Nathan and Holly Ch. 01

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Nathan hated long car rides. He was traveling with his parents to attend a cousin’s graduation and then a graduation party. He was not looking forward to this as he never did like his mom’s brother. Nathan was toned as he worked out when he can. He stood 6’0 with brown hair and blue eyes and an attitude to match his height when he gets angry. Right now though, as they approached their hotel, he was staring out the window looking at the scenery.

Holly and her family made it to the hotel ahead of them. Holly was lucky enough to get her own room for the couple nights they were staying. She luxuriated in the tub with her favorite bubble bath. When she finished with her bath, she put on a dress and rejoined her family in the lobby. They were milling about waiting for Nathan’s family so she decided to explore. She found the pool and was planning on going for a dip later. When she got back to where her family was, Nathan and his family were walking through the door.

When Nathan entered the hotel, he saw Holly and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He hadn’t seen Holly in a few years and he was stunned at what a beautiful woman she has turned into and his heart skipped a beat. When Holly walked over, Nathan fumbled in greeting her and Holly just snickered as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

“It’s great to see you again Nathan” she greeted politely.

“Uh yea…it is great seeing you again too Holly. Congratulations on graduating high school with honors.”

“Thank you. It wasn’t easy.”

“I can believe it.”

“College going well for you?”

“Yea…passed my classes for the year. The second year though is going to be tougher as I’m getting into the core of what I need to know.”

“I’m sure you will do fine” she said encouragingly.

“Yea me too!”

They looked at one another and both of them were feeling flutters run throughout their bodies and neither one of them could understand why they were. Nathan’s parents joined the reunion and his father handed him his room key.

“Here is your room key Nathan” he said. “Please be back down here by 6 as we are going to have dinner as a family.”

“Yea I’ll be down here” Nathan retorted as he took the room key. Even though he’s in college, his father still gave him that severe look he reserved for occasions like this one.

“I mean it Nate.”

Nathan just nodded his head. He took his bag and he waved to Holly and her family and disappeared to the elevators. He arrived at his floor and he made a right and proceeded down to the end of the hall where his room was located. He entered and looked around and smiled. It may not have been a big room but it was big enough for him and he dropped his bag on the floor and he fell onto the bed. He rolled onto his back and got off the bed and went to the bathroom. Once done, he turned on the TV and unpacked his suitcase. They were staying here for a few days so he may as well make himself at home.

It didn’t take him long to unpack and he looked at his watch. It was only 3 P.M. He decided that he’ll go for a quick dip in the pool and so he undressed and put on his trunks, grabbed his towel, and proceeded back down via elevator and entered the pool deck. As he entered, he noticed it wasn’t crowded but there were a few people in the pool. As he continued to look, he recognized one of people lounging on the lounge chair. It was Holly and she was wearing a floral bikini.

When Nathan left to go to his room, Holly took the stairs to hers and got into her bikini to go swimming. The weather was perfect for outdoor swimming so she hit the outdoor pool and was rewarded with hardly anyone in it at this time of day. She climbed down the stairs into the shallow end and started swimming to the other side slowly. After a moment, she picked up the pace and began to swim laps. When she finished, she got out of the water and toweled off and decided to lie down on a lounge chair to get some sun.

Nathan went over to the one near her and put down his towel and got on it.

“Lovely day isn’t it Holly?” he asked.

Without looking up, Holly responded “Yea it is. Glad the weather is cooperating for graduation.”

“I’m surprised you’re staying in a hotel.”

“My parents wanted things to be special for me and this hotel is one of the best so this is part of my graduation present.”

“Really?! What is the rest of your graduation present may I ask.”

“I’m not sure yet. They are keeping a relatively tight lid on it and thus I’m nervous about what they are going to pull.”

“Yea parents always love to pull surprises like that. I guess it is their way to continue the torture.”

“So very true.” She turned her head and looked over at Nathan. “It is good seeing you Nathan. I am glad that you were able to come.”

“I was glad I was able to come to though honestly, I wish I could have driven myself.”

