as she was about to cum, she opened her eyes wide, saw an approving audience and began her wail that released her passion. With a few quick cries and the humping of her cunt over her fingers, my mom came with a loud cry. I too sprayed my cum onto the mirror in the closet. Mike and Sally also climaxed.

My mom left the Post’s around one in the morning. The next day Sally asked me, “How hot was last night?”

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