My Other Mother Ch. 09

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Part 1

As regretful as I was about pulling my undiminished erection from my mother, the full weight of how I’d gone against her wishes, actually even raping her, blasted my awareness like a flamethrower. However, beyond our mutual experience, she gave no hint as to how she felt about my violation, her narrowed eyes already having targeted Joe, but I could tell right away that something about her was… different.

She sat up with a slight moan in the oil filled hole we’d coupled in and I nervously helped her to the edge of the bed while I kept my eyes wisely averted.

Joe had just put his dick away, Roxanne refastening her shorts at the same time, and was buttoning his vest over the fresh cum stains on his shirt when Mum got to her feet. She stood there looking at him, oil running from her body to puddle on the floor while my jism ran quickly down her inner thighs. With no expression at all, she finished tearing her pullover from her body, allowing it to hit the floor with its own wet slap as Roxanne looked on with her eyes wide in apprehension over what came next. I wondered if she knew any more than I did.

In her stockings and one inch wide garter belt, dangerously attractive black streaks in her long, oil soaked blonde hair, she said with a dead frozen tone, “You’re in my chair.”


“So, get out of it and get down on your knees.”

” … Ffffu- ha haaaa!”

Mum’s cold non-expression held as I remembered how much she hates being laughed at. Her eyes stayed right on him and when he caught them, his laughter slowly died, replaced by another reaction that only the Jedi stare could bring about.”

“Get – out – of – my – chair. Now.”

He did, too. I think anybody would have, but the fact that he’d been at least partially mesmerized surely added to his compliance in that. He stood warily a few steps away from it, unwisely but unavoidably closer to Mum in the confined floor area of our home and spoke with a phony confidence, but I saw the look in his eye, remembering the sluggishness of mind I’d experienced with Marie.

“Ahh… I guess I got my money’s worth, anyway.”

“On your knees,” Mum repeated, ignoring his comment.

He only stared at her, confused while different emotions seemed to fight for control.

The top of her foot suddenly interrupted the battle, kicking up in a quick, forceful arc to catch him squarely in the nads, the impact actually lifting his heels from the floor for an instant. Two seconds later, he was on his knees in front of her, groaning and trying not to throw up, clutching his privates in agony. I uncomfortably reminded myself that I’d just raped this woman, sincerely hoping my punishment wouldn’t include anything like what I’d just seen.

“Maybe the next time I tell you to get to your knees, you’ll just do it. Hm?”

“Oooaaagggghhh- ulk!” Joe replied.

“Look at me.”

He didn’t seem to hear, only stared at the floor as he moaned, rocking back and forth until Mum picked a flat, stainless steel ruler from the table. Pitbull had given it and some other stationary odds and ends to her during the move (Mum loves stationary almost as much as she does sex) and without preamble, she struck him hard across the face with it.


She struck him twice more, eliciting more howls of pain before she repeated, “Look – at – me!”

He did, his fear, pain and rage evident in his expression, but the partial effect of Mum’s Jedi stare again forced his compliance.

She bent a little closer to his eyelevel and clarified, “Look me in my eyes, pig!”

At this point I was sitting at the edge of the bed, my leftover erection forgotten as I watched him slowly, fearfully make eye contact with her. After a long minute, she began laying down the law.

“From here on in, you will always refer to me as… ‘Ms. Burchell’. And if you ever, ever call my son ‘boy’ again, the punishment will be severe. Quite severe. Am I understood, pig?”

“Y-yes?” he stammered, his eyes now held fast by her Jedi stare.

She viciously beat his face with the ruler again, demanding afterwards, “Yes, what!?”

“Ahhh! … Yes, Ms. Burchell!”

“You will always refer to my son as ‘Mr. Burchell’. Understood, pig?”

“Yes, Ms. Burchell!”

“That’s better. Also from now on, whenever you see either of us, you will stop what you’re doing and look down at your feet. I don’t care if it’s here, out in the hall, out in the street, in front of your boss or what, you look down at those feet and keep looking at them until we’re gone or you’re told otherwise. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ms. Burchell!”

“You will always look me straight in the eyes when we speak and you will never show me your back. You will back out of a room when leaving my presence every time until you are out of my sight.”

“Yes, Ms. Burchell!”

“You will never use foul language in front of me and you will never speak to me or my son until, or unless we speak to istanbul escort you first, and even then only to answer questions.”

