My Sister’s Wedding

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The plane was still taxiing to the terminal when I turned my phone on. I found a text from Robin amid the noise from the office. “I’m picking you up” was all she wrote, but even that was enough to make me smile.

I was on the concourse before I called my big sister. “This is Brady. Mom said I might not see much of you this weekend because of all your wedding stuff.”

Robin’s voice came with the background noise from being in her car. “She didn’t lie, but she’s exhausted, so I’m picking you up. At least we’ll have this chance to talk. Where are you going to wait?”

I’d looked forward to seeing Robin—even if only for a little while—but it wasn’t until I heard her voice that it really hit me how much I missed her. I stopped walking and let the walkway moved me along. “I’ll go all the way to the east end of the pickup area. I should be easy to find there.”

“I think I’m about ten minutes away. I’ll see you there.”

The heat of early evening was stifling even in the sheltered pickup area, and dust and exhaust from the traffic made it worse. It was sometimes hard to see the drivers behind their windshields, but Robin was easy to recognize. I stepped off the curb to wave her down, and she lurched to a stop beside me.

The car’s trunk popped open before Robin climbed out. She met me at the back of the car while I arranged party supplies to make room for my bag. “The air here is just disgusting,” she said. She coughed and waved her hand in front of her face.

Robin hesitated for just a moment after I stood up. “Oh, kid. I don’t care if it’s a hundred and fifty out here, you still get a hug.” She pulled me into a hug and talked with her cheek against my shoulder—the two years between us made her my big sister, not her size. “I’m glad you could come. It wouldn’t be right without you.”

I’d somehow imagined that moment as a calm, adult greeting. Instead, I picked Robin up, and she squealed in surprise when I spun her around. “I can’t believe you’re getting married!” She was breathless when her feet touched the concrete again. “I couldn’t miss it! I hinted that I’d quit, and they decided it was better to give me a few days off.”

Robin touched my chest and looked up. “It’s been too long. Two years? I’m going to have to stop calling you ‘kid.’ I hardly recognized you.” Her scent was warm and still somehow familiar. She still had the same honey-colored pony tail that fell down her back, and her eyes were still the same shade of blue.

My face hurt from smiling. “But you look just like I remember, now let’s get out of here.”

I was still trying to get the seat adjusted when Robin pulled into traffic. I studied the curve of her breasts and the shape of her legs until she turned to look at me. “Where too?”

“I’m staying at the Hyatt by the freeway. Are you still running? You look just like you did when you were sixteen.” That made Robin laugh.

“Running and yoga, but I can’t keep a schedule right now. I’ll probably blow up like a balloon.” She turned up the freeway on-ramp as she talked. “Thanks, though. I should probably get a new look, but now Dan says he likes it.” Robin shifted in her seat and I didn’t realize what she was up to until she slugged my arm. “Where does a computer geek get guns like that?”

“Software designer.” I rubbed my arm where Robin’s sharp knuckles sunk in. “They’re from lifting, and you haven’t forgotten how to make that hurt.” I waited while Robin dodged through the last of rush hour traffic. “What’s the plan tonight?”

“For you? Mom wanted to cook dinner, but she’s so tired now, and like the shit hits the fan tomorrow with the welcome party. I worry about her.”

I wanted a different plan. “Let her rest. I’ve missed you. I feel like I’ve lost track of you. I don’t even know your fiancé. That’s Dan, right?”

Robin flicked on her signal and moved into the exit lane. “Yeah, Dan. You’ll meet him tomorrow. So what do you want to do?”

“I saw Mom two months ago when she came out to San José. I don’t need to see her as much as I need to see you.” I pointed out the hotel. “I’ll buy you dinner here, and we can catch up. It might be our only chance for a long time.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” It was as close as Robin got to a commitment. She pulled off the freeway and into the hotel parking lot, and she leaned against the car to make a call while I dug my luggage out of the party supplies in the trunk.

Robin was still on her phone when I tugged her toward the hotel. She finished her last call and stuffed her phone into her back pocket as the lobby doors hissed shut behind us. “That was easier than I expected. It makes tomorrow morning worse, but I have an open schedule tonight.” She pointed out the elevators. “I’ll wait over there while you check in.”

The desk clerk pulled up my reservation and gestured past my shoulder. “Does your wife need a key, too?”

Robin had caught a couple as they stepped out of the elevator, and she was gesturing while they talked. “My sister, and no. She’s just here for dinner.”

