Mystery Lover Ch. 03

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“Listen, this isn’t a good idea,” I said to Brad weakly.

“Ssshhh,” he quietened me, “just relax. We talked about this.”

“I know, honey. But, this was crazy enough before. We should leave well enough alone.”

Brad looked at me in his caring way that he knew would soothe me. It’d been more and more this way, since my husband had been staying gone, and I’d relied more and more on Brad for emotional support.

“What is the word?” he asked me, not really wanting to know himself, because we’d already been over this a couple of times. No, he was asking me again as a way of telling me I had a safety net. A way to stop things at any time.

“Red,” I replied as I closed my eyes.

Brad embraced me and I leaned into his embrace, as we stood next to the hotel room bed. I couldn’t believe we were here again. The room was so quiet and seemed its own little world, where my son and I created our own place and time. Tonight was no different.

Brad pulled back from me and walked to the overnight bag. I turned to the window, with its wide view of the city, many stories up from where people were going about their Friday evening.

I was looking out that window, when Brad came up behind me. He reached his arms around me and held the black blindfold in front of my face.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I nodded, a resignation in my voice.

He brought the soft cloth to my face and adjusted it to where it covered my eyes. I felt him clip it in place at the back of my head.

And with that, I was in the dark. No more city view from the window, no more looking about the hotel room, and no more visual of my son to know he was there. I mean, I trusted that he wouldn’t leave. We’d discussed that part too, and I knew he wanted to stay. But still, not being able to see him… .

The first night with Brad, it’d been very dark, but I was able to see and it was very different. Now, my senses kicked into overdrive as there was no sight and only darkness.

Brad started the zipper down the back of my dress. Even though, I’d known that this was to happen, it now struck me that I was going to be completely nude soon, and I wouldn’t know how or who may be seeing me.

The zipper came to its end right at the base of my back, and Brad then placed his hands to my shoulders and slipped the dress over them, as he let his hands drift over my chest, running them over my bra and stomach to get my dress to the floor.

“Yes,” he softly spoke when he saw that there were no panties where he expected them.

“Tell the truth. You want this, don’t you?” he said.

I felt a slight tremble at this as I knew he was feeling emboldened.

His hands easily unclasped the strap at my back and my bra fell from my chest.

I felt my nipples harden in the cool air of the room and I tried to stay motionless. Brad’s fingertips traced at my stomach, and I went to place my hands on his.

“No, no. Remember what we said.” He said it gently, but firmly. I put my hands back to my sides.

His fingers made their way slowly upward. Right at the bottom of my breasts, he let them linger. He then brought his hands from the bottoms of my breasts to hold them in his hands, cupping them. I sighed heavily. He gently squeezed them, and I sighed a little harder.

His fingers came to my nipples and traced them in circles. He pulled at them and I felt my response between my legs. He only did this a moment, and it was as if he sensed my arousal and stopped, only letting me get to a certain point.

He took me by the hand and brought me to the bed, guiding me and helping me recline down until I was fully laid out on top of the bed. The bed was soft and comfortable as I tried to make myself relax. I stretched my legs and moved my arms by my side, trying to orient myself to the bed as I laid there in blinded darkness.

I heard Brad beside the bed, and when I heard him pick-up the phone and start dialing it, I again trembled. Even though I knew istanbul rus escort he was going to call downstairs, it still startled me.

“Yeah, okay.” This was all he said and hung-up.

He lifted my left wrist and I felt the scarf encircle it and pull it away from me. Within a couple of seconds, my wrist was stationary and out to my left at the bed post.

Brad went around the bed and grasped my other wrist. He deliberately pulled at me and my torso involuntarily lurched to my right. I sharply inhaled, as I knew he was letting me know he was handling me. I reflexively brought my legs together, and held them there as I realized his pulling motion had centered me in the bed.

When the other scarf had been fixed to the other post, there was silence as I could only imagine Brad looking down at his mother, laid naked before him on the bed, her wrists cuffed in scarves he had himself tied to bed posts. I breathed heavily, knowing how exposed I was and how obscene it must have appeared, me laying there before him and having let him arrange me this way.

I could hear him undo his belt, unzip his trousers and start to undress. I couldn’t help a little squirm of my hips as I lay there trying to picture his body standing beside the bed.

Suddenly, the bed moved down a little and to the left as Brad got on the mattress beside me. He was careful not to let me feel anything of him at first and all I had was silence and darkness. I could sense him near me and I laid there frozen waiting to feel him.

