Nan Gets a Threeway Ch. 02

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This is the 2nd in a 3-part series on “Nan” and her blossoming bi-sexual adventures. She and husband Jimmy are freshly back from a hot weekend at a strip club that included sex with two strippers. To their great surprise, they’d known one of them a long, long time. A bigger surprise was waiting for them at home, along with another hot adventure!

If you haven’t read “Nan Gets a 3-Way” you might want to take time to do so—some of the current plot lines will make more sense.

It’s taken a long time for this one to come together. I’d intended to have it done before Christmas, but life has a way of intervening sometimes. I’ll do my best to write the conclusion before summer. I don’t do story boards, so the plot lines are very loosely formed in my lurid imagination for now. Feel free to PM me with reactions to this story, or to share what hotness you’d like my characters to get up to in the conclusion! I try very hard to answer all PMs, so don’t be bashful!


“Oh shit!” I muttered as we pulled into our driveway, “Pammy’s here.”

“Whoa!” Jimmy remarked. “You know, normally we’d say ‘Pammy’s here!’ with a big smile in our voices-not ‘Oh shit.’ But yeah,” he agreed. “Still,” he continued, “this doesn’t have to be time for us to have ‘that’ conversation—it’s probably just a laundry visit or something.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But it’s a hell of a coincidence, don’t ya’ think?” I felt a guilty knot in my gut.

“Let’s just give her a big hug and be glad she’s here. Besides, it’s Sunday evening-she can’t be planning to stay much longer-she’s got Monday classes, right?” Jimmy encouraged. Then he quickly added: “Game face on, Dr. Knockers-she’s coming out to meet us!”

“Hi sweetie!” I gushed as I stepped out of the car and into Pam’s hug, “I’m sorry we were gone, we didn’t know you were coming home-have you been here all weekend?”

“Yeah, I should have phoned to check-I got in late Friday night,” Pam replied. “I forgot my house keys-I had to ask Mrs. Sweeney for the spare and she filled me in. I brought in the mail and papers for her. It’s OK-I enjoyed having some solitude and being home.”

“Well can you stay a little longer? Do we have time for a visit?” I pressed, “Or do you have to hit the road right away?”

“I have tomorrow off! It’s Founder’s Day! It fell on a Monday this year, so-3 day weekend!” came the response. “So we have plenty of time for a visit tonight . . . if you’re not too tired?” she sounded pleadingly hopeful.

I was thinking: “Oh crap, she knows,” but tried not to let to let that show through as I renewed the hug and proclaimed: “Never too tired for a good visit with my sweet baby.”

We exchanged typical chatter as we unloaded the car and headed inside-how classes were going, campus life, and neighborhood news-but there was uneasiness about it. I sensed something bigger was coming and that knot of apprehension was still in my gut. I was pretty sure she somehow knew that her Dad and I had a 3-way with her best friend. Ginger called Pammy to get my number, after all-maybe Pammy called her back and pressed for details? I came close to blurting out an admission and apology more than once.

Pam had already fixed dinner for all 3 of us, eaten her share when we didn’t show up at dinner time, and put away the left-overs. She was just starting to wash up when we pulled in; I helped her finish that chore.

When all the busy-work was out of the way, I fixed us some cheese and wine and we all 3 sat at the table.

“What’s up, honey? You’ve been holding something in since we got home,” I asked, placing my hand on hers.

“Jeez-I’m THAT transparent?” She gave a nervous grin and rolled her eyes.

“Transparent to a parent-I may be close to figuring you out,” I teased.

She drew a big breath, almost spoke, then exhaled without saying a word. Jimmy and I left the silence alone.

Finally she said: “Well, I’ve met someone . . . special.”

“Annnnnnnd-you’re worried about what we’ll think of him?” I asked, phrasing it as more of a guess.

“Well, umm . . . ”

She drew another deep breath. Then it gushed out:

“No. I’m not worried about what you’ll think of him. Because . . . well . . . “he’s” a woman. I’m gay.”

She incorrectly read the surprise on our faces and became defensive.

“I’m sorry.” she went on. “I know you’re disappointed, but that’s who I am, and I have been for a long time. It’s just the way it is. I hope you get used to it, but I can’t change-really, I won’t even try anymore.”

“Honey-no, no. It’s fine.” I got up and wrapped my arms around her. “Really, it’s fine with us, and we can’t wait to meet your -what should we call her? Friend doesn’t sound quite enough-anyway, we’re anxious to meet her and you don’t need to worry about how we’ll treat her. Or you. And listen, I’m the one who’s sorry.”

