My Wife and Her Mom

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I wasn’t sure how to react. The favor my wife asked of me was so out of left field I couldn’t be sure I’d heard her correctly. I asked Sophie to say it again, slowly and distinctly, so that I wouldn’t miss a word.

“My mother wants to visit us next Friday and stay for a week. I hope that’s OK with you.” she began.

“You know she’s been feeling completely alone and useless since dad passed away.”

That is very true. My mother-in-law, Esther, couldn’t seem to comprehend that her life mate was gone and she was indeed on her own. Except for Sophie, me and a son who was a Naval officer stationed overseas, there was no one Esther had to lean on.

Sophie continued,

“Mom’s feeling so down that I’m afraid she may want to do something bad to herself. One of the things she told me is how awful it is for her at night, when she tries to fall asleep in the bed she shared with daddy. I think you can help her a little. Spend time with her and show her how much she means to you.”

“Exactly how do you see me ‘helping’ your mom?” I asked.

Sophie looked at the floor and took some time before answering

“Pete, I want you to sleep with her. Make her feel wanted. Make her feel like a woman again!”

Oh boy, where did that come from?! Sophie and I have been married for 22 years and in that time she was the one and only woman I’d bedded. A couple of times I wanted to see if she’d be interested in a little side action to spice up the love life, but she refused to consider it. And now this! I wondered if this was a test of some kind. Maybe if I agreed too quickly, Sophie would get really upset and I’d hear about it for a long time. Then again, if I declined the same might happen because it showed I didn’t care for her mom.

I told her it was a big decision and I’d let her know in 2 or 3 days. Sophie agreed and then as a bit of encouragement (to my mind, if not hers), she squatted down before me, pulled down my zipper, withdrew my cock and gave me a lovely blowjob. I thought Sophie must be really serious about this favor because she allowed me to ejaculate in her mouth (a rare event!) and made sure to show the load I left there. And then she swallowed my spunk (an even rarer event!). I had some thinking to do!

That night and the next Sophie went out of her way to do sexual things I always wanted but she never allowed me to do. She accepted my cum in her mouth maybe half a dozen times and even let me fuck her in the ass more than once. When we were dating, Sophie had let me do her ass a couple of times, but then stopped saying I’m too big and it hurts. That was 23 years ago!. But now my ‘too big’ 6 3/4 inch penis didn’t seem to bother her at all. Not only that, but it slid in nice and easy as though it was something normal for her. And if that wasn’t enough, she licked my dick clean with a gusto I’d never known, even given I had just withdrawn from her anus and hadn’t worn a condom.

Mental note: Remind her in the future she took my cock in her ass more than once with no complaints and she can do it again.

Mental note 2: Find out why the sudden acceptance of anal sex. Has she been getting some anal loving on the side? I don’t think so (I hope not!), but then, maybe she has! I think I’ll wait to ask her when she’s all hot and bothered and not likely to think too much.

Finally decision day arrived. Sophie put on a sexy see-through bra she knows I like (I love the way her nipple show though without any frills or seams getting in the way!), fishnet stocking held up by a garter and high heeled slippers. Her butt and pussy were wonderfully nude. She sat down beside me and draped her left leg over my lap and asked if I had made up my mind. Before answering, I took advantage of the situation by stroking her stocking-covered inner thigh, something she really loves, spending a lot of time there while oh-so-slowly moving toward her vagina. Sophie is blessed with a big bottom and somewhat large thighs. She doesn’t shave, but is nicely groomed with a fringe of pubic hair bordering her womanhood. She has large and meaty cunt lips and before long I was running my fingers over and around them. I probed her puss with my fingers before changing position to be able to go down on her. Sophie has the best tasting cunt I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. I spent quite a while down there and she came several times. I know because she squeezes my head between her thighs with a good amount of force as she comes, releasing the pressure when her orgasm is over. That day my head was squeezed hard quite a number of times and it made us both very happy!

Afterwards I told her that as long as she was sure it wouldn’t change our relationship, I’ll ‘help’ Esther as she suggested. Sophie was very thankful in word and deed. She fucked me hard and let me come in her cunt. Then she straddled my head and so I could eat her out as my load flowed out of her pussy into my mouth. I’m not gay, but I have no objection to tasting my own spunk, as long as its mixed with Sophie’s juices. We went to sleep trabzon escort exhausted but satisfied.

