My Wife, Her Mom, and I

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1. Mom guides it in

Mother speaking

“Mom.” It was my daughter Aparna. She was on the South face of our L shaped veranda watching TV with her boy friend. I was on the sofa of the other limb reading a magazine. “Please close the front door and lock it up Mom.”

“What mischief are you two up to?” I said.

“We’re going to fuck, Ma.” There was a pause. There had to be. Aparna was twenty and her boy friend was the same age.


I am a single mother. My husband left me for his secretary when Aparna was six months old. He is somewhere in the U.S. I know not where. I was seventeen when Aparna was born; my daughter and I have been very close to each other as I suppose single mothers and their daughters usually are. We were more like sisters who are friends. We discussed matters concerning sex very freely, but this was a different.

Aparna is a very open type of girl; and rarely did she shock me with her questions about sex. But once I was close to embarrassment when she came home earlier from college than expected and found my boss in the office having tea with me. Aparna of course knew Viswam well and gave no indication that she was suspecting anything unusual in our relationship. But the conversation we had after he left is green in my memory.

“Did you have sexual intercourse with uncle Mom?” The question was so abrupt that I was dumbstruck for a while. But I welcomed it for I had been wanting to tell her about my occasional affairs, but was never able to get an opening so far.

“Yes,” I said. I was tense but her next question was so unexpected and so funny that the rest of the discussion was not only easy but also enjoyable.

“Did you do it in the missionary position or the lotus position Mom?”

I laughed. “Where did you get to know of these positions?”

“Shamu stole the book from her brother’s box and we read it a whole afternoon. A big volume Ma, and full of photographs of people indulging in sex, Ma, real photographs and big pictures and close-ups and all that mostly in colour. It was marvellous. There are five positions Ma for sexual intercourse. It seems missionaries working in the South Sea Islands told their converts that the man on top with woman on her back position is the only position that is holy. Did you two do it in the missionary position Ma?

“Yes. A holy posture, and hence free of sin I suppose,” I said and laughed.

“Did you have orgasms?”

“I did not.”

“According to the book women do not have orgasms every time they have intercourse. You must have proper foreplay Mom, then only you will get orgasms.”

“We were in a hurry. I was worried that you might be knocking at the door anytime,” I said in a desperate attempt to guide Aparna away from the subject of foreplay.

“What if, Mom?”

“Open the door for you when partly dressed and dishevelled with Viswam lying half naked on the sofa? Unthinkable”

“Did you do it on the sofa Mom?”

I nodded.

“I wish I had come earlier. Mom, please do not bother about me. You can ask uncle to come anytime you want him and you can have it even when I am in the house. I promise to keep myself in the background.”

“Reading your lessons?”

“No lessons, Mom. You think I can concentrate on my studies with all the exciting things going on in the house? No, Ma, I’ll be keeping guard with my eye on the keyhole.” She rolled on the sofa and laughed. Aparna then got up and looked at me with peculiar intensity.

“So you fucked this afternoon, Ma,” she said and giggled. Aparna’s eyes glittered with mischief. She got full juice out of the four-letter word. She sucked in her lower lip and shot it out. She read disapproval in my body language and apologised. “I promise I will use that word only to you and not even to my friends in school,” she said. Then she hugged me and kissed me and said something that made that afternoon memorable.

“Mom your affairs are a secret I’d share with no one. I promise Ma with no one, and that is absolute.”


“Why no answer, Mom? Any objection?”

“None at all.”

“You don’t need to worry. Sunil has a condom.” Condom indeed. A planned session apparently.

“Why not the bed room. More privacy there.”

“We like this place.” That was reason enough for my daughter. “As for privacy, ” she continued, “you are the only one, and you are welcome to peek.” She burst out laughing. I went to the front door and noisily did the bolts. I was excited at the thought of my daughter having sex. I could feel my wetness already. I am thirty-six, a juicy age in sexual terms. I have had affairs with many men. I did not want a stable relationship for I did not want marriage again, and the status of kept women was abhorrent to me.

I was seated hardly eight feet from where Aparna and Sunil were making love.

“I lovely pair you have.” It was Sunil. My daughter did have a wonderful pair of breasts—large with the classical mango shape as depicted in temple sculptures. She was on the short side, like me, and her face, which she has inherited from her father, fatih escort let her down somewhat. She had blob nose and large sensuous lips. Her eyes were large, round and lovely. Where she got those from I know not. She had a bubbly infectious charm to cancel out the less desirable features in her make up.

