My Weekend with Grandpa Pt. 03 Ch. 02

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A weekend for Annie and her Mother.

Part II: Saturday Evening: Michael, Janet, and Annie go dancing at a local club.

In the car on the way to the club:

Annie whispers something in her Mother’s ear, like a little devil on her shoulder and Janet says,

“What? I can’t do that honey. Oh shit. Alright.”

After a mile or so, Janet looks back at Annie who gives her a ‘go ahead’ nod. Janet lifts her butt off the seat, to raise the hem of her dress about three more inches. Michael is able to see his Daughter’s soft buttery thighs, with sexy black lacy garters clamped onto the top of her stockings.

She smiles at her Father, and then puts her hand on his thigh, just rubbing it a little. Michael has been down this road before; and he knows what is coming. He puts his hand on Janet’s inner thigh, and massages her silky skin. He slides his fingers up under her hem and onto her bald and very wet pussy.

Janet gasps as she feels his fingers on her, and helps him find her vagina with his middle finger and pushes it into her with her fingers. She spreads her legs wide as Michael slides his finger into her as far as he can reach. He massages the fleshy pink interior walls of her vagina, and Janet shudders and flails into a strong orgasm. She can feel the tingling in her buttocks, down her inner thighs, and down to the bottoms of her feet.

Annie reaches forward, outs her arms around Janet’s neck, and kisses her on the cheek, whispering in her ear, “I love you, Mommy.” Janet’s juices flood all over Michael’s leather seats as her convulsions slow and euphoric feeling floods over her like a wave. She feels amazing as she goes limp in her seat.

At the club, the valet parks the car and Annie takes Janet to the ladies room to clean her up, while Michael finds a booth. The girls find Michael, and Janet orders a drink. Michael orders a beer. Annie orders a beer also, but Michael changes her order to a Coca-Cola, and it comes with a cherry in it.

Annie says, “Oh a cherry! Haven’t seen one of those in a while!”

Michael gets the double meaning, and gives Annie a look, but the sexual double entante goes right over Janet’s head as she is still recovering from her sexual episode in the car. The band tonight is a good one; and is playing very danceable music. Michael looks at the girls, and asks,

“Who’s first?”

Janet pounces on the chance to dance and says,

“Oh! Me, Michael! Me first!”

Michael rises, and takes his Daughter’s soft hand and leads her to the dance floor. Annie stays in the booth looking about twenty-two and pretty, with her hair up and dressed to the nines. That is how she got in the club to begin with.

A young man approaches, and without saying a word, takes Annie’s hand and leads the pretty, young girl to the dancefloor. The first couple of songs have good dancing beats, and Annie and her partner are doing a kind of hip-hop step.

Michael and Janet are doing a hustle, with Janet stepping lively twisting in and out of Michael’s embrace and extending to arms-length, and back again twirling. She is having a ball dancing with a man for the first time in a long time. She is surprised at how good a dancer her Father is.

The next song is a slow one, and Janet is a little sweaty from the active dancing and the heat from the club. She was glad she let Annie talk her out of her panties … the air coming up her skirt feels good on her very warm and very naked crotch. She can feel the sweat flowing down between her ass cheeks. It feels good! It tickles! She knows Michael can smell her sex, because she can smell it too, in this warm club.

For the slower dance, Michael takes her into a traditional dance pose, but after a while, Janet put her arms around Michael’s neck, and his hands go to her hips … neutral territory when dancing with your daughter. Janet rests her head on Michael’s chest, and Michael moves both of his hands to the small of Janet’s back. Her dress has a rather low plunging back, so she is wearing a backless bra just as Annie is with her dress, and Michael’s hands are partially on her bare back.

Michael looks over to see that Annie has removed her heels, and is standing tiptoes on top of her partner’s feet as he steers them in slow circles on the dancefloor. Michael sees her partner’s hands slip down onto Annie’s ass, and she has a smile on her face, so Michael smiles, knowing that is little Petunia-Face is having a nice time.

Janet is starting to feel her wine and the drinks; she pulls her hands in on Michael’s chest, with her head resting between them. She moans a soft contented moan. She feels her sweat soaking into Michael’s shirt, mixing with his sweat. Her hands are softly massaging Michael’s muscular chest. Michael moves one hand to her mid-back, and the other one slides down to massage her lovely and shapely ass.

She increases her moans, and Michael softly asks to her,

“Having a nice time, darling?”