Holly just nodded as she returned to sunbathing. Nathan got up and got into the water and had some fun. After awhile, pendik escort he also got out of the water and grabbed his towel. “I guess I’ll see you for dinner Holly. I’m going to go and relax in my room before dinner.”

“See ya” she replied.

Nathan left the pool and went back upstairs. He entered his room, took off his trunks and took a shower. When he got out, he toweled off and got dressed wearing a dress shirt and a pair of slacks as they were going to a nice restaurant. He then combed his hair and he sighed. He hated dressing up for any reason but some traditions do need to be maintained. He double checked to make sure he had his room key and walked out the door to meet up with his parents for the drive over to the restaurant.

Not long after Nathan left, Holly got up and also headed for her room. When she entered, she stripped out of her bikini and pulled out what she was going to put on to the restaurant. She picked this restaurant because the food was really good and they always went there for special occasions. She then proceeded to take her shower and took her time and let the water run on the back of her neck. When she exited, she pulled on her panty and bra and stepped into her dress and pulled it up. She did her hair and makeup and looked at herself in the mirror and nodded. She grabbed her purse and proceeded downstairs to meet up with her parents and to head to the restaurant.

The restaurant was not a fancy restaurant but one where you should somewhat dress up. Holly’s family arrived first and they were escorted to the table that was set up for the six of them. No sooner were they seated, Nathan’s family arrived and joined. Nathan looked uncomfortable dressed up but he was dealing with it. When he saw how gorgeous Holly looked though, his uncomfortableness seemed to have disappeared. The seating arrangements put them across from one another and he got a good look at what she was wearing. When he looked at her, his heart started to flutter uncontrollably and he had a hard time concentrating on selecting something to eat.

Holly was having a similar issue. When she saw Nathan in his business casual, her heart also fluttered. She didn’t know why she was having these feelings but it was becoming increasingly hard to ignore them. She did manage to focus on her menu as well as the table conversation but she couldn’t help but continuously shift her eyes to Nathan. His eyes were doing the same and she again tucked some hair behind her ear as he quickly shifted his eyes away from her.

The dinner was exquisite as the décor of the restaurant. Everyone enjoyed their meal as well as the dessert. No one had any complaints. When the meal was paid for and the generous tip left, they went out into the parking lot and continued to talk. Nathan and Holly found themselves walking side by side and both acted nervously around the other.

“Well that was a delicious meal” Nathan said to her.

“Yes it was. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Now I see why you like coming to this place.”

“Yea! I just wish we could come here more often instead of just special occasions.” She sighed and shook her head. “I guess though some things are just meant to be special.”

“Yup! Then again…if it weren’t for your graduation, I doubt we would even be up here so seeing you is special.”

Holly blushed and Nathan looked embarrassed. Nathan held out his hand to her and she took it. He gave it a squeeze and let go. He stared into her eyes and she into his. Neither one could tell what the other was thinking but they could see that they were nervous around each other.

“Thank you Nate” she replied. “Seeing you is also special because we don’t see one another often.”

“I know we don’t.”

They looked away as their parents began to get into their cars. They looked at each other again and nodded as they went to their respective cars and made their way back to the hotel. When they got back to their hotel, they noticed that there was dancing going on at the restaurant. They made their way past the restaurant to the elevators and went up to their rooms. They were all on the same floor but the families were down separate hallways.

When Nathan entered his room, he sat down on the bed and started to evaluate what he was feeling. As he was thinking about it, he heard himself talking “what is about her that is making me shy?” He did not have an answer for it. All he did know was that he was shy around her and that he was beginning to care what he looked like when he knew he was going to be around her. “Ugh!” he said to himself. “Am I really falling for my Cousin Holly?” He shook his head and got up and made his way back down to the restaurant/bar to enjoy the music that was playing.

Holly is having similar thoughts. When she got into her room, she sat down at the table closest to the window and watched the sun set. She couldn’t believe what her body was telling her. She never felt like this with any guy she dated throughout high sefaköy escort school. Not even the guy who took her virginity. Every time she has been around Nathan lately, her heart flutters and she feels like she is losing her breath. She got up off the chair and went to the bathroom and began to brush her hair. She just couldn’t get him out of her mind. She put the brush down and stared at herself in the mirror. “What is going on here?” she muttered to herself. “Is it right to be attracted and falling for ones cousin?” There was no answer forthcoming. She then decided that maybe being in here right now is not a good thing since she would only be dwelling on her own thoughts. She exited her room and also went down to the Restaurant/Bar to enjoy the music.