We hugged for a while-Jimmy joined us and kissed Pammy bayrampaşa escort on the top of her head as she began to sob with relief.

As the sobs began to fade she looked up with tear-stained cheeks and asked me: “What do you have to be sorry for, anyway?”

I exchanged a glance with Jimmy-he gave a small nod of encouragement.

“You may come by being gay naturally,” I hinted.

“Huh? What does that mean?” Pammy probably got the clue, but didn’t want to come out and say so.

“I should have told you, honey, but I thought it would disappoint or embarrass you. I was embarrassed to admit it, but you may come by your sexuality genetically, I guess. I’m bisexual. So’s Granny D. I should have let you know lots earlier but you seemed pretty active with guys! Even so, I should have figured some way to let you know that we were OK with whatever orientation you discovered for yourself.”

It was Pammy’s turn to register surprise. She sat blinking with her mouth hanging open, unable to speak.

“Granny D?!?!” she finally asked, incredulously.

“That’s more surprising than me?” I teased.

“No-Not, um, oh crap. Nobody wants to picture their parents having sex, but that’s about double for grandparents. And the guest room is right next to mine, so I know Granny D and Rex really enjoy-damn-I’m still trying to block those sounds out of my memory-I mean, good for her, but-shit, my mind’s blowing up.”

“Well, let’s let it go with that, then, OK? If you want to ask me more, I’ll be straight, umm maybe truthful is a better word, truthful with you, but just know that we’re fine with you coming out, and can’t wait to meet your friend,” I assured her. “More wine?”

“Oh, HELL yes!” came the quick response, along with her empty wine glass.

“So, tell us about your friend-maybe her name so we don’t have to keep calling her “your friend,” OK?” I suggested as I poured.

With the ice broken and the wine flowing, Pammy filled us in on her friend: 2 years older, Diane was a femme. She was an editor for a professional journal, liked handcrafts and classical music, and went to church regularly. As we finished the 2nd bottle with Pam taking the lion’s share, the stories filled in a lot of additional detail. They’d been dating for 3 years and Pam had just moved into Diane’s house. Diane sounded grounded, and Pammy was clearly head over heels in love with her. As we started in on the 3rd bottle, Pam started sharing a little more openly than Jimmy was comfortable with and he excused himself to move the cars and put mine in the garage.

“So Mom,” Pammy asked with a sly twinkle and moderately slurred speech, “you got any tips on eatin’ pussy?”

I tried to form an answer, and then burst out laughing and choked out: “Boy, have our mother-daughter chats taken on a different flavor!”

Pammy cracked up too. “Yeah, downright tangy!” she blurted, and we laughed until we almost couldn’t breathe.

Jimmy passed by in the hall, rolled his eyes and kept on going.

“So, seriously,” Pammy went on, “were you seeing someone all the time Stephie and I were home? We didn’t have a clue. Is Dad OK with this?”

“Dad’s OK, and no, until a couple of weeks ago, I never had any lover but your Dad. But my roommate and I were lovers before I met your Dad, and I had a fling recently that kind of brought things to a boil. I’m not still seeing her, but I might start again now that Dad and I have talked. We’re taking that slowly. Don’t ask more than you want to know, by the way, but like I said, I’ll be honest with you.”

“And Granny D?” Pammy asked.

“Mom and Aunt Kathy have been lovers since high school. And still are,” I confided, “but both of them are absolutely still in the closet with that except to their guys. I mildly suspected, I guess, but didn’t find out until a couple of weeks ago.”

“So, what were you doing in Atlanta, anyway? Something sexy?” she wanted to know.

The wine was evidently working on me too. I didn’t miss a beat before saying: “We went to a strip club so we could ogle naked women together.”

Pammy’s eyes widened as she connected the dots.

“You saw Ginger didn’t you! I knew that call was fishy!”

“Yeah, Dad was bringing a stripper back to our table to give me a lap dance when all of a sudden, there was Ginger giving me a big hug! Topless, not much of a G-string, and squealing with excitement that we’d come to watch her! We about crapped. We high-tailed it out of there like scalded dogs. She called me later and we had dinner. She said you knew? And her folks too?”

“Yeah, she’s been doing it for a while.”

“Pammy, please tell me you’re not a stripper. I mean, I’ll still love you if you are, but please . . .”

“God, NO!” Pammy replied, much to my relief. “And I wish Ginger would stop it. I keep warning her, but she says the money’s just too good and nothing bad has happened and they all look out for each other. Her folks don’t like it either-but they beykoz escort don’t want to come down too hard and lose her, at least that’s what they claim.”