Fast forward to the next Friday evening. I came home from work and found a note from Sophie that she was at the airport picking up her mother. After returning home she’d prepare a nice dinner. Afterwards we’d have some wine while catching up on things before retiring. She reminded me of our agreement and let on that her mom often couldn’t sleep through the night and might be up watching TV or reading or something. That might be a good time to “become acquainted”.

Dinner was superb and then we sat in the living room, had a bit more wine and chatted. At last it came time to say “Good night” and we retired to our respective bedrooms.

I stripped off my clothes and took a shower. If this was going to be ‘the night’ I didn’t want to smell grubby! When I came out, I found Sophie was already fast asleep. I hoped for one last ‘bit of encouragement’ from her, but decided to leave her to her dreams. I put on some white socks and a white t-shirt, then climbed into bed next to Sophie and fell asleep.

I awoke with a start at 3:51 AM. It took several seconds to become oriented. I was at home in bed and needed to take a wicked piss. I got up and stumbled into the bathroom to relieve myself. Once done, I felt a smidge more alert and figured I’d get a glass of juice from the fridge before going back to sleep. The house was dark, but I knew my way around and made it to the kitchen without incident. I got a glass from the cupboard and opened the refrigerator door.

“Oh my!”

I quickly turned toward the source of the words. In the light of the open fridge I saw Esther sitting at the kitchen table. Her eyes were fixed on my dangling cock and her mouth was open with surprise. My immediate impulse was to close the door and cover up as I left the kitchen in embarrassment. But then I figured she’s already seen me. So, I casually asked if she’d like some juice, too.

I took out the carton and poured juice into the glass. I held it out to her and asked

“Esther, some juice?”

She continued sitting there staring at my crotch. I started feeling it chub-up. I put the glass on the table and, still facing her, closed the carton and put it on the counter. The fridge light still illuminated the scene. My dick had had stiffened to about a 45 degree angle and Esther couldn’t take her eyes off it. I asked if I could offer her anything. She just shook her head no.

I finally closed the fridge door. The kitchen became dark again.

“Do you mind some company?” I asked my mother-in-law.

She could barely speak but managed to whisper

“No, I don’t mind.”

I sat down right next to her and started sipping my juice.

“I guess you couldn’t sleep either” I said.

“No, I almost never sleep through the night any more” she replied.

“How are you doing, Esther? Is everything alright?” I asked with some concern.

I could sense she was uncomfortable talking to me. Maybe it was because I was her son-in-law and my exposed cock was within arm’s reach or maybe it was because I was a man in general.

For a few minutes all was quiet, except for out breathing. Finally I ask Esther if she wanted to be alone.

“No, don’t go.” she answered.

Then she asked what I was expecting her to ask.

“Peter, do you usually walk around the house naked?”

I tried to be a little funny by replying

“I’m not naked, I’m wearing a shirt and socks! But yes, this is how I usually am around the house.”

I chuckled and hoped she would too, but such was not to be.

“You know what I mean” she continued.

“You realize I saw you penis, don’t you? What would Sophie think if she knew you were prancing around showing what you have?”

“Sophie has seen it thousands of times. And besides, she likes walking around the house strutting her stuff as well! You might be surprised to know frisky she can be! Besides, we’re family and what’s the big deal? Anyway, if you want me to cover up just say so and I’ll go put something on. But we can’t change that you’ve already see him!”

Another minute went by before Esther answered

“You can stay as you are. It’s just that you are so calm about it! George (my deceased father-in-law) and I only saw each other naked in the bedroom. It was our way and what you say about Sophie and yourself being so free and easy about your bodies is strange to me.”

Maybe 30 seconds later Esther asked me in a squeaky voice if she could take another look at me.

Wow, this was going better than I imagined it would!

“Sure, let me put the light on.”

I got up and my dick brushed her shoulder as I reached to turn on the kitchen light. It glared so I dimmed it down to about half intensity.

“Is this too bright?” I asked.

“No Peter, it’s fine.”

I turned back toward her and squeezed by to get back to my seat. I could feel my dick skimming through her hair. What a nice sensation!

I trabzon escort bayan finished my juice and suggested we go out on the balcony.

“Outside? You go outside like that where the neighbors can see you?”

