My Sister The Streetwalker

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My Sister The Streetwalker

By : DickThePimp

“Some good shit.”

“Yeah. You get it from Chris?”

“Yep. She always has the best blow.”

My sister Kaia and I are snorting a couple lines on the dash of my Escalade. Good shit. My girlfriend Chris hooked me up. Kaia is 18, but a hard partier. So fucking beautiful too. Shoulder length blonde hair. Nice, lean, tight body. 32B cup tits. A smile that will melt your heart. And a pussy that’ll drain your balls big time.

She works for me. I love having her around too. We’ve ways been very close. She’s my youngest sister. I’m very protective of her, but I’m also a very dedicated businessman. I’m a pimp. A damn good one too. Yep… I pimp my sister. No big deal. I pimp my mom and aunt too. It’s just my life. It’s how we do it.

“Can I suck your cock before I start my shift?” Kaia asks. Yeah… she already knows the answer. I whip it out and she means over, licking slowly around the fat head, softly kissing it over and over. Those pink glistening lips… she wears the tastiest lip gloss ever… cling tightly to my sensitive skin, slowly dragging across my piss slit, down the back of the head. Kaia playfully bites my ten inch, bulging shaft, licking, wiggling her tongue side to side, slowly all the way down, then all the way back up. Mmmmmm.

I lay back in my seat and chill, lighting a blunt with my eyes closed, my cock twitching from Kaia’s world class oral skills.

“I love your big cock, big bro. It’s so beautiful.” Kaia smiles up at me as I open my eyes.

“Just like you, baby doll. Just like you.” I smiles back and wink. She smiles even brighter, then eagerly engulfs my rock hard meat. Kaia’s glossy lips slowly drag down my fat shaft, her saliva lubing every inch. She takes in half of my ten inches, then starts bobbing on it. I put my hand on the etiler otele gelen escort back of her beautiful head and enjoy the insanely good vibrations her mouth is making me feel. Her tongue swipes back and forth across my shaft as she sucks up and down, bobbing faster on my raging boner.

I can feel my cum racing outta my balls. Kaia massages my big balls with her right hand and strokes my thick base with her left. Her mouth clamps down tighter on my cock as it propels in and out of her hard sucking mouth. Her spit flies outta her over stuffed mouth, her gorgeous eyes lock on mine.

Kaia can feel my impending cum. She speeds up even more, jerking me faster, sucking and bobbing on me even faster and more violently. I lay my head back again, take a big toke on the blunt… and cum. My right hand holds her gorgeous blonde head on my cock as it powerfully spews out its thick creamy load. Kaia loves my cum, so she attacks it, drinking it down fast, her throat bulging from her quick gulps. She sucks out every last drop of jizz, giggling as I groan in sheer cum blasting delight.

I pass her the blunt when she finishes and Kaia takes a big puff, slowly blowing the warm smoke all over my very happy cock and balls with a slutty smile. Damn… she can work that mouth.

“Thank you, James. I love your cum so much. The best ever. So yummy.” Kaia gives me that super sweet smile again, licking and kissing my softening crown.

We chill for a few and smoke. I hold her and kiss her neck. She loves to snuggle so we have a nice, sweet, horny snuggle.

“See you later, handsome.” Kaia blows me a kiss as she gets out to walk her track. I blow her one back and wink. My baby sister is one of my top hoes… and one of my top loves too.

I keep a close eye on her. My other hoes etiler rus escort are more experienced, plus I’ve got my muscle girl Cindy… she’s a pro fighter… keeping an eye on em. She messages me how things are going so I know they’re cool.

Kaia stands out there in a full length white mink coat I bought her. A white, extremely skimpy swimsuit underneath. It barely covers her always hard pink nipples and bare, and awesomely beautiful pussy. She flashes any potential customer around. And it doesn’t take long to get one.

“How much, baby?” A gruff, middle aged dude with a thick brown mustache asks as he checks her out.

“Depends on what you want.” Kaia gives him a sweet smile, but also a strong ho look.

“I wanna fuck you. In the pussy.” Dude grabs his wallet.


“Ok. You’re hot. Let’s go.” He hands her the money, but Kaia slaps his hand away.

“Over here. I don’t travel.” She pulls him into the alley behind her. She knows I’m watching her so she feels safe… and she loves me watching her fuck.

A couple minutes later, Kaia is bent over, hands on the brick wall and the mustache dude pounds her pussy from behind. He holds her hips and drill her sweet young pussy faster and faster, grunting and sweating profusely. Kaia’s 18 year old twat spasms and vibrates from the rough drilling. Before she can cum though, the dude jizzes in his condom. “AHHHH DAMN! FUCK! Sweet pussy, baby.” He compliments her as his average sized dick slides outta her tight clenching, dripping wet cunt. “Thanks. See you again sometime.” He zips up and walks off.

Kaia does two blowjobs in the alley, one, an old guy who takes forever to cum. She finally pulls off the condom and sucks him bareback to get him to fucking cum. The other is a businessman looking guy, briefcase and all. He etiler türbanlı escort only lasts about fifteen seconds. (Shaking my head). Too much job stress or something.

I watch her all shift. My Escalade stays close. She knows how to handle herself despite her age. I just like putting her at ease… and also watch her being a nasty slut.

About 12:45 a homeless guy walks up to her and grabs her tits. She slaps him. I rush over and jump outta my car, beating the shit outta him. I toss his ass in the dumpster and take Kaia down the block to a new spot.

She thanks me by blowing me again right there on the street, loving that several people stop and watch… and take pictures. They all cheer as I cum all over her gorgeous, smiling face. Another horny bitch from the crowd runs up and kneels down, licking all my jizz off of my sister’s face. They kiss and cumswap, playing with my thick jizz as the crowd cheers em on. A cool ass scene. I give the new bitch my card and jump back in my Escalade as Kaia fixes her makeup.

A schoolteacher looking dude walks up to her and wants anal. “$400.” Kaia tells him. He rushes to give her the money. Motherfucker been saving up.

He slam bangs that very tight booty for all over thirty seconds behind a bunch of boxes in the alleyway. I laugh. Dude is making this stupidest faces. Kaia is laughing too. She loves a dick in her young booty so she cums. Ready Eddie pulls out and runs off, looking around, all ashamed of his naughty anal fun with my hooker sister.

The slutty fun continues for the next three hours. Kaia stays busy. That hot body getting a good fuck and suck workout. Blowjobs, handjobs, pussy pounding… and another anal banging. She happily does it all with a big, sexy smile. She’s a pro.

At the end of the night, Kaia hands me the money. $2,200. I grin. So proud of my slutty sweetheart sister. I split it with her. I don’t with my other hoes. Just her and mama. Kaia just smiles and holds my hand as we drive home.

After she showers and cleans up we fuck our brains out. It’s a ritual. And one helluva fun time. It’s always a fun time with… My Sister The Streetwalker.

By : DickThePimp

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