“You can do better than rub your cheeks on that,” said Aparna. Men do not take kindly to criticism of their sexual expertise, but Sunil did not seem to mind.

“How do you know?”

“Roopa told me.”

“Who Roopa, the married senior who is your friend?”

“Friend and mentor in matters concerning sex.”

“What did Roopa say one should do?”

“Suck my tits.”

“Here goes.” I heard slurping sounds.

“Sunil, if a baby does what you are doing it will soon die of starvation.”

“I am sucking am I not? Sucking till my cheeks ache.”

“You must bite, like babies do.”

“Silly, babies can’t bite for they have no teeth”

“That’s why they have no teeth, so that they can bite without hurting. Suck in your lips to cover your teeth and then bite as hard as you can. Nature has designed nipples to stand biting. Your lips will give up before my tits complain.”

“Roopa told you this also.”

“This and many more.”

“You mean you talk of these things?”

“Why not? One wants to learn. That’s why we go to college.” Aparna found it funny. She giggled. “You men won’t talk of these things. That’s what Roopa says. She says that you all think or want everyone else to think that you are masters in the art of sex.”

“Its lovely Sunil. Now take in a few deep breaths and work on the other one. You don’t have to twist you neck to reach it Sunil. I’ll hold it up as I would to my baby.”

“Why don’t you remove that blouse and bra and throw them away. They are rubbing my face.”

“Let them be.”

“I wish your Roopa advises you on that also.”

“Hmm,” said Aparna.

“Why, has she?”

“She has. She says that women should do the little things that men want like removing the clothes, and having the lights on etc. She says it will go a long way in assuring amity in their relationship.”

“Why don’t you?”

“I’m feeling funny Sunil. This is the first time, later, most certainly. Disappointed?”

“Yes, Apar. When I heard you use the four letter word to your Mom I thought you had no inhibitions.”

“That word I use in a matter of fact way. Mom doesn’t.”

“Now back to your friend Roopa. If ever you friend Roopa writes a book on sex please ask her to reserve a copy for me,” said Sunil, taking time out from his task to make the reservation of a future bestseller.

I was glad that Aparna has taken my advice and talks openly and even aggressively about sex to her man. False modesty in women comes first in causes for messing up the sex life of couples. Running close second is pigheaded arrogance in men about their sexual knowledge. Aparna has no inhibitions and Sunil has already shown indication of willingness to learn. I was happy that my daughter’s sex life was going to be a happy one.

I heard some moans, more hissing than moaning. My legs became weak and I felt moisture between my thighs. The tension was becoming unbearable.

“Bite just a bit more firmly. It’s divine, Sunil. Ahhh.” And a while later, “What are you doing with my skirt.”

“Removing it of course, what else.”

“Please, Sunil, not today. Next time, I promise. This time just lift my skirt.” There was silence for a while.

“Its as smooth as marble.”

“No Sunil. Don’t touch, Sunil.”

“Do you shave, Apar?”


“Every day?”

“Not every day silly. Today I did. It is such an important day. Mom says it is hygienic to do so.”

“I also like it that way.”

“Some men like it natural.”

“Roopa says so?”

“No, Mom.”

“Please Apar. I won’t touch. You spread it out and show me the clit. I’m burning to see it. I hear so many good reports about it.”

“No Sunil, not this time.”

“No Aparna, I must, and now.”

“OK. Just once.”

“This one at the top?”


“It stares back at me, Apar, like a worm from its hole.”

“Nice imagery, Sunil. Now get going.”

There was silence for a while and I thought action had commenced. I could stand it no more. I pressed my thighs together in a vain attempt to get relief.


“Yes Aparna.”

“Sunil wants to know if the condom is to be worn with foreskin down or up.”

“Up is better.”

“Thank you Mom.” There was silence for almost five minutes.

“Mom, Sunil is not able to penetrate.”

“Is he using lubricated condom?”

“Yes, Mom, and I am flowing like the Ganges.” I wish I could have told my daughter that I was flowing like the Amazon.

“Mom, come up quickly and help us. Sunil is not able to penetrate,” said Aparna again.” I knew that where sex is concerned anything is possible, but for me this was just too much.

