My Son, My Lover Ch. 02

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I lay there my mind running over what had just happened. My son had seen my naked body, not only that, he’d seen me playing with myself, he’d watched me fucking myself with my dildo, and, judging from the bulge I’d seen in his trunks, he’d been turned on by it. I absent mindedly brought the dildo to my lips and started to lick off my juices as I thought it over. I began to wonder if maybe my fantasy of having sex with my son might not be just a fantasy. He was obviously equipped to do the job, all I’d have to do is give him the opportunity. I realised that now, when he was so excited, would be the best chance I’d have. I didn’t know if he’d want to have sex with me, or if he’d be turned off by me being his mother, but I had to try, I had to see if I could seduce him. I now knew what I wanted, and the fact that it was hanging between my sons legs didn’t matter. I wanted a real cock in me again, and I wanted that cock to be Drew’s.

Having made my decision I put the dildo back, and quickly got up, putting my robe on over my naked body. Then I left my room and walked down the hall to Drews room. I paused, took a deep breath, turned the handle and entered his room.

I was surprised at what I saw, my son was laying on his bed, stark naked, his hand moving up and down his fully erect cock. At least it was until he saw me come into his room. When he saw me he froze. “Mom.” He stammered, “what are you doing here? You didn’t knock.”

“I know, Drew,” I replied, “but neither did you.”

“I heard you moaning mom, I thought you were ill.”

“Thank you for being concerned. şişhane escort I just wanted to talk to you about what happened, but I don’t want to interrupt you. You just finish and we’ll talk.” When I made no effort to leave the room he just told me that he couldn’t do it with me in his room, watching. I reminded him that he’d watched me, and turn about was fair play. Besides, everyone masturbated, it was perfectly natural.

While we’d been talking I’d been exploring his body with my eyes, he looked so solid, so firm, except his cock. My presence had obviously caused him to lose his erection, and he was trying to hide it with his hands, but even so it had looked beautiful. My son had a wonderful cock, from what I’d seen earlier it was at least 2 inches longer than his fathers, and a lot thicker. My pussy juices started flowing as I thought about having that beautiful piece of meat inside me.

Drew was just lying there, staring at me, he wasn’t even trying to start masturbating again. I decided to give him some help. “Drew, you have to finish when you start, it’s bad for you to stop. I’m sorry I interrupted you. Tell you what, if you think it might help I’ll let you look at my body again.” Drew nodded and started stroking his still soft cock. I reached up and pushed one sleave of my robe off my shoulder and then did the same for the other. When my second arm was free I gently shook my shoulders and my robe fell to my waist, leaving my breasts totally exposed to my son.

I’d kept my eyes on Drew the whole time, as soon as my gown şişli anal yapan escort dropped his eyes locked on my breasts and his cock started getting hard. It just grew and grew, until finally it was fully erect. It was the most magnificent cock I’d ever seen, so long, so thick, so hard. I wanted it even more. Even his balls were bigger than his fathers, they were at least twice the size. I could feel my breasts swelling with excitement, my nipples peaking. It wasn’t only the sight of my sons cock, it was the thought that I was exposing myself to him, that he was using my body to help to masturbate. We must have been a sight, a mother standing topless, allowing her son to look at her bare breasts as he masturbated, while she was all the time watching him do it.

I reached for my belt, the only thing holding my robe up, the only thing stopping my son from seeing my pussy. I slowing undid the bow, and, as soon as it was released, my robe flowed down my lower body to the floor. I was totally naked before my son.

Drew immediately sped up his hand, his eyes locked on my pussy. Not that he could see much of it, I made sure to keep my legs together, I wanted to tease him, I wanted him to come back for more, much more. Still it was hard, just standing there, watching him. Seeing his hand moving up and down I imagined it was me instead of him, but more so, my hand, no, my mouth, no my pussy. God, I really wanted that cock, it was all I could do to stop my hand reaching between my legs, to join him in masturbating. I was so wet between şişli bdsm escort my legs, it would be so easy, so very easy. But I wanted more than to masturbate with him, well that would be okay, but I wanted more too, I wanted him in me, I’d just have to wait. He was going faster and faster now, I knew he wouldn’t be long, I couldn’t wait to see him shoot.

I didn’t have long to wait, within seconds I saw his cock flex and the first spurt of cum shoot out onto his chest. Spurt after spurt followed, I counted each one, when he finally finished my count was up to six. I didn’t know if it was because of his youth, or because he was using his mothers naked body to aid his masturbation, but he certainly beat my husband. Mike usually only shot three times, four on a good day, and there weren’t many of those.

Drew sank back, releasing his shrinking cock, lying there covered in semen. I took a good look at him, it was a picture I’ll never forget. My son, lying naked, fully exposed, I wanted to go to him, to lick his cock and body clean, to eat his cum, but I knew it was too soon. I merely said, “See Drew, that wasn’t so hard was it.” He jumped, he’d obviously forgotten my presence in his condition. “Just relax for a while, then have your shower and get dressed. I’ll meet you downstairs later and we’ll talk about what just happened.” Then I turned, letting him see my naked ass, bent over slowly and picked up my robe, and holding it in my hand, walked slowly out of the door and back to my room.

When I shut my door I leaned against it, thoughts running through my mind a mile a minute. Did I dare do it, have sex with my son? I mean it is the ultimate taboo, then I thought about his cock, I wanted it too much to care. Now all I needed to do was make it happen. Determined I went to take my shower, already thinking about how I’d go about getting Drew into bed.

To be continued.

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