The only thing I felt was a sensation at my lips. Smooth warm flesh. Not lips, not a hand. The hardness and smoothness traced at my lips and I parted my lips in anticipation.

Brad put his cockhead at my mouth and rested it there and I kissed at it letting my tongue press to him.

Off to the side, I heard the door. A key worked the lock and the door opened. Brad brought his cock from my mouth, and the next I felt he kissed me and he got up.

“She’s hot,” a young male voice said to Brad and I could only sense them standing beside the bed. Then, I heard more clothes seeming to come off, as I felt what had to be Brad’s hands at my legs.

He massaged up and down my hips, occasionally rubbing his hands over my stomach. The darkness made the room seem vast and I was ever aware of how exposed I was. Brad’s touch felt soothing , but my legs were still together, even though I knew they could see the little brownish-blonde strip of pubic hair plainly visible to them.

Brad brought his face to my waist and started at my skin there, kissing a line across my lower stomach. As I felt his face move on my stomach, I suddenly felt the visitor’s hand brush at my hair. His hand brushed at my hair and his second hand caressed my cheek. He tenderly kissed my forehead as I felt Brad drift lower on my waist.

Soon Brad placed his face to my patch of pubic hair and kissed me there. My hips pressed forward as my second lover started kissing across my face, sweetly pecking kisses while moving to my mouth. By the time his mouth was at mine I opened my mouth to him and let him kiss me, his soft, full lips molding to mine.

As his kiss enveloped me, I felt Brad kiss lower at my mound and his hands moved my legs apart. Soon Brad was at the tops of my legs, kissing toward my crotch, and spreading my legs apart for more access, as the young man at my face held my face in his hands and started kissing me more fully, moving his tongue into my mouth.

I kissed back and moved for him as his tongue filled my mouth and we kissed passionately. I heard myself moaning into his mouth when I felt Brad bring his tongue straight up the lips of my wet pussy. Brad lapped at me, and the man at my face passionately french-kissed me exploring my mouth.

As I laid there, another noise sounded out that made me freeze. I had been overwhelmed with these two guys on me and orally taking me, and I struggled to piece together kadıköy escort what was occurring. The next sound was the door closing, and I realized what I had just heard was the unlocking of the door again.

The knowledge of a third person with me in the room sent chills over me as my already-wet pussy spasmed at Brad’s mouth. I groaned into the continued kissing of the first guy, and struggled to hear what this new guy was doing. In only a moment I was hearing more clothes coming off. I groaned unable to accept that this was really happening.

The guy at my mouth stopped kissing me and I was left breathing heavily, almost in a pant. His body got onto the bed and I tried desperately to place in my head where everyone was at.

Brad was pleasing me still at my pussy as I tingled and thought of how he must be taken with just how soaked I was there. There was a guy on my right who tilted my face toward him. He put flesh to my lips and I was then aware that I was being given the second dick of the evening to kiss. I did, puckering my lips to its mushroom head and pressing before he started easing it past my lips. I licked underneath its head as he let me adjust to him in my mouth. He was soon moving in short strokes at my mouth and I held my lips to his shaft as he fucked at my mouth.

As I had the cock at my mouth, I felt Brad move from my pussy and it seemed he moved from the bed. He seemed to move to the side of the bed and hold at my legs while the third guy got onto the bed and between my legs.

Brad pulled up at my legs and seemed to hold them apart for the third guy. As Brad held me, I felt another hard cock at my pussy lips. It moved up and down the lips, and I immediately was aware how much more thick he was.

Brad moved at my legs to open me more and I let a yelping cry escape from my throat as the cock was still in my mouth and working in and out.

Despite my very wet crotch, this third man was having to stuff at my opening with his very hard cock. He had a couple of inches inside me and paused. He was letting me get used to him, as the dick at my face seemed to slow its rhythm.

The man at my pussy lifted my legs and I felt my heels come to rest on his shoulders, which had the effect of tilting my ass off the bed. I felt my ass move down to where I was impaled on him and he still wasn’t all the way in.

As my legs were up, the cock in my mouth erupted and I clasped my mouth around the shaft and swallowed the cum spurting into my mouth. I sucked and listened to the man who was orgasming give a continous moan at his release.

The man at my pussy started rocking against me there, starting the stroking of his thick cock in and out of me at will. He went at a gentle rhythm and moved in my pussy as if he were loosening me up. I got very wet at this and pushed back at him as much as I could.