The kağıthane escort desk clerk smiled and handed me the key card. “I always feel sorry for guys with pretty sisters.”

I was off to rescue the couple that Robin captured. I didn’t think about what he said until I was halfway to the elevator, and then I laughed. Robin waved goodbye to the couple when I nudged her toward the open elevator and asked, “What were you guys talking about?”

“The hotel. This is a pretty ritzy place for a guy who’s like two years out of college. You could have stayed at Mom’s.”

“With the aunts staying there, too? No. I still live like I’m in college. Ask Mom, she saw it. I make more than I spend, so I have money, and I thought a nice place might be good for an after party or something.

“Besides, I started a side business and I think I can expense part of the cost. I have a meeting tomorrow morning, and maybe one on Friday, too.”

My room was only a few doors away from the elevator. Robin started exploring while I hung my suit. “This place is huge!” she said. It’s almost as big as my apartment. It’s almost a suite. The bed is huge, too. Do you have plans for it?”

I called the restaurant, and Robin was standing at the window when I hung up. “We have a half-hour to wait. Let me think. Who’s your maid of honor? Isn’t it traditional for the brother of the bride to bed the maid of honor?”

She laughed without looking back at me. “That’s not a tradition, but it’s Evelyn, and she might like that.

“You know, the view from here is great.”

“It is.” But I meant that my view of Robin was great. The raking light from the setting sun outlined the shape of her legs and the contours of her butt. “I hope Dan likes the view as much as I do.”

Robin glanced back at me. “Are you gawking at my butt?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “I’m getting hungry. Can we just go downstairs and wait?”

They found us a small table far from the light from the bar and noise from the kitchen. We talked over dinner and white wine, and Robin slowly relaxed. I watched her every move and expression and finally asked, “Something’s wrong, isn’t it? How’s work?”

“I’m just tired and my nerves are shot. Work hasn’t been a problem. I told the hospital I’d be gone for two weeks, but that hasn’t kept the charge nurse from trying to get me in almost every day. That’s just a matter of saying ‘no’ every day.”

“You haven’t talked much about Dan.”

“What’s to talk about? You’ll meet him at the welcome party. I want you two to get along. It’s important to me because you’re both important to me.” She sipped at her wine, then emptied the glass in a gulp. “And then maybe you can tell me what’s wrong.”

I refilled Robin’s glass and sat back. “You aren’t getting along?”

“I’m sure it’s just the stress and the schedule. We’ll be okay when this is all over.” She swirled her glass and sipped at the wine again. “This is going to my head a little. It feels good.”

Robin glanced around to see if anyone was close. “We haven’t been getting along very well since my bachelorette party. There were eight girls, and we rented a limo so we could all get smashed.

“I realized about halfway through that the driver was taking pictures. I threatened to complain to his company, and he said that Dan paid him to take pictures. I paid him half what Dan was going to pay him, and I deleted everything. It was a penis-themed night, and Dan didn’t need to see any of that.”

I had to laugh. “Penis-themed?”

“You know, penis hats, penis-shaped chocolates, stuff like that, and a real penis or two. Anyway, I was mad, Dan was mad, and then things got worse after his bachelor party. I don’t know what happened, but we haven’t talked very much since, and when we have it’s been tense.”

Robin flipped her hand. “Who am I kidding. The problem didn’t really start with the bachelorette party. Dan never helped with the whole wedding thing, and that got old fast.

“We kind of had this plan—or maybe it was just me—that we wouldn’t have sex for a couple weeks before the wedding, and that would make our wedding night more special. Right now, I’m not having any trouble holding out on him.”

“It seems like the wrong time for arguments.” I searched for a way to say what I needed to say. “I’m jealous. That’s the only way I can put it, and it makes it worse if he’s not making you happy.”

“Dan and I will be happy when all the wedding stuff is over. This is about as calm as I’ve been in two weeks. I have a sedative prescription, but I haven’t wanted to use it.”

Robin turned her wine glass in her hand. “You’re jealous? That’s ironic, since you’re the one giving me away on Saturday.”

I lifted Robin’s hand away from her glass, and for a moment I watched the light reflecting off her engagement ring. “Remember how we were after Dad died, when Mom was so busy putting her life back together? Sometimes we were all we had.”

Her tone was cautious. “I think kartal escort about it a lot. We fought just like every other brother and sister. We pranked each other, and we embarrassed each other in front of our friends.”