“Oh, yes Michael. It is so good having a man’s hands on me. It is okay beşiktaş escort if you forget I am your Daughter a little, um, tonight. She raises her hand up and around his neck again, and tiptoes up to give him a soft but urgent kiss on the lips. As she reaches up, the hem of her dress reaches almost to her sit-spot, and although Michael cannot see it, the very bottom of her ass cheeks, her garter straps, and the top of her stockings are on display.

Michael presses her toward him tighter and squeezes her ass cheeks. They both can feel her large firm breasts pressing into his chest. She opens her stance in reaction to Michael’s hand moving further down on her ass, and opens her mouth to kiss Michael in the French style.

She is opening her body up to Michael. She is thinking to herself, with Michael’s strong hands on her, “Please Michael, take your little girl’s body … do with me what you wish tonight!”

Michael steers her to a dark part of the dancefloor, and slips his hand under the raised hem on her dress, and onto her naked little ass. She is sweaty and her pussy is wet. He can feel it.

He pulls her around the corner behind a pillar, and slips his hand over her smooth crotch and a finger into her hairless porcelain pussy as she gasps. She is getting close again, from all of the dancing and the heat of the club and comes quickly. She shudders in Michael’s arms, and grabs his shirtsleeves, pulling him toward her as she pushes her tongue into his mouth as far as she is able.

Coming down from her tingling, she looks up at Michael … her Father, and softly says with tears forming in her honey-colored eyes,

“Make love to me tonight, Michael. But be gentle with me.”

Michael looks down at this incredibly beautiful creature—his Daughter, and is too choked-up to answer, so he just hugs her tightly. The music ends, and he gives Janet a moment to regain her composure before returning to the booth. Annie is sitting in the booth, with another Coke and twirling another another cherry stem.

“Sorry Michael. I took my own cherry!” she says with a slight titter pressing her little joke to the limit. Janet got it this time.

Janet sits down, and still looks a little disheveled. Annie looks at her with a knowing smile and just says,

“Uuuh Huh!”

“What do you mean ‘Uuuh huh’? It was very warm out on the dance floor. Whew!” She fans herself with a menu card from the booth.

“Oh, exactly Mom, that’s what I meant!”

“Annie honey, let’s go powder our noses!” She gets up and grabs her daughter’s hand and they are off to the ladies room. Once inside, Janet looks around and under the stalls, to be sure they are alone.

“Annie, I might want to stay in Michael’s room tonight. Okay?”

“Okay Mom, I’ll be fine by myself.”

“You are such a sweetie, please do not think the worst of me darling. I just have needs tonight.”

“Mom, I love you. You never need to explain yourself to me … you know that. I just want to see you happy Mom … Michael is a wonderful lover! Oh, remember that tomorrow night is shirt night.”

“Shirt night? What do you mean?”

“Well, last time Summer and I were at Grandpa’s we came up with this idea that we would all wear one of Michael’s dress shirts, and nothing else. Just for fun … to be sexy … it’s okay.”

“Well, I am up for anything this weekend, I told you that.” She holds Annie’s face gently in her hands, looks her daughter straight in her eyes and reiterates, “Anything, darling!” She takes a breath and continues,

“Now, let’s rejoin your Grandfather before he thinks we drowned or something.” Both women giggle as a woman comes in and gives them a queer look.

Just outside the ladies room Annie stops Janet, and says quietly to her,

“Um, Mom, uh, when we get back to the booth, raise your hem up enough to show a little garter, okay.”

“So in addition to being a slut, you want me to be an exhibitionist too?”

“Um, yup! That about it Mom!” She giggles!

“Okay honey, I will if you will!”

The girls arrive back at the booth and Annie sits next to Michael so that when Janet raises her skirt, she will be on the outside, and some stranger might get a nice up-the-skirt view of her legs and possibly, her shaved pussy. Michael realizes immediately what is going on, after his experiences with Annie and Summer. He reaches over and seeing that Annie’s hemline is up very high, snaps one of her garters, and says,


Annie in turn, reaches over and pushes Janet’s hem up just a little higher, and opens her legs a little. She then snaps one of Janet’s garters, and says,

“There! That’s better. C’mon Mom, show off the goodies!”

Janet’s face turns red, but without turning her head, he notices a handsome gentleman looking in her direction. She is exposing her pussy to a strange man, and her Daughter is encouraging her to do it. She can feel herself getting moist, and the experience is far more arousing than beylikdüzü escort she thought it might be.

