My Sister Shannon Pt. 03

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Mom and Dad had been home from their trip for just over a week. I had pretty much given up hope of any more mutual masturbation with Shannon. In fact, I barely saw her now and when I did she basically completely ignored me. I had thought maybe she’d at least increase her teasing, but even that died down to less than a trickle. I didn’t let that stop me sneaking looks at her tits and ass whenever I could however; and now I didn’t really worry any more about her catching me at it.

I was sad, but what the hell, the encounters we had were fucking hot and I jerked off constantly thinking about her playing with her big tits for me and letting me cum on them. I was now fantasizing a little about my mom too! I had always been attracted to Shannon, but had never looked at my mom that way. After the stuff with Shannon though, I was now really noticing what some of my friends had been telling me for years. My mom was kind of hot. I always knew her breasts were gigantic (way bigger than Shannon’s even) but I had never really looked at them in a sexual way. That had totally changed.

I was having a pretty hot dream about my sister and my mom. In it, I was jerking off underneath a towel as I sat and watched them swimming in our pool. Their bathing suits were very wet and their nipples were poking through the wet material as their big titties bounced around.

I was sort of half-awake and was thinking how great it felt as I jerked off to them, when I woke up enough to realize I could hear some muffled breathing or soft moaning somewhere nearby. When my brain woke up enough to tell me the sound didn’t make sense in the context of what I was seeing in my dream, I opened my eyes and realized I was in bed, not on a lawn chair near our pool watching my busty family frolicking in the water.

I still had that amazing feeling on my cock and saw in the gloom that Shannon was sitting on the edge of my bed. She was leaning over my lower body, and had my hard cock in her mouth!! She was slowly bobbing up and down it. I grunted in pleasure, for a brief moment thinking I was still dreaming.

She took her mouth off my cock when she heard my moan and looked up at me.

“Just let me finish,” she whispered. She took my cock into her hand and stroked it slowly, flicking her tongue on the underside of my head.

I answered with another moan, and she took it into her mouth again, swishing her tongue around the swollen head before slowly sliding up and down my shaft again. Her wet mouth making quiet slurping noises as she sucked me off.

I was in heaven! After all but giving up on Shannon letting me jerk off to her again, here she was giving me a secret blowjob in the middle of the night! I just wished there was a little more light so I could see her better, but I could see enough and watching my cock bob in and out of her mouth was too much to bear. I tried to hold on as long as I could so I could enjoy the sensation of my sister sucking my cock, but then she started using her hand on my shaft too; twisting and sliding it up and down in time with her mouth.

“Here it cums!” I grunted a little louder than I probably should have. I felt Shannon hum on my cock as she moaned and I came hard. She stopped bobbing her head and stroked my cum out of my dick. My hard cock pulsed and throbbed, shooting streams of semen into her hot, wet mouth. She kept me in her mouth until I softened a little, swallowing my entire load.

Finally she let my cock plop out of her mouth and sat up straight. Her hand slid slowly up and down my chest as her silhouette looked at me.

“That was fun,” she whispered. “I hope you liked it.”

She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before standing and quietly etiler eve gelen escort leaving my room. I tried to think of something to say, but she was gone before my stupid brain could focus.

I can tell you this much, even though there were a few moments where I was sure this had gone as far as it was going to go and I’d go from a crazy high to a pathetic low, after that sneaky blowjob, my confidence shot through the roof! My stomach still churned constantly from excitement, but I wasn’t really nervous any more. I decided to try to make more happen and not just sit back and hope something would.

I stared openly at Shannon now, and we shared smiles and looks secretly. We didn’t change any outward attitudes in front of anyone, but I would grab her ass when no one was looking and she would pull down her shirt for me to show off her cleavage, or would pinch her nipple over her shirt to tease me.

About a week after the blowjob (a week filled with teasing), we were having supper as a family (a very rare occurrence with our work schedules). Mom and dad sat beside each other on one side of the dinner table, Shannon and I sat on the other. Dad was droning on to mom about work. Mom was wearing a very light summer dress, and again I found myself sneaking peeks at her massive cleavage; I found it harder to stop myself now. Shannon was wearing a loose muscle shirt over her blue bikini top, and cotton shorts.

