My Time with Heidi Ch. 03

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In this chapter Heidi explores a few different things, finding out what she likes.

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I picked up the phone and called Heidi, she answered on the first ring. I laughed “Hi Heidi were you expecting a call?”

“Yeah, well I was hoping for one. How’s your week been?”

How about I tell you all about it tonight? I need a date for a party if you don’t have other plans.

Heidi was more than excited to accept my offer and asked how she should dress, I came back with “Casual sexy, have Lori help you.”

“I’ll pick you up at four forty five.”

Looking at the clock I saw it was two thirty and I had to get ready myself.

It took longer than I had thought to get ready and I was a few minutes late when I pulled up in front of Tom and Lori’s, Heidi skipped out of the door before I had even come to a full stop.

Jumping out I opened the passenger door for her and gave her a hand up, looking over my shoulder she yelled “Don’t wait up, see you tomorrow.” I looked back and saw Lori at the door waving, I waved back and off we went.

She asked me to fill her in on my week while we drove.

“Well I finished selling my company today that’s what the party is for tonight, my employees wanted to say good bye.”

“You sold your company, kinda young for that aren’t you?”

“Yeah it took me by surprise, I started it when I was fifteen, writing new code for performance engine management. A couple of months ago CNRA approached me with an offer and after a bit of haggling I accepted. They are closing this office and moving everyone who works for me to one of their offices in Atlanta.”

“How many people worked for you?”


“What are you going to do now?”

“Honestly I really don’t know. I’ll never have to work again if I don’t want to.”

After that I asked about her week.

With a blush “I spent a lot of time working on my list. I don’t think I could have gotten it done without Lori’s help, she kept me on track she also kept my head out of the clouds, and a few times my hand out of my pants, the first version had things on it that were really out there.

After reading her list earlier I really wondered what she meant by “Out there.”

When we pulled into the restaurant I helped Heidi out of the truck and I got my first good look at her outfit, I knew that Lori would come through.

Her outfit wasn’t over the top, but accentuated her body. As we walked through the door we were buried under a cascade of confetti and a loud blast of cheers.

Looking around there were many more than the twelve I had expected, most of my vendors and clients reps had come, from what I had expected to be a small quiet event it had become a all-out party.

For the first hour or so I was kept busy talking to all the people who wanted to wish me well.

To my shame Heidi kept to herself, I had forgotten her shyness, she was sitting in the corner by herself nursing a drink and looking pathetic, the proverbial wallflower.

Kicking myself I went and kneeled before her “I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have left you alone like this. I didn’t know that there were going to be this many friends here and that I would be so involved. I can understand if you want to leave.”

To her credit she smiled at me “Oh it’s not that big of a deal. I really need to get over myself and learn how to have fun with new people. Will you dance with me?”

I helped her up and led her to the small dance floor, there were only four others there, one couple who it seemed had no idea that there was even a world around them so into each other they were and two women from my office who were dancing with enough space between them to park a space shuttle.

I pulled Heidi close and started swaying to the music, she laid her head against my chest and I could feel her hardened nipples digging into me as we moved around the floor.

Finished with our dance I led her back to the table we were all sitting around and introduced her to everyone, in my absence a new pitcher of margaritas had arrived and I poured us each a glass. After a sip Heidi leaned close to my ear “Mmmm salty and tangy just like something else I love to drink.” I coughed my mouthful of drink out.

Heidi patted my back and with a innocent smile “Oh are you okay?”

Leaning to her ear “Oh you are going to pay for that!”

The rest of the party was great, Heidi did come out of her shell a bit, answering questions about herself from my former co-workers. When she came back from the ladies she tucked something into my shirt pocket, not thinking I pulled it out, hanging from my fingers were her G-string panties. There I sat with a drink in one hand, holding up a pair of skimpy underwear with the other. Heidi blushed the most perfect shade of red which trabzon escort deepened even more when Joan my office manager started clapping and held up her hand for Heidi to hi-five.