“Soooo,” I said, pretending to connect a few dots of my own, “you and Ginger . . .”

“Yeah, she was my first. It’s been a while though. We still keep in touch, but electronically, mostly-not, you know . . .”

“Tongue in groove?” I suggested, and we both laughed with wine-induced hilarity.

Pammy’s admission came without a trace of guilt or hesitation. I wanted to think it was her closeness to me, and the comfort she had around me, but more likely it was the wine. Until now, I’d never ever imagined getting my own daughter drunk, but the lowered inhibitions were monumental tonight. Still, I casually drained the last of the bottle into my own glass and pushed it to the side, effectively cutting her off without saying so.

“Did you ever get some dick?” I asked. “I was under the impression you were getting it on with Tommy Enthwaite.”

“Tommy was gay, Mom. We helped each other stay in the closet. That said, yeah-we were so comfortable that we finally checked out each other’s equipment. We pulled up some porn, got horny and actually screwed! He couldn’t bring himself to go down on me, but he sure liked it when I sucked him. He had a nice dick. It was more experimental than hot for both of us though. Tommy hadn’t worked up the nerve to make it with a guy at that point. We did it a few more times-I got my strap on and screwed his ass and he really liked that. I think it helped him work up the nerve to explore making it with a guy.”

“You’ve got a strap on!?!” I blurted before thinking, and then recovered. “Well hell’s bells, of course you do! Why wouldn’t you!”

“While I’m on a roll,” Pammy went on, “I laid a couple of guys freshman year at State. They wouldn’t eat me out either. It’s not really that I’m opposed to cock, it’s just that the guys they’re attached to have all been assholes. I like getting my pussy pounded, but give me a sweet femme with a power tongue and a strap-on and I’m good forever.”

“If I can make an observation?” I said gently.

“Pfft-” she flipped her hand in a “c’mon” motion.

“I’m not trying to discourage you from Diane, and believe me, I get enjoying women, but I think you’re bi-, not gay.”

“Well, maybe,” she admitted.

“If it hadn’t been for your Dad and Aunt Kathy, I might have gone the exact same direction you’re heading! Probably not, given the different times then, but maybe. Anyway, none of the guys I made it with went down on me. Aunt Kathy was my go-to for sex and relationship advice and I whined to her about not getting head from guys. She encouraged me to be firm about what I expected. Dad went down on me on the 2nd date and the rest is history.”

“Wow,” Pam had a far-away look in her eyes, “so Stephie and I are here as much because of Dad’s tongue as his dick!” She was slurring and blinking.

“Let’s get you to bed, sweetie,” I suggested, “it’s been a great talk, but I think you’re ready to take a break.”

On the way down the hall, our darling daughter leaned in our bedroom and bellowed: “Way to go DAD, ya’ old pussy licker!”

Jimmy was speechless. “Later” I mouthed as I continued to guide Pam down the hall.

I helped her change for bed, tucked her in, kissed her goodnight and headed back to Jimmy.

“Ya’ old pussy licker?” Jimmy asked, shaking his head. “Where on earth did that come from?”

“Lord forgive me, I got our baby all liquored up!”

“Well I guess you did!” Jimmy was still shaking his head, but with a small grin. “I gather you two got pretty explicit?”

“Good guess, ya’ old pussy licker! And two guesses what nickname I’ll use for you if you trot out Dr. Knockers in the wrong spot!”

“How much do you suppose she’ll remember tomorrow?” Jimmy wondered.

“Most of it, I hope, because jeez-o-Pete did everything ever fall into place. Hang on, I gotta call Ginger because I didn’t tell Pammy all of that story.”

Ginger, thankfully, was still up at midnight. She was surprised and relieved that Pam and I had talked, and swore she was OK after the assault last night. I promised not to let Pam know about that, but cautioned that if she ever asked me directly, I was determined to be honest with her, even if it meant spilling the beans about our 3-way. That done, I turned back to Jimmy.

“OK-here’s the scoop. How much did you overhear, anyway?”

“I heard her ask you for advice on eating pussy. I gathered you’d made quite a breakthrough; I didn’t want to be a wet blanket. Past that, except for the laughter, I didn’t hear much.”

“Well,” I continued, “she’s probably bi- rather than lez, though she prefers girls. She screwed Tommy like we thought, but get this-Tommy’s gay! She was his beard for all those things they went to together, but they got so comfortable with each other that they experimented. Watched porn one night and screwed, which she beylikdüzü escort liked, and then she used a strap-on on him a couple of times. She thought that gave him the courage to explore guys. They’re still best buds.”