Nathan was already down there dancing when Holly arrived. When Nathan saw her enter, he felt his heart starting to beat faster and his breathing quickening. He wanted to walk over towards her but he didn’t have the nerve. He did notice though that she didn’t change out of what she wore to dinner.

Holly arrived at the restaurant and the dancing was in full swing. She was swaying to the music as she looked around. She saw Nathan was by himself at a table and noticed that he didn’t change out of his dinner clothes just like she didn’t change out of hers. When she saw him, she felt herself blushing along with feeling the familiar butterflies she felt when dinner was finished. She was also having a hard time catching her breath. She put on a brave front and walked over towards him.

When Holly approached where Nathan was sitting, Nathan stood up and greeted her with a friendly hug.

“Hey Holly!” Nathan said as they hug.

“Hey Nate” she replied back. “I wasn’t expecting you down here.”

“I was bored up in my room so I decided to come down here and have some fun. What brings you down here?”

“I came down here because I was bored as well” she replied.

The music was pumping and everyone was having a good time. Both Nathan and Holly danced what they could. Sometimes they were together and sometimes they weren’t. Then a slow song came on and people cleared the dance floor as couples went out arm and arm and danced. Nathan sat down with Holly watching everyone else dance. Holly looked over at Nathan and that sense of longing was washing over her again. Nathan was looking at her as well and she could see that he had something on his mind.

Nathan wanted to be dancing. He knew how he looked to Holly but he didn’t have the nerve to ask her for fear of scaring her off. The butterflies that were fluttering in his stomach seemed to be multiplying. His palms were getting sweaty and he seemed to have lost the ability to speak. He blushed when Holly smiled softly at him and tucked hair behind her ear. She obviously was just as nervous as I am about this Nathan thought. Both of us are feeling weird around each other but not uncomfortable.

With the slow soft music playing, Nathan finally got up enough courage. He stood up and extended his hand. As he did, he asked “Holly? May I have this dance?”

Holly smiled at him again and blushed. “I would love to dance!” she replied.

He helped her out of the chair and led her onto the dance floor. When they got there, he held on to her hand as she put her other hand on his shoulder while he put his own free hand onto her hip. They then began to match their rhythm to the beat of the music. When the song ended, a second slow song came on and they just continued to dance. As they did, their eyes locked onto one another. They never moved their eyes as they danced. Both of them were nervous about what the other was feeling.

When the song ended, Nathan looked at his watch. “I had a wonderful time with you Holly but we probably should head back upstairs as you have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow.”

“Yea we probably should” she replied.

He offered her his arm and she slipped her arm through his and he escorted her to the elevator. When they got to their floor, he looked at her and she at him. “May I escort you to your room Ms. Holly?” he asked.

She curtsied as she said “Of course you may Mr. Nathan.”

Arm and arm, he walked her to her room. When they got to her room, both of their hands grabbed each other and they stared into one another’s eyes again. Nathan smiled at her. “I had a lovely evening Holly. I’m glad you decided to come down and have some fun.”

“I wasn’t planning on it but it just seemed like something to do. Thank God they weren’t checking ages.”

Nathan chuckled. “I didn’t think they would. Not when they had so many children all over the place. That doesn’t matter though. You danced divinely tonight.”

“Thank you. Where did you learn to dance like that?”

“Mother taught me.”

“Well she was an excellent teacher.”

“Where did you learn to dance?”

“Dance lessons. My parents have been taking me to dance since I was in the 1st grade.”

“The lessons paid off.”

“I silivri escort never thought though I’d have a romantic dance with my cousin.”

“Me either Holly. You have a good night!”

“You too Nathan. Sleep well.”