At this point we were all very tipsy and the party started to break up. Not wanting anyone to get a DWI I called a cab company and arraigned for everyone to get a lift home and back to get their cars the next day.

For Heidi and myself I had made other arraignments.

A limo was waiting as we came out the door, the driver was standing there with the door open. “Good evening sir.”

We got in the back and he closed the door before taking his seat and lowering the divider window “Any changes in the plan sir?”

“No changes, Just as I told you on the phone.”

We pulled away, and I lost no time in pulling Heidi close for a kiss, my hand rubbing her back as we cruised down the road. Heidi kissed me back with a heat I hadn’t noticed before, she whispered “Oh god I feel so hot, everyone knowing that I was sitting there with a bare pussy, and in this short skirt the cool air brushing against my lips. I am absolutely dripping.”

I slid my hand up her thigh and brushed my finger over her cunt lips, she was soaked. We continued to kiss and I fingered her cunt and played with her stiff nipples, while my hands were busy so were hers, she stroked me through my pants, I was iron hard. While I rubbed her slit I used my other hand to start undressing her, I untied the string on her halter top and it dropped away from her tits, I pulled one stiff nipple into my mouth, sucking the bud until it was hard as a rock, my other hand continued to play with her pussy spreading her slick juice over her lips before sliding one finger into her tight cunt. Heidi had pushed her hips towards my hand and her skirt had ridden up around her waist.

Her hands fumbled with the button on my pants as she tried to get to my cock with her hands. I pushed her back and dropped to the floor, pushing her legs apart I gazed at her dripping gash, her lips were swollen and deep red, her clit was standing proud of her lips begging to be played with.

I started by kissing her thighs nibbling at her tender flesh, I worked up one leg to where they joined and then started on the other. Heidi was begging me to lick her puss, to please end the torment. I zeroed in on her sweet spot and used the tip of my tongue to trace her outer lips, Then raising her legs I licker her from her taint to her clit with the flat of my tongue.

“Oh Oh God Rick, Lick me. Eat my cunt, Make me come!”

I licked her again repeating the bottom to top motion. She kept begging for more. I twirled my tongue into her wet hole. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in deeper. Pulling back I licked her clit running my tongue over it roughly. Heidi screamed and pulled my face tighter.

Panting she begged for me to make her come. I sucked her clit into my mouth before taking it lightly between my teeth and attacking it with my tongue. To push her the rest of the way I slipped two fingers into her and curled them around to rub her G-spot. With another scream she started coming. I kept up the attack on her clit while rubbing her hard, she was bucking her hips and moaning my name.

Keeping my hand on her thigh I struggled to get my cock free, the button finally came undone, with a quick movement I pulled my zipper down and my cock sprang free. Looking down I postioned my dick at the entrance of her slit and rubbed the tip in her wet crack, sliding it up and down rubbing her sensitive clit while slicking myself in her juice. I slowly started pushing in, in the few days since I had fucked her she had tightened up and it felt great.

I got the head in and pulled it back out again, then I pushed forward again slipping the head and a few inches of my shaft in. After she had stretched a bit I pushed again splitting her lips around me. Pulling back I short stroked her a few times before driving all the way in. As I hit bottom, my balls slapping her tight ass she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in further. I stayed still calming my nerves for a few moments and then started to fuck her, slowly at first but as she fucked me back I increased the pace and energy, I was right on the edge and held myself there waiting for her to explode again. Shifting the angle a bit I changed the motion too. Rubbing the shaft against her clit I drove hard and ground my pelvis against her clit, and then slowly withdrawing I shoved in again.

Heidi was digging her nails into my shoulders begging “Harder, Oh God Fuck My tight hole!” I didn’t change the action and she started coming, I could feel the come boiling in my sack and my balls tightened up as it rushed into my cock before exploding into her cunt.

Our breath coming in huge gasps we clutched each trabzon escort bayan other, she was holding my head tight to her heaving breasts. When I slipped out she slid down and begging with her eyes I rolled over so she could lick our combined mixture from my cock.

