My Niece Rachael

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We got the news that my loser sister-in-law was going to jail for violating parole. She called my wife crying and asked if our niece could stay with us for a year till she got out. What could I say? Rachael was always a good kid even though both her parents were total fuck ups. Although we haven’t seen her for a few years Marie and she talked often on the phone and we knew we could make it work.

We live in your typical suburban home, four bedrooms, three upstairs and one down, much too big for two people. The downstairs bedroom has a full bath down the hall and we thought it would be the best place for her. Saturday rolled around and I moved my weight bench from Rachael’s bedroom to the back yard patio. Marie was vacuuming the room when the door bell rang.

Marie answered the door and there stood not the 12 year old little girl I had been picturing in my head but and very beautiful 18 year old 5 foot nine inch Latin beauty. Wow Rachael had grown up and was stunning. It was the start of summer and the school year had just ended. She was wearing cutoff sweat shorts rolled down at the waist and a tank top. Her legs were long, lean and tan and ended at the most perfect ass I had ever seen. Marie and Rachael hugged and cried and neither of them noticed me staring or the incredible hard-on that quickly developed. I gave Rachael a hug and told her she was welcome here for as long as she wanted then I took her bags to her new room.

A few days passed Marie took Rachael to the local community college to enroll in classes and we all settled into our new life. Then one morning as I sat at the kitchen counter drinking my coffee and watching the morning news, the TV hung on the wall next to hall that lead to Rachael’s room, out walked Rachael. It was just after 8am as she walked past the hall on the way to her bathroom. She was in a very short and sheer nightgown with what looked like nothing on underneath. It was the quickest of views but drew an immediate response from the 8″ friend in my pants. After a few minutes she emerged from the bathroom wearing a robe. She came into the kitchen we said our good mornings and she asked about Marie.

I told her “Marie leaves at 7 every morning to be in the city by 8.”

“What about you?” she asked.

“My job is 15 minutes away and I don’t etiler ucuz escort have to be in till 9.”

She smiled, poured herself a cup of coffee and went back to her room.

That encounter left me with a hard-on all day and I needed relief. That night as Marie bent over to brush her teeth I lifted her night gown, dropped to my knees and buried my face in her pussy.

“Stop it!”

She tried to protest but I just dove deeper into her love tunnel. I then got to my feet and drove my dick deep inside her with one quick jab. I pounded her against the sink while tooth paste dripped from the corners of her mouth. She always likes it when I take her by surprise and make it rough.

“Mmmm, don’t.”

Her protests were mixed with deep sighs of pleasure. She kept up the protests all the while pushing back against me. This did not last long as we both came very quickly.

As my now wilting dick fell out of her dripping pussy she turned and punched me in the arm. Then smiled and turned on the shower.

This new morning routine was working for me. Some mornings short night gowns and some short-shorts but the best were the towel wrapped around the still damp 18 year old body. It was during these morning encounter that Rachael and I started to grow close. We would talk about her plans for after college and about what she would do when her Mom got out of jail. There were hugs and simple kisses on the cheeks when we parted that grew more intense as the day went by. As we talked and I found my hand resting on her bare thighs without hint of uneasiness or protest from her.

Then one day as we broke to start our days we hugged and went for the kiss on the cheek but our lips came too close together. I could feel her hot breath on mine and we stopped then let our lips lock together. As our lips slowly parted our tongues began to explore each other. My hands too explored under her night gown and confirmed what I already knew… she slept without panties.

As my hands began traced the curves of her most incredible ass she too did some exploring of her own. She slowly rubbed my granite like dick through my pants. As we kissed and caressed there was no urgency just two people thoroughly enjoying each others touch. I moved my hand under and etiler üniversiteli escort past her ass and felt the warm moist lip of her young pussy when my cell phone rang bringing us back to reality. It was my office wondering if I was coming in. It was passed 9:00.

Two weeks of sharing morning coffee went by without either of us mentioning that morning. No uneasiness or awkwardness we just went about things normally. Did it really happen I would think??

Then one morning Rachael heard Marie leave and waited her customary ½ hour then got up for coffee but there was no Uncle Dave. She peeked out the front window and saw my car. Thinking I must have over slept she came upstairs to wake me. As she came through the door sure enough there I was in bed watching TV.

“Aren’t you going to be late?” she asked.

“I am taking the day off to get some things done around the house” I answered.

Without hesitation she slid the straps of her night grown off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Standing there naked she asked “Is this one of the things you need to do?”

I stared at her perfectly developed 18 year old body as if pondering her question. Her breasts were perfectly sized C cups, she had a flat defined stomach and perfectly trimmed thin runway patch.

“I’m not sure” I answered “turn around so I can see your ass and maybe then I can give you an answer.”

She licked her lips and slowly started to swivel her hips around, staring at me the whole time wanting to see my reaction. She got about half way around and arched her back making her beautiful bubble butt even more pronounced. She spun completely around and bent over still staring at me. As she spread her ass cheeks apart and slid her fingers over her glistening pussy up to ass hole she got the reaction she was looking for. My eyes grew larger as did my dick now holding the sheet high in the air.

“You like that? You want to fuck this ass don’t you?” she asked while rim her ass with her finger.

I just smiled and threw back the sheet. Rachael walked to the bed and kissed me working her tongue in and out of my mouth and sucking on my lips. She slowly licked and sucked her way to my dick. She kissed all around it without touching my fatih escort throbbing member. She instead worked my balls licking and sucking them till I was about to explode. She then came back up and kissed me some more, still having ignored the most important part of my anatomy.

“Do you want more?” she teased.

Just then I slid from under her and pinned her face down on the bed.

“You like to tease do you? You are a very bad girl” I said as I spanked her perfectly round ass.

Again and again I hit her ass till it was a nice ruby red.

“Are you going to tease me again?” I asked.

“No” she replied, “I’m sorry I will do whatever you want to make it up to you.”

“Yes you will” I answered.

With that I started to kiss her ass, soft gentle kisses then I worked my way into her crack. Licking the bottom of her deep valley passed her back door hole to her dripping pussy. I licked and sucked working her slit and clit till she came, her sweet juices running out into my mouth and onto the sheets. I then took my dick and wet it in the pool of fresh pussy juice till it was dripping with her orgasm. I then placed my lubed dick at her ass hole.

Still laying on her stomach Rachael got up to her knees. I did nothing but hold my dick against the opening of her ass. She slowing pushed against me and I watched my dick fight its way into her backside. When the head disappeared inside her ass she stopped and looked back at me. She begged me to fuck her but I was frozen. The pleasure I felt with my dick being squeezed by the spasms of her ass was hypnotic. Rachael closed her eyes and put her fingers in her mouth and started sucking.

“Fuck me” she said again.

I slowly pushed all 8″ of my manhood into her ass. I pumped in and out with great patience not wanting this to end but as my orgasm built I could no longer control my animal instincts and I started to slam in and out Rachael’s ass with speed and aggression. She too felt the same and pushed back to meet my every thrust. We crashed together almost violently, pounding and pounding till she screamed out and again spit her juices down her legs.

I pull my dick out and shot my load all over her back. The first burst shooting over her head, the next finding the middle of her back. Burst after burst until the last dribbles settled on her ass. I hadn’t cum that hard in years.

Exhausted we lied there on the bed I shared with her Aunt and fell asleep. We would fuck three more times that day before returning the next day to our morning coffee routine. We would not enjoy each other again until Marie’s surprising confession…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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