“Yes, Ms. Burchell,” Joe blurted, becoming even further entranced by those eyes bearing down on him, just like I was by Marie although this was somehow different.

“You will always do exactly what you’re told, when you’re told to do it.”

“Yes, Ms. Burchell.”

“From this time on, you do what I tell you. I expect total obedience. Failure to give me that will result in punishment, and I promise you of extreme severity in that case. And Joe… If I ever get even the slightest inkling that you’re working against me or my son, I’ll make such a mess of you that your life won’t be worth two cents from then on. Your future depends on your loyalty to me for however long I have use for you. Get it, pig?”

He only made a fearful sound of understanding, nodding resignedly which earned him another whack across the face with the flexible, stainless steel strip.

“Do you get it!?” she raged.

“Yes, Ms. Burchell!” he sobbed, all anger long gone from his expression as a thin line of blood rose to the cuts she’d just made across his cheek and the bridge of his nose.

“You think this is bad!? You think I’m being unfair!?” she sneered hatefully. “You, who so easily exploits the vulnerable!? You think I feel bad because you’re crying!? Huh!?”

“I di-! please don’t- I didn’t-!” Joe plead, earning him several more slashes about the face and head until she stopped, grabbing him by a fistful of hair to roughly, painfully force his gaze back to her eyes with a wrenching jerk. She simply held him there, glaring hatefully into his eyes until he was reduced to a shrunken, blubbering wreck. Finally, she let him go, straightening up as his mesmerized expression held her gaze despite the outright terror it seemed to be producing within him.

“In the bathroom down the hall,” my mother finally went on, “as I’m sure you know, you’ll find a toilet plunger. You go there now and bring it right back here, and if I see your backside while you’re leaving, things will get very… very bad for you, pig.”

At this point, the pain in his crotch had either abated, or his experience with Mum was a sufficient distraction from it. (I would have bet on the latter) He went to get up, only to be kicked mercilessly down to the floor by Mum’s foot.

“On your knees,” she tersely instructed.

We all watched him climb back to his knees to do a shuffling semicircle around her before backing awkwardly for the door. Holding her gaze the entire time, he reached back, found the door knob and opened it, backing out of the room and closing it after with a whimper.

In the sudden and complete silence of his temporary absence, Mum’s gaze turned to Roxanne, who shrank back for an instant, her amazed expression beginning to turn to fear. But then she relaxed and the most adoring smile appeared as she obviously saw something other than what Joe saw.

” … Oh, Kathleen. … I love you.”

“I know, baby, I love you, too. I’m guessing the oil was your idea?”

“Yeah,” she giddily agreed, beaming in Mum’s sudden smiling approval.

“Mmmm,” she replied, glancing at me for a split second. “I’m afraid you’ll have to be punished for that.”


” … Roxie, we’re going to take good, good care of you.”


“Soon, you’ll be free to go wherever you choose and start again. We’ll ensure you have the financial means.”

“I want to stay with you and Steven.”

Mum moved closer, tracing an oily fingertip along Roxanne’s jaw line and saying, “I’m happy to hear that… But the choice is really yours. You don’t have to commit yourself now, just be with us while we need you, while you need us. That’s all I ask, baby.”


She turned and her gaze settled on me as her finger fell away from her chin. At this point, I no longer had any trouble believing in the Jedi theory at all and I was quick to apologize in a wavery voice that was a little higher than my own while avoiding her eyes. I was scared, alright. I’d just seen what my other mother was really all about.

“Mum, I- I’m sorry, I go- got carried away there, I- I didn’t mean to- but I was so turned on and-“

“Carried away?” she asked, looking at me with the humoured smile my real mother always used to use when she was joking around. “When did you get carried away, sweetie pie?”

“Um, uhh, well, when I uhh…”

“Raped me?” she asked, smiling wider.

“Ye- uh… (ahem) yes.”

She moved in and took my chin in her fingers, stooping to give me a rough, needy kiss. Drawing back to behold me, her eyes with their impossible black brightness whipped my face with unmasked lust.

“Sweetie pie… You’ve been a very bad boy.”

I found myself swept up by her eyes, suddenly displaying a sheepish smile while I actually giggled a bit.

“You’ve lived up to my imagination,” she kabataş escort finished with a dangerously sexy tone.

“Uhhhhh…” I beamed, as much under her spell as Roxanne.