Jimmy started to speak, but I was on a roll.

“AND, she admitted to me about Ginger, which you probably gathered from my phone call just now. She already had the strap-on from play time with Ginger.”

“AND,” I interrupted Jimmy once more, “she screwed a couple more guys, but nobody would go down on her, and the ones she ended up with were evidently either jerks or not very experienced or both. Anyway she and Ginger were already into advanced lovemaking by then and she craved the oral. That sent her back to girls, which she assured me she did very discretely.”

“I’m an old pussy licker because . . . ” Jimmy pressed.

“Oh-I told her you went down on me on our second date and stole my heart forever. She was pretty far gone on the wine by then. She looked all pensive and thoughtful for a while and then with all the wine-soaked gravitas she could muster pronounced that she and Stephie owed their existence as much to your tongue as your dick. She was thanking you, I think. I also think she felt me up while I was helping her get changed, but I’ll write that off either to an accident or inebriation.”

“This,” Jimmy observed, “has been an eventful weekend.”

“You, my darling pussy licker, are a master of understatement,” I replied, and kissed him.

“What about tomorrow?” Jimmy asked. “We’ve both got to work, and my car is still down at Maryville. I think we need to spend time with sober Pam to make sure this ends well. I could call the guys and have them stop by for my keys and go it by themselves. They know the issues and I’ve got a phone. I could claim family emergency with our daughter. Are you in a spot to take another personal day?”

“Ordinarily, I’d say no, but I agree we need to stick around past the hangover and send her on her way with a smile. Let’s get some sleep, OK? I’m beat.”

On the drive back, I’d planned to jump his bones again tonight, but any residual horniness was wiped out by the exhaustion I felt now. We fell into bed and were out within minutes.


Jimmy was up before me, showered, dressed and in the kitchen. He’d set it up with his crew to carry the load at work in Maryville and bring his car back home.

“Any worse for the wear?” Jimmy wanted to know.

“Just the teensiest headache,” I answered. “Not bad. I took some Tylenol.”

“Any movement in Pam’s room?” he wanted to know.

“Not a peep.”

“Bet she’s awake, too hung over to move and too embarrassed to face us,” Jimmy speculated.

“Should we go get her?” I wondered. “Hey-make up one of your morning after concoctions and I’ll take it in to her. It might take a little encouragement to face her ol’ pussy-licking father!”

“One ‘hair-of-the-dog’ coming up,” Jimmy agreed and got up to gather ingredients.

The plumbing gave a thump to indicate a flush had just happened down the hall.

“She’s moving,” I observed.

“All set,” Jimmy responded, and handed me a tall glass of mostly V-8 juice but with a few fortifications.

I knocked gently on Pam’s door and let myself in.

“This’ll make the hangover better-guaranteed,” I suggested, offering Jimmy’s cure.

“ooooooooooohhhhh” came the bleary-eyed response, but she took the glass and began working on it.

“This got booze in it?” she asked.

“Not much, but a little bit stops your body from forming more formaldehyde with the leftovers from last night.”

“Did we really talk about sex last night, or have my morning prayers been answered and I only dreamed it?” Pam asked sheepishly.

“We had a GREAT talk about sex, honey. You’re out as either bi or lesbian, I’m out as bi and thinking about 3 ways with your dad and another woman. And your dad’s out as a first class pussy licker.”

“Ohgodohgodohgodohgod-I didn’t call Dad an old pussy licker, did I? Please tell me at least that was a dream,” Pam begged.

“Oh, I don’t think you dreamed it, sweetie,” Jimmy chimed in from the door.

“NOOOOOooooooooo!” Pam wailed, then chugged the rest of her hangover tonic and ducked back under the covers.

“Hey,” I said, moving to sit beside her on the bed and peeling back the covers, “do we seem mad? Or disappointed? Or embarrassed?”

She shook her head. Jimmy sat next to her on the other side and we both joined our arms around her.

“We love you fiercely and without reservation. We’re anxious to meet Diane, and we hope you enjoy the hottest, most fulfilling, most sensuous sex with her that any two people could ever imagine,” I assured her.

“We don’t want you to be embarrassed about it or think we love you less or that we won’t try to make her feel like part of the family,” Jimmy added.

Pam turned into me with a hug and for the second time let go with great, heaving sobs on my shoulder. When she could breathe again, she hugged Jimmy too.

“Have I told you lately how much I love you both?” she asked, drying her tears. “Well, I love you to the moon and back,” she continued, kissing us both, “but I’m going to grab a shower now, OK?”

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