She feels like Alice lost in a sexual wonderland from which there is no escape this weekend. She figures, “Ah, what the hell, I will likely never see this guy again so why not give him a little thrill. She reaches over to whisper something to Annie, and in doing so, opens her legs further.

After a little while, the band plays a slow song, which will be the last one of the evening. Out of the corner of her eye, Janet sees the tall handsome gentlemen approach their booth. He asks Michael,

“Do you mind if I dance with the beautiful lady (indicating Janet)?”

“It’s up to the lady, you can ask her yourself.” The man bows toward Janet,

“Well, Miss? Would you join me?”

Janet smiles and takes his hand, and they disappear quickly to the other side of the dancefloor. Michael turns to Annie, slides his hand up under her hem and almost to her hip and asks,

“Well Miss? Would you join me,” mocking Janet’s dance partner.

“Why yes, sir, I would be honored!”

Annie takes his hand and leads him to the dancefloor.

The gentleman with Janet asks her name and she answers him quickly,

“No names! I just want to have a complete stranger’s hands on me tonight. And, the gentlemen I am with tonight is not my husband, he is … a friend. The other woman with him is my daughter, so I have to be good tonight.” She hesitates to giggle a little, “at least a little good! C’mon darlin’, let’s dance.”

She wanted him to know that she is not with a husband or lover … someone who would never let her dance with a stranger and still keep his manhood intact. She did not want this man to feel that he is stealing a sexy dance with someone’s wife. He understood the message.

They danced slowly, and he whispers to her that he admired her legs, and some other things. She moves closer to him, and he slides his hand down her bare back, and onto her ass. She moans with the pleasure of strange man’s hands on her. She can feel herself getting wetter between her legs as his hands massage her ass.

She looks into his eyes, searching them with her own and says softly, in almost a whisper,

“Touch me!”

He maneuvers her into a darker corner of the dancefloor, slides his fingers up the back of her legs, and onto her naked ass. He lets his fingers explore her crevice, and she jumps when his finger moves over her ass-pucker. She is getting warm with his attentions to her. She feels a finger sliding up inside her vagina, and opens her stance a little to allow this strange man to finger her in any way he wishes.

While this is happening, Annie asks Michael to take her back into a dark corner of the hallway by the exit, just off the dancefloor. It is an area that no one goes into, and she kisses Michael passionately. She breaks the kiss, looks into Michael’s eyes, and softly says,

“Please fuck me, Michael.”

He pulls her hem up to her hips, pulls out his already hard cock, picks her up under her legs, and lowers her gaping pussy easily down onto his cock. He presses her against the wall and fucks her hard, with long strong strokes, as she wraps her legs around him. It feels good to her, having her warm sweaty ass pressed against the coolness of the wall behind her.

“Oh, Michael, I love having you fuck me. But it has to be a quickie, we only have this song!”

Annie takes advantage of the fact that her Mother is occupied elsewhere for a quick one with Michael. After a few more thrusts, Michael groans loudly, and empties himself deep inside Annie grunting loudly, as she shudders and flails into a strong orgasm. They stay in this position, with her pinned to the wall and his cock deep inside her until they recover enough to return to the dancefloor.

The song is his winding up as Janet spots Michael and Annie dancing chastely together,

“Oh there you guys are, I lost you on the dancefloor. I am glad that you got to dance with your Grandfather, honey.”

“Mmm, yes Mom, Grandpa is a great, uh, ‘dancer.'”

Janet says goodbye to her dance partner leaving him with just a sweet kiss, a pleasant experience, and an aromatic finger. The three of them return to Michael’s townhouse. Annie informs her Mother that the uniform for tonight is T-shirts and panties. Janet says,

“Oh good! I get to show off the lace panties we bought today. You wear yours too Annie!”

Michael changed into a T-shirt and pair of worn jeans, no socks and no underwear. He marveled his twin beauties. Janet has such a tight body for a forty-year old woman, and he knows that she will give herself to him tonight, and is trying to be casual about it, just in case she changes her mind. In either case, she is still his little girl, and he loves her unconditionally.

As far as Annie goes, Michael knows that she has been talking to Summer about her anal experience, and might want the same thing from Michael … beyoğlu escort perhaps this weekend. Right now, the girls are making popcorn for the late night movie, and he is just enjoying the sight of twin asses encased in identical nearly see through lace panties.

