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It’s the middle of the night and he was fast asleep. However, someone was unable to sleep, and she was feeling a bit naughty, so she slips out of her bed to make her way down the hallway to his room where she slowly opens the door to see him asleep. Biting her lower lip, she slips into his room undetected and under the blankets into his bed and so slowly pulls his pants down, pausing once or twice when he shifts in his sleep. She wiggles back up under those blankets to face his soft cock where her hands softly brush over his thighs and wrap around his cock, it was so warm to the touch and soft at first.

She slowly moves her head closer starts to gently kiss the tip of the cock while wrapping her hand around the shaft and massaging the base. Feeling it twitch softly in her hand while bringing it to life, her kisses turn to small licks around the head of his cock. Slowly it gets harder from her touch as she caressed his thighs, her kisses move to the side of his hardening cock, being so careful trabzon escort not to rouse him from his sleep. She only wanted him to wake up at just the right moment.

He soon was starting to have a very vivid dream, laying in his bed with a most beautiful woman worshipping his cock, giving it the attention it was craving, that he was craving for. He was starting to have a sex dream not knowing that it was going on in his own bed. Soon his cock would be standing up all attention, all hard in her skilled hands. Her lips wrapping around the head as she uses her tongue to tease the tip right before she starts to slide his throbbing cock into her wet, warm, mouth, slowly she lets out a soft moan as he just groans gently, his hips bucking up slightly.

Her head starts to move up and down slowly while his hand moves slowly into her hair, gripping it softly out of instinct. This caused her to pause for just a short moment, wondering if he had awoken from his sleep, he hadn’t, not trabzon escort bayan yet anyway. Knowing he would be waking up soon she continued moving her head a bit faster and harder. His cock completely hard in her mouth and slowly stirring from his sleep into the world pleasure.

She groans again but louder than before, waking him up confused, dazed and in pleasure to the events before him, someone in his bed, under the covers and blowing his hard cock. It felt amazing and he was too close care for right now he just want to thrust harder into her throat and so he does, gripping her hair tightly and thrusting up into her down movements, making her gag slightly from surprise then moans around his cock sending pleasant vibrations down the shaft.

Her hands would start to move up and down his thighs before moving up and cup his balls. Massaging them gently in her warm, soft hands while her throat squeezed and relaxed around his cock trying to make take it deeper and to escort trabzon cum down her throat. He just groans in pleasure as his hand just grips her hair tightly to take control of her head, moving it up and down on his cock at the speed he wanted, as deeply as he wanted.

Really starting to thrust into her throat he can feel himself getting closer to cumming. Her hand moves from his balls to slide between his thighs, slowly a finger moves towards his ass, circling around the hole a little before it slides in making him tense up so slightly in surprise, curving her finger as she moves it back and forth. She takes him down her throat so deeply that he is no longer able to hold back and just lets it all go, cumming so hard down her throat, rope after rope of white, thick, cum, groaning from the back of his throat as he releases it all down her willing throat.

All dazed from his experience she slips out from between his legs and of his bed. Before he could pull the covers back to see this mystery woman, she was standing in the door frame with only her silhouette visible. It was obvious that she was smirking as her hand grips the door handle and shuts the door behind her leaving him in the dark, confused and mesmerized by this woman. He must see her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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