My Naughty Mommy

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I am currently 22 years old male. This is a true story; no part of it is false

My mom is a hot brunette air hostess/ stewardess

I used to travel with my parents and stay with them till I turned 18.

Once when I had gone with them on a holiday when I was 18, my mom was 38. my dad left the room in the morning and I ordered breakfast by calling room service. When the doorbell rang my mom never got out of the bed though she was awake. When the guy rang the bell again I got up slowly and walked towards the door. Mom was naked under the bed and she told me not to open the door until she wore something.

The guy rang the bell again when mom asked me to open and I let him in.

When he walked in, I turned around and walked behind him and what I saw is still burned into my brain. My mom was standing wearing a completely see through negligee near the bed and she was not wearing any panties and did not bother covering up. Although I thought she was under the bed covers. Her nipples were poking against the thin see through fabric and her curves of her boobs and aureole were clearly visible

When the guy placed the tray on the table, I was staring at my moms pubic hair, where the hem of the negligee ended, wishing I could get a glance of her pussy but I couldn’t.

The Guy then staring and smirking at my mom asked my mom to sign the bill. Mom blushed and came near us and took the bill and the pen from him. Both of us were a foot away from her near naked body when mom couldn’t sign standing, she immediately turned around and placed the bill on the coffee table bostancı escort and bent over to sign it. The guy couldn’t control his smile and then looked at me. When mom got up and turned every part of her delicious pink pussy and ass was in our brains and her strap had come of exposing her stomach and the cleavage of her already naked big breasts.

The guy blushed and said thank you and walked towards the door. My mom and me were both embarrassed and were in direct angle of the door. As the door was opened and he was about to close there was another bellboy who began speaking to him but his attention quickly changed to my nude mom. As he was closing the door the other guy kept yelling at him to not and this made my mom blush a lot,

When the door was closed my mom and me didn’t know what to say and she walked towards the bathroom. My penis was hard and after she came out I had the plates ready and mom was still wearing the same thing. She sat down and crossed her legs and told me that I should have given her more time to change and cover up and blamed me. I told her that she had asked me to open the door and she denied it completely. The truth just flashed through my mind. “My mom was a slut”. My mom blurted out that that was the only thing she had to wear immediately as she had dropped it before having sex with dad last night.

For some reason I used to sleep on the same bed with my parents until I turned 18 and my parents used have a lot of sex at night knowing I was right next to them.

Last night, while I was on the bed with my mom çeliktepe escort and dad, my mom playfully asked me to suck on her breasts. As I hesitated she told me to suck on her breasts like I used to when I was a kid and came near me. She then lay down on one side facing me and pushed her negligee open for me to access her breasts. As I came closer I opened my mouth and my tongue came in touch with her nipple started sucking on it. After a while dad came up from behind her and watched me suck his hot wife’s breast. He then started fiddling something near his pajama bottoms and within a few minutes started pushing and pulling my mom towards me. My mom started moaning. It then struck me that dad was fucking mom and I was part of their sex. I kept looking into mom’s eyes and took my mouth off her breast with a plop sound dad and mom stopped pushing and looked at me staring into my mom’s eyes I pounced on her other breast and started sucking while my free hand roughly caught and mauled her breast which I was sucking. Minute’s later mom moaned wildly holding her head tightly into her chest, as I did not know what happened.

Dad stopped pushing adjusted his pajamas and went back to reading. Mom pulled my head away by my hair and was sweating. There were trickles of sweat all over her beautiful breasts and it was red thanks to my mauling. She asked me how the sucking experience was after a long time as I childishly replied to her saying that there was no milk. Mom giggled and all of us went to sleep.

Mom was still wearing the same negligee and I looked cihangir escort at her nipple and how hard I had sucked them yesterday. I told her that it wasn’t my fault that those guys had seen you naked. The bell rang again! And this time I asked her if I could open the door? My Naughty Airhostess big tit slut mom nodded her slowly smiling.

When I did open the door it was the same guy again. He was not in his uniform and told me if he could come in quickly. I let him in and mom just stared at him. He looked at mom and told her that lot of guys were passing by and would stop and look if he had kept the door opened. Moms nipples were now turning hard with him staring at her. After staring at her hard nipples he told mom he had finished his shift and had personally come tell her that it was the best morning he had ever had As he was saying this I thought of the steward doing what dad and me had done to mom last night. Mom walked up from the table, oh man I wish more of you could have seen her. She picked up her bag bent over once again fully showing her pussy, she then spread her leg a bit. She then turned and gave him some money. The guy then had a request, since I was there he told my mom that 2 housekeeping people wanted to tidy up our room immediately and mom smile. I was furious that this guy wanted to show my mom nude to other people. But mom asked them to do the job. The guy opened the door and he returned back with 2 more people, who were ogling my nude mom. He told us that they were his best friends. They changed the linen and did other duties. When they started vacuuming the floor the guys came near my mom and started it and did not budge. They kept putting the device between her legs until her pussy was completely visible.

It all came together now my mom is a cool naughty mom and I wouldn’t have traded those experiences for anything else during my childhood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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