My Online Love Affair Ch. 1

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My name is Kelly. I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. I just recently got the internet and I decided to explore the chat rooms. I was in a chat room called “I Love Older Men”. I was in the chat room flirting with a lot of the men that were in there. My screen name was “dik_sucker_2000” and finally someone had send me an Instant Message note. The note was from someone by the name of “I_Luv_Pussy”. This was our conversation:

I_Luv_Pussy: Hey babe, will you suck my dick?

dik_sucker_2000: Sure 🙂 I love sucking dick! How big are you? **hehe**

I_Luv_Pussy: 12 inches ha ha, just kidding.

dik_sucker_2000: So what is your age and location?

I_Luv_Pussy: 42/male/California, how about you, sweetheart?

dik_sucker_2000: 18/female/Michigan.

I_Luv_Pussy: Mmm…nice…I love younegr ladies 😉

dik_sucker_2000: So, are you married?

I_Luv_Pussy: No, I got divorced 13 years ago, today.

dik_sucker_2000: Well, I am sorry to hear that 🙁 Do you have any kids?

I_Luv_Pussy: Yes, 18 and 15. One boy and girl.

dik_sucker_2000: Do they live with you?

I_Luv_Pussy: No, they live with their mom.

dik_sucker_2000: Listen I must be going, I got work…:-( I will addyou to my buddy list, is that ok???

I_Luv_Pussy: It sure is 🙂 Nice chatting with you, marmaris escort by the way, my e-mail is

dik_sucker_2000: My e-mail is I will talk to you later, right now I really need to get ready for work!

I_Luv_Pussy: Alright babe. Bye 🙂

dik_sucker_2000: Bye.

That night, after a long day at work, I decided to go online and check my e-mail. It said I had 1 new message and it was from It read this:

Hey Sexy,

How are you? I am good. I just miss you. I am stroking my hard rod for you thinking of you. Tell me, what are your sexual desires? Is it having sex with an older guy like my sexual desire is to have sex with someone your age? I hope so 🙂 Well talk to you later sexy.

-Pussy Lover.

I e-mailed “Pussy Lover” back writing this:

Dear Pussy Lover,

Hi. I am fine. I had a rough day at work but I worked like a dog just to come home and see if you were on. But your not. My sexual desire is top have sex with the football star, his name is Greg Thompson. He is the quarterback AND the most hottest football player on the team. Also, I do desire that I want sex with a guy around your age 😉

Well talk to you soon, hopefully

-Dick Luver

I click send and sent my e-mail message. I got marmaris escort bayan offline and put on my pajamas. I wore my summer pajama’s when it was winter. I guess “Pussy Lover” got me really hot. I lied down in my bed and I pulled down my pants and started rubbing my clit really nice and slow. Then I took two fingers and started finger fucking my pussy really hard. God, it felt so good, I wish it was “Pussy Lover” doing it to me. I reached my climax and fell right to sleep. The next morning, I woke up and got ready for school. I went online to check my e-mail and there was no e-mail from “Pussy Lover” so I decided to e-mail him again.

Dear Pussy Lover,

Good Morning!! What a fabulous day today. Last night I fingered myself for you and I had the best orgasm of my life! But I really wish I knew what your name was. My name is Kelly for your information, not Dick Luver like I said in my last e-mail. Anyways, I was just e-mailing you to say hello and good morning to you. I must be going off to school now. Bye 🙂


That day at school, I was in my 2nd hour doodling on my math homework listening to Mr. Thompson talk his head off. Mr. Thompson was Greg Thompson’s dad and he was good looking like Greg. Mr. Thompson was in his 40’s and he looked like he was in his early 20’s by his age. He was about escort marmaris 6’2, blond hair, brown eyes, nice smile, more bigger than Greg, and he had such a nice ass! Mr. Thompson was very muscular. After the bell rang, I went to my locker and grabbed my Business Education book. During class, I got online and checked my e-mail. “Pussy Lover” was online. I IM’ed him.

dik_sucker_2000: Aren’t you suppose to be at work, Mister 😉

I_Luv_Pussy: I am at work, Kelly 🙂 By the way, nice e-mails you wrote me. My name is George Thompson to answer the “What is your name question”. May I ask what you look like?

dik_sucker_2000: I’m about 5’1, long blond hair, blue eyes, freckles, about a size 36C, 120lbs., I sort of resemble Gwenyth Paltrow but more shorter **hehe**.

I_Luv_Pussy: Very nice 🙂 My son, Greg goes to school with a girl that looks JUST LIKE YOU. He has a crush on her.

dik_sucker_2000: What do you look like?

I_Luv_Pussy: I’m about 6’2, 205lbs., short blond hair, brown eyes, 8 1/2 inch dick.

dik_sucker_2000: Mmmm…nice 🙂 May I suck it **hehe** 😉

I_Luv_Pussy: Sure baby 😉

dik_sucker_2000: Ha ha, well I gotta start doingsoem of my schoolwork or else I will get in trouble. Bye, George 🙂

I_Luv_Pussy: Bye sexy.

I signed off the internet and went back to my work. I realized that my second hour teacher’s name was George Thompson and he had a son named Greg, but the George I talk to online lives out in California! I don’t think he was here in Michigan. PART II coming soon!

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