She opened her mouth and was about to reply when three quiet knocks were heard from our door. Her expression sharpened, became darker as she let go of my chin, standing straight again to direct a cold, careless gaze in that direction.

“Enter!” she snapped.

The door swung slowly open and there he was, on his knees like he was told. He hustled inside, his frightened expression still in place and I wondered if he went all the way to the bathroom and back like that. Holding the plunger in his hand, he tried to avoid Mum’s eyes as he looked up at her.

“Take your clothes off. All of them.”

He slowly complied until she told him to double time it. When he was finished, he once again waited for further instruction beside the pile of his clothing, plunger in hand and a dazed look in his eyes. This was becoming comical in a strangely giddy way.

“Roxanne, empty all his pockets. Whatever you find, put it here on the table.”

“Yes, Kathleen,” Roxanne immediately replied, getting up and going about this.

Looking back to Joe, nodding to the plunger he held, she dispassionately ordered, “Lick it and stick it to the floor.”

The revulsion at the very idea hit his face immediately and he begged, “Please, no Ms.-“

That was a mistake. Growing up, the word ‘no’ wasn’t in my vocabulary when dealing with Mum. She rudely snatched the plunger from his hand and whacking him over the head with it a few times with the rubber end while he yelled in pain, humiliation and fear.

“How dare you tell me ‘no’!” she raged, clouting him for effect with each accented word she yelled at him. “You worthless piece of trash, you never tell me no!”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Burchell, I’ll never do it again!”

“Then lick it!” she commanded, driving the cup into his face and holding it there for him.

I had to stifle a laugh, almost expecting it to stick to his face so he had to struggle to remove it like in the cartoons. But it didn’t and he instead began licking with his eyes closed, a look of total revulsion on his face.

“Look me in the eyes! God, how many times will I have to tell you these things!? … Use more saliva, get it good and wet!”

Again, he complied, slobbering over the rubber edge of the toilet tool and gagging as I silently commended my mother for giving Joe what people like him deserve. But there was more to come.

“Now, here,” she sneered, handing it to him when she’d decided he was done, “stick it to the floor.”

He hesitated less than a second, probably wondering where this would lead, but drove it downward, securing it to the floor with a ‘pwup!’ and looking at Mum afterwards.

“Now, sit on it. Fuck yourself up the ass.”

He only stared, but quickly went about doing it after she picked up the stainless steel ruler again, looking down on him menacingly, but without a word.

“Look me in the eyes, idiot, in the eyes!”

There was no question that she’d become aware of what she was capable of with those eyes. She was using them as a tool, a weapon even, and I was quite interested in seeing what all she could do with them as our Superintendant helplessly complied in the face of their dark power. He wasn’t just mesmerized, he was controlled.

Getting to his feet, he crouched, lining the handle of the upright plunger to his anus before slowly settling on it with fresh tears.

“Please, Ms. Burchell! Please!”

Her reply was to put her hand on the top of his head and, with her upper lip curled in disgust and hatred, begin pushing down. Joe soon started screaming as the handle began slowly disappearing up inside him, his eyes locked on hers. I watched the muscles in his thighs tighten and strain against her downward force, but it was useless. When I thought his screams would shatter the window, once again making me wonder what in hell our neighbours must be thinking, she removed her hand. I figured he had just over a foot of plunger handle suitcased at that point.

Roxanne, standing beside the table and the pile of Joe’s personal effects on it, stared in awe at this spectacle, the man she’d looked to for help and protection, but who had provided exploitation in return, forced to this humiliation before her eyes. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but I probably shared her expression, especially considering the fresh, raging hardon between his legs.

“Come on, bob up and down on it and start jerking off. The sooner you cum, the sooner you leave.”

He continued crying, now only yelling instead of screaming, but started agonizingly fucking himself on the plunger as ordered, one hand wrapping around his penis to pump himself with while the other held the handle beneath him.

“Feel that, pig?” my mother flung. “That’s how it feels when you’re fucked. You might kadıköy escort want to remember that and how you feel right now the next time you want to exploit somebody who’s already fucked. Get it?”

“Yaaaaz, Ms, Burchell, ahhh!”

“You thought you could screw with me…” Mum jeered. “Now, you tell me, pig… am I anyone to screw around with?”

“Noooo, Ms. Burchell!”

She whacked him across the face with the ruler, shouting, “I told you never to tell me ‘no’!”