“Sophie and I have both done that. We’ve made love countless times out there, at night, during the day, in nice weather, rain and even snow! A change of location really spices up our sex life! And if a neighbor or five see either of us, so what? “

“You know, George and I almost always had sex in bed. Once in a great while we’d do it in the living room and maybe twice in the kitchen. I guess you think we were stuck up and silly, huh?”

“No, not necessarily. It’s what you expected and since you two stayed together for so long, you must have been OK with the arrangement.”

“Yes, we were happy, but now I wish we’d done something more adventurous!”

I saw an opening and made a suggestion to Esther.

“It isn’t too late for you. You’ll find someone new and you can be as wild and different as your imaginations allow!”

She looked at me and muttered it was too late for her.

“Nonsense! In fact, you can start you new life here and now!”

Still looking at me she took on a questioning pose.

“Let’s go on the balcony. We can watch the sunrise while we’re both naked. You’ve seen me and I have to admit to wanting to see what you’re hiding!”

Esther gasped.

“Why would you want to see an old crone like me naked? You have a beautiful wife. Isn’t she enough?”

“I think Sophie is gorgeous and I do enjoy her body and mind. But you’re her mother and the similarities between you two. I’m curious to find out if I’m right. Besides, I’m a man, and you know men can’t pass up the chance to see naked women! Besides, I don’t think she’d mind if you were the ‘other woman’!”

Another gasp.

“But I’m old and fat and wrinkly. What could you possibly want from someone like me?”

“Sophie is plump, too. For a while she was worried I’d dump her for a skinnier woman. But I find her extra roundness to be very alluring and I do my best to remind her every chance I get. Believe it or not, a woman who’s chubby in the right places can get a man worked up very easily. And as for age, I’m 57, Sophie is 55 and you’re what, 75, 76? Big deal! To more than half the world’s population we’re both over the hill! But you and I both know we still have a lot of life left! So, will you join me on the balcony?”

Esther sat and considered what I just said. I stood up and, facing her, said I’ll be outside. My cock was maybe 18 inches from her eyes and was once again getting hard.

I walked out onto the balcony and sat down. It was now nearing 4:30 AM. The night was warm and the sky was quite clear. Hoping Esther would come out I stripped off the t-shirt and socks I was wearing and was now truly nude. I sat there alone for maybe 5 minutes before I heard the sliding door open. I looked over and saw Esther standing there looking back at me, deciding whether to come out or not.

Finally she got up enough courage to step out and come toward me. I stood up to allow her to pass.

“I guess you can see that I’m now really and truly naked. What do you think?”

As she was walking by, she seemed to stumble just a bit, just enough and in the right direction to make contact with my semi-hard cock.

“Oh, sorry! I guess I’m just clumsy.” she said.

“I think you meant to do that! You wanted to get a cheap feel. I’m just sorry it was so quick!”

It was time to, as they say, ‘fish or cut bait’.

“Will you favor me by showing your body?” I asked.

She was noticeably nervous by my question, but soon lifted off her nightie. Underneath she had on a bra and panty. I was disappointed, but I did see her largish thighs and how they flared up toward her very ample butt, one larger than Sophie’s. I wanted to feel those thighs very badly!

“No fair!” I complained.

“You got to see everything, but you’re making me wait! What gives?”

Esther just smiled and told me she couldn’t be rushed, that this was a big change for her.

I grumbled that I understood.

We sat there and chatted for a while. I mentioned I thought her thighs were sexy. Could I touch them?

She consented and soon I was stroking her right thigh, paying extra attention to the inner portion. At first Esther just sat there but soon I noted her eyes had closed and her head was tilted back a bit. Very low cooing sounds were emanating from her lips. I had her stand up while I changed the position of our lounge chairs so we faced each other. She sat back down, I started on her left thigh. Her cooing became louder and her breathing more urgent. Then I stroked both her inner thighs. Esther’s breathing was now in short gasps and instead of cooing she was now moaning. Then, before I realized what was happening, Esther’s legs slammed shut on my hands and she let out a deep primal sound, more than a guttoral moan but less than a roar. Her thighs loosened escort trabzon and tightened their grip on my hands in rapid succession. At last she calmed down.

“That was wonderful! It’s been so long since a man has made me feel so good!”