Both girls, without bras to constrain their similarly ample breasts, have identical ‘jiggle-factors’ as they walk back in with sodas and popcorn with breasts swaying gently. Michael is always amazed at the fact that these two girls; his Daughter and Granddaughter have exactly the same body, and looks.

Janet settles on the couch next to her Father, and they both watch as Annie bends over to put a movie into the DVD player. Annie, knowing that she has an audience, and wiggles her butt a little to put on a show for them. She hears ‘wolf whistles’ from Michael and Janet as they laugh and throw popcorn at her posterior. She returns to the couch, and settles next to her Mom.

After a while, Annie asks her Mother to give her a massage, claiming that her calves and hamstrings are tight from the dancing. Michael rolls his eyes, but Mom says,

“Sure honey, why don’t you stretch out across us, you can still see the TV.”

Annie assumes the position, and Janet starts with massages to her calves while Michael tickles the bottom of her feet.

“Stop it Grandpa, that tickles!” she pulls her feet up out of his reach.

“Okay, okay honey. Sorry. Let me massage your calves and your Mom can take care of you tight little, um … hamstrings.” Janet shoots him a look, and smiles.

Janet starts on Annie hamstrings and Michael starts to knead Annie’s calves, then starting at the bottom, he walks is index and middle fingers up her legs just to tease her.

“Quit it, Michael! Behave and touch me nice!” Annie says scolding.

“Okay, be boring why don’t you?” Michael counters as he starts a righteous deep massage of her calves. He moves up to Janet’s territory, and massages Annie’s hamstrings, then he massages Janet’s hands, her arms, her shoulders and turns her face toward him and kisses her. Janet opens her lips, and offering her tongue into Michael, as they both forget about Annie and start to kiss and massage each other.

“Hey, guys! Remember me … Annie?”

Annie reaches back and pulls her panties down as far as she can reach, to get their attention. Then she feels her Mother’s soft hands on her butt, lightly massaging her as Michael pulls her panties all the way off her legs, and slides his hands up the back of her legs, and inside her thighs.

“Sorry Annie, we’re back.” Janet massages her Daughter’s back and shoulders as Michael softly massages her ass. After a while, Janet notices that Annie’s moans have ceased, and whispers to Michael,

“Our little darling fell asleep; can you help me get her up to bed Michael?”

Michael is very careful as he picks Annie up in his arms, and carries her upstairs with Janet trailing behind. Michael carefully places Annie on her bed, and covers up her half naked body, as Annie turns and snuggles into the pillow.

Michael goes into the bathroom, and when he enters his room, he finds Janet in the middle of his bed, still in T-shirt and lacy boy-shorts panties.

~ ~ ~

In Michael’s bedroom, Michael and Janet:

Michael leans into the bed to face his beautiful Daughter and softly says,

“Are you sure this is where you want to be, my darling?”

“Yes Michael!” Janet answers in a soft and sensual voice.

“Take off your shirt, and roll over on your stomach Janet.”

Without hesitation, Janet accedes to Michael’s wishes. She in lying on her stomach, hugging a pillow under her head, with her legs splayed. Michael pulls off his T-shirt and is wearing only his jeans, and a small oval medal on a silver chain around his neck. He places his hand on her hips, and hooking his fingers inside the waistband of her panties, pulls them down and off her legs.

Janet is now completely naked and exposed to her Father, nervously awaiting anything Michael cares to do to her. The anticipation is making her jittery. Michael leans forward and whispers in her ear,

“Spread your legs further, Janet!”

She nervously opens her legs further, curious as to what Michael is planning. Her legs are now so wide spread, that her little ass-pucker is more prominently displayed, and her pussy lips are gaping open. Michael moves forward and lets the medal he is wearing slide down the crease between Janet’s buttocks. She gasps at the touch of the cold metal on her warm skin. It is the only thing touching her.

Michael uses the medal to tease her anus a little, as she flexes her buttocks by way of a reaction to the tickling sensation. Michael moves the medal further down her crevice, and lets it slide along the soft silky skin of Janet’s upper, inner thigh. She is getting used to the touch of the cold object, which is teasing her without providing relief. She moans softly into her pillow, but remains otherwise motionless.

She feels the medal travel down her hamstring to the back of her knee, and she can feel her skin tighten in reaction to the cool object. She feels it tickling the back of her other knee, then travel up her other hamstring and moved across her sit spot … the natural crease where her upper thighs turn into her buttocks.

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