“Don’t be silly, Aparna. I simply can’t. It is so ridiculous fındıkzade escort even to contemplate such a thing. Just relax and help Sunil.”

“I have done all the relaxing I can do. This is not the time to argue, Mom. Come at once, please, before it is too late. Sunil will spill any moment now.”

I was once again going to refuse when Sunil spoke.

“Mummy, come, Mummy, please Mummy.” He sounded desperate.

I ran hampered by all that wetness between the thighs, trembling with excitement. There was nothing wrong about the way Aparna was laying. She was on her back with legs drawn up and spread as far as they would go. Sunil was on her on all fours trying to manoeuvre his flapping penis into her. Suddenly I did not find my position funny. I had a job to do, and I focussed on getting it done.

“You must hold it and guide it in Aparna,” I said.

“He won’t allow me to touch the tip region. He says he will spill immediately. I can’t reach the base. You hold the base and guide it in. Won’t you Mom darling.” I held the base at first gingerly, and then I took a good grip, and with Sunil sliding forward I got the tip to the opening of the vagina. Aparna was wet all over.

“Press Sunil,” I said and he pressed. I guided it in. Aparna screamed as the membrane split, and then she subsided.

“OK?” I asked. Sunil nodded uncertainly.

I withdrew noiselessly. I went straight to the bathroom, threw off my clothes and sat in the bath and holding the hand shower attachment I directed the thinnest stream at my clit till I had my release. I dressed, and as I left I turned towards the couple. They were in a tight embrace with love written all over. I breathed a sign of relief that my daughter has not developed rage at men at the way her father had treated her mother. How could she when her man is so innocent that he calls for his Mummy’s help when he has difficulties in bed?

2. Mom is the catalyst in daughter’s love making

Aparna speaking.

My first fuck was unforgettable. Mom had to come and guide Sunil’s penis in. We had several after that, and we did it on our own. Soon after Sunil left for studies abroad. He was away for a year. A month after he returned we were married. We went to Goa for our honeymoon. For the first time I was away from my mother for more than two days. We wanted her to come with us. It was Sunil’s suggestion.

“A more certain way of entering the Guinness Book cannot be thought of,” my mother said and laughed for five minutes.

“It’s our most earnest wish,” he said. “What I mean is Apar wants it as much as I do.”

“Yes Ma,” I said. We were at her for one day and then we stopped. We realised that she would not budge. As I said our honeymoon was short. We did not find it special. We came home on the third day morning. Mother was surprised and concerned. We assured her that we did not quarrel.

“Than why are you back?” she wanted to know.

“To be frank we missed you Ma.”

“You might have, but Sunil.”

“He also Ma. He more than I. Well it may surprise you as it surprises us, but we find sex dull without you about.” Mother laughed. We had it several times during my engagement but always at home and always on the divan. The first time she helped us with it, but later the possibility of surprising her added zest to the action. Twice it did happen. The first time Mom came unannounced, but with an exclamation of surprise ran out, but I called her and she came, said hallo and left. The next time she came in to take something. She just took it and went away. Both times I had orgasms. In fact the only times I had orgasms were those two. That Mom’s presence was the essential catalyst we realised only during the honeymoon.

We went in and settled in our room. The train travel was not good. We slept. We got up almost at noon and came down for lunch. We ate and went back, and again slept. Mom called us for tea. We had tea, and then we invited Mom to be with us on the divan. Mom came and we told us about the honeymoon disaster.

Sunil got the ball rolling.

“Ma, without you we got no kick out of it.”

“What do you mean without me,” said Ma.

“The possibility of your seeing us in the huddle is crucial. I was telling Roopa and she says that anything is possible in matters concerning sex.”

“I am of course eager to be of assistance,” said Mom.

“Thank you Ma. We start now. Don’t go away.”

“No, that won’t do. I’ll go now but I’ll come when I judge the time appropriate, say hello, and then leave.”

“OK, Ma. That’s what we want.” And that is what happened on that and on several other occasions. Mother was accustomed to see us coupling in the nude so often that I suspect it ceased to be exciting for her.