I finished the thought. “And we spent a lot of nights sharing a bed. Whole days, too. We shared everything.”

Robin shifted in her seat. “The hours between the sheets—those memories are never going away.”

“For me either. I think you’ll always be my dream girl.” I was pretty sure she knew where I was going. “You’ve always been pretty high-strung. Back then when you got upset about school or your friends I could calm you down. Let me calm you down tonight, just like I did then.”

Robin pulled her hand back, but then leaned on the edge of the table and whispered. “Brady! I’m about to get married! It’s been years. We can’t go back, can we? I didn’t bring anything. I have to get up so early.”

She protested, but she never said “no.” I watched her expression and her body language, and nothing told me “no,” so I waved to the server. “Bring me the bill.” I touched my empty wine glass. “Can I take the rest of the bottle with me?”

I left the restaurant with a bottle in one hand and Robin’s arm in the other. She was a little breathless when I closed the door behind us and pinned her against the wall.

Robin looked up at me, and she gasped through her nose when I wrapped my free arm around her and pushed my tongue between her lips. She tasted like wine before she tasted like my sister, and then she hung her arms around my neck and pulled her body against me.

Her breath burned on my cheek while I explored her mouth, and she explored mine. My hard-on bulged the front of my jeans when I broke our kiss, and we both laughed and wiped our mouths with the back of our hands.

“That happened fast,” Robin said. She glanced around and shifted her weight from foot to foot. “I gotta pee.” She slipped from between me and the wall and closed the bathroom door behind her.

I left a glass of wine on the bedside table, flopped onto the mattress, and sorted my thoughts while I stared at the ceiling. I was surprised when Robin climbed astride my thighs.

She sipped from the wine glass and set it back on the table, and the wine scented her breath when she bent close. “Tell me kid, how is your calming therapy going to be different from just doing me?”

I inhaled a hint of hotel bar soap from Robin’s skin. “Did I tell you it’d be any different?” It made her laugh. “I thought maybe you’d come out already naked.”

“I thought maybe you’d like to unwrap the package yourself.” Robin unbuttoned my shirt while she talked, and then she pulled its tails out of my jeans. She stroked my pecs, and she sent a thrill through me when she bent down and kissed my chest.

Everything Robin did to me felt good, so I let her keep doing them. She pushed her nose under my ear and kissed my neck while she peeled my shirt down my arms. She opened my belt and my jeans to push both hands into my boxers, and I moaned when her fingers wrapped my cock.

“You’re so hard!” Robin slipped off the bed, knelt in front of me, and dragged my jeans and my boxers down until my cock stood up in front of her. “You have such a beautiful cock.”

I propped myself up on my elbows to watch. Robin held my cock in her hand, kissed its smooth head, and looked up at me. “I just now realized why your cock is so beautiful to me. Your cock is what I imagine when I imagine a perfect cock. It’s so straight and strong. I love the way the veins stand out, and I love the way it feels in my hand and in my mouth.”

Robin let my shaft go long enough to tug my jeans and boxers down around my ankles, and then she looked up with my cock in her hand. “I want you to come for me.”

I sat up and brushed a lock of hair off Robin’s forehead. “I thought I’d be doing most of the work here.”

“The way I remember it, if I get you off first, then you’re more patient when it’s your turn.” She closed her lips around the head of my cock and then let it go with a pop. “I don’t get anything by doing this for Dan. He just falls asleep after he comes.”

Robin ducked her head down, and her lips and her tongue slipped over my shaft until the head of my cock was deep in her mouth. She drew back, then took me in again, faster each time until her pony tail danced across her shoulders.

I wanted to touch Robin’s head, but she pushed my hand away. I fell back on the bed, and the sensations that my sister’s mouth sent through my cock flooded my mind. They made me writhe and buck—I couldn’t stop myself. I caught my breath and hoped my groan would be warning enough.

Robin gasped through her nose and grunted around my shaft while the fireworks went off behind my eyes. Spasms wracked my body, and I filled her mouth with hot cream. She pumped my cock until I was empty, and then she sat back with her fingers to her lips.

My chest heaved while I caught my breath then I sat up and küçükmece escort watched Robin wash me down with wine. I kicked my shoes off and pushed my jeans and boxers to the floor.

Robin whooped when I pulled her onto the bed. I wrestled her down where the bedside lamp lit her body. Her laughter tickled my ears and her breath warmed my cheek. “So you aren’t falling asleep?” she asked.