Over the intercom I heard “Almost there sir, about five minutes.”

All too soon the car came to a stop and the driver opened the door. I let Heidi get out first, I got out to a hug that drove her hard buds into my chest like little daggers. “I have always wanted to come here, but never dared before.”

We were standing in front of Madam Scarlet’s, a mish mash of decadence. It was several things all in one, a gentleman’s club, a hip dance club, a dinner club with floor show and a lingerie shop.

To top it off it was exclusive as hell and only those who were on the A list were allowed full access. The owner Scarlet was a good friend from school and when I had called that afternoon she was more than happy to allow us in.

Stepping up to the doorman he asked “Name?”

“Rick and Heidi” I replied.

He glanced at his list and opened the door, then announced to the hostess “Rick and Heidi, Scarlet’s friends.”

The Hostess, dressed in a teal corset and matching very short very tight skirt that showed the tops of her stockings and very high heels welcomed us and picked out two day-glow purple wrist bands and slipped them on us. “These are full access bands, you can go in all public areas of the club.

As I turned I was almost bowled over by a red headed bundle of energy, Scarlet had leaped into my arms and wrapped her long legs around my hips as she kissed me, her tongue invading my mouth, I held her to me and returned her passionate kiss while gripping her ass to keep her from falling to the floor. Scarlet and I had a long history going back to grade school, we had been everything to each other over the years, best friends, lovers, confidants.

She tilted her head back and with one more peck on my lips she put her feet on the floor and stepped back. “Rick, my god you look and taste good enough to eat!”

I introduced her to a slightly shocked Heidi, not at all shy, Scarlet hugged Heidi and to her surprise she kissed her as well, not a passionate kiss like I had received but a very friendly one hinting at more if desired.

Scarlet took both our hands and led us into the club, giving us a full tour ending in the lingerie shop, where she eyed up Heidi and started picking things off the racks piling them in my arms.

She pushed both of us to the back where the changing rooms are and taking the clothing from me she pushed me down in a chair and took Heidi behind a curtain.

I could hear their whispers but not make out what they were saying, after a few minutes Scarlet stuck her head out and called for one of her sales girls, completely ignoring me she gave some quick instructions and pulled the curtain shut again.

Having nothing else to do but sit and wait I started looking around, I hadn’t been here before and was surprised at the differing attire available, it wasn’t like a Vicky’s secret at all, well there was sexy lingerie but there were also many more exotic offerings as well.

There was a leather section with some of the most intriguing outfits, also a large selection of BDSM accoutrements, whips, masks, canes, paddles, cuffs, collars etc…

Looking around more I could see a few racks of PCV outfits, more racks with plushy wear. And a large selection of adult toys. I was soon distracted by the sales girls themselves, who it seemed were dressed for the area of the store they worked in. When the girl came back with the items that Scarlet had requested I noticed what she was wearing, or I should say what she wasn’t, Her skirt only came halfway down her ass leaving her pussy exposed to view, a black lace garter belt and stockings supported by black calf high lace up boots that had a Victorian look to them, except the six inch heels. Up top she was in a corset that supported her medium sized breasts but left them free to the air, her stiff nipples leading her way.

She handed the things she had brought through the curtain and with a shake of her ass she walked away.

I continued to try and listen to what was being said behind the curtain while looking around. Getting bored I got up and went to the toy section and picked out a few things that I thought might come in handy later and asked that they be sent to the hotel where I had rented a suite for the rest of the weekend.

I was back in my seat when Scarlet opened the curtain and ushered Heidi out for my inspection, my jaw hit the floor, and I’m sure that drool was running down my chin.

Before me was a walking wet dream, Scarlet knows me much too well.

She had dressed Heidi in a blood red bustier, escort trabzon a high waisted black pleated skirt that fell just below her firm butt, thigh high black self-supporting seamed stockings and blood red satin heels with a ankle strap.