They held each other’s hands for a moment longer and Holly leaned in and gave Nathan a kiss on the cheek. Nathan blushed but he leaned in and kissed Holly on her cheek in return. Holly raised a hand to where he kissed her and blushed. She opened up her door and looked over her shoulder as it shut.

When the door shut behind Holly, Nathan just stood there. He had no idea what just happened but when she kissed his cheek, he felt something deep inside himself. He felt it again when he kissed her cheek. He smiled to himself as he walked away from her door and down the hall towards his room. He unlocked the door and stepped through it and began to undress for bed. Once done, he brushed his teeth and then climbed into bed to sleep. Sleep didn’t come easy to him though but he did eventually get to sleep.

Holly wasn’t faring much better. When the door shut behind her, she put her back to the door and took a deep slow breath. She slipped out of the dress she was wearing along with her bra and underwear. She put on her red nightie she had out already. She took off the makeup she had on and stared at herself in the mirror. She was starting to feel lonely and the more she thought about this evening, the lonelier she felt. When she climbed into bed and turned off the light, she also had a hard time sleeping. When she finally did manage to close her eyes, her last thought was of Nathan.

Holly’s alarm woke her up early. She didn’t sleep all that well as she tossed and turned all night. She rolled out of bed and found her bikini. The outdoor pool wasn’t open yet but the indoor pool was. She put her bikini on, grabbed her towel and headed for the pool. When she arrived, the pool was deserted. She climbed down into the pool and began to swim laps. To her, swimming was an escape. She loved swimming. In fact, she was a two time state champ in the 100 Free and 200 IM. She felt at home in the water.

She made a turn at the end of the pool and did another lap. When she completed the lap, she stopped for a short break. When she reached the other side, she heard saw movement out of the corner of her eye and she turned her head. That was when she saw who entered the pool area. It was Nathan and he just climbed into the water.

Nathan decided to go swimming early because he just couldn’t sleep anymore. When he entered the pool area, he noticed that someone was already swimming and he stood there watching. He recognized who it was when she made her turn and he proceeded to put his own towel on a chair that was next to Holly’s and he climbed into the water.

Holly smiled as she recognized Nathan. She didn’t know that he was going to be down here this early but she was glad to see him none-the-less. He came up next to her and tagged her and quickly swam away. She giggled as she swam to catch up. The game of tag went on for a while before both of them started puffing some. They got out of the pool together and sat down on their towels.

“Well this was a nice surprise Nate” Holly said.

“I couldn’t sleep anymore so I decided to come down for a quick dip in the pool before we all got busy in preparation for tonight.”

“Yea…I didn’t sleep well last night either. I set my alarm so I could get an early swim in knowing that there weren’t going to be too many people down here at this hour.”

They looked at each other and both were smiling. “Well…what are your plans this morning?” asked Nathan.

“I was going to get my hair professionally done for the graduation ceremony. That isn’t until 1000 A.M. though. Why?”

“Was wondering if you would like to have breakfast with me if you weren’t busy having it with your family.”

“Unfortunately I am having breakfast with my parents today. Lunch, however, I am free for if you want to do that instead.” Holly answered.

“Is that after your hair appointment?” he asked teasingly.

“Yea it is after my hair appointment. Shall we meet in the hotel restaurant?”

“I’ll meet you in the hotel restaurant say at about 1200?”

“Sounds great.”

They looked at one another for a bit longer and Holly started making her way towards the door. “I probably should head up and start getting ready for the day. I’ll see you for lunch.”

“See you for lunch Holly.”

Holly walked out of the pool area leaving Nathan staring as she went. He took a big deep breath as he couldn’t believe that it was just going to be the two of them meeting alone for lunch. He grabbed his towel and also proceeded out of the pool area and went back to his room to begin getting himself ready for the day.

Holly entered her room and she was smiling. Not only was she graduating from high school today, she also was going to have a private lunch with Nathan and she just couldn’t be happier. She undid her towel and got out of her bikini. She then entered the bathroom and took her shower. When she was done, she put on her clothes she was wearing for the day. She also made sure her hair was ready for the hair dresser. Once that was done, she put on some make up and met her family for breakfast.

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