My Mother-In-Law Needs It Ch. 01

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Two months ago, Bob, a friend of mine, my wife and I attended a Fourth of July party Lola threw. I had so much fun. Lola had a few drinks and was feeling good. She started making friendly gestures. At first I brushed it off or would sometimes say something like “what would your daughter say” on other previous get together. I was getting tired of this so instead of being nice, I surprised her by asking what it would take to get her to stop this gesture. She said that she hasn’t had anybody since her husband, my father-in-law, left her five years ago and would like to have sex with anybody. She said to me that if I would have sex with her just once and she would leave me alone.

Prior to the fireworks going off that night, I took Lola by the arm and led her back inside the house. Bob saw this and followed us in. When we got into her bedroom, I turned her around and kissed her. My mother-in-law stood there speechless as I stripped her naked. We didn’t have much time, probably just twenty minutes before the last firework exploded, so I skipped the foreplay. She was half drunk and şişli elit escort wet as hell. I stood up and removed my clothes.

I walked over to the edge of the bed and pulled Lola’s face to my cock. At this point she was so horny that she didn’t care. She opened her mouth and sucked my 9-inch meat. After a few minutes, I removed my cock from her slut mouth and climbed in the bed. She was so wet from the thoughts of sex that I didn’t have any problem inching my cock into her pussy. Lola was moaning and screaming with pleasure as I pumped in and out of her. I wasted no time as I started to pound the hell out of her poor pussy. Five years of not having any cock would bring any woman to an orgasm in seconds. I lost count on how many she had that night. I filled her pussy with tons of cum and lay on top of her for a few minutes to catch our breath.

After recovering, Lola laid back and closed her eyes. I got up and started getting dressed and told her I would see her back at the party. I opened the door and found Bob with his ear by the şişli escort door, jerking off. I let Bob in and told him that she’s still horny and she’d probably think it was me going for seconds. I closed the door behind him and watched as he climbed on the bed. Lola still had her eyes closed as Bob hitched her legs up. He entered her cum-filled pussy with one stroke and began pounding it hard and good. I saw her body tense up as she reached another orgasm. Lola opened her eyes and was shocked to find Bob fucking her brains out and not me. Bob worked her pussy for a few more minutes. I heard my mother-in-law say stop, but her body was meeting every one of his thrust.

The scene was so hot and I started getting hard again. I walked over the edge of the bed, unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening cock. The more Bob pounded her, the more she moaned. I told Bob to position Lola so her head is hanging off the side of the bed. My cock slipped in deep into my mother-in-law’s up-side-down mouth, with my balls slapping her nose. I started to move my hips şişli eve gelen escort and fucked her mouth. Lola said she wanted to get fucked. Now she’s sandwiched with two cocks in her. Bob and I found a rhythm as we continued to ravish her. My balls started to tighten again and released my cum for the second time in the night. It hit the back of her throat as I shot about eight times and filled what room she had in her mouth. She attempted to swallow all of it in order to breath, but some managed to leak out of the corner of her mouth and slowly dripped toward her eyes. Seeing this, Bob pounded her pussy in quick unison and unloaded his cum in her and pulled out. He got dressed as I slipped my spend cock back into my pants and we both left my mother-in-law spread eagle on her bed, my cum and his leaking out of her abused pussy and trails on her face.

Lola came out to the backyard a few minutes later, all traces of what has happened earlier gone. Bob and I were sitting down talking to her daughters, Heather and Mary, my wife. They asked her why she wasn’t out watching the fireworks and she said that she had a little too much to drink and needed to lie down for a minute. Bob and I looked at each other and smiled. When the girls left, I told Lola that Bob and I would drop by sometimes in the week just to check up on her. She smiled back at me. I know she wants another ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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