I was almost speechless as I looked at my date, I stumbled over my tongue for a few moments before finding my voice “Wow, my god you are incredible!” Heidi did a slow spin, her dark hair was gathered at her neck with a black velvet tie to match the black velvet choker around her neck.

Just looking, my cock was like a rock, seeing this Scarlet reached out and gave it a squeeze “Oh poor baby, are you uncomfortable?”

I thought in my head that I would have to see Scarlet soon and pay her back for that.

Coming back to the present I stood and complimented Heidi again before telling her to pick out four or five more outfits and giving Scarlet a wink said “You lady’s finish up here and I will be in the bar when you’re done.” I pinched both their asses and walked away.

I went into the gentleman’s club and took a seat at the bar where I could see two of the stages and the entry. Honestly after seeing Heidi in her new outfit the women dancing were anticlimactic but I still enjoyed the show while sipping a nice twenty year old scotch, I was on my third drink before the two ladies came in. Scarlet whispered in my ear “You want the outfits sent to the hotel?”

I nodded to her and waved for the bartender, indicating that he should get the two women whatever they wanted. Scarlet declined and led us to a booth, she excused herself while telling us to enjoy our drinks but that she expected that we would be in the dinner club in thirty minutes for a late dinner.

Heidi was enthralled by the dancers, commenting on their moves and on their bodies, she seemed to like the curvy ones better.

We finished our drinks and headed to the dinner club, we didn’t have to wait for seating because Scarlet had made sure that we had the best table.

Fresh drinks were waiting for us and as our appetizers arrived the floor show started.

A singer came out and started with a slow mournful ballad that became a intense rock song. As she continued to sing dancers came out and joined her, each new dancer, who were dressed in very revealing outfits would remove one piece of the singers clothing, by the end of the number she was naked as the day she was born, the dancers ran their hands over her body and the finally of the song sounded like the singer was in the throes of a intense orgasm.

Next up was a comedian whose act was very suggestive and at times vulgar, that was followed by naked male and female dancers who simulated sex acts without ever stepping across the line. Heidi was enthralled by the men’s stiff cocks, most of them of the more impressive variety, none of them less than eight inches.

Just before desert the lights dropped and the main act started with the dancers returning, they were dressed in outrageous outfits, with many feathers hiding their naughty bits, the music swelled and Scarlet came out, she was unbelievable in a feathered headdress, and covered in body paint, she started singing, her voice low and sexy, as the spotlight hit her we could see that she had shields on her breasts that allowed her nipples to poke through held in place by nipple studs. Her number was sexy and funny, and her dancing was so enticing that I knew that many of the men were in love with her.

When the show ended Scarlet came over to our table, front center and gave Heidi a long sensuous kiss, when she stepped back I could see the effect she had on the poor girl. Heidi was in shock, her nipples making little tents in her top and her face flushed. Scarlet can have that effect on people, she is one of the sexiest people I have ever known. I think the reason is that she is free in her actions and doesn’t let people’s opinions affect how she feels or acts.

It was getting late and even though we were not tired yet I thought that Heidi had been pushed far enough for one evening and we went back to the car. The driver was waiting for us and whisked us to the hotel, when we pulled up and the door was opened Heidi looked at me with a question in her eyes.

I took her hand and led her through the lobby to the glass elevator, I had made arraignments with the driver to go and check us in and pick up the room key which he had slipped me as we were getting in the car.

On our ride up I pinned her against the glass and kissed her sliding my hands under her skirt and fondled her ass, as I worked my fingers along her cheeks I whispered in her ear that everyone in the lobby could see us and up her skirt, see her dripping cunt, see my fingers coated in her juices slipping between her lips. I used my hands to pull her cheeks apart and rubbed my wet finger over her asshole and then pushed the tip in her dark hole, she came, her hips pushing against me, her moan loud in my ear as she shook. Just as Heidi relaxed against me the doors opened on our floor, she stood up and with a glance down at the empty lobby she followed me to our room.

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