Almost six months passed and I did not conceive. I was desperate for a child and so was Sunil. We saw doctors and they said that my uterus shape was abnormal and I cannot bear babies. But the doctor did not close the door to my having babies. My ovum was normal, and so were Sunil’s sperms. Doctors said halkalı escort that that they can collect my ovum and combine it with Sunil’s sperms outside the body, and the resulting zygote they can implant it in the uterus of a surrogate mother. ‘The girl’s mother is the best surrogate,” said my doctor. He said that as my mother has still not attained menopause it would be easier than if the mother, as often is the case, is in menopause. I was excited to have my own Mom bear my baby. In some ways I thought it was better than my bearing it. It would make my Mom more of my family than if she had been only my Mom. It was at that moment that this bomb burst inside my head. I shivered as I contemplated the enormity of my thoughtlessness towards Mom. In that instant I also knew for certain what I should do to redress the cruelty to my mother.

My mother was as sexually active as a woman whose husband had deserted her can be in Madras, a world centre for prudery. Seeing all the love making her daughter was indulging in was sure to have brought her frustrations to a dangerous level. I bitterly regretted that Sunil and I had given no thought to it. I cornered Sunil and demanded why he had not thought of it. Sunil had, but he said that there was nothing he could do about it.

“If anyone can it is you,” I said in severe tones.


“Yes, you.”

“I don’t get it.”

“You must fuck her.” Sunil stood gaping. I knew it would be a while before he was in a state to speak. I continued. “You admire her body. Please don’t shake your head. Your body language is pretty explicit. She admires you too in the same sense. The only obstacle is I. If I want it then there could be no reason why you should not fuck her.”

Sunil spluttered. I stopped him by gesture.

“Listen carefully. You don’t just fuck her. You get her pregnant. Fill her with our child. Surrogating is big trouble. Doctors will poke me all over my tummy to get my ovum. That is one, and then there is the uncertainty of it all, not to mention the expense.

“Listen Apar.”

“Just a few words more and then you can have the floor. My baby instead of having half my genes will have a quarter of it. I would recommend that all barren couples, instead of using the mother as a surrogate, they should get her impregnated with their daughter’s husband’s sperms by artificial insemination.”

“Or by fucking,” said Sunil and collapsed in a heap with laughter. Sunil was won over. Now I had to work on Mom.

3. Mummy, the perfect surrogate

Sunil speaking.

My mother-in-law is very attractive. She has a lovely face, a terrific figure, and her movements are utterly feminine. She is young too, in her late thirties. But I have never thought of her as a sex object, and she was never in my fantasies. This was to change soon. What brought this about is so bizarre that one cannot guess it in a million tries.

I am an orphan. I had no home till my marriage, which was at a very early age of twenty-one. I have a home now. I have moved in to my wife’s place. Mummy’s husband left her when my wife, her daughter, Aparna was six months old. Mummy was just seventeen then. Mother and daughter talk and act as if they are friends.

Apar and I have sex very openly. No closed doors, and often in the open veranda. In the beginning Mummy used to apologise and withdraw. Nowadays she just carries on as if we are not there. At times when the mood is on her she would tweak me on the rear. This openness came about by a queer incident.

Apar and I were engaged then. One afternoon we planned to have sex for the first time. It was a first for both of us. I knew I had to shove my penis into her vagina. But of the finer points I knew just nothing. So when it came to unrolling the condom I did not know if the foreskin was to be drawn down or pulled up. After a brief discussion Apar said that we should consult Mummy. That was no problem as she was seated on the other side of the L shaped veranda a few feet away, but not visible. She said that it was better to pull it up and that is what I did. Apar is uninhibited, but that day she did not allow me to do much. She even refused to remove her dress and created windows to expose the strategic areas. She was excited, and even without much foreplay she became so wet that the moisture spread to her thighs.

I took my penis close to the slit and asked her to guide it in. But Apar could not reach the base of my penis. She is a short girl, or may be we had not positioned ourselves properly, but she could only touch the tip. In my excited state I knew I would spill if she touched my rose. I could not hold my penis and balance at the same time. The final result was that I was on all fours dangling the penis with no possibility of penetration. Apar once again wanted to call mother for help, and I readily agreed. It added a new dimension to the act.

After some persuasion Mummy came and holding my penis by the base she aligned it and asked me to push. I entered royally. I am curious to know how many men have got the assistance of their mothers-in-law to enter their wives. May be I am the lone one in that league. May be not. So many curious things happen in sex that I would not be surprised if there are cultures where the mother-in-law has to perform this function as a ritual. After a start like that one could not expect us to be closing doors before making love.

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