After looking long at mom’s tits, I suddenly felt Shannon’s hand on my crotch. I kept calm and looked at her. She smiled a sexy half smile and took a sip of her water with her free hand. She squeezed my cock under the table, and I got hard pretty much instantly. Dad kept telling his story and mom listened while she ate. I tried to keep eating, but my stomach was doing somersaults. Shannon slid her hand up and down my length over my shorts, giving it a squeeze every now and then.

I switched my fork to my left hand, and slid my right under the table, sliding it over her thigh between her legs. She opened her legs a little until I felt the warmth between her legs, over her shorts. She moved her hand from my cock so I could have better access, and I slowly rubbed her sex. She leaned in closer to the table, and slightly turned towards me. We did our best to pretend we were still eating, but if mom or dad had really looked they’d probably know something funny was going on.

I slid my hand up under the leg of her shorts and under her bikini bottoms until I felt her wet pussy. She was pretending to drink again, and was barely moving as I played with her moist slit. I couldn’t reach her clit from my position, so I just slid a finger into her, feeling her warm wetness squeeze it. I slowly fucked her with my finger when mom suddenly stood and brought her plate to the counter!

I removed my hand quickly, my heart in my throat, but she didn’t seem to notice that my hand had been rubbing my sister’s pussy. Dad got up and left the dining room, heading for his study.

I brought my hand up to my face and breathed in softly; god damn she smelled good! Shannon saw me and her eyes widened and her tongue briefly teased her upper lip as she smiled at me.

“Can you two clean up, please?” Mom asked and I hoped I wasn’t blushing or shaking too much when I said of course we would. Mom thanked us and moved through the patio door in the kitchen to work on her garden outside.

Shannon and I looked at each other as we stood. Shannon snorted brief laughter before we started gathering the plates, glasses and containers from the table. I stared at my sister the whole time we cleared the table and brought everything to the kitchen.

I etiler grup yapan escort started rinsing the plates in the sink and Shannon then took them and loaded them into the dishwasher. I could see mom through the patio doors, working away at her garden. When I turned back to the sink, Shannon was leaning over the open dishwasher, her ass pointed at me. I could see her big boobs hanging underneath her shirt, barely contained in her bikini.

I took another quick glance into the backyard, then out through the dining room to be sure dad wasn’t back upstairs. Heart pounding in my chest, I took a step towards Shannon, and slid my hand between her legs, under her ass. She yelped a little and looked back at me.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

“No one’s around,” I said, sliding my hand up and down over her pussy, my thumb sliding between her ass cheeks. I could feel the warmth of her pussy through her shorts.

Shannon pressed one hand onto the dishwasher, the other on the counter and stayed bent over for me. I rubbed her hot pussy over her shorts as she pressed her ass back against my hand, moaning under her breath.

I knelt down behind her and pulled her shorts to the side as best as I could, exposing her skimpy bikini bottoms. I pressed my face into her crack, feeling her wetness soaking through the bikini, smelling her pussy. I kissed and lapped with my tongue with abandon, eating her ass and pussy over that thin bit of material. Shannon gasped.

“Fuck, are you crazy?” she said between moans, but she didn’t move, and kept pressing her ass back against me, her cheeks twerking against my face.

She tasted so good through that wet material, and I got so lost in that brief moment that just as I started to pull her bikini to the side, I heard the patio door slide open!

I jumped up and Shannon almost fell over the dishwasher. I quickly leaned against the sink to hide my bulge and acted like I was still washing dishes. Shannon practically ran to the dining room and began wiping the table down. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and stood there waiting for Mom to start yelling at us.

I chanced a glance to the door, and Mom was standing just inside, at the end of the kitchen counter, pulling some wet-wipes out of the holder there. I don’t know how she couldn’t have seen what we were doing, but she gave no sign that she had. Getting a few wipes for her dirty hands, she went back outside, sliding the door shut behind her.

I started breathing again, and Shannon soon rejoined me in the kitchen. She slapped my shoulder playfully.

“You stupid fucker!” she said quietly, giggling. “That was too fucking close!”

We finished the dishes, giggling and as she left the kitchen she leaned in close, pressing her lips to my ear.

