My Mother’s Mission School Ch. 03

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All persons having sexual contact in this story are over eighteen years of age. The terms housegirl and garden boy come from common language usage in white controlled countries in southern Africa during the period in which the story takes place. They do not refer to an age of a person.


The two female students who my mother had brought to my bed and told to make sure my cock did not go down all night did their job well. (See Chapter 2 if you don’t know what I am talking about or have forgotten where we left off.) One or the other of these plump black women pleasured my cock all night. They never brought me to a full orgasm, but several times during the night I was awaken on the verge of shooting a big load only to be let back down and petted back to sleep.

When I got up I went straight to my mother’s room. When I entered she was getting a full body oil massage from two people I had never seen before. One was a very tall black man with a cock that looked like it belonged to a horse and the other was a pygmy woman who stood about four and one half feet tall with boobs too big for her small body. The pygmy people are small of stature, pangaltı escort but all their features are proportional to their height. The only thing that looked big on this woman were her breasts.

Mother was lying on her back and the man was standing at the head of the massage table leaning over her and massaging my mother’s huge fat titties. He had the nipples on them hard and standing out like little soldiers at attention. The pygmy woman was sitting on mother’s big belly and massaging between her legs. She kept taking her little fist and running it up into my mother’s very wet pussy while vigorously playing with her clit with the other hand. Soon after entering the room I heard my mother cum. They had done their job well. I don’t know how she got this team, but I know she was going to love them.

She looked up at me and said, “Take the little woman and see what you think.”

I left the room smiling with the little lady close behind, before I left I looked back and already mother had the man that could have been a double of Shaka Zulu massive horse like cock buried deep in her cunt.


The pygmy pendik escort woman was very black which made the pink of her pussy contrast greatly with the rest of her body. She had gone straight to my bed and got in the doggie position with her little rump as high as she could get it as an offering to me to put my cock in. Before I could get to her my sister came in.

“She isn’t any bigger than a doll. You gonna fuck her?”

I did not answer my sister who was dressed only in her tight see-thru panties which were not able to keep all of her big ass covered. Her breasts hung because they were too fat to support themselves. I eased my big cock into the cunt the pygmy woman had presented to me and found it to be so tight that I had to start more than once before I got very deep into her hole. It felt wonderful being in such a tight pussy. She pushed back onto my cock and finally I was buried all the way to my pubic bone in her tight little vigina.

“You are such a nice fuck,” I said to her as I pushed my cock all the way in and held her small butt in my hands. She did not reply, but only pushed harder back against me rus escort and squeezed my penis with her viginal muscles. I had never been inside a pussy with such a grip. She just kept repeating gripping then letting go and then gripping my cock again.

I knew I was going to cum if I did not do something so I pulled out and said to my sister, “Why don’t you come here and suck on my cock some?” She was on her knees quickly and at my cock. The pygmy woman joined her. The two of them were working hard with their mouths on my balls, asshole and cock when my mother and Emma walked in followed by the big black man.

My mother said, “All of you out but my son and my two new people.”

Mother got on the bed and had me beside her. She started playing with my cock and balls. She told the big black man that she wanted to watch him fuck the pygmy woman and not to go easy on her. It was a show I will never forget. He had a cock over a foot long and as thick as my arm. He picked the woman up and started trying to stick her on the end of his erect penis. Meanwhile my mother was pumping my cock with her hand and I was playing with her massive milk makers.

Finally the big guy got the pygmy woman on his cock and mother started sucking on my cock. She could deep throat me which drove me wild. Finally I got on top of her and buried my cock in the very place I came from. I shot my load deep in my mother’s cunt.

End of Chapter 3.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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