Esther opened her eyes and sat up. She had a grin going from ear to ear. Her legs were opened enough for me to see her panty.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“No, you didn’t hurt me. But you did do something else.”

Esther looked at me in confusion. I just stood up before her. My cock was fully engorged and precum was dripping off the tip.

“See what happened?” I teased her.

Esther looked at my cock then my face then back at my cock.

“I did that?”

She sounded bewildered.

“Yes you did! For an old, fat and wrinkly woman, you can still make a man all hard and bothered!”


“Would you like to touch?” I asked.

“But you’re my son-in-law. I don’t want to do anything that can hurt Sophie!”

“Well, remember we’re family! Besides, I just used my hands to make you cum, so I’d say that taboo is broken.”

She looked up at me and asked

“Pete, do you really want me to?”

“Yes, Esther, I really want you to.”

Esther tentatively reached out with her right hand and then pulled back. I could see she was conflicted as to what to do. I help her by gently taking her hand in mine and placing it on my cock. Esther shuddered. She looked up at me with a “should I” look. I nodded that yes, she should and took my hand away.

Esther moved her hand a bit back, exposing the glans and then forward. She ran her fingers over the shaft and spent time touching the head. A good amount of pre-cum gathered on her fingers. She moved them toward her face and played with the fluid.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

She said she did.

“Why don’t you smell it. Sophie says it smells faintly like cum, just not as strong.”

Esther smelled the cooling pre-cum on her fingers.

“It is like weak semen. I like it!”

” Would you like to taste my cock?”

Instead of saying something, Esther pulled me closer to her head and took my cock into her mouth. The first few sucks were kind of rough and even uncomfortable, but she soon had a good rhythm going. I knew that Sophie was this woman’s daughter because their techniques were so similar!

After a few minutes I knew my balls couldn’t hold back and I told Esther I was going to cum. I expected she’d pull back and I’d cum in air, but to my surprise she took me in deeper! A couple of more sucks and my load was streaming into Esther’s eager mouth. She sucked and swallowed and kept on sucking until I begged her to stop!

“Oh Esther, that was phenominal! I didn’t think you’d want me to cum in your mouth, but I’m glad you did!”

“I love sperm! George used to say I couldn’t get enough of it and he let me suck him off many more times than we had intercourse. Why wouldn’t I want it in my mouth?”

“No reason, I guess I just assumed. And you know what assuming makes one, right?”

She laughed and nodded in agreement. I say down and immediately my eyes went to that secret place hidden by her panty.

“Esther, I think you had an accident!”

I pointed to the panty she was wearing. Esther didn’t get what I meant and gave me a quizzical look.

“There’s a great big wet spot on the front of your panty. I think you should take it off, don’t you?”

Esther agreed and in seconds had removed the damp garment. Now, wearing only a bra, she sat down, but had her legs closed.

“Let me show you something I do that Sophie says makes her feel like a real woman”

I knelt down before Esther and asked her to slide back on the lounge chair. She did. I took one leg in each arm and lifted them. That exposed her somewhat hairy cunt. I moved lower and began to nibble my way up her thighs toward the bush. Esther was cooing again. My lips and tongue enjoyed her flesh and soon she was jiggling and kind of giggling. Then I planted my lips right on her vagina. My tongue probed here and there and soon found the opening. Up and down, side to side, in and out went my tongue. Esther was going out of control! Like Sophie, Esther’s legs clamped around my head as she came all over my mouth. Soon she relaxed a bit. But I wasn’t yet finished! My cock was fully engorged and I adjusted my position to easily slide into Esther’s pussy.

“Peter! What are you doing?”

“I think the appropriate term is ‘I’m fucking your cunt’. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please don’t!”

I continued pumping into her pussy. Her legs rested on my shoulders and my hands were free release her breasts from that nasty bra. Esther did nothing to discourage me. In fact, she moved around a bit to make access easier for me. What a caring mother-in-law!

We fucked for several minutes. Soon I felt that special sensation of an impending cumshot. I thrusted into Esther with extra urgency. She sensed what was about to happen and encouraged me not to stop.

“Cum inside me!”

I did! Jet after jet of sperm entered into her. Esther also came as her legs squeezed my neck.

After we calmed down, I sat on my chair and watched the cum slowly flow out her swollen hole.

Almost together we said

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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