“Come to my room tonight when Mom and Dad are asleep,” she whispered. “You need to fucking finish what you started.” She bit my ear lobe lightly, sucked it as she pulled away, and left me alone with my heart pounding in excitement.

The day couldn’t end fast enough! I tried to get her alone again, but wasn’t able to and soon she had gone out with friends. I kept touching myself throughout the day, even spying on mom in the garden from the upstairs bathroom window, but I didn’t cum as I wanted to be fully horny tonight.

Shannon got home late and pretty much went straight to her room. Mom and dad went to bed soon after, and then the time really dragged as I wondered how long it would take them to fall asleep. Shannon made the decision for me, as just before midnight she texted me.

*get your ass over here!*

I quietly left my room, every footstep sounding etiler masöz escort like a giant was tap dancing in the hall, and crossed to her room (first making sure mom and dad’s door was closed and no sounds or light came from within). I contemplated knocking first, but just carefully opened the door, quickly stepped inside, and quietly closed it behind me.

Her light was off, but her curtains were open and my eyes quickly adjusted to the moonlight that was spilling into the room. Shannon was sitting on her bed, leaning back against the wall, completely naked. Her leg were spread, her knees bent and she was rubbing her pussy slowly with her hand.

“Eat my pussy, Chris,” she whispered, and my cock went hard instantly.

I pulled off my boxers as I moved to her bed and climbed on, sliding up between her legs. She moved her hand, opening her legs wider for me as I went straight to her pussy. I had imagined this moment many times and usually in my fantasy I kissed her thighs and teased all around her sex, but screw that! I just dove in. I licked and sucked and lapped away at my sister’s pussy like my life depended on it. I ate her sweet bald pussy, sucking on her lips, circling her clit and fucking her with my tongue.

My technique may not have been honed, but she obviously enjoyed it, moaning and gasping a little louder than was probably safe, but I didn’t care. I slid a finger inside her and fucked her with it while I sucked on her clit. I reached down and started stroking my cock while I licked her pussy.

After a good five minutes, she started pushing me away and I thought maybe we were done. I grabbed her big tits and leaned in, kissing her nipples and sucking on them, moving from one to the other. Her breathing and moaning was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard.

She pushed me gently away again and turned around, going into her hands and knees and leaning way over, sticking her ass out towards me.

“Do it like you did in the kitchen,” she gasped.

I scrambled clumsily to my knees behind her, staring at her big, round ass in front of me. One hand still jerking my cock hard, I grabbed her ass cheek with my other hand and leaned in. I ate her tasty, wet pussy from behind, sliding my tongue along her slit and inside her, tasting her juices. I kissed her asshole causing her to yelp with pleasure and then stuck my tongue into her tight, puckered hole.

I lost track of time as I ate my sister’s hot ass and pussy and finally I was able to bring her over the edge. Her ass and legs shook as she came, pressing her face into her pillow so she wouldn’t scream out.

When her orgasm started to die, I pulled my mouth from her wetness and knelt up straight behind her. I jerked my cock furiously as my own orgasm shook me.

“I’m gonna cum on your ass!” I said.

She turned her neck back to watch as I stroked my cock over her ass. I jerked off over her butt until my hot jizz spurted all over it. She moaned even louder as she felt my warm cum on her ass crack and cheeks.

My orgasms with Shannon had been crazy intense to this point, but this one was insane. I came so much and for so long; covering her ass with four or five thick streams of hot cum! I literally collapsed onto the bed when I finished.

She turned over and we both just lay there panting. Finally she started giggling a bit and her hand started sliding up and down my body.

“This is crazy,” she said. “But holy fuck it’s hot!” She leaned over and kissed me, her tongue tasting herself on my lips. “Mmmmm. You’d better get outta here though, we were pretty loud.”

“I want to fuck you, Shannon,” I said.

“Jesus! You’re a perve!” she laughed. “We’ll talk about it later, but get out now before we get caught!”

I went back to my room, still doubting myself a little but overall much more confident than I had been since this started. She didn’t turn me down when I said I wanted to fuck her! Would it go that far? Would we have a chance? She was heading back to school in just over a week!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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