He seemed to get turned-on by the fact that I was starting to fuck him back and he increased his pace inside me. Soon I felt him rest more of his body on me, and the effect was for me to feel him at a different angle inside of me. I started to moan loudly, and after I did this a while, I heard grunting beside me. A moment passed and I felt a moist spray land on my face. I licked at my lips to where some was at my mouth and I tasted that salty flavor of whoever had been next to my face.

The sight of that must have effected the guy inside me because I heard him gasp and felt him stiffen, as he started cumming inside me and holding himself pushed inside me tightly.

For a little while, there was silence as my pussy was gaping open and I tried to catch my breath. I felt hands at each of my hands and surmised that they were loosening my binds there.

I felt another hand, slick with something, go under my legs and go to the crack of my ass. The fingers dragged across my ass smearing me with whatever was on those fingers as hands at my shoulders manuevered me over onto my stomach.

A kartal escort finger lingered at my puckered asshole. I instinctively tensed up. He patiently and lightly glided at my hole there letting me relax. He traced circles around me and it began to feel more like a massage.

He had to notice when I parted my legs some in response, and he then moved his fingertip into me, causing a sharp intake of breath from me. I again felt hands, this time at my sides and moving my hips so that they were up and in the air as my chest and arms stayed against the bed. The finger nudged a little further into my ass.

The next thing I knew a guy was laying at my side and working his way underneath me while the finger pushed a little further into me. The guy lifted me to where I was a little more down the bed and with me laying on top and I felt him place his hard cock at my now drenched pussy lips once he was positioned completely under me.

My mind reeled as I felt the guy under me move himself up into my pussy, I felt the finger wind around my ass stretching my hole, and I felt the bed directly in front of me move as the third guy must’ve been positioning himself at my face.

The feeling was raw and decadent that I was here with my son, and these three guys were having their way with me and I felt so much the slut. I was as wet as I could be.

The finger at my ass was replaced by hardness that I didn’t think would get into me there. The cock in my pussy throbbed and poked as the bittersweet pain at my ass yielded to the tingling of sensations as I stretched. Both guys seemed to move some inside and I screamed, never having felt anything like it.

“Oh, oh, OOOHHHHH,” I bellowed from deep in my throat as both pushed into me again. My loudness seemed to frighten them as they both paused. The dick in my ass was gripped tight by me and I felt so very taken at that moment. It was me who moved next when I pushed back against both of them, probably much to their surprise. The one behind me groaned deeply as we all set into a rocking back and forth motion, and I knew they could both likely feel themselves in me. I had never felt so filled and taken and I was light-headed as I fucked them both.

Before I could wonder about the third guy, I felt a hand in my hair. A gentle but firm pull of my hair up brought my face forward. I loved the aggressiveness of it, and even more when I felt him poke his dick at my face until I moved my mouth for him. He held at my hair as he pumped into my mouth and his hard cock almost choked me. I immediately sucked at him wantonly.

The feeling of force and my openings being devoured was too much and it set off as powerful an orgasm as I’d ever had. I trembled and shook, as I felt wave after wave come over me. I let a muffled scream go at the cock that started convulsing in my mouth. His cum shot in my mouth and seeped onto my chin.

The cock in my ass also let go and I could feel him shoot deep in my ass and I clenched myself as if to milk from him and he groaned deeply at this.

The dick in my pussy slowed its pace as the guy behind me withdrew. I felt the guy who had been in front of me move off the bed and now the guy still in my pussy picked-up the pace. I felt the blindfold pulled from me and I found myself looking down at my son as I bounced on top of his cock.

The sight of me so ravaged and still having sperm at my lips and chin made me even more self-conscious. He started pounding at me from underneath. “Yeah baby, fuck your mother good,” I urged him on.

And with this I felt him put a hand behind my head and bring my face to his kissing me hard. His lips slid against mine and his tongue lapped at my mouth as I thought about how this also meant he was tasting his friend’s cum at his mother’s lips and mouth.

It was all enough to set me off on another orgasm that I hummed into his mouth because of.

He soon started grunting repeatedly as I knew he was cumming inside me. I kept riding at him letting him finish deep into me.

We both froze and panted, catching our breaths.

As I laid there above him nude and still wtih his penis inside me, I grinned down at him. I wondered. Was he savoring how far he had taken me here? Or… .

Was he already thinking of new experiences for us?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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