“(SOB!) I’m sorry, Ms. Burchell! You’re nobody to screw around with, Ms. Burchell! Ahhhhhh, god it huuurts!!”

“Yes, that’s your problem,” she said, stepping to the table to sort through his belongings, picking up a roll of cash. “This the rent money you collected today?”

“Ahhh-, yesss, Ms. Burchell!”

“Good,” she said, peeling off notes. “I’m changing our rental agreement. From here on, we live rent free and that’s retroactive. What that means is that I’m taking back everything we paid you, both in cash and your little sex shows. At two hundred per week, that means five hundred Dollars by your own count.”

He didn’t reply to this, only kept howling. I suppose he’d have happily paid five hundred Dollars just to get off the plunger he was obediently sodomizing himself with.

“How you make it up is, again, your problem,” she said, putting the five hundred Dollars aside, the remainder of the cash roll back with his things.

She then picked up his wallet, rifled through it, removed more cash which she sat aside with the five hundred Dollars before fishing a card out of the leather billfold.

“The PIN, what is it?” she asked, holding his ATM card in front of his face.

Looking into her eyes, he ground out with a pathetic whine, Two, two, three zerooooo, Ms. Burchell! Nngaaaaa-aaah!”

“I’m keeping this,” she informed, turning back to the table and tossing the card to ‘her’ pile. After writing the PIN down, an inspection of his cell phone came next. Writing something else down, she put the phone back in the original pile and picked up a leather jackknife case that Joe always carried on his belt. She opened it and removed a medium sized Buck knife, opened the locking blade to inspect it and closed it again with an expression of approval before tossing it aside as well. After his credit card, cigarettes, gold coloured butane lighter and his watch joined her collection of recent acquisitions, she looked down at him as though pondering what came next.

As for Joe, his yelling had mostly stopped. I figured he got used to the pain to a point where his loud groans, yelping and sobbing was sufficient. In any case, I wasn’t complaining. It was becoming irritating.

“As for Roxanne…” Mum said thoughtfully, looking at her again before slowly walking up to her, making me wonder if the brunette’s suddenly increased level of anxiety was an act. Looking back to Joe with an evil smirk, she offered, “I suppose I should thank you.”

“Roooxzyyy?” Joe whined, seemingly just remembering she was there with a strange, hopeful expression.

“Sorry, Joe. Kathleen says she’ll help me and I believe her.” Beaming at Mum, she added, “She’s so beautiful…”

With that, Mum smiled benevolently on her, guiding her to the bed with her hand at the small of her back.

“I think it’s your turn to be raped,” she happily decided, shoving our friend down on the bed.

“Noooo!” she protested with a laugh, struggling defensively in the same manner Mum did as we both fell on her.

She was down in the hole underneath me in no time as Mum and I laughed along with her, our combined efforts easily overwhelming hers. By the time she was tapped out, she was soaked like we were, her halter top having fallen down to her belly during the struggle, perky breasts with their totally erect nipples now as shiny as my mother’s. I grabbed them and started feeling them up, pinching her nipples while Mum began unfastening her shorts to her begging, laughing protests and weak resistance.

Joe watched all this, managing to get off on it as he appeared to be doing a lot better with the plunger.

After Roxanne’s shorts came her panties, hastily pulled off so Mum could begin playing with her friend’s pussy and ass, working a finger up each lubricated orifice with a lustfully devious grin.

“Ohh! Ohh, my ass!”

“Yeah, it’s a nice one,” I laughed. “And now it’s all ours.”

“Let’s get her on her hands and knees so you can fuck it, honey,” Mum suggested.


“Shhhhhh- shhh- shhh- shhh,” Mum soothed. “I’m sure you’ll just love it. Look, Joe does.”

He did seem to be enjoying it, the sudden flush of embarrassment taking over his face evidence to Mum’s observation. As for myself, I had reservations. I’d never done that before and I was afraid I’d hurt her but, at the time, I seemed just as caught up in Mum’s Jedi spell as Roxanne and Joe. The fact that I was no longer worried about having just raped my mother proved it and while this was known to me at the time, it seemed an easy thing to ignore.

We got her to her hands and knees, Mum slowly inserting her middle finger up Roxanne’s ass and instructing, “Sweetie pie, take your lovely underwear right off and fuck her pussy while I get her ass ready for you, hm?”

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