“How could I fall asleep?” I sat up astride my big sister’s thighs and leaned over her to whisper in her ear. “I’m going to open my package.”

I wasn’t as patient as I could have been, so I fumbled with the buttons a little before I got Robin’s shirt open. Getting her bra off was a little harder. I tossed her shirt and her bra to the floor, and then I could watch her tits while I unzipped her shorts.

“Shoes! Why are shoes always in the way?” I climbed off Robin and knelt by the bed to take her sneakers, and then I tucked my fingers into the waist of her canvas shorts and pulled them down her sleek legs.

That’s where I stopped. “Lace underwear?” I pulled the waist band down and peeked. “And you’re shaved!”

Robin propped herself up on her elbows and watched. “What are you waiting for? You’ve been down there before.”

“Building the drama, I guess. Besides, I’ve never seen you shaved.” I pulled Robin’s panties down, dropped them beside me, and my package was unwrapped. I lifted her knees apart so her pussy wasn’t so hidden in shadows, and her beautiful, round breasts shifted as she moved.

“So, do you like it?” There was doubt in Robin’s question.

I stroked my hands up my sister’s thighs and over her hips before I answered, and I paused to inhale the scent from between her legs. “I’ll show you how much I like it.”

Robin gave a little grunt and fell back on the bed when I pulled her elbows from under her. I climbed over her and wrapped her hands around my aching hard-on. “Brady, how can you be so hard, so soon? You just nearly drowned me.”

“You do that to me.” She tilted her mouth up to me when I bent to kiss her lips, but I knew that a kiss on her mouth wasn’t what she really wanted.

I kissed Robin’s throat, and her smooth, white shoulder before her grip slipped off my cock. Her nipples hardened in my mouth while I sucked her, and her pussy was tight and wet around my fingers. I kissed her belly and slipped off the bed to kneel between her legs, and I kissed the top of her shaved delta.

Robin’s excitement was tangible. It was in her tense muscles, and it was in the scent of her skin. I kissed the inside of her thigh once then a second time before she groaned in frustration and pulled my face against her pussy.

I closed my mouth over Robin’s mound and sucked her. The stubble of her pubic hair was only a little prickly. I found her clit with my tongue and worked over her hood, and that made the unhappy bride gasp and twist in my grip.

Intimacy became my drug. The way my sister moved in my arms and under my tongue, her scent, and her taste all made me want more. She gave me more when I found that rhythm that set her on fire. She rocked her hips and chanted, “Oh kid.”

It didn’t take long. Robin’s body tightened, and she closed her thighs around my head. I felt her orgasm grip her body. She bucked in my grip and tugged at my hair.

I had Robin was right where I wanted her after her climax passed—lost in la-la land. I looked up across the smooth lines of her belly to watch her arms flop and her chest heave. She twitched when I gave her clit a little kiss, and she put her hand on my head. “It’s sensitive down there.”

“Is it sensitive down here, too?” I backed up to see what I was doing and slipped my fingers down her gleaming pussy lips. “You’re really wet.” I pushed one finger and then two fingers into her to coat them with her nectar.

Robin caught her breath and squirmed away. I followed her, and she watched while I wet my cock with her juice. I held my shaft in my hand and worked it along her pussy lips, and she spread her legs wide. Robin groaned when I pushed my cock into her, and the sensation made me stop. “You’re tight.”

I stopped for just a moment to calm myself then pushed again deeper into Robin. She put her hand on my chest, but she didn’t stop me. She cradled me between her thighs and said, “Now go in all the way.”

Robin tossed her head back while I joined our bodies, and then we watched each other. We moved as one at first, as if our thoughts were joined as well. She slipped her arms around my shoulders and held me. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. My body undulated over her and in her, and she rocked under me.

I thrust faster, looking for that rhythm that would set her afire again, and Robin breathed in gasps and gulps. Her legs slipped off my hips, so I paused for just a moment to hook my arms under her knees, and I plunged back into her.

My mind was awash with the sensations from Robin’s tight pussy. I heard her groan, and I felt the pain as her fingernails dug into my back. I slammed my cock into her and our bodies slapped together harder and faster until Robin clenched her teeth and screamed against my neck.

Robin’s orgasm coursed through her muscles. She was helpless under me, and I didn’t stop. I demanded more and more, and her pussy pulsed around my shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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